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The Hungarian Grand Prix this weekend is expected to be dry and sunny as usual.

Since F1 first visited the Hungaroring in 1986 the race has only seen rain on one occasion – when Jenson Button scored his maiden victory three years ago.

Friday is expected to be the hottest day this year with temperatures expected to be in the low-to-mid-30s (Celsius). After that it will cool down but Sunday should still see high-20s for the race. This is good news for Brawn, who struggled in cooler temperatures at Silverstone and the Nurburgring, but Button would probably like to see something closer to Friday’s figures during the race.

Weather Underground predicts a slight chance of rain (30%) at some point on Saturday, but not necessarily during qualifying. Not all souces agree wth this prediction, and at the moment it looks likely we’ll see a dry and very warm weekend at the Hungaroring.

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19 comments on “Hungarian Grand Prix weather forecast”

  1. lets hope it rains on saturday to shake up the grid a bit… could lead to more overtaking who knows!

  2. Yeah rain is the only way Hungary can be slightly interesting

    1. PrisonerMonkeys
      22nd July 2009, 8:09

      Come on, you don’t think the fact that Red Bull’s drivers will be doing everything they can to beat each other and Jenson Button won’t make things potentially more itneresting? Both Webber and vettel want to be champion, but only one driver can challenge Button. If they go turn-about, they’re not going to be able to catch him as I don’t think they can win each race from hereon in. Not with the Ferrari, Williams-es, McLarens, Renaults and even the Force Indias closing the gap with every race.

      1. If both Red Bull drivers finish ahead of Button they will beat him eventually.

        That would be better than dropping support for one driver and hope that they picked the better driver and then the no2 driver starts finishing behind Button.

  3. Casino Square
    21st July 2009, 13:43

    Oh well, looks like we’re in for yet another boring race

  4. Sunshine – awesome! I remember last year being quite exciting with no rain. There’s always stock car racing.

  5. Hot race or not, this will be really exciting I think. This slow circuit should allow other cars to be closer to the front-runners. Mainly because of the physical demands here, I like the younger drivers to do better than their older teammates, outside of merit. Vettel, Lewis and Alonso should go very well this weekend.

  6. good point f1fan. cars will be more dependant on machanical grip here, which is boosted this year of course by slick tyres… closer racing maybe???
    important race for the championship nether-the-less.

  7. I feel the weather is a bit of diversion as Red Bull is now the team to beat. I love the Brawn team but feel the weather is not the only reason they have lost the advantage. The weather in preseason testing was not scorching, or was it?

    1. I’ve been wondering about that too, if this race is dry & hot we should be able to see how much Red Bull have really improved compared to the Brawns.

      If the McLaren’s are both as fast as Lewis looked last race then the Brawns may well find themselves fighting for the lower points positions instead of the podium.

      This could turn out to be very interesting…

      1. OK, that should really be how fast Lewis looked until the first corner of the race :-)

  8. Riddle me this

  9. Jense won at this track before because of rain…now I am sure he is hoping it will not because the Red Bulls would be breathing down his neck.
    I think it should be an interesting race,maybe Hamilton will even have a good chance on this slower track.

    1. In rainy conditions th eRed Bulls would be breating down the front of Button’s neck. Not for long though since they would disappear over the horizon.

      1. In rainy conditions th eRed Bulls would be breating down moon pie the front of Button’s neck. Not for long though since they would disappear over the horizon.

  10. Hungaroring is not my favourite track, but I would not say that it doesn’t allow for interesting races.
    It is a long GP, with mechanical failure possibility higher than normal, and mistakes easy to happen from drivers. So I think that in both cases of dry or wet we can expect an interesting gran prix.
    I expect Hamilton to be strong there. Raikkonen has recently stated they expect to be on the front also, but I don’t know how Ferrari has improved in tyre management. I remember some tracks where the others were able to keep tyres at the right temperature better than them.
    For the rest I see a duel between Barrichello and the RedBulls.

  11. google, msn, bbc and weatherunderground all predict a chance of rain on saturday!!! pleeeease…

  12. I agree with other posts here, despite the hot weather playing to Brawns advantage it seems now that the Red Bull has such a raw pace advantage that they will still have the edge – especially over one lap.

    The BBC commentators are talking about how close the teams are…were they watching two weeks ago? Sigh… Brundle and Allen are the only ones you can trust.

  13. Jordy - The Egg Man
    24th July 2009, 21:12

    hello chaps,
    tomorrow it is going to rain…I am telling you…I have already changed my Reebok Classic’s for qualifying….ready to see Nigel scoring another pole….
    I have talked to Bernie today and from now of they will play the Hoff tunes on the podium….

    see u all there

    the egg man

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