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I spent a chunk of yesterday reading everything I could get my hands on about the FIA’s F1 entry list for 2010 – the endless press releases, snippets of news, analysis and interpretation.

As I assembled my thoughts on what had happened and finished a lengthy article offering my interpretations and opinions, it struck me – not for the first time – how few F1 correspondents have stepped forward to give their take on the situation.

Who is out there saying “this is what we know is happening, this is what I think is happening and this is my opinion”? It often seems some of those best-placed to tell us what’s really going on – those with the paddock passes, the access, and the ears of those at the top of the motor racing tree – are least likely to.

There are exceptions, of course, and some of the best ones are offered below, along with some of the best/most interesting/most different opinions I’ve found on other F1 blogs and sites. If you’ve spotted an original and persuasive take on the developments, please post a link in the comments.

Anarchy in Formula One Mosley-Style (The Times F1 Blog)

“I just find it hard to believe that a global sport and business of the stature of Formula One should, or needs, to be run in this manner. Did no one ever learn the lesson that a concensus-based [sic] approach is the best way ahead especially when you are dealing with public companies?”

More teetering on the edge (F1 Insight)

“To be seeking to split FOTA ranks at this stage is an indication of Mosley’s complete lack of concern for the future of the sport he is supposed to run for the benefit of all. If his public statements are to be believed, nothing remains of his intended rule changes, including the two-tier system and the budget cap (now increased to 100 million Euros) and there is no point in continuing to hold on desperately to contracts that he has broken several times already. The veiled threat of legal proceedings now is pure irresponsibility stemming from petty concern for Mosley’s own power above the interests of the sport.”

Doesn’t it strike you as odd?���?� (Joe Saward’s Grand Prix Blog)

“My colleagues produced an impressive string of Q&As with all the right people and used all the available press releases but there is something which I think sailed over the heads of many people. Lola’s Martin Birrane said when asked about the new teams that: ‘one of three that has been chosen is worthy in my view. They will have a proper car. The other two – who knows?'”

FIA Formula 1 2010 entry list ?������ initial thoughts (Vee8)

“It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if Prodrive and Lola are options for the FIA to fall back on in case talks with Fota fail. The ever-present threat that a manufacturer may pull out without warning is also there.”

Consequences of the Entry List (La Canta Magnifico Blog)

“The conditional nature of some of the entries indicates that the FIA has still missed the point of dispute. To be honest, it’s stuck between a rock and a hard place because it’s saddled itself with unworkable regulations through lack of consultation. If it applies them, everyone will sue, possibly starting with the established teams but definitely extending to all those disqualified at the end of 2010. If the FIA foes not apply them, the new teams could sue.”

We Aren’t Out Of The Forest Yet (Autopinionsbyvolk’s Weblog)

“Remember the sensational pass that Takuma Sato made on Fernando Alonso in Montreal? Well that is what F1 wants more of and they may just get that. However, that sort of competition relies on the fact that there will still be big fish in the F1 pond.”

The State Of Play (Motor Racing Journal)

“I am glad that the FOTA teams are showing solidarity and unity on this issue and furthermore, I am pleased to see the ACEA stepping in and hitting it where it hurts. One trump card that Max have repeatedly used thus far for his draconian measures is his claims that the board of directors in the manufacturers would be in full support for his budget cap.”

Manufacturer breakaway threat grows

“FIA sources are suggesting that the two sides actually aren’t as far apart as the picture given by all these statements suggests and that it is a couple of hardliners within the manufacturers’ group who are making the noise.”

FOTA Should Race Here, Vol. 1: Laguna Seca (Checkpoint 10)

Already bracing themselves for the inevitability of a split, Checkpoint 10 asks where FOTA’s world championship could race. Laguna Seca is always a popular pick.

A petition in support of FOTA (Pitpass)

Has 1,301 signatures at the time of writing.

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5 comments on “Reaction round-up: The 2010 entry list”

  1. John Howett is right. [More teetering on the edge (F1 Insight)] As far as FOTA is concerned it’s not they want power. I`m pretty sure that’s Max’ reasoning, though.

    The media all have a bit of a problem, as I’m sure you know, it’s called accreditation. If they actually want to attend the races etc. as media then they have to have it. Who gives accreditation? The FIA. Some will be less than willing to cut off the hand that feeds them.

    Also, I hear there are even less media attending races this season. Presumably the economic situation is making some editors cut back? Even when they were attending in larger numbers it was said that many never made it out of the Media Centre & some never saw the race at all.
    Much of what we read is just trawled from the internet or sent out by teams/FIA as press releases. It’s given a slight work over & put out again.
    This on Joe Montego`s column from the Turkish GP made me smile.

  2. Accidentalmick
    13th June 2009, 16:26

    Don’t lose sight of the fact that Mad Max is Ecclestone’s terrier, bought and paid for. This has been the case since Bernie bought Brabham – Mosley was his lawyer.

  3. Sush Meerkat
    13th June 2009, 16:39

    “this is what we know is happening, this is what I think is happening and this is my opinion”?

    because in order to make a valid opinion you need to know the psychology behind each faction including Max, Bernie, FOTA.

    With Carlos Ghrosn throwing his weight adds a further variable to think about.

    Also FOTA are primarally funded by car makers, such as BMW, Renault and what not, now the board of directors for those companies merely sign the cheques, and from personal experience I know they can’t understand the ammount of money involved in F1 (i’ve seen one FD baulk at the expenses). So trying to get inside info from a team and all you get is an engineer thats proud of his winglets.

    as an aside;
    We know Bernie and Max have conspired for this monumental arguement; the story is thus
    FOTA to Bernie “why dont you give us more money”
    *private meeting with Max*
    Max to FOTA “why dont you spend less?”

    Also any journo that predicts the correct outcome gets major blagging right, and journo that does not and considering the variables such as motives its more likely that they will get it wrong…. as such they will lose a lot of respect in future if they claim they are right today and happen to be wrong tomorrow.

    Having your say in media is like cutting open that swan you have that lays golden eggs.

  4. Gosh! I gotta lot of reading to do…

  5. Prisoner Monkeys
    14th June 2009, 1:25

    A petition in support of FOTA (Pitpass)

    Has 1,301 signatures at the time of writing.

    When was the last time a petition solved anything? The only occasion I can think of is when fans of the CBS post-apocalyptic television series “Jericho” banded together to get the show back on the air. It worked, but CBS cancelled it again anyway shortly afterwards.

    There are better ways of making oneself heard.

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