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I’ve had a very exciting offer to spend the Saturday of the British Grand Prix with Ferrari.

I’ll be watching the practice and qualifying sessions and having a tour of the paddock and Ferrari garage. And, of course, doing everything I can to grab five minutes with someone from the team…

I had a similar opportunity last year which was arranged via a publication a worked for at the time. I’ve been invited back on behalf of F1 Fanatic (maybe it’s because I left a link in the guest book last year…) , and I hope to share lots of pictures and information from the day as it happens.

Keep an eye on my Twitter profile during Saturday (and throughout the British Grand Prix weekend) for updates:

F1 Fanatic on Twitter

I’ll post a round-up of the day’s activities on the blog later on as well.

Unfortunately this means I won’t be able to take part in the meet-and-greet we had planned for Saturday. However the Friday and Sunday meet-ups will still go ahead as planned.

I should also point out that the invite is not related to this article which appeared on Ferrari’s site yesterday referring to the poll we had about the FIA-FOTA row – but I am very pleased to get a link from the official Ferrari website :-)

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34 comments on “Saturday with Ferrari”

  1. Oh dear Keith, what a tough choice Ferrari Pitpass or a meet and great with the people who arguably got you the pitpass!!!

    Seriously though good luck and try not to sabotage the Ferrari’s to get Jenson over the line!

  2. Wow! Jealous! Have heaps of fun on race day!

  3. i dont know, he picks us up and throws us down even faster!! I am only jealous, even though i am not a ferrari fan what a way to spend the day! one word GIT!!

  4. Congratulations. Are you officially there as journalist or a fan? And will you be getting to listen in on the team radio as some guests seem to wear the headphones?

    1. As a journalist, but I don’t think I get to wear the headphones unfortunately.

  5. Doing this at practice tomorrow, all being well – we’ll leave you a note tucked under a stack of tyres for you :D

    1. Cool! Have a great time guys.

  6. Sush Meerkat
    18th June 2009, 12:25

    pfft, Keith’s forgotten about us since now he’s an international playboy.

    1. now he’s an international playboy.

      Fine, as long as you don’t tell my girlfriend :-)

  7. Nows your chance to collar Luca :-) Have fun!

  8. So if someone makes a large Keith cardboard cut out from:
    they’ll be able to sneak into the Ferrari garage too? :D
    Have a great day.
    If you’re in the pitlane, I challenge you to sneak into the BBC footage somehow.

    1. See, this is why I haven’t post a full-length picture of myself!

  9. And, of course, doing everything I can to grab five minutes with someone from the team…

    I would like to read anything that you could ask to Rob Smedley. :)

    1. Rob Baby? :)

  10. Wait up Keith…What team do you support anyway???

    1. That’s what I thought. I’m a huge Ferrari fan so Keith could always send me as a “representative” of F1Fanatic and he could still attend the meet and greet with you guys! Two birds, one stone.

      The only catch is who’s going to cover the cost of my airline ticket ex Sydney-Australia and accomodation etc? I won’t except any less that 4 stars either.
      Look at me getting all excited I can’t wait………..

  11. Ask them why they cheat so much, and don’t leave without a proper answer! ;)

  12. Bigbadderboom
    18th June 2009, 14:40

    Awesome Keith, don’t pick up any loose papers lying around, remember how much it cost McLaren, not sure F1Fanatic could suffer 100 million fine!!!

    1. Awesome Keith, don’t pick up any loose papers lying around, remember how much it cost McLaren, not sure F1Fanatic could suffer 100 million fine!!!

      That’s on the list of jokes I’ll avoid making over lunch… 8-)

  13. WOWEE!

    Super jealous right now. :D Grrr…

    You may be right in the thick of things if everything falls apart on Friday.

    1. When I was there on Friday last year they were all running round getting Massa’s car fixed after his crash in practice…

  14. Sush Meerkat
    18th June 2009, 16:17

    Keith, I dare you to wear a shirt with “Felipe baby” on the front, and “STAY COOL” on the back.

  15. I envy you keith :p
    A day with Ferrari?!? In their paddock?!?

  16. Wow thats great :-D so jealous!

  17. AudiSportUSA
    18th June 2009, 21:27

    Congrats, Keith. You’ve earned the invite because you deserve it. F1F is one of the most insightful and knowledgeable sites on F1, so you should be granted such a great vantage point.

  18. Well,well….our Keith is invading the Ferrari garage,have fun and tell the Kimster I said to get off his a** and take it up a notch….he is getting beat by Massa for crying out loud!

  19. …not sure I could do a day with ferrari. Mainly cause I’d sneak in a flask and ask Kimi if he wanted to go drinking…

  20. I’ve heard the foods great plus you can see if massa is on solids yet and if kimi is having a liquid lunch .

  21. keith take me also… just well.

  22. Congratulations Keith! Glad to see your efforts being rewarded.

    1. Shouldn’t that be all our efforts?

  23. Lucky you! Great to hear Keith- enjoy every minute of it.

  24. Dare you to pinch a coke and a lolly out of Kimis fridge..

  25. Lucky, lucky, lucky man!!
    Have a great time – I’m sure it’ll be an awesome experience.
    (Not jealous, honest!)

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