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An article claimed to be an interview with Felipe Massa was debunked by the Ferrari team who revealed the quotes came from Massa’s brother, and not the man himself. More on that story and others below:

David Coulthard, Christian Horner and Eddie Jordan offer their analysis on the season so far

"Since retiring, Michael’s been racing motorbikes and karts. I hear he’s been out in GP2 or Formula 3000 cars as well."

Formula 1 facing anti-bias probe

"The risk that the EC could declare the selection process invalid may alone be enough to derail the plans of Manor, Campos and US F1, the three teams which were selected by the FIA to join F1 next year." See here for more: Exclusive: Zoran Stefanovic explains his complaint to the EU about the FIA

Doornbos: Schumacher will out perform Kimi

Robert Doornbos: “I hope he will do very well – I think he will. He doesn't know the car that they are running this year. I read this morning that they sent a letter to all the teams to get permission for him to test the car of this year. I think he will do great, he's a legend. Actually, I bet he will do much better than Massa and Raikkonen."

Ferrari ace first interview after coma

"When I woke up I didn't know why I was in hospital so I was asking 'Why am I here?' I was pulling all the tubes and my brother Eduardo tried to stop me so we had a fight."

First interview with Felipe Massa tomorrow on Ferrari.com

"The statements printed today in the English press were not his but Edoardo's." Ferrari to News of the World: 'your story is BS'.

Stirling Moss on Schumacher, Eddie Jordan and why F1 needs Rossi

"On this point of danger and safety, one has to be very careful. One of the major ingredients when I was racing was the danger. When you’re seventeen, eighteen years old, doing something dangerous, is exciting, it’s terrific. That has now obviously gone and other than being hit by somebody else’s wheel, I think it would be very difficult to kill yourself in a modern day Formula One car, quite honestly, unless it caught fire."

Michael Schumacher is back

Martin Brundle: "Where is the sense in preventing Alonso driving in front of his home crowd? If the Renault team were reckless, give them a slapping behind closed doors, but it’s not fair to punish the fans and the race promoters."

Jenson Button must tread carefully

"One theory is that [Brawn's] aerodynamic upgrade, in bringing more rear downforce than front downforce and thereby changing the car’s handling balance, has made it more difficult to generate front-tyre temperature. If the front tyres do not load up and instead slide across the surface of the track, the tyre’s core temperatures tend not to reach the optimum. Furthermore, without the instant bite of “grippy” front tyres to turn the car, the cornering speeds are reduced, thereby reducing the loads on the rear tyres too, leading to less temperature build-up."

The Last Word: Comeback kids don’t need to win to succeed

"Armstrong, 37, and Schumacher, 40, both won their holy grail – the Tour de France and drivers' world championship respectively – seven times. Both reigned supreme in their sport but never generated the widespread affection with which, for example, Roger Federer is held in tennis. Maybe both were too calculating, too focused on winning, too ruthless, to win the public's love as well as their respect."

Concorde Agreement

"The new Concorde Agreement, which runs until 31 December 2012, provides for a continuation of the procedures in the 1998 Concorde Agreement, with decisions taken by working groups and commissions, upon which all teams have voting rights, before going to the WMSC for ratification. In addition, as agreed in Paris on 24 June 2009, the Teams have entered into a resource restriction agreement, which aims to return expenditure to the levels that prevailed in the early 1990s."

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  1. Interestingly, Autosport went ahead at full steam and produced an article yesterday morning quoting from the NOTW.

    It not seems to have magically disappeared…


    1. Oh dear… well spotted, Dank!

      1. Casino Square
        3rd August 2009, 17:24

        The News of the World is pathetic even by tabloid standards. I wondered initially why he would give them an interview over any other newspaper- I guess this explains that one. And even I thought what they did to Max Mosley was a bit cruel, even though I hate him.

  2. Mussolini's Pet Cat
    3rd August 2009, 11:50

    As someone who has just turned 40, its great to see Schumacher returning to F1… Now where’s that chest expander…..

  3. Just saw it as well. He looks much better than I expected. And as fun as I think it will be to see Schumacher do a couple of races (at the very least spa), can’t wait to see him back in his own car.

  4. Also reading on The Independent I noticed Williams has blocked the request for Schumacher to test the new F60.Good for them!It would not be fair….I can’t believe the other teams would agree to that.They do have two test drivers that are up to date with the car after all.Schumacher is back!….let the cheating begin!

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