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Here’s a round-up of F1 news and other interesting links I’ve found today.

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Ferrari or bust, says GP chief

Australian Grand Prix organiser Ron Walker: "In my view Mr Mosley should walk away from the sport with dignity rather than slowly strangle to death the great brand of formula One. The sport needs fresh and dynamic leadership more than ever before to lead F1 into a new era of motor racing. Bernie Ecclestone is absolutely trying to be a peacemaker, but if the most successful automotive companies in the world will not agree to the rules laid down by the FIA then that will be the end of it." It would be fair to describe Walker as an ally of Ecclestone’s, so this comment is a particularly interesting development.

Fota and Max Mosley rift raises spectre of F1 breakaway again

"'Max really seems to have gone out of his way to wind everybody up on this issue,' said one team insider who preferred not to be identified. 'Spelling out that the new teams should have a voice over the new rules was extremely provocative. Most of us think that they should not be allowed a vote on these matters, although by all means let them attend the meetings and listen to what is being discussed.'"

Formula One rebels frozen out as circus arrives in Germany

"The impasse led Brawn to make an impromptu return to London where talks between other FOTA leaders and CVC, the increasingly dismayed private equity firm who own F1, were held on Wednesday."

2010 FIA Formula One World Championship (FIA press release)

"On 25 June, instead of the 1998 Agreement with some minor amendments, the FIA received 350 pages of a completely new Concorde Agreement. It being wholly impractical to involve the Senate in such detailed negotiations, the contract was handed over to FIA lawyers, who worked on it tirelessly over the weekend 27-28 June and gave comments during a three-hour conference call on Monday 29 June. Then the 350 pages of 25 June turned out not to be the final FOTA/FOA version and elements of a new version appeared, partly on 2 July, partly on 3 July. Again, FIA lawyers worked over the weekend on 4-5 July, as did FIA President Max Mosley and FIA Deputy President (sport) Nick Craw. Further comments were then given on a three and a half hour lawyers' call on Monday 6 July and again in a conference call yesterday, 8 July, following the circulation of further drafts. Further significant progress was made yesterday evening in yet another conference call."

Q & A with Robert Kubica

"We have a few new parts like the diffuser, rear suspension, the revised front wing, so all in all we are expecting some improvement, but it's difficult to judge how big it will be. I don't think that it will change the situation a lot."

The Hack looks back on the German Grand Prix

"Interestingly, there are signs that the mediation between Bernie and the Jewish Chronicle was conducted by none other than Lord Mandelson of Foy and Hartlepool, a politician who obviously has big gaps in his day when not supervising 10 of the nation's most important ministries and pulling the strings that give the impression there is still life in our shambling excuse for a Prime Minister. Would that his lordship had offered his help to Silverstone in its hour of need rather than scratching out a handful of suspiciously humble – not to mention uncharacteristic – words of contrition for a hugely wealthy businessman who has never before demonstrated the need for any form of PR."

Q & A with Fernando Alonso

"I think we've talked for too many weeks already about it, and we spent too much time with all these political fights in the last two or three months. Obviously it didn't help the sport, and hopefully now it is finishing, and we can talk only about the sport."

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23 comments on “F1 links: Walker criticises Mosley”

  1. http://www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/76802

    FOTA plans surrounding the current controversy.

  2. A quote from Christian Horner:

    “All we have to do is apologise to the public at the moment, but they should trust us,” he said. “We know exactly where we are going, we have got the alternative still on the table and we are making positive progress with the important parties.”

    One can only hope he is right.

    I find Walker’s stance interesting. Finally some tangible proof of the detrimental effects this row is having on F1.

    And the fact that CVC is now negotiating separately and officially with FOTA tells a lot, as well.

    Perhaps FiA will now get it’s head out of it’s—-well, out of the sand, and do something proper.

  3. I think CVC were involved in the last negotiations.
    Let’s hope that this gets something sorted out but, if it runs true to form, all we’ll get is another round of letters from Max to member clubs screaming that people are trying to take away the FIA’s power.
    At least FOTA & CVC are still trying.

  4. HounslowBusGarage
    9th July 2009, 20:45

    Walker is seen as an ally of Bernie’s. How interesting that he should be ‘criticising’ Mosley.
    How interesting too, that CVC should be talking directly to FOTA. Lining up the TV coverage on an alternative series, perhaps?
    Bernie always has an eye to the main chance, after all.

    1. Are CVC having separate discussions to those which Bernie is involved with? Are they beginning to cut him out of any deal with FOTA?

  5. It is interesting that Ron Walker is saying there won’t be a Melbourne F1 race without Ferrari. I wonder if that leaves the posibility IF there is a breakaway of a FOTA melbourne race????

  6. Obviously talks with Bernie are, in a way, talks with CVC.

    But isn’t this the first time that FOTA have actually mey with CVC at their offices?

    I could be wrong, of course, I just don’t recall it being stated so plainly before.

    1. that was meant to be @persempre

      but I see Houslow was thinking the same thing

    2. this is from persempre cos she is having probs with this thread

      quote dsob

      Obviously talks with Bernie are, in a way, talks with CVC.

      But isn’t this the first time that FOTA have actually mey with CVC at their offices?

      I could be wrong, of course, I just don’t recall it being stated so plainly before.

      end quote

      I’ve no idea if they have had direct contact, dsob, (which is why I said “I think CVC were involved in the last negotiations”) but in the FOTA press conference of 25th June Luca di M said “I’m confident we can find a solution with CVC in the next days – CVC is the company that owns the rights of F1”.

      Flav was also meant to be working with CVC & Bernie.

      CVC issued their own press release the previous day (24 June) which speaks of CVC, FOM & FOTA.

      My guess would be that someone represented CVC in negotiations & that Bernie was there for FOM. Possibly some agreement has been reached whereby outstanding money will be paid to the teams when a new CA is signed – just my thoughts, though. Nothing definite.

  7. HounslowBusGarage
    9th July 2009, 21:28

    @ dsob.
    But surely though, the Race Promotors have their primary contract with CVC rather than the FIA, nicht wahr?
    Ah, now I think I understand! If Ferrari does not turn up at Melbourne, Walker would sue CVC and CVC would sue the FIA for excluding Ferrari, which forced CVC’s non-compliance with the Melbourne contract!
    So perhaps it’s Walker and Ecclestone working together to illustrate to Mosely that any exclusion of the FOTA teams would have serious economic consequences for the FIA.

  8. Morning radio here in Melbourne has Ron Walker saying “no Ferrari, no race in Melbourne”. Not only him, but the Victorian Government (who spend AU$30+ million each year) has stated the same. They’ve said they won’t bring disrepute on the city by having F1 here the FIA way.

  9. No Ferrari! No race! Well at least we know what’s ‘really’ important now ($$$$),and I wonder how the other ‘bit players’ feel about that? Max is losing the plot,but unfortunately it seems like everyone else has too.

  10. I don’t think that OZ should worry too much as it’s likely that a new concorde agreement will be signed fairly shortly.FOTA have threatened to ‘breakaway’ again should things not go to plan,but apparently the new ‘CVC’ brokered deal will see FOTA agree to sign an official agreement to reduce costs along with the new teams and at the same time Mosley ‘officialy’ walks away in October.There now,we can all sleep peacefully in our beds tonight.

  11. FIA President Sir Jackie Stewart
    I dont think anyone other than him will end the crisis.
    But who will convinced him?.
    Anybody have any answer

    1. Bigbadderboom
      10th July 2009, 8:15

      I am afraid I disagree wasiF1, I think the FIA needs to be fronted by a smart individual who understands the Motor industry but does not have allegances within the motorsport world. The FIA needs to be run by a businessman, not an ex-driver, ex-team owner or ex principle. This is the only way that trust can be built up again, and future governance will remain fair and not as intrusive as Mad Max has made it.

      1. i agree Bigbadderboom. I’ve been saying similar. Yes Jackie Stewart may make a good President for FIA, but it has to be an outsider from motorsport experience. He can have as many advisors as he chooses. But FIA need to get back to the position it was formed for and that is to oversee the regulations, not create them.

        1. max mosley’s late son will rest in peace, only if his father resigns. max please resign, at least for your son’s sake. if you don’t, he’ll haunt you in your sleep. max remember amityville. what do you say scunny?

          1. I don’t know why you’re asking me about this Mp4-19b…But if Max’s son is anything like his father as max is like HIS father Oswald, then maybe he’s a bit warm down there to rest at all and max will probably follow him. Soon maybe???? So max resigning won’t make a spot of difference. And i have said before he’ll have to have the presidency crow barred/pribarred away from his sleazy grip. I would hope Max’s son is in a better place now, But Max has too much power on his mind to think of anything or aybody else’s feelings, even those dear departed.

            Anyway on a different note i am surprised that you, MAKSUTOV and DSOB have not replied to my request for my email contact request. I don’t mind giving out my email address to people i think i could get on well with.

          2. Sent you an email now bud.

        2. But FIA need to get back to the position it was formed for and that is to oversee the regulations, not create them.

          Yes, scunny, an opinion we share. And if you haven’t done so yet, please read my HUGE post in persempre’s Forum thread , which has to do with that subject and more. I believe it is on page 2, toward the bottom.

          oh, completely off-topic–I never noticed about exchanging e-mails, but I did take advantage of mp4 posting his and shot him off a note asking if he would give my address to you

      2. I do think you are right.But I was just talking from a spectator point if view.I am frustrated about the off track drama.

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