100+ pictures of F1 drivers and cars at the Goodwood Festival of Speed

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Great drivers, tremendous cars, iffy fashion: Goodwood's got the lot

Just two days to go until one of my favourite dates on the motor racing calendar: the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

I’m fidgety with anticipation as usual, so for the benefit of those of you who won’t be going, here’s a collection of some of the F1 cars and drivers which have appeared in recent years.

Including classic cars, crowd-pleasing antics – and Jenson Button in a stunningly bad Burberry overcoat…

I’ve done my best to identify the various cars correctly but if there’s an error or an omission please let me know in the comments.

And if you’re coming to Goodwood too and want to meet up, leave a comment or get in touch via the contact form.

More F1 pictures

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32 comments on “100+ pictures of F1 drivers and cars at the Goodwood Festival of Speed”

  1. Keith in his infinite wisdom, senses the mood and the depths of misery his bloggers have suffered over the F.I.A F.O.T.A. rift and gives us comfort!…Loved the last several topics. Best looking cars, Worst kept secret, Michelin thingy and now more pretty pictures.

    Thanks, I feel better!

    1. Thanks Alex! I’m a big Goodwood fan and I’m hoping to do more on it than usual this year. Looks like we’re going to get decent weather too.

      Glad you like the pictures – I love the one of the Auto Union C-Type with the four-tyre rear axle, belching out smoke like a locomotive.

  2. Wow…Nick Mason looks older than Phil Hill! That air intake and that rear engine on the Auto Union looks very much like a predecessor of the modern F1 cars…Looks like racing went backwards after the War!

    1. Oh, I hope not, Alex.
      Phil Hill sadly died last August.

  3. Guttetd that I will miss it, been going for a couple of years, but I am getting married on Saturday! Enjoy Keith and anyone else who goes! It is amazing!

    1. Congrats Sam! Just get a prenuptial on whohas control of the “remote”!

      Cheers, Alex

      1. cheers Alex! I have it every other Sat and Sunday then she has it the rest of the time!

        1. Congratulations on the wedding, Sams. Shame about the timing, though ;)

    2. SamS, you should have had more control over your wedding date. You should have made sure yur wedding was on a weekend when nothing else whatsover interesting was going on.


  4. F1 Outsider
    1st July 2009, 14:55

    Keep rubbing it in won’t you… Just because I can’t go!

    Sweet pictures!!! That Lotus-Renault 98T is my new desktop background.

  5. Keith,
    A stunning collection of photos. As someone already pointed out, its just what we needed to take our minds off the squabbling in the sport today. One correction: some of the McLarens seems to be labeled incorrectly. I believe the car with the number 2 and the ‘horn’ winglets on both sides of top of the engine cover is the 07 car (MP4/22), and the car with the bridge front wing and the number 22 is the 08 car (MP4/23).

    Keep up the great work!

  6. The first year Lewis was there was awesome. Was the first chance the brits had got to see him driver. Great atmosphere, i remember he went up and down the hill about 3 times

  7. Also please post pictures from this years festival. I want a cool picture of Lewis in Sennas car. That Macca is gorge

  8. *Lotus Cosworth 49B

    …and I thought the rear wing on the new cars were too high…that thing almost enters the stratosphere!

  9. Keith, You mention meeting people at Goodwood, well can i ask how things went with the meet and greet at Silverstone?

  10. Great pics Keith.

    I’m always stressed deciding which ones I want to keep with me!!!!

    I don’t know what is your secret, but please, keep it with you. F1 Fanatic is one of the best places for taking F1 pics. Great quality and size.

    Congratulations, and thanks a lot for sharing this with us!

    I love Auto Union Type C with double rear tyres. It looks like a “technological monster” of that age.

  11. Yes, that Type C is an outstanding photo. Need more rubber on the road? Mount a couple extra tyres, lol.

    But the photo that does it for me is the BT42 Brabham, really takes me back. Boy, I’d forgotten how wide the back tyres were then.

    Hey, that Type C fellow could have used a set of those!

    1. The dual rears were for extra traction for hillclimb races. Here’s a Type C with more smoke and normal rears:

      Auto Union Type C

  12. Great collection of pictures! I hope we might be able to meet up, Keith. I’m going on the Friday and the Sunday…..

  13. And while I think of it, good place to post this, I think, is in a section about photos.

    If by any chance anyone has a screen cap or any other still photo of the black F1 car in the BBC opening, I’d love a copy.

    You know, the one where the monotone voice talks about the car, before “The Chain” starts ?

    Please post here if you do, I’m watching this thread thru e-mail. Thanks.

    1. I’m in the US and don’t see The Beeb so I’m not sure if this is what your looking for:

      Behind the scenes on the F1 trail

  14. Thanks for the effort, Jagged.

    The one I’m looking for, though, is the CGI racecar that comes before the opening BBC credits, before “The Chain” starts. I’ve been told it’s called “The Scream of Science”, and I saw it on a recording of the Australian GP at a sport bar.

    1. Wow, I just watched it on YouTube, Waaay Cooool !!


      1. Yes Jagged the rest of the opening credits are crap i think.
        But if you get the chance to watch a BBC broadcast of F1 you’ll see a big difference to Speedtv’s i think.

        1. I did watch Silverstone on the BBC streaming on my computer as Fox was broadcasting it with a 6 hour delay. The picture was poor but the commentary was a revelation, they actually talked about what was happening on the track! I’ve been railing against Varsha and Hobbs rambling inanities for years.

          1. I wonder why your picture was bad Jagged. Did you watch the whole show or just the race itself?

          2. Just the race. The picture wasn’t terrible but it was LoRes and blocky when blown up fullscreen. There was a HiRes widescreen stream but the commentary was in Polish! :)

          3. I thought that might have been the case Jagged. Whe i download it and watch it on my tv the pictures tend to be fine, depending on the person who put it there.
            I cannot stream from the bbc site because they won’t let us in the states watch their videos.

          4. No Scunny, I was watching a LIVE stream of the BBC on my computer, not on TIVO.

          5. Yes Jagged i knew what you meant. But wherever you streamed must have some problem or you picture would have been fine.
            THe picture streamed from bbc site is crystal clear, but i can’t get the bbc stream so i download instead.

  15. The Dutch Bear
    3rd July 2009, 8:00

    Awesome photo’s
    Freddie Hunt really is like his father. It looks as in 1974.

  16. having read these articles about goodwood and overtaking it has got me wanting to watch some season reviews over the weekend, while not doing the july 4th thing. Only i can’t work out what seasons to watch from 1975 to say 2006.

    can anyone suggest some years for me please?

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