Join me and other F1 Fanatics at the British GP this weekend (Update)

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I'm hoping to meet lots of you at the British Grand Prix this weekend

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There’s been a big response to our plans for a Silverstone Meet & Greet on the forum and on Facebook.

So far it looks like there could be around 100 of us heading to Silverstone for the Grand Prix – here’s when and where we plan to meet up.

Here are the details of when aand where we’ll be having the meet and greets over the weekend.

The F1 Fanatic rucksack
I’ll be wearing a bag with an ‘F1 Fanatic’ logo on

the back (see photo) to help you identify me. I’ll also try to post some pictures of the locations on Twitter once I get to the track.


8.50-9.15 – Formula BMW practice
10.00-11.30 – Formula 1 first practice
11.55-12.25 – GP2 first practice
12.50-13.15 – Formula BMW qualifying
13.15-14.00 – F1 Fanatic Meet & Greet – Stowe area
14.00-15.30 – Formula 1 second practice
16.00-16.30 – GP2 qualifying
17.00-17.45 – Porsche Supercup practice

STOWE AREA – I plan to be at Stows for the first Meet & Greet. Silverstone have one of their ‘eZones’ near here and usually some food vans, so keep an eye out for me near here.


Please note the meet and greet for Saturday has been cancelled. I’ve been invited to join Ferrari and have a look around the team’s garage during practice, which I’m sure you’ll understand I’m very keen to do! Unfortunately this means I won’t be able to make it back in time for the meet-up. The Friday and Sunday meet-and-greets will be going ahead as planned.

10.00-11.00 – Formula 1 third practice
11.25-12.10 – Porsche Supercup qualifying
13.00-14.00 – Formula 1 qualifying
15.00-16.15 – GP2 feature race
16.30-17.00 – Formula BMW first race
17.30-18.00 – Silverstone historic sports car qualifying


8.20-8.50 – Formula BMW second race
9.30-10.20 -GP2 sprint race
10.45-11.20 – Porsche Supercup race
11.45-12.30 – F1 Fanatic Meet & Greet – Abbey area
1.00 – British Grand Prix
15.00-15.30 – Silverstone historic sports car race

ABBEY AREA – As the cars approach Abbey there is a concrete area just before the seating begins. This will be the location for our second meet-up on Sunday.

You can download a complete British Grand Prix timetable from the F1 Fanatic

This is the first time I’ve tried to do a meet-up like this, so if you have any suggestions please share them below! The ‘end times’ suggested aren’t fixed – it would be great to watch some of the action with you all when possible.

I’ll be posting updates about what’s going on regarding the meet-up in this post, on the Facebook page and on Twitter with me. Plus, if you get in touch with me via the contact form, I’ll keep you in the loop via email as well.

These are the locations I had in mind (you may need to zoom out slightly to see the markers properly):

Stowe area

F1 Fanatic Meet and Greet location: Stowe

Abbey area

F1 Fanatic Meet and Greet location: Abbey
F1 Fanatic Meet and Greet location: Abbey

But again, I’m open to other suggestions. Can’t wait to meet you all at the Grand Prix!

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33 comments on “Join me and other F1 Fanatics at the British GP this weekend (Update)”

  1. Well i’m actualy joining a world wide initiative i’ve heard about and i’m going to bojcot the race!! I intended to go there but because clearly Max want’s to drive the fans away from F1, i won’t go. besides, FIAs’ incompetence regarding KERS and double difuser gave a big advantage to Brawn GP so this years season is boring.

    i won’t watch it at home either

    1. Max should resign now!!!
      15th June 2009, 11:28

      Hi well people will still show up I think every one knows about what’s going on these days with maFIA and FOTA. Wouldn’t it be better if everybody shows up with banners, flyers, or whatever saying what you think about Max? Imagine the whole world could see the fans hate FIA and that we want Mosley to go.
      Well that’s what I would do any way.

      1. That would be brilliant.

      2. There`s a plan to do just that.

        Pasted from Forum:
        Many fans see Silverstone as an opportunity to show how they feel about the current situation. There are even competitons for the best Get Max Out banners. :-)
        lol – In Turkey we didn’t see the grandstands because they were empty. Maybe at Silverstone we won’t see them for other reasons?
        Let`s hope if the stands are full of broadcastable banners someone has the bottle to show the world.

      3. Max would have any bad images banned from being seen on the broadcast.

        1. Max should resign now!!!
          16th June 2009, 6:47

          Then people should bring Spanky Max full size dolls (or at least big enough) to the venue with “We want you out Max! -The Fans” sign hanging from it’s neck and throw them to at the track before the formation lap or any time that’s safe. Or something huge that will make people talk about it. I know I’m dreaming but this will be pretty much the last chance the fans will have to voice their opinion, it could happen in Monza but chances are that if things keep going this way everything will be ruined by that time, an you know I think Martin Brundle would definitely say something about it even if the cams don’t show it.
          Well I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for something like that to happen if everything else fails I say Ferrari, Mclaren, Toyota and Renault should not present on the future races. There would be no way for the cams to hide that and that would be the end of Mad Max.

    2. This is kinda flawed logic really.

      You say:

      clearly Max want’s to drive the fans away from F1

      So you proceed to not go or watch it on tele? Based on your words, this is a resounding victory for Mosley. He’s driven you away…

  2. Wow and I thought I was bitter about the way F1 is going at the moment with Brawn GP :P

  3. Hi Keith Look forward to meeting up with you and the other F1 fanatics, I will make my way from Club Silverstone with 2 others and be great to meeet up – I am there for the 3 days – and it’s gonna be a warm one! – got drenched last year but fantastic GP

  4. Morning, Keith…

    My only concern is about your coverage. How it will develop this weekend?

    1. It’ll be a little bit delayed, but I’ll still be doing all the usual stuff. Plus, of course, pictures from the track and the meet-ups!

      1. Yes please! Lots of pics and a few videos perhaps of the meet-up as well for those of us that can’t be there!

  5. Hi all

    I’m going to be seated at Copse for the weekend, but as my ticket says Copse and this is my first time at Silverstone, how can I make it to the other areas to watch Free Practise and the like?

    1. Scott Joslin
      15th June 2009, 17:16

      sojcarter – if you have a 3 day grandstand ticket then you can go and sit anywhere on Friday and Saturday, it is only on race day that you have to sit in your specific seat.

      With regards to the meet up areas, they do not require any tikets to get in their, this is covered in the general admission for all tickets.

  6. Just wanted to check in. Wish I could be there. Can’t make it out from Chicago, USA this weekend. I will be watching it on Speed TV though. Enjoy! British GP is always one of the best!

  7. I’ll be there all 3 days, so should get chance to meet you Keith!

  8. Hey you lot…. things are looking good for the weekend !

    This is the definitive weather site well worth a look.

    Sunday looks dry not too hot so more Horsepower :) perfect race conditions with virtually no wind !

    1. Looking a bit nippy actually!

  9. Texas F1 Fan
    15th June 2009, 20:08

    You guys have fun. Wish I could go, but I’m in Texas and not independently wealthy…

    Maybe they’ll bring back the Dallas GP!!!!

    Take lots of pics and post them here!!!!!!!!!

    1. I am another Yank that can’t make it,wish I could be there to meet you good people and watch the last race at Silverstone.I did cancel my Sunday plans so I could watch it on T.V. though.Somebody lift a pint for me!

      I agree with Texas F1 fan…TAKE LOTS OF PICS AND POST THEM HERE!

  10. Heh, I would have considered studying in the UK just for the F1 coverage and the British GP…

  11. Damn!!!! I’m from Mexico and I’d love to go, but, I’ll be watching from here, and my regards and best wishes to you all!!!

    Have a Nice trip!


  12. hope to meet up,there for all 3 days

  13. Hi everyone- Keith has a fantastic idea going, and I wish you all the best for everyone attending. As with some of the other fans from America, a combination of distance/finances/scheduling means I can’t make it this season. But enjoy everything and have a blast- I hope you all get good weather for the weekend :)

    On a related note, when F1 hopefully makes it back to our shores in the near future, I would very much like to put together a similar meet & greet event for all the fans who can make it. Obviously we’re a bit away from that at the moment, but hopefully many of us on this side of the pond- scunnyman, Haplo, Arnet, Wesley, Texas F1 Fan, and many others- could get together with the many fans who would hopefully come from the UK, Europe, and elsewhere. Just an idea, but keep it on tap for the future ;)

  14. i’m jealous of you people. lucky bunch.anyway enjoy & have a good time. just wanted to ask whether anti-max banners are allowed inside the track? & can we also bring max mosley effigies & burn them inside?

  15. pity silverstone, great track ,last race ever before its handed over to the british army. i dunno anything about donington except that senna won there in the wet & its a track that can be covered within a minute. if the rfactor description of the circuit is correct, then its no way comparable to silverstone. adieu to my favorite track of all times.

  16. i’ll drink a few pints for all my american f1 fanatics ;) flying out of NY tonight to make my way to Silverstone! see everyone at the meet up & can’t wait to hear the 1st engine screaming on friday!!!

  17. Just checked WweatherMan’s link and it says rain on Sunday at 1pm!!!!

  18. I’m sorry to let you know I’ve had to cancel the meet and greet for Saturday.

    I’ve been invited to join Ferrari and have a look around the team’s garage during practice, which I’m sure you’ll understand I’m very keen to do! Unfortunately this means I won’t be able to make it back in time for the meet-up. The Friday and Sunday meet-and-greets will be going ahead as planned.

    Look forward to seeing you all tomorrow!

  19. You’ve got it Christopher, hairs up on back of the neck time at approx 10am tomorrow.

    Then think forward, to the end of hanger on lap 1 Sunday. WOW!!!

  20. See you there on Sunday everyone, can’t freakin’ wait!

    Keith, what a fantastic opertunity to be in the thick of it on such a crucial weekend for the future of F1. Big props to you for getting yourself into that position!.

  21. max for mayor.

    f1 is for people who like racing, not teenagers with a chip on their shoulder. grow up or f1 off, we dont need you.

  22. Shame that Saturday was cancelled, but I’ll understand as long as you got a free ice cream Keith?!

    I was at Copse for FP3 and Luffield for Quali on Saturday – hearing those cars was again just amazing and the atmosphere was great. Glued to the TV today now.

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