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Here are the times for the BBC’s F1 coverage in Britain this weekend.

Friday 24th July

Free practice 1 – 8.55-10.35, BBC Red Button and online
Free practice 2 – 12.55-14.35, BBC Red Button and online

Saturday 25th July

Free practice 3 – 9.55-11.05, BBC Red Button and online
Qualifying – 12.10-14.15, BBC One, BBC Red Button and online

Sunday 26th July

Race – 12.10-15.00, BBC One, BBC Red Button and online

Please post details of coverage in your area below.

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7 comments on “Hungarian Grand Prix TV times”

  1. really starting to get into the practice sessions now. good commentary team too. especially a. davidson

    1. Ant wont be at Hungary, Johnny Herbert will be though!!!

      1. Just to let you know guys that classic Hungarian GP is on 1600 Thursday 23 July to 0830 on Friday 24 July on 301 BBC Red Button!

  2. PrisonerMonkeys
    25th July 2009, 1:51

    What I wouldn’t give to be in Europe right now. Australia doesn’t get its usual delayed telecast of 11pm tomorrow night. Rather, it’s been bumped back to 1:30 Monday morning because of a clash with MotoGP. Ironically, Mark Webber is having more success than Casey Stoner right now.


  3. I can’t wait till I quit my Saturday job. I always have to leave for work 5 minutes before the end of qualifying.

    1. I quit a weekend job I had cos I kept missing quali and races last year, and I didn’t want to miss Brazil for anything! Glad I quit now hehe. Also the job was horrible :-P

      1. You know you’re an F1 Fanatic when you quit a job to avoid missing a session!

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