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Other News: Button confirms RoC presence

"World championship leader Jenson Button has confirmed that he will take part in the Race of Champions again this year."

BMW pulls out, but team should survive

"I always thought that they bottled it last year, choosing to work on the 2009 car once they had achieved their 2008 targets of a first win and third in the constructors’ championship, rather than throw the kitchen sink at trying to win the title with Kubica." Didn't Ted Kravitz junk that theory a few months back?

Lewis addresses Vodafone McLaren Mercedes workforce after Budapest victory

Lewis Hamilton: “Winning on Sunday was our victory. The work that you’ve done this season has been incredible – I have never seen this place so intensely busy and productive. And the result in Hungary showed that there is definitely light at the end of the tunnel – and that makes the job easier and more satisfying for everyone. You have all been amazing and I hope you are as proud of this win as I am.”


"This is why the FIA prepared regulations to reduce costs drastically. These measures were needed to alleviate the pressure on manufacturers following Honda's withdrawal but also to make it possible for new teams to enter. Had these regulations not been so strongly opposed by a number of team principals, the withdrawal of BMW and further such announcements in the future might have been avoided." FIA not passing up the opportunity to say "we told you so"

Robert Kubica free to replace Massa as BMW follow Honda by pulling out of F1

"While Formula One continues to struggle in the recession, BMW’s impending departure will free up their star Polish driver Robert Kubica as Ferrari look for someone to replace the injured Felipe Massa."

Button losing grip on F1 title race

"The Hungarian race was held on a circuit with lots of long twisting turns, requiring lots of braking and – on a generally hot day – conditions that should ensure plenty of tyre heat. Yet the team could see from their data systems that the tyres rarely got beyond 60C during Sunday's race, this being about 20C lower than they need to be in order to work properly."

Schumacher would consider return

Michael Schumacher's spokeswoman Sabine Kehm: "The whole thing will be considered by Ferrari. If they approach Michael, then he will consider it,"

Q & A with Norbert Haug

"I think it is now a different story. If KERS helps you to win then it is mentioned. Before it was probably said that the little boys use KERS and the others do not, but I think it is different now. Maybe we will see teams changing to KERS even during this season."

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  1. If Ferrari want to replace somebody for 2010 then I think it should be Robert Kubica,because Alonso may have teams number 1 issue & Robert dont have a seat for next year.
    It sounds great

    1. Now it must also depend on how quickly Massa can recover from his injuries. Maybe Ferrari will have to find two drivers for next year?

  2. http://www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/77426

    I agree with something Ralf Schumacher said :O

  3. I still think the ROC in China is a stupid idea.
    And I don’t understand the Kubica story. Do they mean for next year he can replace Massa, or for the remainder of this year? Even before Schumacher was confirmed he couldn’t have done it this year. He still has a contract.

  4. Shame the RoC is in Beijing…mind you – it wasn’t the most entertaining of days out last year on a more than chilly day at Wembley last year…

    Keith – could you mention Badger’s charity auction in your links please – it’s important that word is spread as much as possible – it’s for a very good cause! Thanks

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