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Lewis Hamilton: The Full Story (Audio book)
Lewis Hamilton: The Full Story (Audio book)

Regular readers will know Mark Hughes’s book “Lewis Hamilton: The Full Story” was the best-rated of the many Lewis Hamilton biographies that started hitting the shelves two years ago.

It’s now been released as an audio book on CD which includes a new chapter on his championship victory last year. It’s narrated by Jonathan Legard and comes on two discs.

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Read the review of the book: ??Lewis Hamilton: The Full Story?? (Mark Hughes, 2007)

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Keith Collantine
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6 comments on “Win Lewis Hamilton audio books”

  1. It’s narrated by Jonathan Legard

    ROFLMAO. That rules out peteleeuk & a few others enterring then! ;)

  2. Does the CD come with a red button to switch to the David Croft and Anthony Davidson narration?

  3. StrFerrari4Ever
    29th June 2009, 19:41

    I would’ve entered but Legard *cringes* narrating no thank you that guy his just uh sorry i dont mean to sound childish but even when they cross over from Jake David & Eddie for lets say qualifying just seeing Legard’s bean shaped head that alone drives me up the wall and his Legardisms “HERE HE COMES” “JENSON BUTTON’S TRUMPED THAT THOUGH” i could go on all day but i wont i’ll take my frustration out on my GTA

  4. Bigbadderboom
    1st July 2009, 11:11

    Audio Cd Narrated by legard??? Two Words DOOR STOP!!!!

    Not for me this comp Keith, but the book was blinding.

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