Williams to demonstrate three F1 cars at Goodwood Festival of Speed (Video)

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This year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed will mark 40 years since Sir Frank Williams first entered a car into a Grand Prix. This video shows what they’ve got planned.

The cars they will be demonstrating are:

Williams-Cosworth FW08B (1982)

Keke Rosberg in the 1982 Monaco Grand Prix (click to enlarge)

Keke Rosberg won the 1982 world championship for Williams in an FW08. He only won one race that year – the Swiss Grand Prix held at Dijon in France – which was also Rosberg’s maiden win.

Rosberg’s team mates that year were Carlos Reutemann, Mario Andretti and Derek Daly.

The FW08B will be driven by Formula Three racer Sam Bird.

Williams-Renault FW18 (1996)

Jacques Villeneuve in a Williams-Renault FW18 (click to enlarge)

Another world championship-winning Williams. This one will be driven by the man who won the 1996 drivers’ championship in it – Damon Hill – on the Sunday of the festival.

Hill won eight Grands Prix in the FW18 and team mate Jacques Villeneuve a further four.

Williams-Toyota FW29 (2007)

Like father... Nico Rosberg in a Williams-Toyota FW29 (click to enlarge)

The first Toyota-powered Williams which was raced by Nico Rosberg, Alexander Wurz and Kazuki Nakajima in 2007. It was not a very successful car for the team, its best result a single podium in Wurz’s hands at Montreal in Canada.

Nakajima will drive the car.

Images (C) Ford, Sutton, Williams/LAT

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12 comments on “Williams to demonstrate three F1 cars at Goodwood Festival of Speed (Video)”

  1. Such a shame that I am on the wrong side of the Atlantic.

  2. I’m pretty sure these cars have been to Goodwood before. Don’t tell me Frank is actually giving in to the PR side of things too…… :-)

    1. Well, I wasn’t there when they were, so I don’t mind :-)

      1. I’m not complaining, I hope they have goodies to share too…..

        1. …..and I am probably wrong!

  3. Dog of Norway
    25th June 2009, 10:18

    Got a question. I’m an Australian travelling to the UK next month and I’ve never seen an F1 car right before my eyes. I’ll be staying in London in July for a week.

    Are there any good places to catch a few that aren’t too far away? I was told that there’s a museum that’s got the FW14B. If I can make it work, I might even travel to Goodwood

    1. You know what, I’d never seen a modern F1 car up close until 2007 when I was lucky enough to go to Silverstone with my Dad.

      After that I went to several other outdoor shows and at quite a few of them various exhibiting car manufacturers had F1 cars on their stands. Not to mention the Sports Cafe in Leeds that has Button’s old BAR suspended from the ceiling – or at least did, I haven’t been in there in a while…

    2. The best would be the Donington Park Collection but that`s a day out job from London.

      In London itself it may be worth checking out the Ferrari Store in Regent Street. Ferraristores often have a car on display inside the store.

  4. What are the odds on Nakajima planting the FW29 into a wall/car/any other object?

  5. I’d give my left nut to be able to go to Goodwood. =(

    1. LOL – Make it both & go to the Revival as well :)

  6. fishingelbow
    1st July 2009, 17:49

    Conspicuous by his absence will be Jacques Villeneuve. Hmmm!

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