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First win at the Nurburgring, first fastest lap at the Hungaroring for Mark Webber

A youngest-ever driver, a first-time fastest lap and a KERS victory – lots of milestones in the Hungarian Grand Prix.

Here’s a round-up of the stats and facts – share yours below:

Lewis Hamilton finally scored McLaren’s first win of the year, and the tenth of his career. He now has as many victories as James Hunt, Ronnie Peterson, Jody Scheckter and Gerhard Berger.

It is also the first time he has won twice at the same circuit, having won the Hungarian Grand Prix in 2007.

This was the first win for a car with a Kinetic Energy Recovery System. Kimi Raikkonen (second) also had KERS on his car, as did fifth-placed Heikki Kovalainen.

Two different British drivers have now won races this year. This hasn’t happened since 1999, when Eddie Irvine, David Coulthard and Johnny Herbert all won races.

Fernando Alonso started from pole position for the first time since the 2007 Italian Grand Prix. It was his 18th time at the front of the grid, matching Mario Andretti and Rene Arnoux’s tallies.

Three different drivers led the race – Alonso, Hamilton and Kovalainen. All three of them had not previously led a Grand Prix this year. Jenson Button has led more than twice as many laps as anyone else this year – but none of the last three races.

Button kept up his record of scoring in every race this year, but seventh was his worst result so far in 2009.

Mark Webber set the fastest lap for the first time in his career. He is the 116th driver to do so.

Aged 19 years and 125 days old, Jaime Alguersuari became the youngest driver ever to start a Grand Prix, beating Mike Thackwell’s record from 1980 of 19 years, 182 days.

Read more: Jaime Alguersuari set to take Bourdais’ place at Toro Rosso in Hungary

Due to Felipe Massa’s injury, only 19 cars took the start. This was the lowest number since the 2005 United States Grand Prix, when only six drivers raced.

Renault have been excluded from the next race at Valencia. The last team to be excluded from an event were BAR, who were banned from two races in 2005.

Spotted any other interesting facts and stats from the Hungarian Grand Prix? Share them below…

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70 comments on “2009 Hungarian Grand Prix facts and stats”

  1. Boston F1 Fan
    27th July 2009, 7:12

    1) For the first and last time, Eddie Jordan made a correct prediction.

    2) For the 9th time I have fallen asleep before the race was half-over.

    1. lol, i was out with 14 laps to go and woke up during the post race press conference… :(

      1. I too fell asleep from some point after Alonso’s retirement until about lap 60. I don’t feel I missed much.

        1. another one that fell asleep here. F1 is like cough syrup – “oooo, this could be fun…zzzzzzzzzzzzz”

          i’m not sure next year’s refuelling ban will change the fact that 99% of passing is done in the pits. more and stronger restrictions on aero are needed.

          1. Casino Square
            28th July 2009, 19:43

            2010 could be seriously boring if they don’t do anything to improve overtaking. Without differing fuel strategies, I fear there will be almost literally no position changes in some races

  2. Car no.1 won a race for the first time since Spain 2008. That is a gap of 23 races.

    Only for the third time since 2007, we had more than 1 WDC on the podium. The 3 instances before this one:

    1. China 2006 (MSC – Alonso)
    2. Japan 2008 (Kimi – Alonso)
    3. Brazil 2008 (Kimi – Alonso)
    and now
    4. Hungary 2009 (Kimi – Lewis)

    1. There is one more time with more than 1 WDC on the podium during this period:

      Brazil 2007 (Kimi – Alonso)

      Because Kimi, on that podium, was already WDC.

  3. First time ever, a Toro Rosso driver not named Sebastien

    Second time Alonso at Hungaroring having problems with unfastened nuts (2006 & 09)

    Is it the biggest gap between WDC wins? 10 since Lewis victory at China’08

    1. Try Scott Speed and Tonio Liuzzi…

    2. Lewis wasn’t a WDC in China yet

      1. So that would make it 24 races between WDC wins, the longest gap since the 1990s (between Damon Hill’s victory in Japan 1996 and Mika Hakkinen in Brazil 1999 – a gap of 35 races).

        1. Casino Square
          28th July 2009, 19:46

          Alonso won at Fuji last year remember, so it was only 12 races between WDC wins

  4. I would suggest the % of drivers Entered into the Grand Prix (not the race, as Massa unfortunately didn’t make it) that have won a race might have been the highest ever, at 60% (12/20). This is up from the 55% at Germany, prior to Webber winning.

    Anyone know of a time when more than 60% of the field were Grand Prix winners?

    The 12 also represents 8.5% of all F1 Grand Prix winners ever (12/102), also, I would suggest, a record.

    Boring I know, but hey…

    1. Also, at the moment, 80% of the teams have secured a victory, this year some time in the past, namely all but Toyota and Force India.

      This statistic exists since Red Bull broke their duck with Vettel. This also has to be a record, I think.

      1. Since last year’s Italian GP Toyota have been the only team not to have won a race at any time during their F1 history. Red Bull did so as Stewart in 1999 and Force India did so as Jordan, most recently in 2003.

  5. When was the last time a driver couldn’t start the race due to an injury suffered in practice/qualifying?

    1. I’m going to guess Ralph Firman at Hungary in 2003, after a crash at the same corner.

      Any advances?

      1. When did Button have his big crash at Monaco exiting the tunnel – was that ’03 or ’04? Otherwise I think you might be right…

        1. Ralf Schumacher at Indy ’05?

          1. ajokay is correct. Ralf Schumacher could not race at Indianapolis 2005 even if his team had been on Bridgestones because he had a large accident on Friday’s second practise session.

            Clay, Jenson missed Monaco 2003.

  6. I’ve no idea if this is uncommon (or even interesting), but I think that the BBC footage indicated that every driver who finished equalled or improved upon their qualifying position. That is, no driver did worse than where they started.

    Seemed odd to me, but probably not uncommon in races with a few DNFs.

    1. Alonso dropped out from the front. That’s all cars +1.

      Vettel started from P2 and also dropped out. That’s all cars +2

      They should exclude cars that DNF. Otherwise the stat is meaningless.

      For instance, obviously Webber lost 2 positions, but compared to his start he remained in the same position. The latter is rather useless info.

      1. It’s a bit difficult to do that, Patrick, without confusing a lot of people.

        I think it’s better as it is.

        1. It’s not difficult at all.

          Sure it might confuse people at first, but the current system is obviously confusing too AND it renders completely useless numbers.

          Anyway, I do know it’s never going to happen.

      2. I believe that’s what Louis said: ‘every driver who FINISHED equalled or improved…’

    2. Buemi – he qualified quite well didn’t he, but “Jamie” still beat him in the race.

      1. Yeah Buemi qualified 11th, started 10th and finished 16th

      2. I think Buemi spun off or something. Thought Buemi was doing pretty well during the race.

    3. Buemi started 11th (or 10th?), and he finished I think 15th.

    4. maybe Buemi was the exception

  7. Which was the last time Ferrari had only 1 car running @ race? I can’t remember any ocasion since I started watching F1…

    1. Couple of times way back in 1989 – it was just Gerhard Berger in Spain, as Nigel Mansell was banned for that race.

      At Monaco, Berger was absent due to injuries and burns from his crash at Imola.

      Ferrari offered the drive to Mario Andretti (who thought there wasn’t enough time to test the car and its new-fangled flappy-paddle gearbox) and Keke Rosberg (who wanted less testing…he took exception to Ferrari giving him a trial run first)

      Anyone know a more recent one?

  8. Can I take my hat off to the Mclaren team.

    Not sure whose pitstop it was, but they held a car back for a few seconds as another car passed on the pit lane. It looked very professional. And in a weekend where things seemed slighty more out of control than normal, it was a welcome sight.

    1. It is Kazukis I suppose

    2. Pedro Carvalho
      27th July 2009, 13:01

      Yeah, I noticed that as well. Very cool indeed.

  9. After seeing Button win almost every race at the start of the season, the last 4 races have seen 4 different winners from 3 different teams:

    Turkey – Button (Brawn)
    Britain – Vettel (RBR)
    Germany – Webber (RBR)
    Hungary – Hamilton (McLaren)

  10. For the first time this year someone won a GP at the circuit where he won before.

    1. has already been mentioned by Keith SaloolaS!!!!

      1. Keith said that it was the first time Hamilton won at a circuit he won before. I said it was the first time this season anyone has done so.

  11. I have watched whole race. I saw Button joining behind Barichello after his 2nd pitstop. What happened to Barichello that he was behind Button after some laps? I think I missed it in commercials.

      1. He was on one stop strategy I think. Was there any problem with his car or just a routine stop?

        1. Pedro Carvalho
          27th July 2009, 13:04

          Apparently, for some weird reason, they put barrichelo on a gigantic 1st stint, and then to pit him again about 10 laps from the end.

          No idea why but it seemed a bit dumb.

          1. Worked for Timo Glock, though.

  12. 2009 is the 29th consecutive season (record) that McLaren leads a race for at least on lap.

    1. Ι mean one lap.

    2. How come? Has a Ferrari gone an entire season without leading a single lap?????

      When was that??

      1. 1973 and 1992 :P

  13. Felipe’s condition improves:

    1. 2002 Spain and France? Valencia will be possibly the first time.

  14. first time in ten years a brazilian hasn’t raced for ferrari.

    1. 2002 Spain and France? Valencia will be possibly the first time

  15. Andrew White
    27th July 2009, 11:57

    A few stats:

    – Jenson Button maintains his record of completing every lap this year so far; Rosberg and Webber have only missed one each
    – Rosberg is fifth in the championship despite not finishing on the podium yet this season
    – The top five drivers in the championship are also the only five to have surpassed their 2008 scores
    – In the last five races, Webber has scored the most points, with 36 to Button’s 29 and Vettel’s 24.
    – Only Button and Vettel have got through to Q3 every time this season.
    – On average, Vettel has the lightest car after qualifying with an average weight of 652.2 kg; Piquet has the heaviest with 681.8 kg

    These are all from figures that I have maintained this season. Apologies for any mistakes :P

    1. Buemi is better this year than last year, as he didn’t race yet.

      1. Andrew White
        27th July 2009, 19:03

        But as he didn’t participate in 2008 he didn’t have a score to surpass ;)

  16. where is the statutory Heidfeld race classification statistic. How may leisurely Sunday drives has he been classified in a row?

    1. 38 I think

  17. FACTS:

    after endlessly surfing the web, F1Fanatic.co.uk is 100% the best fan site.

    Keith is a really cool guy

    I’m misserable at making racepredictions

  18. @DomPrez: LOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Agree with you 100%!!!!!!

  19. Nigel Pether
    27th July 2009, 13:12

    Bernie confirmed before the start that Hamilton would win (BY a large margin!!) How does he know these things!! or is it because he knows…….

    1. Eddie Jordan predicted that not Bernie.

  20. Second time Kimi started 7th and finished 2nd in Hungary(2003 was the other time)

  21. its true DomPrez, F1Fanatic is the best fansite out there. really attractive layout, not too many adverts and of course we have keith! FACT. (so there.. f1wolf.com)

  22. If you exclude the 2009 season, the top SIX drivers in the championship have a cumulative total of 12 wins prior to the 2009 season. This is one shy of the number of wins the 7th place driver in the championship (Massa) has on his own. If you exclude Rubens, the total drops to 3 race wins between 5 drivers.

    Even more impressive, only one driver (Nico Rosberg) in the top 6 is racing for a TEAM which has ANY pre-2009 wins.

  23. Andrew White
    27th July 2009, 15:50

    A couple more stats:

    – The last time the gap in the constructors’ championship was so low this year (16.5 points) was at Round 3 in China
    – McLaren scored as many points today as they did in the previous nine rounds combined (they doubled their score from 14 to 28 today)

  24. Some more statistics:

    – For the 1st time ever, Webber made an excellent start

    – For the 1st time ever, Flavio left the GP site before the end of the race

    – For the first time ever, Brawn is now **really** worried about the outcome of this championship

  25. The first time this season that McLaren have been the best Mercedes-powered constructor. (Both cars finished ahead of their Brawn equivalents)

  26. Two spanish drivers in a GP. Last time was DLR – ALO in 2006. They could be three for the first time in history ALO-GEN-ALG

  27. Casino Square
    28th July 2009, 19:53

    The British national anthem has been played on the podium at the Hungaroring for 5 consecutive seasons…

    -for Mclaren in 2005
    -Button in 2006
    -Hamilton and Mclaren in 2007
    -Mclaren in 2008
    -Hamilton and Mclaren in 2009

  28. Hungary was the first time this year that a race weekend has seen the Pole Position, Fastest Lap, and Race Win taken by three different drivers.

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