Max Mosley will give up FIA presidency – but he wants Jean Todt in charge

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Jean Todt is Max Mosley's preferred choice of successor
Jean Todt is Max Mosley's preferred choice of successor

Max Mosley’s latest promise to step down from the FIA presidency in October will inevitably be met with some scepticism.

After all, he’s already gone back on similar promises made in 2004, 2008 and earlier this year.

But this time we can be more confident that he actually is going, for two reasons. First, the teams are demanding it, and second, he has nominated a successor: Jean Todt.

At the Nurburgring there were rumours the teams were prepared to go so far as hand Mosley a pre-written resignation letter for him to sign. That didn’t happen, but it’s clear Mosley’s departure is partly at the teams’ behest.

The teams have also indicated their dissatisfaction the choice of Jean Todt as a potential successor. Mosley today confirmed Todt as his preferred choice, something which has been tipped to happen for a long time, especially since Todt conspicuously voiced support for Mosley during the sadomasochism scandal last year shortly before he left Ferrari.

There are a few reasons to be concerned with Todt’s name being linked with the FIA presidency.

First is the question of whether it is wise for the deeply unpopular incumbent to support a successor. It may be seen as an appointment rather than the democratic choice of the FIA constituents which Mosley has previous voiced support for.

Todt also risks being seen as Mosley’s puppet, allowing him to retain influence over the FIA presidency after leaving office.

Todt’s closeness to Ferrari is another concern. John Howett, president of Toyota F1 and vice-president of the F1 teams’ association, said last month:

From the teams’ point of view, we would like to see someone who actually is independent. Perhaps independent from any of us currently or historically. The federation covers much more than just motorsport. It is involved in worldwide touring and from the position of the manufacturers; they would wish to have somebody that was able to represent appropriately the requirements of worldwide motorsports as well as purely focusing on the sport.
John Howett

Mosley attempted to pre-empt this argument in his letter to the FIA endorsing Todt (PDF), arguing:

I must emphasise he would not in any way be a motor industry candidate. He would have no special relationship with his former company, Ferrari, nor with Peugeot Citroen, the manufacturer behind his former World Rally, Cross-Country and Le Mans teams.
Max Mosley

And questions may be asked about whether Todt has sufficient respect for the ‘sporting’ aspect of motor racing. While in charge at Ferrari he infamously presided over the fixing of the Austrian Grand Prix in 2002. And while running Peugeot’s rally effort in the 1980s, he decided which of two of his drivers should win the Dakar Rally using a coin toss.

The driver who benefitted from that decision was his future FIA president opponent: Ari Vatanen. One person who’s met Vatanen told me:

Ari told me personally a few years ago that [Todt] is the man that he has the most respect for in motor sport. Todt was the first person to contact him when he regained consciousness after his accident in Argentina. Todt basically told him he could take his time and not to worry as there would be a car waiting for him when he was fully recovered. That loyalty has stuck with Ari since then and they have an enormous bond and respect for each other.

The FIA president election is likely to be fought along these lines: Vatanen backed by the teams, Todt backed by Mosley and the supporters, mainly from the automobile clubs of smaller nations, which won him the vote of confidence during ‘spankgate’. The same group which Todt has reportedly been touring Africa lobbying support from this past week.

As one battle finishes, the next one is already coming into view.

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121 comments on “Max Mosley will give up FIA presidency – but he wants Jean Todt in charge”

  1. Todt can’t become FIA president!!!

    1. oh,yes he can!! even you can ,if you are ready to lift up your right hand up by 45 degrees & perform the Deutscher Gruß & shout at the top of your voice “Sieg Heil MAX” !!

      1. Pedro Andrade
        15th July 2009, 21:25


  2. Flap, flap, oink oink..

  3. The utter madness.

    How on earth can they propose a person who is so strongly linked to one of the main contenders as the head of the regulatory agency?

    1. what do you mean by “THEY”?? there are no “THEY’s” in FIA. only “HE” & only “HE” can propose someone’s name. hope you got my point :)

      1. Isn’t this what dictators do…they appoint thier successors …right?

        1. No dictators usually procreate, teach their first son how to be as savage and cunning as possible, make them drink alligator or camel blood. and then when they croak pass it to the son, who will pretend to be elected by 99.99% of the people, and then hang the 0.01% that didn’t vote. i know it sounds morbid, but Max is a saint in comparison…

          but as a saying goes, the best democracy is fair dictatorship…

  4. thank ridins they are getting rid of him

    1. He said he’d give up FIA presidency before and he didn’t…

      I won’t believe it until he has gone for good

  5. whether Todt has sufficient respect for the ’sporting’ aspect of motor racing. While in charge at Ferrari he infamously presided over the fixing of the Austrian Grand Prix in 2002

    But that was perfectly legal and within the rules at the time, correct?

    If you are unquestionably within the rules, then you are properly “sporting,” in my opinion. It is a team sport, and was more so before the rule against affecting the outcome of the race.

    Now if you lie to the stewards… ;)

    1. Totally agree on Austria, DC.
      You can’t break a rule which doesn’t exist.
      Maybe we should be moaning about every other example of team orders that preceded Austria 2002, as well.
      There’d be quite a list going back to the start of racing.

      1. It wasn’t just team orders at Ferrari though, was it? There are plenty other allegations, and more to the point the fact that Ferrari seemed to have the FIA in its pocket on many decisions down the years…

        1. That also depends on which media you read, Charlie.

        2. It wasn’t just team orders at Ferrari though, was it?

          Yes, there were also team orders at Mclaren.

  6. From the teams’ point of view, we would like to see someone who actually is independent. Perhaps independent from any of us currently or historically. The federation covers much more than just motorsport. It is involved in worldwide touring and from the position of the manufacturers; they would wish to have somebody that was able to represent appropriately the requirements of worldwide motorsports as well as purely focusing on the sport.

    I know the English-speaking press played it as the teams saying they didn’t want Todt, Keith, but for those that read the Italian press there were many reasons given why Ferrari would not want Todt either. So Howett could well have been talking for FOTA as a whole.

    Max’ letter reads in exactly the way we have come to expect of him. It opens with a list of his achievements; says he’s going (but will be staying in another role) & names a name which he knows full well will only stoke the fires of controversy.
    Yes, Jean Todt has all the relevant experience but F1 & the FIA both need a calming influence for a few years.
    Personally, I hope that Jean Todt will use some of the shrewdness he was shown to possess while at Ferrari & not stand.

    1. says he’s going (but will be staying in another role)

      For once, persempre, this isn’t a Mosley power play, or Mosley pulling a fast one.

      All FiA Presidents move on to a FiA Senate post when they leave office, per Article…ummmm…17, I think it is.

      And there are nine other people in the Senate. Hopefully enough to keep him in check.

      1. Yes, I know they all move to the Senate, dsob. I think you misunderstand what I meant.
        For me it was more of a “I’ll still be around to haunt you” statement in much the same way as when Max implied ‘Be careful what you wish for’ when he said he would go but we may not like his successor.

        1. Ah, yes, I take your point now.

          Rather the way the odour lingers after the f@rt itself is gone.

          1. roflolol – exactly!

  7. Mark my words, the FIA ‘election’ will make Iran’s election look like a fairly-contested triumph of democracy. The results are already in, folks.

  8. theRoswellite
    15th July 2009, 14:11

    The Kink is dead, long live the….Kink. (version Next?)

    I was worried that the passing of Maddening-Max might bring about a period of, dare I say it, stability within the FIA and F1 by extension; but now I see that the Gods seem to have chosen this particular body, and that specific office (throne?), as a way of punishing us all for sins we wish we had committed.

    Ah…October, can it come soon enough?

  9. Not very good references for Jean Tod. In fact, being recommended by MM is bad news for him.

    FIA will need a “cooperative aproach” president, but this is something MM will never understand.

    On the other hand, CVC is speaking loudly about Bernie declarations. Wouldn’t be great if MM and BE will not be in charge of F1 starting next season? Sometimes, dreams come true…

    1. It would appear, according to Mosley’s letter to the FiA Senate, that Mosley will be gone for 2010.

      As to Bernie, that remains to be seen. Apparently, according to CVC Managing Partner Donald MacKenzie, Bernie is safe-for now.

      Although if CVC Board members Pater Brabeck and Sir Martin Sorrell are influential eough, Bernie may well yet be ousted.

      Read more here.

    2. I wont believe they will leave willingly. Neither Bernie or Max will give up the power. They can print whatever they want, but I wont believe it until I actually see it happen.

  10. Aaron Shearer
    15th July 2009, 14:18

    I’m seriously hoping that Todt does not win the FIA Presidential elections. I know his credentials are more than fit for the Job, but I personally believe that he’ll just be as you said Keith, Moseley’s puppet.

    Vatanen is the perfect candidate for the vacancy in October. He also has the credentials, nearly 10 years in the European Union and about 25 years as a rally driver.

    I truly believe that if he is elected that he’ll the man for the Job. He’s a former driver himself and knows what the majority of sports need. Maybe he’ll even listen to some of the Drivers and Teams :-)

  11. Ding Dong the witch is dead, the wicked witch…

    I hope that Todt inherits Moseley’s cabinet and loses the election, that way we get rid of the whole lot.

    Any guess if Max will increase the power of the senate prior to going there?

  12. It’s not over until the fat lady sings.

    1. & the champagne glass shatters!! i just hope there ia a fat enough lady out there to sing at the top of her voice in front of mosley, so that he shatters like the champagne peg. i’m sure he cannot withstand sound over 200dB. perhaps we could even amplify that singing. he’ll have a cardiac arrest atleast! :))

  13. Scott Joslin
    15th July 2009, 15:03

    You know what, I am not so sure that Max really thinks that Jean Todd is the best candidate or not.

    I think what he is saying by suggesting Todd as his successor is to try and get FOTA which is run by the Ferrari president to think ” well if Max is going and there is a chance the FIA is going to be run by an ex Ferrari employee – that would extremely appealing – Lets drop the breakaway rules and sign up to the FIA”

    My personal feelings is for the purpose of objectivity and to be able to avoid any political doubt over the head of the sport having a conflict of interest, there should be a candidate who has not worked for any of the F1 teams – hard as it could be find one strong enough.

  14. U know wat guys?! I’m dead sick tired of all this FiA, Mosley & Eccleston brouhaha! For how much longer are we (the real fans) going to stick up with this set-up?! I say – Lets end this game once & for all and go with a seperate championship!!! Enough is indeed Enough!!!

    1. I would seriously support that move.

  15. Bigbadderboom
    15th July 2009, 15:08

    I wouldn’t worry about an Italian bias from Todt, I think FOTA will now assume a better fasilitational role, and I don’t think it will be possible through governance to give any team an advantage. And I’ve read a few sources quoting Ferrari as not being best pleased anyway.
    My concern, is as Keith points out, Max retaining an influence over the FIA. In his simplest form to me Max is a con-man, and I think this may turn out to be his biggest trick yet………”The Amazing Disappearing Spanky” yet we all know he’s there somewhere!!!!!!!

  16. From the teams’ point of view, we would like to see someone who actually is independent. Perhaps independent from any of us currently or historically. The federation covers much more than just motorsport. It is involved in worldwide touring and from the position of the manufacturers; they would wish to have somebody that was able to represent appropriately the requirements of worldwide motorsports as well as purely focusing on the sport.

    Which, of course, makes Vatanen a good candidate. His tenure in politics speaks to this.

    Mark my words, the FIA ‘election’ will make Iran’s election look like a fairly-contested triumph of democracy. The results are already in, folks.

    I’m certain Mosley is thinking that, yes. But, he may be wrong.

    Not very good references for Jean Tod. In fact, being recommended by MM is bad news for him.

    Indeed, with the Spankgate scandal and the recent events in F1, Mosley’s patronage might well be a death-knell for any candidate.

    What concerns me more is that Max is already campaigning for Todt, in actuality, through the letter he’s sent to the clubs. And as some may be aware, a big influence amongst the clubs is one Mohammad Bin Sulayem, United Arab Emirates FiA representative. Sulayem boasted that he got Mosley the needed votes to carry the vote of confidence following Spankgate in 2008. And he may well have, seeing that Abu Dhabi got the coveted season-ending spot on the 2009 schedule. Can it be that was a case of quid pro quo there? Smells like it to me. My concern is that if Sulayem is indeed that influential with member clubs, where will his lobbying efforts be directed in the coming election?

    And does anyone besides me think the circuit layout of Yas Island looks like a pistol ?

    1. And does anyone besides me think the circuit layout of Yas Island looks like a pistol ?

      It does, as does Monza. Along a similar vein, Spa looks like a hot glue gun.

    2. Dsob,have you read max’s letter to the members? if u haven’t here’s the link

      in the letter he says jeah is the most suitable person to replace him. he also goes on to say he’s outstanding “sport”ive manager(yeah saw that in austria 2001 & 2002), then he goes on to blabber something about michelle yeoh & road safety(completely irrelevant ofcourse), what really shocked me was this & can you belive what he said? read his own quote:-

      when he says he’s not from motor industry, i would like to know what was jean todt previously? a catholic priest ? can you possibly believe this fellow max? its like bismark endorsing hitler for the top post. Max i must admit is a terrific deceiver. What are this so called members doing? & who exactly are these members? he also mentions that he got over a 100 messages from “these” members pleading him not to step down. Hah , poor “members”, max must have blackmailed these poor souls. todt imo will be as bad as mosley if not worse. god save f1.

      & yes even i think yas marina at abu dhabhi resembles a gun. so does monza & Hermanos Rodriguez at mexico city :)

      1. the quote:-

        “Finally,i must emphasise he(todt) would not in any way be a motor industry candidate.He would not have any special relationship with his former company,Ferrari, nor with Peugeot Citroen , the manufacturer behind his former rally, cross country & Le-mans teams. He would preserve the independence of the FIA”

      2. its like bismark endorsing hitler for the top post.

        hey , remember the trouble Bernie got into for mentioning Hitler

        rofl :)

    3. Whether there was any quid pro quo, I obviously wouldn’t know, dsob, but I think the season ending spot for Abu Dhabi has more to do with logistics than anything else.
      It just wouldn’t have been ready in time for a suitable slot earlier in the year.
      I’d guess that ideally it would either be somewhere near Bahrain’s date or late in the season. Any other time during the season would be unbearably hot, I think.

      1. this yas marina circuit is really horribe, i’m talking about the track layout, not the facilities, typical tilkefied circuit. nothing exciting. i heard this will be a twilight race . is it true?

        1. I remember them saying they would do “something very special” with the lighting at the circuit, and they inferred that it would be totally unique (i.e. not a twilight or night race then), so maybe they’ll do the race at sunrise? If they did the race at dawn, what time would that be in the UK for the live broadcast (approx)?

          1. A dawn race—interesting thought. Before it got too hot.

            Well, dawn there is 6am, which is 2am London time, so that isn’t going to happen. Earliest race there I could see Bernie going for would be 1pm, or 9am London time.

            If they’ve sussed out some lighting scheme, a twilight or night race would work. 7pm there is 3pm London time, so that would make for okay viewing numbers for Bernie.

        2. I haven’t heard that it will be a night race but have heard that they have something ‘unusual’ in mind. No idea what, though.
          As to the track all I really know is that it’s anti-clockwise with a state of the art surface.
          lol – I’ve heard more about the hotel!

          The circuit website gives more details

      2. Yes, I suppose logistics explains it.

        Having followed F1 for over 50 years, and Mosley from his start in F1, I suppose I’m a bit more cynical than others. Plus, the timing of it all was just so convenient.

        Still, you are probably correct.

        And to mp4, just below, last I heard (April 2009), Abu Dhabi was scheduled for a local start time of 3:00pm

        11:00am London time, but bloody early in North and South America. Darn you anyway, Bernie.

        1. Here in South America the european races start at 9am, and thats quite ok, but the ones in the fareast are much harder too follow as they tend to start at 5am !!!

          1. i would love to visit south america. especially the tip of Argentina. that is where the southernmost town is i believe. Its called Ushuaia i think. dunno if people in ushuaia follow f1. so sad that argentina has had no f1 drivers since Gastón Hugo Mazzacane. that old buenos aires circuit,with that huge lake in the middle was absolutely spectacular. why are Argentinians always overshadowed by Brazilians? cuz i believe both are good at soccer & motorsports

    4. I dont know, but as a competition shooter I will now look it up.

  17. Short of Mosley standing again I think Todt is my least favourite candidate of all the potential people put forward in various debates for the role of FIA President. With Mosley’s connections that helped him win the vote of no confidence I think Todt will win it though.

  18. Everyone wants somebody that has racing experience to take over, but they don’t want anyone with any ties to any teams, past, present or future.
    I have an idea. Indy Car CEO Tony George recently stepped down from is position with Indy Car, he also one the head honchos from the Indianapolis speedway. He apparently did many great things for Indy Car, and I think he should be offered the opportunity to at least compete for the job with the FIA.
    He has a s solid resume, he is still on the younger side, and is pasionate about racing, as well as the fans of racing. I say we give him a shot.

      1. I’ve changed my mind. Tony George is a fool. I don’t know who i want in charge now.

        1. Actually, no, i take that back, I do know who I want in charge. Me. I would lower admission and double the amount of Grid Girls.

          1. My vote goes to Brian ! :)

          2. My vote goes to Brian too, so long as every ticket holder receives a personal grid girl.

          3. I vote for Brian

            cheaper tickets and a personal grid girl…
            NOW THATS A DEAL!!

          4. thanks for the support. lol. Now all i need is some campaign funds and a whole lotta grid girls.

          5. You get my vote..especially for the extra grid girls.

          6. Fantastic!!

          7. i bet ur happy gman! from what i’ve heard from scunny, you do like chasing girls, don’t you?? i hope they have more brunettes than blonds ,cuz blondes are stupid.

          8. hahaha, I agree about the blondes and bruenettes. I used to say, ‘I will never go for a blonde!’ but now I have a short blonde haired, blued girl friend. lol

    1. Err, so do us girls get our own personal ‘grid guy’ with your deal Brian?
      Actually, if you can guarantee me my own personal F1 driver escort, I’ll vote for you !

      1. What is a grid guy? But if that is what it takes to get your vote, then sure! But I can’t promise an F1 driver escort.

  19. The trouble with Todt as a potential FIA president is his historical Machiavellian approach to business when he ran Ferrari. Whatever outcomes of the controversies surrounding his tenure at Ferrari is secondary to the way he conducted relations with others within the sport. If he brings the same modus operandi to the FIA (and there’s no reason to believe he won’t) it will be more of Max under a different name and face.

    Not the ideal candidate to support transparency, is he? He would be in the mold of Max. His recent close working history with F1 is the EXACT reason he should be disqualified from running. He brings suspect baggage with him.

    Lastly the simple fact he supported Max during Spankgate should be grounds enough for his dismissal. The agency needs a squeeky clean successor like Vatanen as opposed to the stained history of Todt.

    As for Max lobbying on behalf of Todt I’m thinking this may be the member’s opportunity to get out from under Max’s thumb. An oppressive tyrant, even a beneficial one, is still a tyrant. The risk of having punitive punishments handed to your country will be as grave with Max’s anointed successor as with Max.

    Go Ari!!!

    1. todt was also involved in the conspiracy during the mclaren witch-hunt. todt was the one who made ron dennis(btw ron’s 1000 times a man) apologize publicly. i agree with you when you say he’s in the same mould as max.he bring along with him more convicted baggage! first of all he’s not a sport,that jean todt. we all saw that not onnce, not twice but on numerous occations. We need a down to earth,humble,kind,transparent,honest man in charge, not thugs like max & todt.moreover his association with ferrari is just too strong for him to provide transparent governance. that itself is enough for others to oppose his contesting in the first place.

      1. Walking on dodgy ground by dragging up old issues there, mp4-19b.
        One man’s witch-hunt is another’s search for justice.

        1. why do you always go gaga over ferrari? i said i had a problem with todt’s revenge seeking attitude. nowhere did i mention ferrari in there. i used to like ferrari during the mansell-prost days. only after this man’s entry has the team fallen gracelessly. Deep down even luca realizes it, the damage inflicted upon ferrari by JT & MS is incurable. you just gotta accept the facts of life & the most important fact here is jean todt might have won many races for ferrar, but he equally demolished the sportive spirit within & out of the team. i fear he’ll do the same if he becomes the FIA prez.

          1. Have you met Jean Todt or is this opinion formed from the media?
            If people don’t like him then, fair enough, that’s absolutely their privelege but to accuse anyone of things which can’t be substantiated goes too far.

            I support Ferrari but that doesn’t mean I have to make a habit of bad-mouthing everyone else at the drop of a hat.

            If you bring up Jean Todt v. Ron Dennis (Spygate) then you have referred to Ferrari & McLaren & have to expect those that disagree with you to say so. That’s why I say it is better to leave it alone.

          2. Not to take mp4-19 side but the whole spygate thing was a disgrace. It was bad for the sport, it was bad for ferrari and it was really bad for mclaren. I dont support either of these teams but I do agree with Martin Brundle on this. They(the fia) wanted Ron Dennis to be taken down a notch. Ron made the mistake of hiring some folks of dubious character, and he got burned for it. Problem is the fia only went after Ron(under the Mclaren Banner) and the other 2. What about pedro and fernando using the data, nothing happened to them. It was 1 sided and it stunk.
            I do not think that JT will be a good force within the fia. The reason is he will be biased. I believe this of most anyone in the F1 community as a whole will be this way. They need someone with no ties to the sport. I believe if they truly wanted someone who couldnt be swayed or wouldnt have a prefferential support of certain teams they would find someone from the US that is an leader in the sporting field, such as a commisioner of 1 of the major sport leagues. Anyone else I am afraid will be to nationalistic or have ties to a certain team.

  20. max mosley reminds me of a character called “EVE”, in the movie SPECIES. Max like Eve doesn’t belong to the human race. Eve’s only purpose on earth is to mate every other man & to multiply its own kind, likewise max’s wish is to see to that someone as evil as him replaces him & carries forward the evil regime. both max & eve have common agenda i.e. to destroy the good. hope eve meets max. the aftermath will be very exciting :)

    1. Speaking of being reminded of things…..

      When you look at Todt, doesn’t he-just a bit, mind you-remind one of Yoda?

      Give him pointy ears and paint him green-dead ringer! I mean, those cheeks!

      1. lol!! you speak my mind! of course he does remind me of yoda from star-wars & maybe even dobby, the house-elf from harry potter! max & todt are both aliens, & so should be kept away from the prez post!

        1. LOL … I had forgotten about Dobby the house elf. Yes, some resemblance there, too. Though I think Todt would look cuter green, lol.

  21. The way things are going, Todt will probably come out with a statement in support of Napoleon!

    1. that’ll make my day :) , it might happen you never know. maybe he’ll take oath in the name of Napoleon, after all the FIA stands for Federation Internationale de l’Automobile & which is french & is located in paris. when he does take oath he’ll feel like Napoleon after all. now we have a french dictator. thats nice to hear.

      1. A dictator? I bet Eccelstone would love him!

  22. Jean Todt would be a stupid choice.

  23. we need a low profile man or woman as the FIA prez. we don’t want loonies like todt,brawn & uncle sam. the next prez of FIA should be a person whom we’ve never heard of. that will put an end to all our problems. these high profile idiots are no good. all they want is media attention. we’ve seen it enough with max,haven’t we??

    i mean we’ve already had one looney Jean called Jean-Marie Balestre. do we really need another Jean?? too many Jean’s & too many Max’s are bad for the sport. isn’t it? so imho we do not want any more british or french idiots. we need someone who can “FINNISH” the job for us, the fans. so i highly recommend a “FINNISH” gentleman by the name Ari Vatanen who is ofcourse is from finland & is finnish. i’m sure he’ll finnish the unfinnished job at the FIA. :)

    1. Gracious, mp4, are you “finnished” yet?

      But I agree with your main sentiment, that Ari Vatanen is a good candidate.

      And I sincerely hope he has a good “finnish” to his campaign.

      1. i’ll be finnished only if the finnish, finnishes of the half-finnished mosley for good. :)

  24. I seem to recall Todt being shuffled out of Ferrari in the ‘let’s make it italian again’ period, he’s possibly still miffed, so I can’t decide if he’d be pro or anti Ferrari, I don’t feel he’d be nuetral…

    Or my brain just made it up…


    1. Not sure if he was “shuffled out” or if he wanted to do other things in the organisation.

      But as of March of this year, Todt had resigned every post he still held at Ferrari.

      Alright, so I’m cynical and you may say a conspiracy nut, but mayhap Todt standing as FiA Presidential candidate has been in the works long before we knew it.

      Oh, also worthy of mention, Todt’s son Nicholas is manager of Felipe Massa. And son Nicholas also is part owner in the GP2 series team ART Grand Prix.

      So, not even taking into account his former ties with Ferrari, so much for Jean Todt being impartial in all decisions and having no conflicting ties within the sport.

      1. Dsob, remember Todt’s parting gift to ferrari?
        He was the architect of the entire spygate-witch hunt against Ron Dennis & mclaren. again i have no proof to substantiate this fact, some might even disagree with this, but i know for a fact that he deeply hated ron dennis since his ferrari days from 1993, when berger brought him along.The mclaren mp4-22 was conceptually a vastly different car from the 2007 ferrari. the development of the mp4-22 began almost a year before the car hit the track in 2006. in essence it was an evolution of the mp4-21(narrow nose) designed by adrian newey before he departed for red bull. so we’ve got 2 extremely conceptually different cars. so there is no way mclaren could have or would have gained a massive advantage over ferrari in terms of performance as ferrari claim or shall i say jean claimed. we’ve seen it this year haven’t we? with the dd-diffusers? BMW managed a replica of the brawn diffuser and where are they now? mike coughlan was a victim of deep hate toward an organization. jean Todt, will be remembered as an unpleasant forever imo. the treatment he meted out to rubens, who can forget austria 2001-2002? . This is the same man who made mclaren & ron publicly apologize for no fault of theirs. gobbled up mclaren’s money. still couldn’t win last years championship.muhahaha & this year it seems that mclaren have leapfrogged them in terms of performance. Jean Todt,max Mosley,bernie,Ross brawn these are some of the characters i rate very low, they’ve got no sportsmanship. whats the use of having millions of dollars when people don’t respect you for what you are? these lot demand respect, not command it.

        1. Many more people than Jean Todt disliked Ron Dennis.
          How come none of his own team went to his Sports Industry Lifetime Achievement awards ceremony?
          Maybe you’d like to tell us the outcome of the Italian cases against various McLaren employees? I didn’t read so much about that in the English-speaking press.
          In time all the facts will, doubtless, come out but until then I strongly suggest the subject gets left alone or proof is used to back up supposition.

        2. Im not sure that its accurate to say that McLaren have “leapfrogged” Ferrari In terms of performance. They had a promising showing in Germany, but Ferrari has more than double their points this year, despite having no points from the first 3 races. I guess we’ll see it play out throughout the season, but I think you’re perhaps a bit too eager to declare McLaren supremacy.

    2. His son manages one of their drivers.

  25. the teams were prepared to go so far as hand Mosley a pre-written resignation letter for him to sign.


    1. you should rename yourself to Nomadmax, cuz he truly is a Nomad. The red-indians are far more intelligent compared to this brain-depleted git!

  26. Perhaps alternatively, this article could have been called: ‘Mosley gives Todt nomination the kiss of death’?

  27. As much respect as I have for Todt, I’m not sure he’d be the best choice for President of the FIA either. As others have said, he has certainly got the credentials but his affiliation with Ferrari will surely displease far too many people and I could see this going very badly.

    Naturally, I detest all the anti-Ferrari propaganda out there, though I certainly understand its existence given the way certain dubious decisions/punishments have been meted out in the past. But if Todt were to become FIA President, ANY decision henceforth that went in Ferrari’s favour would scream of nepotism even if the decision is 100% just!!! Then, of course, the anti-Ferrari propaganda would run rife and that would do my effing head in!!!

    From what I know of Ari Vatanen, he seems to be a good candidate.

  28. Holy Moses

    At least Mosley was a stylish looking man. Todt sure is ugly.
    This is bringing F1 into disrepute

    1. He looks like Mel Brooks!

      1. lol – yes he does!

    2. yesssss! he’s a combination of yoda & dobby! yuck,what else would make your stomach twist?

    3. Ari Vatanen looks a bit like Mosley.

      1. Its a relief to find that someone else thinks the same.

  29. Here’s how Joe Saward sees Todt:

    I do not see him as a sportsman, but rather as a super-effective middle manager who was always willing to sacrifice what was right to ensure that his employer (and thus he) got what was required. It did not matter how this was achieved. To me, the argument that “I was only following orders” is not acceptable if the underlying “morality” is not right. Sport is not about winning at any cost. It is about winning in the right way.

  30. Dorian, A rational, objective Ferrari fan :) I believe you’re the second one I’ve had the privilege of sharing thoughts with. Maybe the third :) :)

    Good on you, and I believe your assessment is spot on. It will be great to be able to focus our passions on track as opposed to FIA crapola.

    As for Jean’s appearance my nickname for him used to be Le Toad. But any guy who can develop a relationship with Michele Yeow (spelling???) must have something going for him.

    1. She wants his money

  31. Looking at that mug is a sacrifice money can’t justify!

    Keith, thanks for the Saward observation, I couldn’t agree more.

  32. No… Todt should be back at Ferrari!!!!! They need him badly!

    Ive said it before and I’ll say it again… Keith for FIA president.


    FOTA had their chance and they blew it.

    Formula One is not going to get any better and all anyone on here wants to argue about is FERRARI.



    1. oooh! u seem really p**sed off scunny!! didn’t IE7 work properly?

    2. I know what you mean. The really important issue is what you mentioned.

      The rest is all gossip of ours just for the sake of having something to talk about.

  34. We still have off track drama

  35. PrisonerMonkeys
    16th July 2009, 4:59

    Max might want Todt, but does he even get a say?


  36. It looks like it is time for a Vantanen vs. Todt poll!

  37. To be completely honest, although some of you are flipping at this, I think it perfectly makes sense.

    as much as I respect Ari, and I think he would make a very good FIA president, having motor sport experience and political experience are on his side, but his lack of extended contact with the many types of motor sport is what makes him the weaker candidate.

    Todt on the other hand, is one hell of an experienced Guy. WRC, Le Mans, F1, Rally Raid you name it, the guy has done it, he has even been involved in manufacturer politics, and motor sport politics. he’s got it all, and it think a person as professional as he is would know how to be objective in his job.
    With Peugeot he gave his all to enter and win the WRC (in its most competitive era) in record time. he did roughly the same in F1 for Ferrari. So you can say that he would be loyal to whoever he is working for as long as he wants to be there.

    If he becomes FIA pres. I think he would outdo Mosley’s 5 term achievements in 1, and I’m talking about the positive achievements. In terms of the negative achievements, I think it would be very hard to outdo Max Mosley….LOL

    1. While I see your point, I respectfully disagree. President of the FIA is a regulatory position, and so beyond having a rudimentary understanding of the sport (which Ari has as well), JT’s experience as a competitor in motorsports doesnt make him any more suited to the position. Its like saying that a professional basketball player is more qualified to be a referree.

  38. Its a difficult choice isn’t it? An ex-rally driver and ex-politician or an ex-team principle and businessman (complete with do-goody good wife), who may or may not have ties with the previous president, and who may or may not have ties with the current teams, and who may or may not have influence over the other candidate!
    If JT has really split from Ferrari, and is completely independent of Mad Max, then his managerial skills will be useful when negotiating with FOTA and CVC, and other race organisers. However, given his previous record in motorsport, and the possible allegations, would he be respected by all the teams?
    On the other hand, AV has been in the position of most drivers, so may be able to communicate with everyone in the pit lane, has served the public independently of his racing career, and survived (I doubt if either Max or Bernie could ever get elected as MPs), but does he have the skills needed to win over the racing clubs who make up the FIA?
    Its also interesting that Ari has already spoken to the BBC – has he also spoken to the other broadcasters? While Jean is off wowing the already-biased members of the FIA, who seem to care little for motorsport. Has he actually put his case forward to the media yet, in any country?
    Its a tough call, and I would also be worried about who will be in control of the vote by the FIA if it happens. If the current President will be running the show, then we already know the outcome….

  39. Make F1 not Gossip
    16th July 2009, 13:30

    Never gonna happened – it’s more of the same – already the teams are supporting Ari Vatanen – he is the change – Todt is delegating Mad Max lack of sight into another one like him…

  40. I read the letter of Mosley, but when I read this one from… It is much clear, what they are planning for :)

    “I think he would be the ideal person to continue but to also extend the work of the last 16 years,” said Mosley of the 63-year-old Frenchman in a letter to the FIA’s member clubs. “He can be relied on in all areas where the FIA is active. I very much hope you will give him your support.”

    Announcing his campaign, Todt, who has been involved in motor sport since 1966 and led Ferrari to five straight championships between 2000 and 2004, said: “It is my intention to continue and expand the outstanding work of President Mosley.”

    1. Thats the part that caught my attention too! They have pretty much laid it on the table, and admitted that Todt will be Mosley’s puppet, more of the same. I wish the teams could have a vote…

  41. I think Todt is a significant step forward in the wrong direction.
    Might as well name Lou as FIA president directly

  42. Well Todt now finally speaks up and has confirmed that he will run for the FIA presidency

    he says:

    “I am enthusiastic and excited to serve as President of the FIA and very grateful for your consideration of my candidacy.”

    He speaks in a way as though he has already been selected as the president. My guess is that most of the FIA members have given him strong support that he needs.

    So I have feeling unless Ari Vatenen gets some major support from within FIA, he wont stand a chance. Todt will be Max Mosleys ghost, effectively the same person except I dont think Todt will act like a child, he will approach dealings more professionally though he will continue Mosley’s song.

    1. F***ing French Frog!!!!

      1. haha.. that’s a good description

  43. Short & sweet.

    Todt NO
    Vatenen YES

    Too bad fans, teams don’t have any say in the matter.

  44. Well, now it looks as if the whole of the FIA is corrupt.

    1. BINGO!!!!!!

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