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I won’t be seeing much of BBC’s coverage of the British Grand Prix as I’ll be at the track. For those of you who can’t make it this year, here’s when all the action will be on British TV:

Friday 19th June

9:55-11:35 – First practice (BBC Red Button, online)
13:55-15:35 – Second practice (BBC Red Button, online)

Saturday 20th June

09:55-11:05 – Third practice (BBC Red Button, online)
12:10-14:20 – Qualifying (BBC1, BBC Red Button, online)

Sunday 21st June

12:10-15:30 – British Grand Prix (BBC1, BBC Red Button, online)
15:30-16:00 – Post-race forum (BBC Red Button, online)

Please post details of coverage in your area below.

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10 comments on “British Grand Prix TV Times”

  1. Aussies ( those blessed with digital terrestrial ) on OneHD:

    qualie: 11:00 PM to 12:20
    race: 09:50 PM to 12:05

    1. Terry Fabulous
      14th June 2009, 23:17

      Yeah, we have to delay the F1 so we can watch the Swans play Collingwood. Which should be fascinating!

      Sorry I can’t keep that up any longer, what a boring game.

  2. so no kangaroo tv for you? if i make it to germany (prob unlikely) I’ll definitely be renting one. is there any reason some people don’t like to get one? (besides price)

    1. The only comment I`ve heard is that they can distract from what`s going on in front of you ;)
      You may need to consider what’s going to be happening around your ears. I find earpieces OK under proper eardefenders but I know some people struggled with the circuit & engine noise.
      I guess that will also depend on where you are watching from, gen.

      1. Yeah I dont see the point of going to a race to watch a tiny screen with ear plugs in.

        Go to watch the racing then check the big screens every now and then to keep track on the race.

  3. New Zealand:
    Practice 1, SKY Sport 1 , Fri 19 Jun 20:55
    Practice 2, SKY Sport 1 , Sat 20 Jun 00:55
    Practice 3, SKY Sport 3 , Sat 20 Jun 20:55
    Qualifying, SKY Sport 2, Sat 20 Jun 23:55
    Race, SKY Sport 1, Sun 21 Jun 23:50

  4. There are also, I notice, a fine selection of biographies about Jackie Stewart, Graham Hill and Jim Clark on BBC 4 over the weekend.

  5. As this will be my first GP will they show the BBC feed before the race on Kanagroo or big TV’s

    1. They haven’t in the past – I imagine they’d have to pay to do that. They have their own ‘Silverstone TV’ where they show interviews and things like that.

  6. Just read throught the whole topic. Seems interesting. A questions that has been bugging me about the gaming industry is how activision can continue to charge for DLC… Surely thats not right

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