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Here’s a round-up of F1 news and other interesting links I’ve found today.

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Mark Webber set for surgery on leg in Formula One summer break

"Mark Webber will undergo further surgery on the leg he broke last year after next weekend's Hungarian grand prix. Webber, who won in Germany last weekend, needs to have screws removed from his right leg during the sport's traditional summer break."

Todt as next FIA President a Sure Thing!

"He will be up against former world rally champ Ari Vatanen, but it is almost a foregone conclusion that Jean will be the next FIA President. This is not to any detriment of Vatanen, but Todt’s credentials, political acumen and recent movements show that he has positioned himself perfectly to take over the helm from Mosley later in the year."

German GP thoughts

"Webber’s drive-through penalty did seem a bit harsh. He clearly made a move across into Barrichello’s portion of the track, so there was the potential for there to be a nasty accident. But both drivers were in control of the situation. Plus, Michael Schumacher did this sort of thing on a race-by-race basis without the FIA so much as raising its eyebrows."

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3 comments on “F1 links: More leg surgery for Webber”

  1. Congratulations to Mark Webber for winning his first Grand Prix despite his broken but mending leg. However, I do feel sorry for him after reading that he requires more surgery to remove some pins – even though I’d like to see him on the top step of the podium again this season, and he arguably has the car to help him to do that – can he seriously achieve another podium after undergoing major surgery mid-season? I hope so, but I’m not convinced…

    1. Marks not having anymore surgury. He said the rumours were false when he was interviewed on Thursday.

  2. I can’t imagine Vatanen is going to win either. Makes sense that the most ruthless, corrupt and underhanded candidate has the biggest chance of winning. Same reason they never managed to get rid of Mosley.

    With regards to the Webber penalty, ever since the 2008 season the penalties have changed drastically from before. Penalties are handed out much more easily these days. So there is no point in comparing what evil deads Schumacher got away with or even the things people in 2007 got away with (look at Massa’s wheelbanging of Kubica during Fuji 2007)

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