Eurosport to broadcast GP2 in the UK

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British fans will be able to watch F1’s top feeder series once again following the collapse of previous broadcaster Setanta.

Eurosport has confirmed a deal to show the series until the end of 2009 and the two following seasons:

British Eurosport is proud to announce that the GP2 Series has arrived on the channel, where it will stay for the next two and a half seasons.

Fans can look forward to evenly-matched racing machines with 625bhp engines competing in a Formula 1 support series which is known for excitement. The world’s rising four-wheel stars will jostle for the limelight as they attempt to follow in the footsteps of former GP2 champions such as Lewis Hamilton, Timo Glock and Nico Rosberg.

GP2 now sits alongside the Porsche Supercup on British Eurosport’s roster of thrilling F1 support events.

The announcement does not say whether the coverage will start this weekend, or whether Eurosport is committed to showing all the races live. (I can’t seem to get Eurosport’s programme schedule to display the listings for Saturday and Sunday.)

Eurosport previously broadcast GP2 in Britain from 2005 until 2007. The series moved to ITV last year, and this year was taken up by pay TV channel Setanta. But the Irish firm went bankrupt at the end of last month.

Update: More from Eurosport. It will be showing this weekend’s races, but the feature race won’t be live:

Eurosport in the UK has secured a deal to broadcast the exciting GP2 series for the next two and half years.

The renowned feeder series for Formula 1 returns to British Eurosport after a two year absence, with the digital sports channel’s previous coverage showing the emerging talent of reigning F1 champion Lewis Hamilton and AT&T Williams driver Nico Rosberg, among others.

Eurosport takes on the 2009 championships with six rounds remaining, including races at Spa in Belgium, Monza in Italy and the season finale at Portimao in Portugal on September 20th. GP2 races are run during Formula 1 weekends as part of the race card at each circuit.

Dave Kerr, Director of British Eurosport said: "We are delighted to have this prestigious and exciting series back on British Eurosport and to be able to ensure that fans can see the rest of this season’s races! It’s great to add GP2 to our already superb line-up of motorsport, which includes the World Touring Car Championship, World Rally Championship, Formula 2, Dakar Rally, the Renault World Series and the IRC."

GP2 has two races per weekend, 26 identical cars, compulsory pit-stops ands reverse grids which are designed to generate entertainment, excitement and test the skills of the emerging young drivers.

The next race takes place in Germany over July 11th/12th at the Nurburgring circuit. British Eurosport will broadcast race 1 in prime-time at 7.15pm on Saturday July 11th and race 2 the following day, July 12th live at 10.30am.

GP2 joins the US PGA Tour golf as Eurosport’s latest acquisition following the close of Setanta’s UK operations.

British Eurosport is available on Sky channel 410 and Virgin Media channel 521.

Another update: Have had further emails from Eurosport confirming this weekend’s races will both be shown live. Great news, thanks Eurosport :-)

Saturday 11 July – 1500-1615 LIVE GP2 race one on British Eurosport 2

Sunday 12 July

0900-0930 GP2 race one highlights on British Eurosport 2
0930-1015 LIVE GP2 race two on British Eurosport 2

2230-2330 GP2 highlights on British Eurosport

Monday 13 July – 1500-1600 GP2 highlights on British Eurosport

Tuesday 14 July – 2130-2230 GP2 highlights on British Eurosport 2

We do not yet have all the broadcast details for the remaining rounds but will be in touch when we have the information.

Twittery update: Martin Haven confirms he will be doing the commentary with Gareth Rees. Back to the good old days!

GP2 on British Eurosport 2 at 3pm Saturday and 1030am Sunday – LIVE… I will be on the chair… Hoping to drag Gareth Rees back from hols

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8 comments on “Eurosport to broadcast GP2 in the UK”

  1. As far as I can see Eurosport is concentrating on the Tour de France this coming weekend, Keith.
    The Porsche Supercup is on at 10.45 am Sunday.
    There`s nothing showing on Eurosport 2, either, yet.
    Maybe they’ll update & show changes before the weekend.
    Not that their schedule can be relied on as we all know from experience :(

  2. Bigbadderboom
    7th July 2009, 14:21

    Excellent news!!!

  3. Few things in life as as reliable as a Volkswagen. Conversely, few things in life are as unreliable as a Eurosport programming schedule

    Still, good news that GP2 is viewable again without having to pay a premium

    Eurosport got the PGA golf as well and started showing that straight away, so I would hope we get it as soon as this weekend

  4. The CableGuy60
    7th July 2009, 14:41

    Anyone know if DTM is up for grabs….that was part of the Setanta package if I am correct?If it is available due to Setantas demise….anyone know anything about it being taken up by another broadcaster?

  5. Ahh this is excellent news! Was concerned for a bit there that it wouldnt have a home for the rest of the season! Eurosport are bound to do a good job of it – they did if i recall last time they had the rights! Cant be any worse than Setanta anyways, they joined as they left the grid and left as they crossed the line! Ooh I’m pleased now! Hope they show it this weekend – if its not live then its not the end of the world given the Tour de France is on and all that – plus Setanta wouldnt necessarily have had it live either.

    Any news on where DTM has gone? I might miss a Ralf win if i dont know where it is being shown :P

  6. Great news now i can watch it here in Spain. When it was in Setanta i couldn’t!!

  7. It looks like GP2 coverage will be live on Eurosport 2 this weekend.

    The day selection thing doesn’t work, but Saturday & Sunday can be accessed manually:
    Saturday | Sun: Sunday

  8. James Brickles
    7th July 2009, 18:00

    Brilliant!!!! Finally I can watch GP2 again :D

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