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I think we’re all a bit sick of the politics in F1 at the moment so let’s lighten things up with the first link today:

Rubens Blah-Blah-Blah-rrichello – The Single

Barrichello’s unwise worlds to the world’s media spoofed in this video – with cameo appearance by some F1 Fanatic charts from these race analysis pieces:

From organizing F1 GP to jail or worse – The Chinese jailbirds

"There were 3 high ranking Chinese officials greeting the spectators from the 2005 Chinese GP official program (click on the above image). Two of them are now in jail for graft…"

Poor old Max. Oh God, not Todt…

"I do not see him as a sportsman, but rather as a super-effective middle manager who was always willing to sacrifice what was right to ensure that his employer (and thus he) got what was required. It did not matter how this was achieved. To me, the argument that “I was only following orders” is not acceptable if the underlying “morality” is not right. Sport is not about winning at any cost. It is about winning in the right way."

Alguersuari to test Toro Rosso on Thursday

"A Toro Rosso spokesperson has confirmed to GPUpdate.net that Alguersuari will be taking part in a straight-line test for the Faenza-based team, seemingly in preperation to drive in Bourdais' place for the remainder of the 2009 season."

Sebastien Buemi: Toro Rosso will be back in Budapest

"We're expecting the double diffuser, a new nose – in fact almost half the car will be new. We are looking for a big step forward." But who will be driving the other car?

Raikkonen eyes podium in Hungary

Kimi Raikkonen: "I'll show up with a new rear wing, which worked really well on Felipe [Massa's] car and there's the possibility that we'll have further modifications." Seems Renault and McLaren aren't the only teams splitting their development between two cars.

The German GP from the pit lane

"Apparently, the real talent behind the BGP 001 is a guy lower down the seniority ladder in the aerodynamic department. This chap has been identified by the other teams as one to keep an eye on, so I'm told, but you can be sure Ross Brawn will be protecting his assets."

Concorde Agreement close, but not today

"Paddock rumour continues to question the long term involvement in the sport of Toyota. Rival team principals say that Toyota management continue to look them in the eye and give assurances that they will stay to 2012 at least, but doubts still remain. Many were puzzled by Toyota’s decision not to host the Japanese GP at Fuji any longer, despite the net cost to them being probably less than $10m."

Ecclestone’s boss hits out at F1 ringmaster after his ‘disgusting’ praise for Hitler

Sir Martin Sorrell, CVC board member: "[Ecclestone's] comments were disgusting. He issued a full apology after taking advice. Any other CEO in any other business would be gone."

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16 comments on “F1 links: Barrichello spoof video”

  1. LOVE IT! SO funny. Liking the F1fanatic graph too :-P

  2. Really hope Toro Rosso can pick up the pace a good. Really be nice to see them in the points again.

    Other news…


    Available to pre-order now :)

    1. Mussolini's pet cat
      16th July 2009, 10:06

      the spec sheet looks good. Not sure how the Wii is going to handle it though. I’ll wait until the PC version comes out. Hopefully it’ll be multi player over the internet.

    2. StrFerrari4Ever
      16th July 2009, 20:34

      Second a lap now that will bring Toro Rosso right into the mix i can’t wait now :D seeing that duckbill platterpuss nose in gold and the modified rear wing and diffuser in STR livery ooo it’s orgasmic already :D

  3. Fantastic!

  4. LOL, wonder if there will be a ‘wall’ in the garage like in some Moto GP teams….?

  5. Hey TommyB – Any idea about the previously announced PC-DVD version of F1 2009?

    1. No idea. I didn’t know there would even be a PC game tbh

      1. Mussolini's pet cat
        16th July 2009, 14:13

        Codemaster WILL be doing it on the PC

  6. Mussolini's pet cat
    16th July 2009, 10:02

    Bloomin brilliant..

    Sutil @ Brawn next year.

  7. “Barrichello’s unwise worlds” I think it shud be words

  8. Very funny!
    Who listed to that guy anyway? I loved how Shumi once described Barrichello “he is some one that can complain even if he wins the race”
    What about a nice big “L” sticker on his car…?

  9. Quite funny that most of the officials in charge of Bernie’s pet project in China are in jail. Bernie obviously dosen’t care who has deals with as long as they give him the money, but at least Tony George, Normad Legault, and Damon Hill weren’t engaged in criminal acts at the same time.

    Guess MotoGP saw the writing on the wall when they decided to ditch Shanghai……

  10. i just had a look at some youtube videos of interviews with rubens from this year. i’m surprised brawn is putting up with him. he keeps blaming the team for everything when he doesnt finish on the podium. surely he’s breaching some sort of contractual guidlines as to what he can and can’t say to the media. i wouldn’t be surprised if he’s gone before the end of the season.

  11. Are you all nuts? Surely you don’t watch F1 from early 90’s. Barrichello supposed to move into Ferrari before Schumacher did, finally the German arrived earlier with the term not to have Rubens as second driver on the team. Schumacher was leader mainly at politics, like Prost years ago. You know nothing ’bout Rubens so shut your stinky mouth. Thanks!

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