Official: Michael Schumacher to return for Ferrari in the European Grand Prix

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Michael Schumacher will drive Felipe Massa's Ferrari in Valencia

We had only just begun talking about who might replace Felipe Massa at Ferrari and now it has been confirmed:

Michael Schumacher will return to Formula 1 in the European Grand Prix driving alongside Kimi Raikkonen.

Schumacher said on his official website:

I was meeting this afternoon with Stefano Domenicali and Luca di Montezemolo and together we decided that I will prepare myself to take the place of Felipe.

Though it is true that the chapter Formula 1 has been closed for me since long and completely, it is also true that for loyalty reasons to the team I cannot ignore that unfortunate situation. But as the competitor I am I also very much look forward to facing this challenge.

Schumacher will be racing the F60 – a car he has never driven – at the Circuito Urbano Valencia – a track he hasn’t raced on before.

Last year’s European Grand Prix was derided as a boring procession. I fancy we might have something rather more interesting to talk about in three-and-a-half weeks’ time.

Saddened though we all have been by Massa’s crash – and relieved at his continued recuperation – it will be a thrill to see Schumacher up against the likes of Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel.

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317 comments on “Official: Michael Schumacher to return for Ferrari in the European Grand Prix”

  1. Well, this will be interesting

    1. I’m sure Mark Gene thinks so too……..

    2. good to see schumi back, shame coz I wanted Sato back this year. look at how small he is next to michael!-

      – a real gutsy driver.

    3. hooray!!! its a god given golden opportunity for us to witness the return of the ” art of cheating”. but i’m 100% sure that the cheater will have his *** wiped neat by raikkonen & hamilton, if he’s anywhere near the mclaren. i’ll pay 999999 usd to watch shoemaker getting lapped by hamilton. i’m sure it’ll happen. what is shoe thinking?? this is not WWF, where people like Hulk Hogan,undertaker, Yokozona can return to the rigside whenever they want & start kicking others a***s. he is making a fool of himself, he’s well past his prime. i expect jamie algwhatever to lap him. Ferrari have made a horrible & rash decition to get him back. The return of “the “cheat” is not going to do anything good to their already tarnished image. schoemaker you are a loser!! muahahaha !!!

      1. i think you are the loser here! you keep on bashing someone who is 7 times world champion. grow up! he’s doing this out of loyalty and not because he want to win. He did not volunteer for your information. They begged his service.

        1. CD it was only 2 years ago that Ferrari pushed Schumi out to make way for Kimi, so lets be careful with the word ‘loyalty’ it should also be remembered that all the championships that Schumi ‘won’ with Ferrari must be drawn into question as they had that very secret Veto during his tenure…

          1. I thought Schumacher retired so that Massa could have a drive instead of being stuck as test driver.

          2. Forget all the wins that Michael won [Surely he must have had outside/divine help to top the next by almost 40 wins!]
            But what about his pole positions?
            What about his fastest laps?
            There’s no one around who can best that – ever. Ayrton would have been on top as far as pole positions were concerned had he not died so tragically. He was the only one who could best Michael in setting the fastest qualifying lap.

        2. roger takeuchi
          1st August 2009, 12:15

          this man has only won the way he has by CHEATING his way through his entire career

      2. phuk man that was stupid from you mp4-19b.

        I usually agree with most of your comments but M schumacher was not a 7 time world champion because he cheated. Yes he has done many things I personally dont like either, but 90% he won because his teammates could not beat him, and thats fair and square. So if the team favored him for whatever reason as many other teams do to many other drivers that was not his fault. You should get your thoughts reevaluated there.

        that was totally dumb from you, sorry.

        1. its really saddening to know many people,including you (of all the people) here still consider the east german to be the best ever grand prix driver. its shows utter ignorance on the part of those section of people. if someone tries to counter the argument, all one gets as a reply is

          1) he’s won 7 wdc’s
          2) he’s won 91 gp’s

          these are extra ordinary numbers agreed, but are these numbers a gauge for the drivers talent, driving ability, speed
          ? moreover tell me who else got to spend almost their whole career time in one of the most competitive team ?? not even one. and to make the job easier for the east german, he had perfect team mates in the form of ricardo patrese,johnny herbert,jos verstappen, martin brundle, johnny herbert, eddie irvine, poor rubens barrichello all ready to play second fiddle to him. a true formula one fan, unlike most audience here will never consider the east german to be the greatest grand prix driver of all time.

          1. No, just no.

          2. Don’t forget Nelson Piquet (senior, of course). I guess he was the perfect second fiddle, just ask Nigel.
            Schumacher is West German, by the way.

          3. you consider yourself a true F1 fan???

            HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

            I think you can only be considered a true F1 troll…

          4. East German? Kerpen is pretty close to Cologne last time I looked at a map…

            Was Ferrari the most competitive team when he started there? Not by a long shot.

            Oh yeh, you don’t use an apostrophe in wdc’s or gp’s as it is plural, not ownership or an abbreviation.

          5. well i dunno, I still respect your opinion in number of things so I dont wanna say anything more, but I disagree with your opinion and evaluation of schumacher.

            You are quick to call him a cheater for wining, I dont see how that is possible to achieve. People who hate him simply say that, and say that his team mates were forced to be slower!? that is just total bull. Schumacher might have been favored by his team not by force but simply by fact that he was always just that “extra bit” better and more consistent. Consistency is what measures quality of driver more than anything else and that he certainly had. And remember Ferrari were slow as crap when Michael joined. I think your opinion would be different if you had properly followed F1 from the early 90’s.

            I am not saying Schumacher is perfect, as I told you he did number of stupid things. But you cant say he is a total cheater – just doesnt make sense.

          6. but also remember , he worked and applied his talent for several years , including breaking a leg , then applied more to keep development and ahead. Lots of drivers will win in the fastest car , as Lewis showed last year , but few will have the all round talent , technical skill , dedication and absolute speed like the “grand master” MS has , so even if he does not come out and win already , watching out will be a pleasure.

          7. now barrichello is in a competitive car.i bet if situation comes he cant beat schumi.the above mentioned drivers cant poove that they are talented than shumi when they drove.thats the reason they were second fiddle all the time.i hope u understood mr. mp4-19b………….

          8. Not one of these comments mentions the technical advantage Ferrari enjoyed, and nurtured, from the beginning of Schumi’s career with them, combined with his, and a group of English speaking team engineers/designers, abilities, Ferrari became a tour de force within F1, all done with an advantage they should not have had, some would describe it as a form of cheating, it is now irrelevant, as the person most affected, apart from Massa, is Gene, who should have got the drive.

      3. mp4-19b, your comments always depress me.

        1. in this argument people always turn to the numbers because the numbers are so damn impressive.

          You don’t become a 7 time world champion by being a flog.

          Shumi was the real deal and I have know doubt that he can put that ferrari in the points next gp and maybe even on the podium.

          Good to see you back old mate.

      4. roger takeuchi
        1st August 2009, 12:12

        i am with you on the cheat idea, why ever they are going to let the biggest cheat in F1 history, or possibly any sport,anywhere near a car again is beyond belief

  2. This is officially the craziest F1 season ever! :O

    1. I second this notion. Most of it BAD craziness, too.

      1. GooddayBruce
        29th July 2009, 19:00

        Agreed – crazier than a bag full of badgers.

        I cant believe we have to wait a whole month!

        1. Sush Meerkat
          29th July 2009, 19:29

          all the nay sayers have said its a boring F1 season, ignore them when quelling them is out of the question.

          Bring it on.

      2. yeah but this is the good ‘bad’

        1. Casino Square
          29th July 2009, 19:33

          What a weird year- if only the racing was as exciting as everything else in F1 this year.

          1. I used to hate schumacher cos he won all the time, no-one was good enough to take him on, now i can’t wait to see him battling with lewis!

            What a season! Hopefully brawn will be up to speed as well!

          2. Can’t wait for Schumacher to show Lewis and all his fans what he’s worth

          3. shoemaker is worth my torn old school shoe :)

    2. So weird! Its almost theatrical…like pro wrestling.

      Maybe next month Jackie Stewart will hit Mosley over the head with a folding chair, and then challenge Bernie to a sudden-death-free-for-all-elimination-cage-match for supremacy of F1. :)

      1. Williams 4ever
        29th July 2009, 22:05

        That was the Best Comment… and it would be “Good” among all the craziest things in this F1 season

      2. I take Jackie on the odds.

        1. Yeah, Jackie’s a competitor and he’s getting to be a cranky old coot. My money’s on Stewart.

    3. Lenny,

      right on ! This is tremendous news, and totally against what I was expecting. You gotta love how quickly things change in F1, unlike any other sport on the planet.

      Valencia will be electric and so will Spa … and then in Monza it will be something else.

  3. Alex Cooper
    29th July 2009, 18:46

    If only Kimi was up for the title and Michael had to play second fiddle…

    1. He would be very good at it… remember 1999?

    2. Michael would do it in a heartbeat – he did it for Eddie Irvine in 1999!

      1. Errr. Lynn – was that the year his broken leg was so slow mending that he couldn’t drive (and thus support Irvine’s push for the WDC) until Luca called one day, and spoke with MS’s daughter, who explained that “daddy was outside playing soccer”? You mean he’d do it in THAT sort of heartbeat???

        1. Never heard that story… he did come back and almost took enough out of Hakkinen to hand the title to Irvine, which is what I was thinking of.

          1. Williams 4ever
            29th July 2009, 22:07

            Yup the LDM caaught Schummi’s bluff and he had no options than to return to the car for supporting Eddie

          2. Lynn – as his leg mended, the rumours were rife that MS would not come back and help Irvine take the first Ferrari WDC of the Schumacher era – he wanted that for himself. MS publicly said leg wasn’t mended enough, and although he could practice some, he couldn’t go race distance. Then one day he got caught by Luca playing soccer. He was back in the car the very next race. He left it just late enough so that Irvine did not win the WDC, though Ferrari won the WCC. In his heyday, the one thing you could not accuse MS of was being a team player. It might be different now, and I’m looking forward to seeing him drive – though the mickey mouse Valencia track would not be my first choice.

    3. a good one alex cooper.

  4. Let me have the honour of making the first comment on this piece of news.

    WELCOME BACK SCHUMI, WELCOME BACK… where you belong.

    23rd August, the countdown begins

    1. Ahhh 4th… :(

      But Still.. :D :D

      4 WDCs on the grid. 2 on the same team, when did that happen last?

      1. 4 WDC, but with 4 teams: 1999 Japanese Grand Prix – Schumacher, Hill, Hakkinen, Villeneuve.

        1. GooddayBruce
          29th July 2009, 19:02

          Surely (the last few races of) 1985:

          Prost, Lauda – McLaren
          Piquet – Brabham
          Rosberg – Williams

      2. 3 :-P Alonso won’t be racing

        1. Not in the next race, but in all the rest races he will.

          1. Yeah :) If i was going to Valencia I would be furious. Most people going are going for Alonso and only that reason.

          2. Surely they will reverse the ban, or at least reduce it so a suspended sentence…

            They can’t just screw over the Spanish event like that.

          3. Can’t Renault race under appeal??

        2. The fat lady hasn’t sung yet on this, TommyB.
          I’ll eat my hat if that insane penalty isn’t going to be converted to a monetary & grid-position fine on “second” (i.e. financial consequences) thought.

        3. I wouldnt want to be at the Valencia race in an FIA official capacity or for that fact even wearing anything with fia on it.
          That would be a recipe for danger.

          1. Think Max will show up at Velencia?
            I hope so!

    2. @sumedh

      couldnt agree more!!!

      Welcome BACK Schumi!!.. Go Kick some a**!!!!!

  5. Forza Ferrari this is going to be fun. The season is now getting interesting even if it is not for the championships :)

  6. I’ve looked forward to nothing more all season, and it’s already been pretty good!

  7. Does he even have a super-license for this year, or will he have to get one before the race? It’s a long way off so he wouldn’t have a problem if he did have to…

    1. No he doesn’t have a license at the moment but I can’t see Max or Bernie standing in the way.
      He can drive last years car around track to get up to speed…
      This is very exciting news, can’t wait

      1. he tested last years car already. and he can still do straight lines i believe if ferrari havent exceeded their milage/hours yet.

  8. Stunning.

  9. I believe Schumacher’s return will be a massive disappointment for those of us who remember him at his best. He’s the wrong side of 40, been out of F1 for nearly three years and is recovering from a fairly hefty injury himself. Nonetheless it will be interesting to see how he fares.

    I don’t believe Valencia has any Rascasse-style corners, so he might be okay….

    1. Totally agree.. Not the greatest of Ideas.. especially given his good memories of overtaking Kimi in Brazil in his last race. I dont want to see him soundly beaten by Vettel, Hamilton and the likes who are the experts of the new age F1 cars.

      1. Yeah, every new driver who will beat schumacher in Valencia, and we will have to read thousands of comments about how those “new gods” beat a legend.

        1. Yep, his last Grand Prix was his best – what a way to go! But now everyone will expect him to win and if he qualifies lower than about 5th everyone will say he’s passed it

      2. That pass on Kimi is what I want my last memory of Schumi in F1 to be. The old man sticking it to his replacement in his last race.

        He HAS to top that in Valencia. This could either be magical or embarrassing.

    2. Williams 4ever
      29th July 2009, 22:13

      You said it.. Hope all the fizzle doesn’t go all flat like all the Buzz on JV’s return to F1 in 2004 season

    3. Schumi has never cared what the public think about him. His records and name speaks for its self. People love him or hate him. He is coming out of retirement at the request of Ferrari. Im sure he will be perfectly capable of driving the car as quick as kimi if not quicker. You dont forget to drive a car overnight. Remember he started driving f1 cars on slicks, no traction etc etc.

      Im sure is instinct is just as good as ever. Remember mansall came back at the same age and dominated in a car that was a lot less stable the current f1 cars and lot harder to drive.

    4. Bernification
      30th July 2009, 1:28

      Not to mention, Ferrari’s power of veto seems to be over.

  10. One word: COOL :D :D :D

  11. What a day… :)

  12. looking forward to lewis putting the old timer in his place!!!!!!

    dallas in the 80’s = F1 in 2009

    1. Williams 4ever
      29th July 2009, 22:30

      Yup that would be such a joy wouldn’t it be. Some one in prime and in race-ready condition beating the hell out of driver who has retired 3 years ago, nursing a injury and hasn’t been in F1 car for more than a year.. What a great sight

  13. i think money is of course a contributing factor to getting the license. something he has lots of! lets hope he doesn’t crash into any of the championship contenders tho.

    1. Williams 4ever
      29th July 2009, 22:34

      i think money is of course a contributing factor to getting the license.

      Do you even know what you are talking??
      FYI -To get superlicense a driver has to have driven for number of miles stipulated by FIA in Test or FIA approved racing series, (F3, GP2 are two that come to mind)

  14. Will also be his first experience of night racing, of course…

    1. Is Valencia a night race, i thought that was singapore?

      1. That’s what he meant, if Massa is out for the rest of the season.

  15. bad_whippet
    29th July 2009, 18:59

    This’ll be the best race at Valencia we’ll EVER see…

    Hat off to Schumacher for taking up the challenge. already have Schumacher to win at 9/4 odds!

    1. Would not be hard to be the best race in Valencia yet would it

    2. Bigbadderboom
      30th July 2009, 15:32

      Odds for race win Schuey Valancia 12-1, 9-4 to win a race this season! Sorry to correct!

  16. Pedro Andrade
    29th July 2009, 18:59

    It will be great to have Schumacher once again. Lets see if he is up to the challenge.

  17. Would love to see Schumi back in a F1 car, but have to wonder if it’s a good idea for him, especially since he won’t get to sit in the car until race week.

    Definitely looking forward to it, though.

    1. Paige Michael-Shetley
      29th July 2009, 19:08

      Surely, they’ll have Schumacher do some straight-line testing.

      1. Williams 4ever
        29th July 2009, 22:40

        Does straight line testing sound like the DUI test given to drivers pulled over by cops :P

  18. How long will he race? As long as Massa is out? And, HOW MUCH IS FERRARI PAYING HIM?

    1. Casino Square
      29th July 2009, 19:31

      Dicky Weber was just saying yesterday he was 200% sure Schumi wasn’t coming back, which inevitably will have raised his salary even higher. Remember, he’s the man who made Ralf Schumacher a multi billionaire- he can produce money from thin air when he’s got Michael

      1. I’m learning F1-speak:
        “200% sure Michael isn’t coming back” seem to translates as:

        “200%” = we are asking a 200% increase of Ferrari’s last offer .

        “sure” = and throw in a few other long-term goodies for Micheal’s long-term marketing contracts for Ferrari.

    2. Williams 4ever
      29th July 2009, 22:43


      He is under Ferrari contract for 2009 and No chance of 2010 renewal (But of course things may change based on increase in viewership, public interest etc).

  19. No disrespect to Massa but it will be great to have a true racer not just a racing driver back. And he doesnt have championship to think about, I think he will be taking risks.

  20. One big name leaves, another MASSIVE name arrives.


    I bet Willy Weber feels daft now.

  21. it will be until massa is fit again which could be spa or monza. would LOVE to seee schumi race at Spa again- a track he knows and loves.

    1. spanky the wonder monkey
      30th July 2009, 10:50

      i’d be very very surprised to see massa back for spa. fractured skulls don’t fix themselves that quickly. then there’s bound to be follow up medical approvals based on the blow to the head. may be wrong, but gut feeling says we won’t see FM back to race spec for at least 2 months, if not the remainder of the season.

  22. WOOOW…..I cant Wait till 23rd……….

    Though personally thrilled to see him in a F1 racer again. It is also not the best idea Once you have stopped at the healm of the sport with a spectacular year. He should not leave behind any unsuccessful tastes later on.

    The problem for Kimi, Massa, Montzemelo and Domencilli would be if he goes on to win a race. They will look bad for various reasons in their shoes.

  23. Pedro Andrade
    29th July 2009, 19:08

    Hey, has anyone noticed a big team quit the sport today? ;)

    1. Seriously? Which one? ;)

      1. Pedro Andrade
        29th July 2009, 22:46

        I believe it starts with a B, but it probably doesn’t matter anyway. :)

  24. oh my god!

    …It’s going to be interesting if he does better than kimi!

    1. Massa always do that.

      1. Hardly

        1. Sometimes.

  25. I am very surprised, I have to wonder why he bothered retiring if he’s not going to stick to it.
    Quiting while still at the top with his health fully intact and F1 records held aloft seemed an intelligent decision to me. A lot of sportsmen fail in that area and quit only when there are people better than themselves or their fitness/health has deteriorated, either way their glory days don’t shine so bright as they exit.

    Saying that, for me he was F1’s greatest driver and I expect a high level of excitement and expectation with him back in F1, so personally it should be entertaining even if I think he is doing the wrong thing.

    Him and Hamilton battling could make for an interesting sight with both capable of being über aggressive.

    Role on Valencia

  26. Top 5 teams for 2010?

    Ferrari – Alonso, Shuey?? nah! ??? Kubica?
    Maclaren – Hamilton, Rosberg
    Red Bull – Vettel, Webber
    Brawn – Button, Senna
    Renault – Kubica/Heidfeld, Grosjean

    1. Rosberg wont be going to Mclaren! far to over rated! the rest of those sound good though… dont forget we have 3 more teams coming into F1 at the end of the year and i think they’ll be looking at getting some experience on side…

      Toyota are leaving 2 dont forget. i wouldn’t be surprised if heikki is still there next year even though he’s rubbish!

      1. Williams 4ever
        30th July 2009, 10:52

        heikki is still there next year even though he’s rubbish!

        – Are you McLaren Strategist to make that comment:-? The World knows, his car gets developments later than Lewis’s car and not to mention qualification fuel Compromise he has over Lewis every Q3 segment of Qualifiers.

        I Guess they must be leaving you out of those discussions

        1. no matter who gets the updates heikki is rubbish! you no it as well as i do! look at last years WDC where was heikki when hamilton had a ferrari breathing down his neck? oh yeah i forgot either he was walking back to the pits or fighting a redbull in 7th and now im talking about when he had the exact same car.

  27. Great stuff. I wonder what Kimi thinks…

    1. He doesn’t care about it

    2. You mean you wonder what Kimi’s pre-programmed response is? Im pretty sure he’s a cyborg…

    3. He’s probably off somewhere, having a “s***”.

      How would having Schumi in the car help raise the game for the entire team? He’s been there in an advisor capacity and that didn’t seem to help them much last year.

      I think he would probably do not much better than Kimi (i.e. middle of top ten during qualy and scoring points)

  28. This is the craziest day in F1 for many years… cannot WAIT to see Schumi up against Kimi, Lewis and (hopefully) Jenson and Alonso.

    What a day!?!

  29. I guess Valencia might not miss Fernando much now as all the attention would be on Schuey…. Even BMW would lack the attention there.

  30. Bartholomew
    29th July 2009, 19:16

    The Kaiser is back !
    this is really exciting

    1. Well, I think should be more appropiate to say: Grand Pa is coming back!

      (Despite his age, he’s still “the kaiser”) :-)

  31. As much as a lot of F1 fans are wetting themselves about this, and sensational news as it is, to be realistic the guy is 40, has neck problems from an injury sustained earlier in the year, hasn’t driven the F60 and hasn’t tested for a year. I reckon a few people might be a bit disappointed. I don’t think anyone will knock him for coming back though whatever the result because it’s quite a brave thing to do.

    … And then again, he may just blow the field away. I hope he bites Lewis’ dust though!

  32. holy moly!

  33. Well, well, well, this season is shaping up to be quite exciting after all. I don’t quite understand Ferrari’s goals with this move, but there it is. How fortunate that he has longer than usual to prepare.

    Kimi probably doesn’t give a hoot. His problem though, is that even if he beats Michael, it’ll be because the latter isn’t in training. But if Kimi happens to end behind him in a couple of races it just will not look good at all. It’s a lose-lose for Raikkonen. He’ll also have to face the inevitable media questions :)

  34. Now this is interesting stuff. I think this might be extra motivation for the team having Schumacher back. Lets hope he doesn’t spoil the fun and make it his 8th title:)
    That was just a joke but now I’am wondering has F1 ever seen eight consecutive wins?
    Hope we will not be disappointed after Valencia.

    1. Schumacher did 7 on the trot in 2007

      1. In what – karting? :) You mean 2004.

  35. Shagrathian
    29th July 2009, 19:25

    Lewis has nothing to lose!
    Schumi has nothing to lose!
    Kimi has nothing to lose!
    Alonso has… Never think that i miss Alonso. :p
    It’s gonne be awesome! Can’t wait to see!

    1. Casino Square
      29th July 2009, 19:40

      Could it be that the race for the championship will just be a distraction from the battle of the champions? I’m so excited… damn this 4 week break!

      1. It’s just a shame that the first race with MS back is the awfully boring Valencia track. But I guess that will give him a little car experience before Spa. Now THAT should be an exciting race . . . .

  36. Great choice by Ferrari!! I don’t see any of the other options making better sense or being as much fun.

    Ferrari and Kimi are not in the hunt for titles, and anyone else they could have put in the car (except DC) would be fighting for the seat. This choice is the most respectful thing to do for Massa too, because Shumi will race, and then gracefully give Massa his seat back whenever that time comes.

    I don’t think this will make Shumi look bad either, as some of you have posted. “7 time WDC fills in for his prodege after major crash” – just makes him look good, no matter the results.

  37. Casino Square
    29th July 2009, 19:37

    It hardly seems massively important but I’m a statto so I’ll say it anyway… Schumi will be the 6th German on the grid. There’ll only be 18 cars on the grid at Valencia. A third of the drivers will be German! Schnell schnell, das regenmeister ist sehr gut!

  38. Sorry I was thinking of eight consecutive wins in races because that’s how many are left in this season:)

    1. That would get him to 99 Race wins:) sweet number.

  39. good luck michael, hope you to see you on the podium in Spain.

  40. A lot of people seem to be questioning his fitness, particularly after his recent injury, but he recently did some bike testing in Germany and a couple of days carting and apparantly trains everyday. I think he also got his superbike licence a year ago? so he must have intended on doing some more bike races and I guess you must need to be fairly fit to do that.

    Can’t wait to see him and Lewis race, I really hope their cars are evenly matched.

  41. Whatever happens, I cannot wait to watch the greatest ever F1 driver get back in the racing seat. Whether he comes 1st, 2nd or 20th – it will be a pleasure to watch him race again.

  42. Don’t underestimate Schumi, he’ll do a good job for sure!

    Hamilton vs Schumacher who would have tought it would happen :)

    1. Absolutely – least of all Lewis no doubt! He’s always said he would have loved to go up against the cobbler.
      The potential is awesome. Just as Lewis has a real car underneath him too.
      I dare say Vettel will also be totally thrilled at the prospect of racing alongside his inspiration.
      Oh god, I can’t wait – get well soon Massa but enjoy the show in the meantime mate!

  43. flying turd muffin
    29th July 2009, 19:47

    I hope Felipe drives again next year, but this is gonna be fantastic.

    1. Casino Square
      29th July 2009, 20:20

      Great name, Mr Muffin. I didn’t realise turd muffins could type, especially not flying ones.

  44. If Kimi gets beaten by the old man in Valencia, he can go aheand and get fitted for a Campos fire suit.

    1. Rally suit you mean, surely? :)

      Raikkonen lost to Michael by only 2 points in 2003 and beat him in points in 2005 – I think he’ll be able to handle it.

  45. ever since Lewis started in F1 myself and all of my friends have debated and wondered what it would be like watching a battle between Lewis and MS and now we might just find out!

    what a strange season this is turning out to be!!! ugly cars and stupid rule changes and teams dropping out here and there…

    for some reason i can see this being a turn around for F1 and bring back lots of fans who have stopped watching the sport because of the changes in the past few years.

    i dont no about anyone else and i no Michael had a bad reputation but I’m very excited and i now cant wait until the next race!

    1. I highly doubt schumi will be able to pick who he races against. But I think if he finds himself in around 9th or 10th, he would be in a good position to defend against a lewis attack.

  46. I respect Schumi, but was glad to see him go when he did. I feel he retired at a point when he could have happily continued, so for him I’m happy. For F1 though i don’t think it’s great. The sport has done well to move on in recent years and bring in new heroes like Lewis and Vettel. This is something of a step back for formula 1.
    By the way, A street circuit is not the place to be making a comeback.

  47. I don’t think this will make Shumi look bad either, as some of you have posted. “7 time WDC fills in for his prodege after major crash” – just makes him look good, no matter the results.

    I completely agree. A comeback would have been a bad move, but this isn’t anything like that. I only started watching F1 after the Schumacher era (not that it eluded me), but I’m still incredibly stoked that he’ll be racing the new order the next couple of races. I have the feeling many of the drivers, in particular Hamilton and of course Vettel, will be very excited as well.

    Wasn’t looking particularly forward to the European grand prix, but now… Let’s hope they let Renault race as well, now that it’s certain Alonso won’t be in a red car.

    Poor BMW really didn’t get anything right this season, they can’t even quit properly. :/

  48. He’s only doing this to block J Villenuve from getting the ride. Also no testing for 2 weeks,an no racing for 3,nazi rules way to go Max….now that is boring

  49. James Brickles
    29th July 2009, 19:55

    I remember a MotoGP race that happened in 2006 where Troy Bayliss came back for the final race in a Ducati, and just won it

    Schumi could do the same ;) (Unlikely, I know)

    1. Mansell came back for 2 races one year and won the season finale xD Schumy to do the same? :P

  50. will he have to pay for his F1 super licence still??? doe’s anyone no? i no ferrari will pay for it anyway if needed but i dont no if he’ll get one with only a month to go?! also wouldn’t he have to take some sort of test or do an amount of testing before he’ll get his super license as he’s not tested in this car and he could be a danger to the other drivers… i no he’s driven all sorts of spec F1 cars and he’ll be fine but i dont no if the FIA will see it that way!

    1. If Jamie got his super licence by doing straight line tests the there is not doubt that schumi will get it.

      1. Jamie got his super licence by being last years F3 champion.

        1. and schumi will get his by being the 7 TIME world champion.

    2. The licence will not be a problem.
      Remember how Kimi got into F1? They gave him a super licence in 2001 in spite of the likes of FIA president Max Mosley voicing concerns over granting a F1 super license to such an inexperienced driver [Kimi had only 23 racing events to his credit] Kimi of course silenced his critics by scoring a championship point in Australia, his maiden Grand Prix.
      As for cost, who in F1 bothers about trivialities like that!

  51. It’s a shame for sponsorship reasons he can’t go as the Stig. :D

    1. Now that’s a great idea :)

  52. Oh man, this is the best news ever! It totally makes up for the breakaway failing :D

  53. What about Barichello? Will he cry again if some incident occurred with Shummi?
    Now he is in good car (if Brawn fix it in 4 weeks)

    1. That is Ruben’s karma. He had to play second fiddle to Michael. He is now playing second fiddle to Button and it was his car off which the spring came apart and hit Felipe! Poor fellow! His best years were with Michael as his mentor, but he just did not know that!

  54. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!

    So long to wait, food job the ashes is there to keep me occupied

  55. HounslowBusGarage
    29th July 2009, 20:22

    I wonder how Gene and Badoer feel?
    No testing, no reserve driving. No point at all.

    1. This is the one and only opportunity either of them had to turn the steering wheel of an F1 car this season. That has to hurt. You can’t blame Ferrari for drafting Schumacher. The choice between a 7 times world champion and two old, underused test drivers is pretty clear. Also, forgive me if this has been mentioned already, Schumi is invaluable for set up and technical input. I bet Ferrari are regarding this race as a legal test of sorts.

      Am I right or am I right?

  56. I just hate this guy. His Ferrari Championship wins were the most boring years from recent Formula One…
    PUAH! I hope he will make us laugh at all the races he will do. It’ll be a sweet revenge from other times…

    1. WHAT? Do you even watch the sport?
      Yes your right winning in extreme fashion is boring?!?!


    2. Well you’re just being petty. No real justification for hating Schumacher, but you ‘just hate this guy’.

      Successful drivers like him, Lewis Hamilton and others in this and other sports seem to attract snide and petty comments just for being great.

  57. does he get the full driver’s quota for fresh engines?

    and i never thought i’d ever see the day that people would say that schumi racing would be an exciting thing for f1…

    1. i think its 8 engines per car so he’ll just take over from massa with the amount of engines.


    Schumi vs Kimi vs Hamilton vs Vettel…etc etc…

    Most watched GP of the season? Place your bets now.

    I presume that Kimi currently has Michael’s old pit crew…

    1. Schumi will be severely disadvantaged.. with limited test time and gosh.. totally insane that he has put himself into that situation. But I think he thrives on challenges but I must say it will be lots of fun to watch

  59. This is awesome !!!!! I am definitely shore that from the next GP to the end MS will score some wins. I hope CodeMasters put Michael in the new F1 game. Let the good times roll !!!!

    1. That’s what we are talking about a while ago by my friend. love to see MS on the 2009 F1 game.

  60. IMHO, he doesn’t need this – he has everything to lose (remember Mansell) and not much to gain. He hasn’t even tested this years Ferrari and he won’t get a chance to get in it before FP1 on Friday.

    Ferrari would have done better if they tested a potential future driver (someone from GP2 for example). This sounds like a publicity stunt to me…

    1. Look at Nicky Lauda he won a world title when he came out of retirement

  61. Valencia is going to ge great.

    I’m suprised to be reading some criticism in the comments about this. We all know the F60 isn’t an amazing car. Schumacher hasn’t driven in awhile and he probably won’t do that great. Does it really matter that much though? He is a legend in the sport and he is Ferrari. I think it’s really cool that he is coming back to help the team that he feels so much loyalty too. I don’t care if he finishes 20th, just take it for what it is. We all are going to have the oppurtunity to see Schumacher behind the wheel of an F1 car again in a few short weeks.

  62. One word:


  63. I…don’t….know…what…to….think. I…am…shocked…right….now…and…can…hardly….speak.
    This season is…..different.
    I hope that Schumi will keep Button at bay so that Vettel can win the Championship. I know they aren’t on the same team but it would be nice to see him help out the guy that worships him.
    Oh and I hope he kicks Hammy’s butt.

    1. i cant see him kicking anyone butt! he and hamilton will have good battles but hamilton is a pro in these cars and MS has done Zero testing!

      1. spoil sport.

        1. You have to remember Schumi can drive the wheels off anything that has wheels, bikes, taxis etc… so the F60 if anything will get back to winning contention is a matter of a fortnight just because of his input.

          and I doubt Ferrari hasn’t or wont given him a go sometime ago in a deserted circuit with the car painted indigo blue…

          1. Michael unlike Kimi has always contributed a lot to the development of the car. I don’t expect Valencia to prove that, but the next races will be interesting

  64. I’m guessing tickets for all the remaning races are probably already sold out…!

    1. lol yes they are gonna make tons of money out of this..

  65. Andrew White
    29th July 2009, 20:51

    I was originally planning to go to Valencia, but it fell through and I went to the British GP instead. As good as that was, I’m now gutted :(

    1. I believe that…
      I hit the perfect race in Monza 2007!

  66. Ferrari are concertrating on next years car who would you want in the car to give you feedback. no in season testing and they will have the ultimate test driver in race conditions Forza Ferrari :)

    1. I think you nailed it right there. I cant imagine him winning races but he’ll do a hell of a job helping develop next year’s car from the driver’s seat.

    2. I don’t understand such “next year’s car”.

      There’s no rule change such as 2008-09.

      Next year car will be the natural evolution of this year car.

      Not chassis-wise, I reckon, but really I don’t get this “Nah, we gave up to focus on the next season’s car”.

      That’s just an excuse.

      Look at McLaren. An old banger developed at the point to be able to win races..

  67. Accidentalmick
    29th July 2009, 21:04

    There are some considered and well made objections to Schuey coming back….
    Shoemaker versus Hamilton!
    They both set their cars up like go-karts-
    They both drive as if they are in go-karts-
    They both have KERS.

    Bring it on.

    1. MS and Hami has oddly similar out-breaking moves. they both point the car into the apex and give zero room for the foe. add kers (as you mentioned) and either they are going to kill eachother in turn 1, or we’re in for good battles. either way, headlines will roar on from now ’till the he leave the cockpit “for good” again…

  68. This is freekin brilliant … schumi side by side wth Kimi … i want to see him race HAMILTON n all these other drivers and show them how a race car is really done !!!

  69. oh my… what else we want? Hamilton, Alonso (I wish he could make it for his home race), Vettel, Kimi on track together with Schumi? He is great, it’ll be a hell of a view that weekend… Schumi may not outperform them, he has little chance to do so, for all the reasons. But, he is not someone who come in and race quietly (though half prepared, he’ll do better than what others do with the same preparation) and we all know that. And, with that least possibility if he still has what it took him to be such a champion (including the desire to win at any cost), then I think we’re up for a good show there, let’s hope Ferrari gives him a car that can fight the front runners and let’s see how much he can test these youngsters :)

  70. Strange some people have so much doubt… I’m guessing they haven’t watched much f1 in the old days when Schumi was dominating.
    I’m no Schumi fan, not at all, but he has been at the top for 15years and only retired 2years and a bit… and kept his fitness (wich was great).
    He’ll be up there for sure!

    Spa is going to be a sell out this year :)
    Schumi and baby schumi will attract many germans I think :)

  71. Valencia being what it is, I don’t see Schumy doing any real “racing” per se. I see this as a testing opportunity to get reacquainted with the car and get ready for one of his favorite tracks, Spa. And the rest of the schedule as well.

    Then we’ll see if the Old Man still has something for the kids!

    If Schumy does well, I don’t think Felipe will get back in the car for the rest of the year. Concussions are notoriously complex to recover from and can affect eye sight and equilibrium.

  72. I too hold some spite for the man for making the middle era of my F1 fandom a review of boring processional races, with many championship battles truly over by after 7-8 races. The only interesting Schumacher seasons were when he broke his leg and when Alonso beat him.

    He will be rusty. He’s not superhuman—you need to learn the car and hone your reflexes. I am looking forward to seeing him spin and slide his way around that track. He is going to get dusted by Hamilton and Vettel. I kind of fee bad for him that he returns on a street circuit because I think it’s quite dangerous for a man who has been riding motorcycles for a few years to make his redebut between concrete barriers.

    1. yeh, remember he probably hasn’t raced without traction control. tested but not raced. will be interesting to see.

      1. Michael has raced without traction control.

        Traction control was banned in 1994 and was reintroduced only in 2001 and then banned in 2008.

  73. Man!!!
    What will our prediction game look like for the next race??????????


    But it’s so disappointing Alonso won’t be there to race him in Valencia :((

    1. Damon????? is Damon Hill returning??? hooohahahaha!! if its true

  74. I think Ferrari has called to Mr. Ecclestone and make an offer: Bernie, how much we get from TV income if we get Michael in the car?

    But anyway, Schumi is a race driver and he´ll always tryis to give his best shot. On Valencia he will not perform good because of:

    1. His neck is not in perfect condition
    2. He hasn´t never drive on that circuit
    3. He Hasn´t drive F60 ever
    4. He is not familiar with and how the KERS behaves
    5. And overall he hasn´t raced with other cars for a long time!!!

    …these are very heavy things I think. Same time we all know his knowledge, skills and how talented he is, so he is still threat, especially for Kimi. If Kimi lose to Schumi, it´s not a positive thing for him at all.

    Anyway, I´ll be very, I mean very surprised if Schumi can beat any of drivers like Vettel, Hamilton, Kimi, Webber, Button…If he really make it good, I think he match(fight) with Barrichello, Kovalainen but doubt even that.

    Spa is different thing. There I think we can see much better Schumacher. It´s one of his favourite circuits and he is more familiar with the car and how it handles and works overall. I would say Spa will be most interesting race for me in this year. Spa is allso Kimi´s favourite circuit, so we may really see those two guys fighting even from win. Eaurouge will be interesting with KERS and how it gives boost for uphill, but if suffering lack of downfors like Ferrari, it wont be easy at all….so we´ll see.

    Really can´t wait this month to Valencia…aaaaaargh!!

    1. You’re absolutely right. Everything works against Schumacher.
      But just imagine a wet race in Spa… hmm.

      1. I’d forgotten about Barrichello! Rubens’s very last dregs of hope of a F1 championship snuffed out when he fails to get past… Schumacher! That’s just unbelievably sad.

        1. Hahahaha, yeah, it’d be so ironic.

          1. i doubt he will get past schumi, remember “kers”, and Schu is not a retard…

  75. But who will replace Schumacher as The Stig???

    1. Don’t you know? Some people say that he reproduces by mitosis…

      While others say that he transcends space-time… All we know is that he just saved the Valencia ticket sales…

  76. I think he will finish outside the top 8 in Valencia, but then finsh in the 8 for the remainder of the year, but I doubt he will win any races. I do think he will get to the podium at least twice.

  77. Schumi in Valencia and Alonso not running??

    I feel like my birthday has come and I’ve got the 2 presents I always wanted!

  78. StrFerrari4Ever
    29th July 2009, 22:12

    Get in there :D my favourite driver of all time coming back to Ferrari shame the team isn’t the same as it used to be when he was at his peak but still it’s going to be interesting to see how he does especially competing with Hamilton & Vettel. F60 if it’s improved in Valencia we could see a win for MSC or Kimi I bet Alonso is gutted by this but still Michael is back BABY!!! :D

  79. forget to say…..remember, it´s not sure that Michael even drives, there are still tests for his condition is he good shape as it´s needed

  80. well i’ll just go and gobble up my words from the previous post. shuey for world champion! he’ll need to win every race with button webber vettel and barrichello scoring nothing. if anyone can do it, it’s him.

  81. While not a Ferrari fan,I do like the fact Schumacher os coming back for Massa. I will be interested in how he does. If he performs and places well or wins it will set the entire F1 world on its ear.
    Especially if he qualifies well and takes off from the start and dissappears. I know this is boring but what would it say about the others that are driving right now with the lack of competitiveness of the Ferrari so far this year.(Yes I know they were second at the last race)

  82. I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY!!!!!!!! Q the terminator music. Lewis wont sleep tonight :D

    1. StrFerrari4Ever
      29th July 2009, 23:02

      Haha we will see him get tamed by the great one even if there are many who are doubting dont doubt a great person like Thomas did to Jesus.

    2. LOL! Terminator music is fitting, but I’d rather play the Jaws music (tam-tam, tam-tam, tam-tam …)

    3. terminator and Jaws music… that is too funny.

    4. I honestly think he’s as happy as we are.

      If I recall correctly he said in interviews that he would have liked to race Michael.

      Lewis’ not fighting for championship, so why should he be worried?

      Image? Fear of be defeated? I don’t think drivers think that way.

      What I’m sure is that they (and us) will enjoy the ride. XD

      1. Yes drivers do not think that way, in fact I believe both of them will be really happy that they can have some fun and challenge each other, that is what race drivers think and feel

  83. Paul Sainsbury
    29th July 2009, 22:43

    @ Brawn….

    Lewis might not sleep tonight, but even if he doesn’t. it will be from excitement, not worry. He said he always wanted to race against MS, he will be chuffed it is going to happen, as I think we all are. But I suspect that if you think MS is going to walk all over Lewis Hamilton, I have a feeling you will soon be eating humble pie……..

  84. Wow. I feel so conflicted – I always hated this guy just for being such an arrogant f**k – but this is just about every racing fan’s wet dream, no matter your loyalties.

    Bring on the rest of the season!

  85. Toby Bushby
    29th July 2009, 23:04

    When was the last time two World Champions drove in the same team?

    1. I don’t know, but Kimi better get ready for a lesson in shame and humility, methinks.

      1. It was in 1989 – Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost.

  86. As much as i love MS, Im looking forward to seeing Webber beat him :)

    1. so is Webber

      1. so is everyone .. thats racing

  87. Let’s see how he gets on without Ross Brawn…

  88. I hope that the F60 will be strong enough to match the McLarens to see a Hamilton-Schumacher battle.

    I’m also curious to see Schumacher “interpretation” of Kers. Will he use it? Where will he?

    Risk, possible humiliation after years of retirement.

    I don’t care, this is pure Magic. An icon return to challenge another emerging icon.

    It’ll be a looong wait.. :)

  89. amilton, Alonso and Ralf Schumacher fight for the best starting position but in the end only Michael Schumacher triumphs.

  90. Wow, I woke up an athiest but then read this news, the SECOND COMING is happening, and we know exactly when.

    Sensational :D

  91. One of the greatest of all time no doubt, but what are his chances really, racing on a circuit he has never driven on before, driving a car he has never driven before, recovering from an injury, driving for a team that is not as dominant as it was when he last raced. Alot of questions, but what a great story for Valencia, I will be glued to my television for every minute he is on the track!

  92. One of the greatest of all time no doubt, but driving on a circuit he has never seen before, driving a car he has never driven before, recovering from an injury, and driving for a team that is nowhere near as dominant as it was the last time he drove for them. Many questions for sure but I will be glued to the tv every second he is on the track.

    1. According to John Watson, Michael will be using the Ferrari F1 simulator until Valencia. Apparently its almost as good as the real thing. He’ll probably also do some real world straight line testing, so he’ll have his starts using the KERS to perfection. It should be very interesting if he can qualify in the front 3 rows of the grid. Only time will tell if he’s up to racing full distance.

      Link to further reactions to Michaels return Eddie Jordan talking him up big time.

  93. Elvis lives, Jesus walks, Schumacher drives.

    1. All Hail “K”

      1. schoemaker “CHEATS

        1. pfff…..

        2. Bitter are we???

        3. McLaren never cheat.

  94. why couldnt this news have been broken closer to Valencia. Im like a kid before xmas, its going to get worse over the next few weeks too.

    He’s got less recent experience of racing than Jamie Algablablabla. Think hell take a couple of races to get in the groove. Hopefully he will be able to direct ferrari on the feeling of the car. What a driver pairing though, a few years ago and this was the dream team.

  95. The sri lankan
    30th July 2009, 1:27

    Wth is the reason fora test driver then?? so far all the test drivers had been given the short end. im sure Marc Gene is fuming alongside Luca

  96. He did test the F2008, so he drove without traction control!
    I don’t expect him to blow us away in Valencia (altough I won’t be surprised if he did), but he’ll do a great job!

  97. This is a beautiful thing Ferrari, and Michael, is doing. By putting him in the seat they are, in essence, saying that the seat remains open awaiting Felipes return.

  98. It has been one of Hamilton’s great disappointments he never raced against Schumacher as he started his F1 career the season after the legendary German decided to hang up his racing gloves.]

    It will be nice to see how he do with KIMI Raikkonen.
    Remember the ad in a Fiat Punto

  99. It’s a BBC publicity stunt. The Stig will now race for Ferrari! = )

  100. Some love him, some hate him.
    The fact is that he must have balls made of titanium to risk his fame in one race.
    If he outperform his competitors he will be immortalized as a F1 hero….again
    If he perform poorly, it could loose his current money making image in a blink of an eye.
    What a guy ! can’t wait to see Valencia Race.

    Or maybe after few months we could find-out that he was called to the rescue of the race since without Alonso everybody started to panic abt ticket sales… The truth soon or later will surface.

    1. but he always knows how to cheat, so i expect him to cheat his way to the podium in valencia.

      1. maybe after few months we could find-out that he was called to the rescue of the race since without Alonso everybody started to panic abt ticket sales… The truth soon or later will surface.

        that might be very true…

      2. man I am totally disappointed with your comments, I honestly thought you were smarter then that.

      3. oh no, he’s woken up again…

        1. No swearing, insults … allowed.

          Shame, when I read mp4-19b’s comments these spring to mind.

          1. Qute surprised at that myself…..

            I’m sure he knows this website is for intelligent conversation and a bit of banter……

            I don’t really like reading those smart remarks. If you havent anything decent to say, don’t say anything.


          2. Bit of a coincidence there, my friends used to call me Sputnik in school……. :P :D

      4. @mp4-19

        I’m a Ferrari and McLaren fan.

        and I have always found your comments utterly depressing.

        He cheated on a few races….So What!?!?!?

        He has 7 WORLD TITLES

        He’ll do great, he’s 40 and he’s doing this out of loyalty.

  101. Kimi does have Schumacher’s pit crew but I dont think he will have trouble to fit with Massa’s one.

    What is KIMI thinking?

  102. Valancia has sold 32,000 tickets.
    Now it will be interesting who dont watch that race.

  103. I was never a big fan of Schumi, but I have truck loads of respect for him, what a person!

    Anyway, like many have said, this could be a “hero or zero” momment.

    But whoever said an old dog cant learn new tricks? I can’t wait for the 23rd!!!

  104. Keith should have a count down clock on the site!!! lol, Hee hee hee.

  105. Prisoner Monkeys
    30th July 2009, 2:57

    Well, Schumacher’s inexperience with the F60 and Valencia may just give the race something interesting, unlike last year. That, and the emergence of McLaren and Ferrari as forces to be reckoned with will make things interesting for Jenson Button and the Red Bulls.

    It’s actually kind of an obvious choice, really. Badoer’s getting on in his years and hasn’t raced in a decade, and when was the last time Marc Gene had a race seat? It’s also better than some of the ridiculous suggestions I’ve heard elsewhere on the internet … I mean, Sebastien Bourdais? What could he do in three or four races with Ferrari that he couldn’t do in eighteen months in a Toro Rosso? Likewise Nelson Piquet …

  106. Yes, that was in 1994 at Adelaide. Ironically the same grands prix in which Michael Schumacher wrapped up his first championship, at the expense of Damon Hill and a buckled Williams suspension.
    I usually blast Ferrari at every opportunity I get but on this decision I have to say has surprised me, and pleased me in equal measure. It has certainly added a much needed layer of gloss to the championship, and will be a great way for the post 2006 generation to show their true worth.
    The most telling thing about Schumacher’s career is that 1994 Adelaide was a turning point. From that
    championship win on, he was always the driver everyone wanted to beat. The highwater mark if you will.
    A driver wasn’t ‘somebody’ unless he had taken Michael on and beaten him. In twelve years, only a select few
    achieved this, and the majority left the sport long
    before the German ever did.
    Since his departure, the championship has been without a truly dominant driver in the way Michael was. We all expected Raikkonen and Alonso to fill the shoes of the maestro, but instead they were joined by Hamilton, Massa and Vettel. The title nowadays is far more diluted in terms of title contenders, far less a one horse race to the chequered flag.
    Despite all of these new challengers, I very much doubt Michael Schumacher will turn up in Valencia just to make up the numbers and put more dough in Bernie’s pockets.
    I always felt that Schumacher was forced out of Ferrari in 2006, to make way for Kimi Raikkonen. He will, in many ways, enjoy the challenge of taking on Raikkonen in the sister Ferrari, would could prove to be the end of the Finnish driver’s Maranello adventure.
    How fitting it would be, to play a massive part, in unseating the driver who’s hiring forced your early
    retirement from a team and sport you dominated for years.
    Already, I can hear the theme from the movie Rocky playing in the back of my mind. This is unbelievable, yet wonderfull.

    1. its a golden opportunity for all of us to see schoemaker make a fool of himself. hehehe. people are comparing this to the mansell comeback in 94, but people are forgetting the fact that mansell is a great racer, unlike shoe who’s a cheat.

      1. lol mansell in 1994? u’re the fool endless repeating your stuff

      2. More mindless vitrol from who else but mp4 whatever….

  107. I thought no way but after a review I can see why. MS will do it for loyality and will move aside when FM is ready to take over. That is a lot different than someone who will want to have a full ride.

  108. Sweet, let’s see a host of “rule changes” and controversy. Schumacher led F1 in dirty play and it was “allowed”. New kid on the block, Hamilton, same moves, penalty. Let’s see how far we regress!! in the name of “thats racing”

  109. This is, in many ways, Ferrari trying to bring back their glory days they experienced with Schumacher. The relationship has, for the most part, not worked with Kimi Raikkonen. All the talk of Alonso joining compounds my point that, deep down, Ferrari now realise that they made a mistake choosing Raikkonen.
    Before all the Finnish bloggers go to lynch me, I am in no way saying Kimi is a bad driver, certainly not. Its was he does outside of the car compared to Michael, which has rankled the Italians.
    Kimi will always be Kimi, but his attitude only ever works aslong as it brings success. For the last one and a half seasons, he has failed to make much of an impact.
    For this Ferrari only have themselves to blame. Replacing Schumacher was always going to be an impossible task, for them and for Raikkonen, as his never ending pressence casts a long shadow.

  110. As much as I hated Schumi’s previous cheating ways, I don’t think he’ll resort to those tactics this time around.

    He doesn’t have that much pressure as many assume. If he gets outperformed, it’s normal since he hasn’t driven the F60. If he gets on the pace, we’re all amazed.

    His image is too valuable now to be destroyed by cheating stunts. Now that he’s older, and hopefully wiser, I’m sure he’ll play by the book this time. I just hope he’ll go out and enjoy himself, and put on a great show for us fans.

    (I’d never thought in a million years I’d one day be supporting his comeback, F1 is so strange and fascinating at the same time!)

    1. Agreed, Freeman, agreed.

  111. What would you think the reaction of the Schummi haters if he got a win or two in the remaining races of 2009? that would be great. losers!!!

    1. that you can be rest assured will never happen. just pray that he doesn’t get lapped by jaime alguersuari ;) loser!!

      1. why don’t we put money on it? loser!

      2. Id love to see you eat your own words. pray hard MS won’t win.

  112. Schumi is great at getting a car sorted and motivating the team. I’m sure will see the F60 come back up the order in this next half of the season.

  113. HA hA HA,,,, that was a dream for many, to have Schumi back against Hamilton and Raikko.
    I just cant imagine the Media Frenzi in a few weeks… F1 is back as it used to be????

  114. hope he doesn’t kill himself during the race.

    1. You really are an idiot – that last comment is uncalled for….especially in the light of who he is replacing.

    2. Is there anyway to block this fool from posting?

    3. Yeah lad, thats a bit harsh….

    4. I also hope he does not kill himself – as i hope no-one on the grid does
      glad you care

  115. anyone wanna bet on how many times schummy will spin at valencia??

    1. I bet your head is now spinning from so much hate..

      We will just have to wait and see, dont forget the guy has not raced for a long time and very limited testing time.

      I think it is a bad idea to put himself in this position given the circumstances. But I do not understand your illogical schumacher hate comments.

      He has, of course, done number of bad things that none of his fans are proud of, but to think that he cheated his way to every win and to his success of 7 world championships specially in different cars and teams and against different team mates, is totally nonsense and childish and illogical.

      If he does well in that he finishes top 10, in any of the races (which is equally as good as what Massa and Kimi have done all year), or if he finishes anywhere 2 places close to his team mate Kimi, it wont look good for you…

      I believe depending on how many races he does, he will need at least 2 races to get the hang of the car

      1. Hear hear…

  116. Funny how so many are crucifying Schumi before he even gets in the seat. we should all remember that this guy was an exceptional athlete. His experience and drive, makes him still relevant today, he was racing bike just weeks ago, and that needs fitness, coordination yada yada yada as well… so don’t write the guy off.

    i think it will make for a very interesting race, especially if Alonso makes it…. lets wait and see how the F1 Masters will pan out

  117. Unlike some, I don’t think that Schuey will have lost much of his edge at all, if any. I am really looking forward to seeing him go head to head with Hamilton – many’s the time I have dreamed about seeing that ! Bring it on, I say !

  118. To echo old MP4-19b at the top of the article, lets not get carried away just yet because a 40 year old ex-world champion is going to jump into the empty Ferrari seat ahead of either of the team’s official third drivers. Is this really loyalty or the work of Willi Webber?
    1. He hasn’t driven the F60 ever.
    2. He hasn’t driven an F1 car since last year
    3. He is suffering from injuries since the last time he fell off a motorbike
    4. He only has Friday practice to learn the car and the track.
    OK, so he may well be a Superman, but are Ferrari asking too much of him, and surely as a replacement driver, won’t he have to be an effective No 2 for Kimi?
    I’m sure we won’t get this much furore over a return by Mansell, Hill or Prost……

    1. Overall from many comments posted here, I disagree with mp4-19b hate comments.

      However I feel that Mark Gene would have been better choice given the circumstances, specially those as you described.

      But again M Schumacher is a person who is driven by challenges and for him to take on this challenge says really lots about the man. And I am sure he will do great, though, as I said above depending on the number of races, he would need at least two races to get the hang of the car, even if he “is” so to say a superman.

  119. OMG OMG I’m going to Valencia!!!! I’m soooo lucky, any advice 1st GP guys!!!

    1. You are a VERY lucky man.

      But I haven’t been to Valencia. I would suggest sunscreen, though. :)

    2. Going by that reaction… take some dry pants :D

    3. Cool! Please send us some pics :-)

  120. Does anybody know what the largest gap we have ever seen between the youngest and oldest driver on the grid is alguersuari – Schumacher. 19 and 40

    Alguersuari was born in 1990 and Schumacher made his F1 debut in ’91!

    How old was Lauda when he returned?

    1. Don’t wet your pants over that, mate.
      Louis Chiron was 55 years and 292 days old when he raced in the Monaco Grand Prix in 1955.

      So the gap to the youngest guy in the field must have been around 30 years.

  121. While I was surprised Schumacher decided to come back, out of the big names suggested to fill in for Massa I thought he was a more likely option than Alonso, Kubica or Villeneuve.

    Because he hasn’t driven the F60 or raced at the Valencia circuit I don’t think he will be back to his best at the next Grand Prix, however Alguersuari didn’t perform too badly at Hungary having never turned a corner in an F1 car before so if Ferrari can continue to show the pace they have recently I think he should get some points.

    If he fills in for Massa for the rest of the season I think he could probably win another Grand Prix.

    There is an opinion, which I share, that Raikkonen hasn’t been at his best since he won his Championship so I wonder if this will cause him to up his game at all?

    1. I think Kimi will finally wake up.

  122. I think that this grand prix might be the most relaxed and enjoyable one of MS’s carreer. He has nothing to win, nothing to lose, is not fighting for the championship, is not expected to beat his rivals or his teammate.. In this case, the absense of pressure may paradoxically what leads him to do a great drive. I cannot believe that he would go out there and make a fool of himself, but at the same time, I’m sure he’s not planning to hobble around leisurely grabbing blue flags.

    I’m just saying: we may be able to see some free spirited driving from the ex-champ.

    I just hope he doesn’t get a spring in his face or whatever. It would be way too Hollywood to bring the legend out of retirement for one last race (or more) only to see him killed or badly hurt.. Try explaning that one to him family..

  123. if shoemaker was half the man mika hakkinen is, he wouldn’t accept that vacant seat. mclaren found themselves in a similar position in 2006 when jpm left for nascar. Mika as i understand was offered a drive, but mika being the gentleman champion he is(unlike shoemaker) rejected it & himself suggest De La Rosa as the ideal replacement. That is what i expect of MS, but see what he’s done? he must bluntly accept the fact that his cheating era is over, the real formula one fan is fed up of seeing his big jaw in the paddock. this is not good for the sport. to all you shoemaker fans, wake up from your fantasy dream. his time is long gone. but if he wants to entertain the world by making a fool of himself, SO BE IT!!!!!

  124. Paul Sainsbury
    30th July 2009, 9:02


    Dude…….you really have some issues. While I am by no means a MS fan, I appreciate the fact that he is an all-time great and feel only excitement that we will get to see him with the current crop of F1 drivers. I think one can only admire his guts to come back like this and ‘have a go.’

    1. @mp4-19b

      Think this as a recovery for the sport after all the mess up we’ve seen this year. I can see, how much you hate schumi, but don’t be single minded. JPB left McLaren once for all, McLaren were looking for a complete replacement for him, and that’ll never work out for anybody who think their time was over. But this is different, it is a temporary replacement, and the driver should give up his position if in case Massa is set for his return. I think, it is a wise idea to choose schumi, which will be easy for both Ferrari and Schumi when Massa recovers and at the same time (agree or not) with his fan base they can temorarily make us all forget all the wrong things happening with F1.

      1. I totally agree mani.

        And again reiterate the fact that for Schumacher to come back to such a difficult challenge and insane odds of him being out of the car and not testing for long time tells you simply that he is not a fake, and the guy has guts and some real “Cojones”.

        And to mp4-19b, Schumacher has nothing to prove by coming back again, he doesn’t need anymore fame, believe me. He is doing it as a personal challenge, the man is obviously driven by competition like a true competitor.

  125. Are Schumscher/Ferrai going to get 8 free engines???What does the engine rule day?

  126. Are Schumscher/Ferrai going to get 8 free engines???What does the engine rule say?

    1. As I can remember, his status in the field is as a Massa-substitute, therefore he has to work with everything Massa left him. Thus, he will have only as many engines left as Massa would have had.

      1. Ok, thanks! I hope so, that makes sense.

        And I hope Lewis won’t be over excited.

        1. I think Lewis will be happy , if he is the man we all think him to be – which is an exceptional and respectful driver. But still needs to do some growing up in the area of respect. I think this could be lots of fun, which after all is what F1 is supposed to be. I only wish some of the Schu critics could see that too.

  127. It will be interesting to see if he still has what is required in top flight that too at the age of 40.
    Seeing him go one to one against the likes of kimi Raikonen and Lewis Hamilton should be an interesting prospect. Kimi will have same machinery and Hamilton haven’t raced against him before.

    Also point to be noted, as of now Hamilton has a better car. So seeing schumi defending against Hamilton…..very nice

    1. Schumacher will be disadvantaged in every sense until he gets the hang of the car and at least couple of races. I expect Kimi to be in front… but again there is that element of “consistency” which Schumacher has very much, similar to Alonso and Hamilton.

      1. I think rather think that Alonso and Hamilton have that in common with Schumacher.

  128. The question that has to be on everyones lips is, if Rob Smedley is going to be Shumi’s race engineer will he call him Baby???

  129. Its Hammer time
    30th July 2009, 11:54

    I am fit to bursting with excitement. Question to every one. He cannot drive the F60 until spain because of the testing ban but presumably Ferrari could hire out Mugello and have Michael lapping an F2008 constantly for ‘exhibition/ demonstration’ over the next few weeks. Would this be allowed in the rules?
    How is testing defined?

  130. The realistic goals for Schumi and Ferrari will be to bring home the car in the points regularly until the end of season and get as high up in the constructors table as possible. Anything more for Schumacher is a bonus.

    All the comments about him being a cheat are just lame. We haven’t seen in many years a racer who was as dedicated to his craft as he was. IMO he was a hard racer, something we all cry out for more of. Yes, he stepped over the line on a few occasions, but he took his punishment like a man – and usually responding with an impressive drive.

    So to all the Schumi haters – you have a right to your own opinions, but at least show some respect.

  131. Wow! This is fantastic news! Its gonna be a huge boost to F1 TV ratings! Give Mika a ride too!

  132. Bigbadderboom
    30th July 2009, 15:35

    Fantastic, in the eyes of the F1 faithful he stands to lose nothing, his status is legendary and written in stone in the racing archives. I hope he shows just some of the old magic.

    1. I watch F1 to see some great wheel to wheel racing of which there was plenty in Michael’s time. I hope we get to see some of that old magic come Valencia.
      As for Hamilton vs Michael, don’t forget that Massa won more races than Hamilton did last year. Also Massa’s engine blew up while he was leading by a country mile in Hungary with just 3 laps to go. Again there was the screw up in refuelling in Singapore when he came while leading the race.
      Remember that Massa just could not best Michael in fastest laps or pole positions and of course wins

  133. Wow. Lots of harsh comments. While I never watched f1 during the schumi days and never really got into it until I moved to japan, I’m looking forward to seeing how he competes. Would we usually say anything less if it were Michael Jordan, tiger woods or zidane, no matter how controversial they all are. They are all ruthless competitors and that hunger brought them to the places that they are.

    For me, this will add a little sugar and spice to a season that has been lacking in excitement.

    Godspeed Felipe and hope you return soon. In the meantime, we get the opportunity to watch another interesting twist in the world of sports that rarely happens in ones lifetime.
    Love him or hate him, I consider myself lucky to have the chance to watch this spectacle.

  134. Hamilton V Schumacher! Very intresting!

  135. schumi……… waiting to see you in the to the whole world that you are legend all time…..

  136. Either way come Valencia, Kimi is going to get drunk – either in celebration or in sorrow!

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