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Review the German Grand Prix live blog below.

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5 comments on “German Grand Prix live blog”

  1. Shame for Brawn GP….

  2. I think it was a fantastic race. Nice work from RB and good recovery for McLaren, but no luck tho!
    Shame Hamilton could have been on or near the poduim but bad luck. Ferrari did good job there, Raikkonen could have been 4, still I as a Ferrari fan am so happy! :D

    Brawn can now see how near are other team are, well RB has passed them tho, but still other teams are near the Brawn and i think this is the turning point where we will see something different than things we seen in first part of the season.

    Shame for Rubens, and fuel problem!

  3. Which telecast had Rubens making those comments?

  4. I do not know about you, but doesn’t it appear a bit suspect that a chassis and driver that dominated the beginning of the 2009 F1 season is now experiencing tire problems when they were virtually non-existent since Melbourne? There are those who perhaps believe a team should throw a race to make the series more interesting, but as a sports aficionado, the spoils go to the best team. I watch because I enjoy the interplay of superior technology and human behavior. Intentionally throwing a game drives me away faster than watching a team clearly dominate all the others because of their preparation. I came back to F1 because the computer assisted driving controls had been removed, in addition to slicks being reintroduced. I heard a bonehead commentator indicating he liked multiple pitstops instead of the singular tank reminiscent of historical F1. If throwing a race is the future of F1, I’ll find another venue.

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