Heavy fuel load puts Webber in strong position (German Grand Prix fuel loads)

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Mark Webber was carrying as much fuel as Sebastian Vettel in qualifying

Mark Webber is carrying more fuel than both the Brawn cars and the same amount as team mate Sebastian Vettel – putting him in a very strong position ahead of tomorrow’s German Grand Prix.

Here are the fuel weights and pit stop predictions for the German Grand Prix.

Grid Qualifying Name Weight Fuel (kg) First stint (laps)
1 1 Mark Webber 661 56 21
2 2 Rubens Barrichello 647 42 15
3 3 Jenson Button 644 39 14
4 4 Sebastian Vettel 661 56 21
5 5 Lewis Hamilton 654 49 18
6 6 Heikki Kovalainen 664 59 22
7 7 Adrian Sutil 678.5 73.5 28
8 8 Felipe Massa 673.5 68.5 26
9 9 Kimi Raikkonen 674 69 26
10 10 Nelson Piquet Jnr 676 71 27
11 11 Nick Heidfeld 681 76 29
12 12 Fernando Alonso 668.2 63.2 24
13 13 Kazuki Nakajima 683.6 78.6 30
14 14 Jarno Trulli 683.7 78.7 30
15 15 Nico Rosberg 689.6 84.6 32
16 16 Robert Kubica 673.5 68.5 26
17 17 Sebastien Buemi 674.5 69.5 26
18 18 Giancarlo Fisichella 662.5 57.5 21
19 20 Sebastien Bourdais 689.5 84.5 32
20 19 Timo Glock 662.3 57.3 21

Other points to note:

  • Adrian Sutil is the heaviest-fuelled driver in the top ten
  • The Red Bulls are carrying the same amount of fuel, so whichever is behind will probably have to make the first pit stop. This is likely to put Vettel at a disadvantage
  • Jenson Button will be first to pit for fuel
  • Heikki Kovalainen starts behind team mate Lewis Hamilton with 10kg more fuel on board
  • Pit stop predictions based on 2.501kg fuel used per lap with one lap’s worth of fuel for installation lap and parade lap

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German Grand Prix pit stop predictions (click to enlarge)

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57 comments on “Heavy fuel load puts Webber in strong position (German Grand Prix fuel loads)”

  1. Go Webber!

    1. that’s pretty well all i have to say. hopefully he is faster than the brawns regardless of fuel load and they hold up vettel to ensure there is a significant gap towards the end of the race so vettel can’t do anything stupid. GO WEBBER!!!

  2. Bigbadderboom
    11th July 2009, 17:22

    Red Bulls very quick!!!! Is the light fuel load a stroke of genius br Brawn as the race is likely to be broken up if the weather forecast is right, a long first stint may not be an advantage.

    1. But if it rains between the Brawns and the Red Bulls pitting, that puts the Brawns in a heap of trouble.

      1. Casino Square
        11th July 2009, 17:58

        Can anyone really guess what’s going to happen? The weather at the Nurburgring is seriously unpredictable. It could rain at any time during the race. Perhaps it might even snow?!?

        1. That did happen at an F3000 race one year. Think it was 1985?

          1. Casino Square
            11th July 2009, 19:50

            I was only joking, I didn’t think it could actually happen! It would be an interesing novelty to see F1 cars driving round with chains on their tyres. And mabye they’d let Kimi Raikkonen race his snowmobile!

          2. Best posible outcome for tomorrows race is everyone from 2nd to 6th on the grid tangle up and crash on the first corner and we have a Webber – Sutil 1-2 at the end of the race.

  3. 7 7 Adrian Sutil 678.5 73.5 28
    8 8 Felipe Massa 673.5 68.5 26
    9 9 Kimi Raikkonen 674 69 26
    10 10 Nekson Piquet Jnr 676 71 27

    WOW, Sutil. WOW.

    1. I know, I just guessed he was lighter than the Ferraris. Seriously impressive!

      1. Raikkonen was complaining that he didn’t have tyres left for Q3. Maybe Sutil did use a set of fresh tyres. If so then he would suffer during the race.

    2. excellent job by adrian sutil. really he’s a driver to watchout. that force india is really impressive. btw i’ve blown my prediction. guess i’ll end up with 0 points :(

    3. I always wish Sutil the best, I think he’s an excellent driver

      1. seriously great job by sutil…..if he can keep both the kers powered ferraris behind him in the first corner…he should be in decent points…..

    4. Delighted for Sutil and FOrce India bin a fan of theirs back since they were Jordan.

      Brilliant stuff! :D :D

  4. The Ferraris must be shocked to have been beaten fair and squarly by a force india with 2 laps more fuel.

    Well Done Adrian Sutil

  5. Bartholomew
    11th July 2009, 17:26

    Mark Webber is a good man and I wish him the best of luck tomorrow.
    It will be a race where the true skills of a driver will be shown.
    I hope Alonso passes Massa in the same place as 2 years ago !

  6. Great work by Webber and Sutil. Sutil beating both Ferraris with the heaviest fuel load in the top 10. Nice work.

    Lets hope for a good result for the Force Indias tomorrow and a better grand prix than the Silverstone one a few weeks ago! :)

  7. Light fuel load hopefully means Brawns quicker off line and off into the distance ! :)

    1. They haven’t shown that kind of pace – and if the weather is still cold, I can’t see them finding anything early.

      If Webber is off the line cleanly and first after the first lap, poor luck is all I can see stopping him.

      Which means it’s almost a certainty he’ll finish near the back.

  8. Anyone wondering if they’ve filled Bourdais up to drive home? ;-)

    (OK It was a joke, Damon – I’ve nothing against Sébastien)

    Getting round Turn 1 & its’ lump may be interesting with the KERS cars as far back as they are.

  9. Well done Sutil.

    Also, I think that Hamilton is third quickest fuel corrected.

  10. As many of you said, the one who was really impressive and who deserves all laurels is Adrian Sutil… 7th with the HEAVIEST FUEL LOAD… that means he was already satisfied with a 10th place and prepared himself for a long first stint, but was fast enough to outqualify both Ferraris!

    1. Ferrari had no fresh softs for Q3.
      I know, don’t ask. I have no idea why, either.

      1. I don’t think so super softs would have put ferraris too much in front…..

        1. Was that at me or at Daniel, Arun?

          If me then Ferrari did, seriously, run out of fresh softs

          “Then, in qualifying, we found ourselves up against rapidly changing conditions and it was therefore a good result to get both cars into Q3. At that point however, we no longer had any more new soft tyres available and that cost us very dear.”

  11. The unthinkable may happen ! Webber may actually win a race. If he doesn’t now, he never will. Vettel will likely end up in 5th place by corner #1 (Lewis has KERS **and** starts on the clean side). Additionally Vettel has never won a race that he hasn’t started from pole. Additionally, Vettel will pit first. Additionally, the RBR is hugely faster than anyone else here too, and the 2 Brawns are at least 5 laps lighter. Additionally, Webber has been on the podium here before, so there is an experience factor in play here as well.

    This can only mean one thing: if Webber doesn’t win this race, rain or not, he will validate in grand fashion my long-held belief that he is utterly useless.

    1. i agree with all except the last comment. how is he utterly useless in the slighest???? he is easily one of the most consistent drivers in the current field. webber and button are the only two drivers i can think of that haven’t made any notable mistakes during a race. he’s put useless cars in awesome positions (more than you can say for hamilton). and you cant say his bad luck has been his wrong doing as rosburg in 06 and coulthard in 07 had nearly as many technical problems. i’ve always said put mark in a good car and he will be awesome and we are seeing that now. i think he is every bit as fast as vettel and has the consistency that comes with experience. i wish him all the best.

      1. Webber, just like Button, has achieved nothing in his career. An occasional finish in the top 6 is no big accomplishment in 128 races. And, as I have said before, the reason he drives mediocre cars is that he is a mediocre driver. And that’s why none of the premier teams has ever been interested in hiring him. Same w/ Button.

        1. I do have the niggling memory of Webber crashing out of the British GP in the wet, the year Hamilton wiped the floor with everyone. Was that 2007 or 2008? Anyway, if it is wet, I hope Webber proves my doubts as being unfounded. Go Webber!

  12. Looks like Brawn could be on a 3 stopper.

    1. If they are on a 3-stopper then the Brawn is really, really slow here at the Ring. With 5 laps less fuel they were over a tenth slower than Webber … **and** they will stop one more time ? Can’t be.

  13. i am a die hard ferrari fan and not the biggest force india fan…….but tom i am cheering for them only…..GO sutil…Leave the horses crawling behind you….

  14. Keith if you could check this one out:

    I remember when FIA decided to change the qualifing system (once again) for 2006. The knock-out system was brought to F1 (appart from other facts) so what happened at Silverstone in 2004 (when many drivers deliberately spun off to avoid showers that didn’t come) or at Melbourne/Suzuka 2005 (where top drivers had to set a qualy time after rain appeared, leaving them with virtually no chances for Sunday’s race).

    So the changing conditions would be the same for all drivers.

    Is this the first time it happened?

    1. Sorry I don’t understand the question!

  15. StrFerrari4Ever
    11th July 2009, 19:39

    Wow amazing the Red Bull’s still have that much of an advantage over the field :)& the Brawns aren’t that dangerous now if you look at the fuel loads the real danger for Mark Webber could be Vettel whose been known to be able to save more fuel than Mark so if Vettel can get past the Brawns early on he can mount a challenge for the lead. Hamilton if fuel corrected is 3rd fastest if im not mistaken which was a great effort from him in that MP4-24 and lets not forget Sutil amazing heaviest person in top 10 if it pours down he could shake things up a bit , oh yeah before i forget Piquet out-qualified Alonso which was amusing. The Toro Rosso’s well they can just pray for rain and i hope their prayer will be answered because that’s their only hope of getting in the points or even a podium and if it really comes down a victory which would be magnificent i’d prefer the victory to come from Buemi as the “SEABASS” isn’t deserving but thats me hoping.

    1. The only reason Vettel is saving fuel is because Vettel is unable to overtake and thus gets stuck behind slower cars.

      Vettel could show this “fuel saving” again when he slips behind Hamilton and Kovalainen at the start.

      I wonder if the BrawnGP guys get their strategy together. Otherwise Hamilton and Vettel might actually still beat them to the podium.

      1. StrFerrari4Ever
        11th July 2009, 20:06

        You could say he saves fuel because he can’t overtake but tommorow if he manages it and if it does rain he can run a few extra laps and we know in the rain his amazing so if that were to happen it would be very crucial for his chances of victory. I agree with you that Vettel & Hamilton have a chance of beating the Brawns to the podium but we don’t know what the weather will do if it rains at the start then i wouldn’t be surprised seeing a pile up at turn 3 or a Force India leading :D

  16. I’m surprised no one seems to be taking the rather changeable weather into account here.
    Not taking anything away from Webber’s superb drive (all weekend indeed) all the other positions with the exception of Barrichello were pretty much a lottery depending on how many drops of rain coincided with where you were on the lap.
    Although the best news all weekend has to be Sutil and a Force India in 7th.
    I think this is going to be a good one! Come on FI, grab your first point(s)!

  17. WOW the Brawns are light. Sutil did an incredible job!

  18. HounslowBusGarage
    11th July 2009, 20:21

    that’s a gorgeous pic of the Red Bull against the sky that you have used. Is it a Red Bull promo shot or one of yours?

    1. It’s one of Red Bull’s own pictures from the Getty agency. Here’s the un-cropped picture: https://www.racefans.net/2009/07/11/german-grand-prix-qualifying-in-pictures/webb_redb_nurb_2009-51/

      1. HounslowBusGarage
        11th July 2009, 21:30

        Thanks Keith.

  19. Sush Meerkat
    11th July 2009, 21:09

    well done Webber, but what about Sutil, check that out a Force India with 28 laps worth of fuel on board doing that well?

  20. Finally Piquet manages to outqualify Alonso and then he gets called Nekson Piquet Jnr ;)

    1. StrFerrari4Ever
      11th July 2009, 23:01

      Haha well spotted Patrickl made me chuckle :D

  21. I have watched sutil began he raced at gp2,he is very good at rain,he is unlucky than lewis after be promoted to f1,he had to drive a slow car than lewis so we hardly to see his ability,today i wish it a rain day to see him,so exciting !!
    P/s; a great blog,i’m very admire u,i’m vietnamese so i spoke english not very well,in vietnam not many people watch f1,that so disappointed…i’m fan of kimi as like as sutil,come on!!!!

  22. Just like to add my congratulations to Sutil, I must admit I have under-rated him in the past.
    I wonder if any other team is looking for a driver.

    1. Oh yes, Piquet did very well too

  23. Mark winning with Vettel on podium with one of the Brawn.
    Sutil good point finished.Key will be the start as both Ferrari & Mclaren have KERS.

    But what will happen if it rains.SUTIL,heaviest amongest the top 10.& he is a good wet weather driver.Lewis even can put up a surprise

    Whats your opinion guys?

  24. No one has mentioned Kovi’s has 10 kg. more fuel then Ham…but is down only one position from him on the grid. Ham’s new aero package looked impressive in practice, but then the tarmac got wet.

    So Kovi gets a thumbs up from me!

    Hat’s off to Sutil, very impressive!

    Keith, do you think there is room to squeeze the drivers qualifying times into the stats box? It would be nice to see the lap time differences next to the qualifying positions and weights.

    Oh, thanks for that typing you do to keep this lazy wino up to speed on F1!

  25. Looking good for another Red Bull 1/2… excellent news for the championship. The two McLaren’s aren’t as light as I expected… which shows signs that perhaps they have improved that car in the right direction. Still though, I’m glad they are looking at focusing in on next years car sooner rather than later.

  26. Great Sutil, good improvement from McLarens, RedBull faster than Brawns. I think these are the three key-points.
    But the likelyhood of rain makes really hard to make predictions. And the first corner is very tricky, so no surprise if we see lots of position shifting…
    I think it will be funny, because this is a track that allows overtaking (first corner, dunlop corner, veedol chicane), I just hope that the weather will not be that bad to risk race stopping or to many confusion.

  27. Sutil in a Brawn next year?

    1. He would sure deserve it, but another German on top ? With Button ?

  28. German GP Nurburgring: Comparing predicted and actual pit stops.

    Grid . . kg . .Pred. Actual . . . . Fin
    .. . . . . . . La. T La T La T La T 60La
    01  WEB  56.0  21  s 15!- 19 m 43 m 01
    02  BAR  42.0  15  s 15 s 33 s 51 m 06
    03  BUT  39.0  14  s 14 s 32 m 52 - 05
    04  VET  56.0  21  s -- - 22 m 45 s 02
    05k HAM  49.0  18  s -- - 02!m 39 - 18
    06k KOV  59.0  22  s -- - 16 m 41 - 08
    07  SUT  73.5  28  m 28 m 29!m 47 - 15
    08k MAS  68.5  26  s -- - 26 s 46 m 03
    09k RAI  69.0  26  - -- - 25 s 35r- RET
    10  PIQ  71.0  27  m -- - 27 - 48 - 13
    11  HEI  76.0  29  - -- - 27 - 48 - 10
    12  ALO  63.2  24  - -- - 18 s 47 m 07
    13  NAK  78.6  30  m -- - 32 - 51 - 12
    14  TRU  78.7  30  - 03!- 22 - 50 - 17
    15  ROS  84.6  32  m -- - 30 m 48 - 04
    16  KUB  68.6  26  - -- - 24 - 45 - 14
    17  BUE  69.5  26  - -- - 22 - 39 - 16
    18  FIS  57.5  21  - -- - 19 - 36 - 11
    19  BOU  84.5  32  - -- - -- - 19r- RET
    20  GLO  57.3  21  - -- - -- - 37 - 09

    k = KERS, m = medium tyres, s = super-soft tyres

    No safety car. No racing under yellow.

    Cool and dry. Rain threatens, does not fall.
    Temp. air: 18 C, track: 29-30, falling to 25 C
    Wind: 4 – 6 m/s

    Order at end of first lap:
    BAR(+1), WEB(-1), KOV(+3), MAS(+4), BUT(-2), VET(-2), RAI(+2), SUT(-1), ROS(+6), KUB(+6), ALO(+1), HEI(-1), BUE(+4), FIS(+4), PIQ(-5), TRU(-2), BOU(+2), GLO(+2), NAK(-6), HAM(-15)

    KERS on first lap: (Ignoring HAM) KOV(+2), MAS(+3), RAI(+1) Ave +2 places

    Incidents:(1)HAM touches WEB, HAM puncture; WEB touches BAR, WEB drive-through penalty; (28)SUT exits pits into RAI, damages wing, inquiry pending; (33)BAR fuelling problem spare rig used;

    Unscheduled pits: (1)HAM puncture; (3)TRU unknown; (15)WEB drive-through; (19)BOU retires after going off; (29)SUT replaces front wing; (35)RAI retires (engine)

  29. Additional incidents: (1)NAK touches TRU. TRU pits to change damaged wing.

    ROS pitted early both stops and carried 15 kg fuel extra because of fuel problems.

    (19)BOU retired because of hydraulic failure.

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