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As the political ice in F1 continues to thaw, the FIA has now indicated a revised commercial agreement should be signed by the teams within a week. Of course, we’ll have to go through all this again in a year or two’s time when its successor is being negotiated…

Concorde Agreement

"Subject to the approval of the WMSC and on receipt of confirmation that a satisfactory cost-reduction agreement is in place, the new Concorde Agreement should be ready for signature at the end of next week."

Hamilton’s reasonably priced challenge postponed

First he misses out on driving Ayrton Senna's MP4/4 at Goodwood, now he can't get a second shot in Top Gear's Reasonably Priced Car…

Franck Perera handed penalty

Perera has been disallowed from competing in the first GP2 race this weekend after impeding Romain Grosjean, which led to a crash. I haven't seen the incident yet but it's an interesting decision and one would could theoretically see repeated in F1 some day.

Hungary GP Press Conference

Norbert Haug on whether he'd like to see a German driver at McLaren: "Well, I am stating that for 15 years to be honest and it is still the truth. Just to put it very clear. There is a lot of speculation going around and the newest one is that Lewis is afraid of a German driver in the team but I can honestly tell you that if you have had Fernando Alonso in your first year in the team and you were evenly matched with Fernando Alonso, then I don’t think you should be afraid of any team-mate."

Sir Stirling Moss edits the October issue of Motor Sport

"Our October issue will be one to remember, a special edition that will feature Sir Stirling Moss as our guest editor to celebrate his forthcoming 80th birthday."

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6 comments on “F1 links: New deal for teams imminent”

  1. PrisonerMonkeys
    25th July 2009, 1:53

    Re: new Concorde. Let’s just hope egoes don’t get in the way again. Williams, Manor, I’m looking at you.

  2. About Hamilton being afraid of a German driver. I’d like to see them come up with a german driver that’s of the same level as Hamilton and Alonso.

    Vettel is clearly not in their league (yet). Maybe Rosberg has been kept back by an underperforming Williams, but he doesn’t seem there yet either.

    That drive of Hamilton on the Top Gear track in the wet was one of the most amazing things feats of driving I have seen. So calm and relaxed, talking like he was a tour guide.

  3. Have seen the Grosjean-Perera crash now and I think Perera’s penalty is more than a little harsh:


    Another very questionable stewarding decision.

    1. No way Grosjean is ready for F1 if he’s going to drive like that, never mind his Monaco crash – he seems even more desperate than last year.

  4. It’s high time that former racing drivers were employed as stewards. I’d compare current stewarding to the Health and Safety officials that ban children from going fishing etc.

  5. I am surprised that Mercedes haven’t already forced McLaren to use a German driver alongside Hammy, since it would be a perfect PR coup, and prove the Anglo-German alliance is live and well.
    And it wouldn’t really matter who it was either, as Norbert says, if Hammy proved to be as good as Alonso, he doesn’t need to prove himself against anybody else.
    Although maybe there is the question of his (or his father’s) ego being hurt……

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