Championship points after Britain

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Drivers’ championship

Jenson Button 64
Rubens Barrichello 41
Sebastian Vettel 39
Mark Webber 35.5
Jarno Trulli 21.5
Felipe Massa 16
Nico Rosberg 15.5
Timo Glock 13
Fernando Alonso 11
Kimi Raikkonen 10
Lewis Hamilton 9
Nick Heidfeld 6
Heikki Kovalainen 4
Sebastien Buemi 3
Sebastien Bourdais 2
Robert Kubica 2

Constructors’ championship

Brawn 105
Red Bull 74.5
Toyota 34.5
Ferrari 26
Williams 15.5
McLaren 13
Renault 11
Toro Rosso 5

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8 comments on “Championship points after Britain”

  1. Prisoner Monkeys
    21st June 2009, 15:24

    Correct me if I’m wrong here, but didn’t Brawn have 96 points going into Silverstone? They should have 105.

  2. You are right.

  3. Prisoner Monkeys
    21st June 2009, 15:42

    Actually, it’s all of them. The Driver standings are allrigh, but that’s how the Constructor table looked after Istanbul.

  4. williams are ahead of mclaren

  5. THE CONSTRUCTORS TABLE HAS NOT BEEN UPDATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOMEBODY DO SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Calm down, calm down :D

  6. I’ve updated the constructors’ table now, sorry about that.

  7. Bigbadderboom
    22nd June 2009, 14:47

    Seb still needs 2.5 wins with Jenson getting 3 DNF’s, but Raikanon come back from further away against Lewis if I remember right (2007). I think we may see service resumed in 3 weeks, Car, Track and Track temps really came together for Seb and Mark this weekend, it was a jackpot scenario for Red Bull and Brawn really had the opposite. I hope Seb pushes Jenson because we need the spectacle to take our minds of the politics!!

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