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A day to remember at the Nurburgring as Mark Webber claimed his first victory in F1 – and the first for an Australian in 28 years.

Here’s a collection of over 100 pictures from the race – including plenty of Webber and Red Bull’s celebrations.

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12 comments on “German Grand Prix in pictures”

  1. Small labelling error on the last two pics of mark webber, but other than that great selection of pics as always, thanks Keith.

    1. Yeah, Pictures #100 and #101:

      Mark Webber, Ferrari, Nurburgring, 2009

      I had no idea… :P

  2. Shame Webber didn’t get a proper trophy, I thought at least the winner did even if the place getters got a corporate logo.

    1. Makes me sick when i see drivers get a Santander logo as a trophy. Its one step too far

  3. The one pic of Trulli with him alone is breathtaking.

    And it also sums up his race, anonymous, seen with no one

  4. Has the Red Bull got a new single, central exhaust located at the bottom of the spine of the engine cover? Looks very smart.

  5. pic #4 (Kimi and Vettel)

    Introducing…the newest sensation in hip hop and rap…Vanilla Iceman and the Red Seb Bull!

    Looks like Kimi is laying down the bassline.

    1. I am a KIMI fan, but he looks a right idiot in that pic. lol!

      I think the camera man was at shock that Kimi had a beginning of a smile on his Ice face. :)

  6. great pics as always


  7. offtopic:It’s true that Murray Walker will return for the Hungarian GP at BBC commentary team?

  8. Great pics.. Captured all important parts of the race. Read my race review here

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