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I was on Sky News earlier this evening discussing Felipe Massa’s crash and its ramification for Formula 1. You can watch a video of the short interview above.

Happily since this interview the situation for Massa is starting to look better, with one doctor suggesting he may also recover from his eye injury.

Thanks very much to lookingspiffy on Twitter for capturing the video for me.

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26 comments on “Video: Sky interview with me discussing Massa”

  1. Great to see you back on TV Keith, it’s good to hear someone talking sense about F1 for a change !

    I think you’ve done well there mate, very informative without any sensationalism and you managed to get all of the important pieces of information out.

    You’re getting quite the regular on SKY News, you’ll be getting your own dressing room & make-up girl next :-)

    1. I hate the make-up! Had to wash it off as soon as I got back.

  2. Good job, Keith. Very professional! We all wish Massa a speedy recovery and want to see him back in the cockpit as soon as is practical.

    1. Hope so too. Very glad to hear the news he may recover from this eye injury.

  3. carol treurnicht
    27th July 2009, 21:32

    Hey Keith
    can’t watch it as outside UK and no broadband…….but sure you did a great job going by what else you have been doing here.
    Keep it up- appreciate it.
    PS- thanks for your Spa page——-looks like its on a roll there!

  4. Well done on the interview (you look thinner on the tv) :)

    According to the autosport report:
    “Peter Bazso, the hospital’s medical director, explained that it was in fact too early to tell if there was any damage because Massa was still unable to open the eye: “We can give no positive neither negative answer to this, because at this stage the vision cannot be examined.”

    So I think its too early to say his eye is going to be O.K. after he recovers, but its encouraging that he might make a full recovery according to the hospital.

    Autosport’s full article here

  5. Keith,

    In case you were worried about this being “news worthy” of the front page, be assured, it definitely is.

    Part of the reason I come to over most other sites, is particularly because of your personality. Have no shame in posting things of this sort, and keep up the good work!

    Makeup befits you, but definitely don’t go and start smearing it on for leisure :)

  6. Can’t see it on iPhone. Flash video won’t do that… Post when it hits YouTube please.

    Oh.. And keep up the good work. Enjoyed the Twitter this weekend.

  7. Great job as always Keith, its good to see someone who knows what they’re talking about. I’m very worried for Massa though. If his eye injury is serious, surely his career is over. Get well soon Felipe!

  8. Great job Keith, just like the pros!

    The news this evening seems to be getting more positive, though I think that eye injury is still a major concern.

  9. Keith Duncan
    28th July 2009, 0:38

    Apologies if this has been brought up, but looking at the replay with the on-screen graphics, it looks like he’s full on the brakes *and* the throttle after the initial impact.

    Sterling job Keith.

  10. Babur Majid
    28th July 2009, 1:00

    great job, kc. nice baritone voice…you should try commentating instead of ej!!!

    yes, massa hit brakes and accelerator at the same time. its said its most probably coz he was barely conscious after the spring hit him and tried to stop the car. that would explain the skid marks also before he hit the wall.

  11. Helmet strength: The quoted stats are impressive but I note that no F1 driver’s neck can support 55 tons.

    Static strength is important and related to dynamic strength but the dynamic impact resistance of carbon fiber composites isn’t usually as impressive as their static load bearing capacity, it seems to me. Plus a more rigid shell may transmit more impact to the head than a compliant cushioning layer. I’d have thought.

    I also wonder about the abrasion resistance of these helmets in the event they were actually asked to carry a significant load, e.g. under an upside down sliding car on a tarmac surface. Better ask Mr Kubica about that.

    I suspect helmet manufacturers have thought about such stuff, I’d just like to see some more meaningful design figures.

    The days of serious accidents such car fires and flying wheels were behind us, I thought. Sigh.

    1. Abrasion resistance is very important in helmet design and is something that has been investigated a lot over the last few years, although mainly for motorcycle racing.

      The helmets are designed to withstand running between the bike and the track in an accident, or the riders hitting the track head-first at 200 mph as well as taking the force of the bike landing on the rider’s head in a high-side. I’m sure the manufacturers would have transferred what they’ve learnt with bike helmets to car helmets.

      I was knocked off my bike a few years ago, I landed on my head (getting knocked out in the impact) and then slid along the road for a fair distance, my helmet was in surprisingly good condition considering the forces involved and other than a concussion and a couple of bruises I suffered no serious head injuries. That was just a standard helmet that cost about £250, the one’s the F1 drivers use cost tens or even hundreds of thousands of pounds so I reckon they’re pretty good in comparison.

      As someone who has been using helmets for years I’ve got to say they have improved a huge amount in recent years. My latest helmet is far lighter and many times stronger than my old ones from about ten years ago.

  12. Good Job Keith! no job offers yet at Sky? :)

  13. Great job Keith! You are a natural. Calm, collected and spoken with the authority of a true fan!

  14. great job keith! i definitely think you’ll compliment martin brundle very well!

  15. I sat through the dull news to get to the interview, shame you did not get longer, as you had to kind of brush over some points.

    YEt again though, good job Keith, isn’t it about time you pushed for your own 30 min show or even inside f1 :)

  16. Nice work Keith – careful you could give F1 a good name.

  17. Our main man Keith representin’! Yeah!

  18. Sycophants.

  19. What does he say at 1:35 – 1:50

    1. Sky Man: “its extraordinary to think that ..erm.. its par to the course i suppose that by the time you are a formula one driver, you have had your fair share of spills and accidents and it just goes with the territory, doesn’t it”

  20. you look all grown up – or maybe it’s the make-up… :-) great to see you again on TV Keith, all the best, talk soon

  21. If “sycophant” means complimenting someone for a task well done, then I’ll gladly join the ranks.

    Nicely done, Keith. First time I’d seen one of your television appearances. Like Jake on BBC, you have a low-key, matter-of-fact style which is quite appealing when compared with presenters and announcers who seem to think it’s all about volume.

    And while I’m at it, let me also say that F1Fanatic is arguably the best blog for F1 on the internet. I don’t go to other blogs anymore, only to news sites to check what’s being reported.

    So keep up the good work, mate !

  22. This is brilliant. I just had a chance to do more than take a quick peek on the site this week and it’s great to finally hear/see you. You’d make a great commentator or pit lane correspondent. Speed will need a new one next year. Just a thought.

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