Timo Glock on the Nurburgring (video)

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Here’s a look ahead to the German Grand Prix with Toyota’s Timo Glock.

He drives the Nurburgring in a Lexus IS-F and answers some fans’ question (while, for reasons that aren’t explained, driving a race simulator of a track that doesn’t look much like the N???rburgirng. Can anyone tell what it is?)

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2 comments on “Timo Glock on the Nurburgring (video)”

  1. That’s Rfactor that he’s playing, and it’s one of the fantasy tracks that comes with the game, Toban Raceway Park.

    1. Top notch game that, actually my biggest appraisal of it is that I’m on a 4-5 year old PC, can’t come close to running most modern games, yet rFactor runs like a charm.

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