Button, Vettel, Webber, Barrichello: one of these men will be champion (Poll)

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Jenson Button's championship lead is in jeopardy
Jenson Button's championship lead is in jeopardy

With Felipe Massa’s crash, Michael Schumacher’s return, BMW quitting the sport and a new FIA president about to be elected, I have a nagging feeling I may have overlooked something…

Oh yeah, there’s a drivers’ championship to be won. Jenson Button may have an 18.5 points lead over Mark Webber, but his car no longer looks capable of challenging for podiums, never mind wins. Can he hold back the charging Red Bulls?

Who will be world champion?

  • Jenson Button (43%)
  • Mark Webber (31%)
  • Sebastian Vettel (19%)
  • Someone else... (5%)
  • Rubens Barrichello (2%)

Total Voters: 2,482

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Here’s an odd thought: Michael Schumacher could be world champion this year. With seven races to go any driver that’s on the grid at Valencia in two weeks’ time could claim the crown.

The statistical likelihood of that happening is a different matter entirely, of course. Realistically it’s Button and the three drivers within 26 points of him – Webber, Sebastian Vettel and Rubens Barrichello – who are the only likely contenders.

Barrichello’s considerable deficit to Button, the difficulty he has had beating his team mate this year and Brawn’s lack of competitiveness as the season heads into the second half mean his chances are pretty slender too.

Brawn won’t be able to bring him into play to assist Button until he becomes mathematically incapable of winning the championship. However, as Barrichello is lagging behind both the Red Bulls, Brawn are more likely to be able to make use of that before Red Bull can.

The development race

Stop for a moment and marvel at just how unexpected the balance of power is in Formula 1 today. Twelve months ago Red Bull were falling behind their thrusting junior squad, and Brawn were called ‘Honda’ and languishing at the back of the pack.

After dominating the opening races, Brawn are on the back foot, with Red Bull finishing one-two at Silverstone and Hockenheim.

Red Bull’s Silverstone upgrade has moved the RB5 to the head of the field. It included a revised diffuser which successfully combined Adrian Newey unconventional pull rod suspension layout with a full exploitation of the ‘double diffuser’ principle used by Brawn since the beginning of the season.

Brawn faces the classic development dilemma: whether to push on with modifications to its current car, or start getting ready for next year. With limited resources the team might have to compromise its programme for the rest of the year to ensure it is competitive in 2010 – or vice-versa.

It faces the added complication of facing tighter resources next year. Its supply of funds from Honda were intended to be enough to get it through this year, but in 2010 it will have to fend for itself. They are likely to lose Virgin, who are switching allegiances to newcomers Manor (Brawn are paying the price of not breaking ranks with FOTA as the FIA’s Alan Donnelly is alleged to have played a role in the deal).

Circuits and weather

Earlier in the season it seemed as though hotter temperatures favoured the Brawn cars and circuits that put a premium on aerodynamic efficiency favoured the Red Bulls.

But recent events have not run true to that form particularly in the heat of the Hungaroring, where Brawn still struggled with low tyre temperatures.

Looking at the races to come we can expected Red Bull to thrive at Spa-Francorchamps and Suzuka. After three poor races Brawn’s competitiveness at any circuit is a concern.

The Malaysian and Chinese rounds at the beginning of the year suggested Red Bull also have an advantage in wet weather.

This raises the prospect of Button having to damage-limit his way to the championship. In order to be sure of the title he needs a minimum of five second places and a fifth. On the strength of his form in the last three races (sixth, fifth, seventh) that looks well out of his reach.

The competition

What’s most exciting about the run-in to the championship is that the title contenders are almost certainly going to have to mix it with other drivers not in the hunt.

Lewis Hamilton proved McLaren are back with an emphatic win at the Hungaroring. The slow circuit was always expected to play to his car’s strengths, but there’s no denying McLaren has made a gigantic step forwards with the MP4-24. Expect them to be a threat around Singapore’s many tight corners and possibly Valencia as well.

Ferrari’s F60 is also looking increasingly strong and they have the great unknown in the shape of Michael Schumacher. If the F60 is as good at Valencia as it was at Hungary, then I wouldn’t bet against Schumacher’s KERS-powered Ferrari winning the race. And the final rounds serve up two of his favourite tracks – Spa and Suzuka – where he will surely be on top form.

Wiliams have also shown flashes of form – enough for Nico Rosberg to beat Button in the last three races.

It all adds up to one of the most unpredictable championship conclusions we have seen for some time.

Red Bull are looking ever stronger (and are likely to take the lead in the constructors’ championship soon) but their drivers are taking points of each other. Although Brawn are struggling, a couple of decent points scores couple with slip-ups for Webber and Vettel could seal the championship for Button.

You wouldn’t have thought it three races ago, but the 2009 drivers’ championship looks ever more likely to be decided at that new season finale in Abu Dhabi.

Can you call the winner with seven races to go? Have your say below.

Remaining races

2009 European Grand Prix, Circuito Urbano Valencia
2009 Belgian Grand Prix, Spa-Francorchamps
2009 Italian Grand Prix, Monza
2009 Singapore Grand Prix, Marina Bay
2009 Japanese Grand Prix, Suzuka
2009 Brazilian Grand Prix, Interlagos
2009 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Yas Island

The world championship battle so far (click to enlarge)
The world championship battle so far (click to enlarge)

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101 comments on “Button, Vettel, Webber, Barrichello: one of these men will be champion (Poll)”

  1. Prisoner Monkeys
    8th August 2009, 7:03

    I think Button can do it. I want Button to do it. No-one deserves it more.

    1. What world do you live in? Maybe it’s fair to say that Brawn team deserve to win, but Button? Oh pliz. Button deserves to win the same way Damon Hill deserved to win. He had the best car for enough races. That’s it!

      1. Very true. I think Webber deserves it the most. Jenson had the best car by miles, its the same as Damon Hill in 1996

        1. Well, Ii don’t think the car is so obviously better that the RBR. It was true for the first races, but RedBull was immediately on their heels.
          And Button scored in every race and didn’t make a single mistake this year.

          I wouldn’t find it unfair if he clinched the championship really.

      2. Mussolini's Pet Cat
        8th August 2009, 22:50

        hmmm, could this be something to do with them being English??????

    2. Why you think he deserves it more?.

      I like Button. But Webber proved to be much more consistent than his highly rated team mate (who, of course, was said to smash Webbo completely). And now he’s proven to be faster aswell (he beated him many times this year).

      Plus he’s confident after his win. He knows he can do it.

      And i wouldn’t be surprised if he does it. I’d love him to do it!

      1. Paige Michael-Shetley
        12th August 2009, 4:32

        Firstly, let’s rule out Barrichello. He’s too far back from Button and has been beaten by him handily throughout the year. If push does come to shove with Red Bull in the drivers championship, we can fully expect Brawn to give him the “Schumacher’s Monkey Boy” treatment yet again.

        Responding to some random comments I’ve read on here…

        On who deserves the championship most: Whoever has the most points at the end of the year. On the grounds of sentiment, you could make a great case for both Button and Webber. Both are very talented drivers who have always found themselves in the wrong car at the wrong time, yet still managed to pull off some great performances in equipment that wasn’t the best for the bulk of their careers. Now they’re both in top cars and are showing what they were always capable of doing.

        On the Red Bull driver pairing: Someone said that Webber has shown himself to be quicker than Vettel, and I have to say that this is just a rubbish statement. Vettel has out-qualified him NINE TO ONE this year, including on a few occasions of having more fuel in Q3. I don’t think there’s much question that Vettel is quicker and more talented than Webber. W

        What Webber has done is drive more intelligently in races and deliver more consistent race results, which is surely important but also a product of age and experience. Vettel’s main problem at this point in his career is his over-exuberance, which will be tamed by age. He’s also had some trouble with starts, but this is surely something he’ll get a handle on sometime soon.

        If Raikkonen doesn’t body slam him and massacre his front wing in Hungary, Vettel probably overtakes Webber in the overlaps, finishes ahead of him, and stays ahead in the drivers championship.

    3. I want Button to win. But I have a feeling that Webber will pip him to the post.

      Either one would deserve it. All word champions have earnt the right.

      1. Don’t forget the broken leg! Webber and Button have easily been the most consistent drivers this year so i would be happy for eiter of them to win. but of course, webber is the only driver i truly support (due to being australia) so i hope he wins comfortably. good luck to him.

  2. i think button will clinch the WDC, but it might be very close by the time we get to dubai. i think mclaren will be every possible effort to take as many points away as possible from red bull, after all mercedes have some stake in this, cuz the last time they won a constructor championship was way back in 1998. so with the remarkable improvement in peformance by mclaren, i see them as the kingmakers in deciding the ultimate chances as to who wins the championship. but you never know, with shoe around anything might happen, might just bang into jenson or rubens in every race. spoilsport!

  3. I count Webber in this one. Schumacher, LOL!!! I don´t know why people are talking about he may win…in normal circumstances Ferrari is just not fast enough, even with Michael who WILL NOT be able to be faster than Kimi with this car.

    1. But you can be rest assured that he’ll definitely be involved in one or two controversies.

  4. No-one desrves it more? How exactly do you work that out mate?

    Regardless, the finish this year will be very interesting, mainly as we will have numerous cars and drivers capable of wins. Brawn and RBR are obvious contenders (maybe not Rubens), Lewis is very quick in the revised McLaren, Alonso proved with his fastest lap at the Nurburgring (not Hockenheim…) that Renault might be back again, Ferrari are going to be quick especially on tracks suited to KERS cars, and Rosberg might sneak a win in the Williams (remember Singapore last year???).

    Button has the advantage of leading. However with 7 races to go his lead, lets call it 20 points over Webber, only needs to be whittled away by three points per race. It’s do-able.

    And i would argue the best driver & team deserve it more, whoever that turns out to be.

    1. everyone maybe with the exception of young vettel deserves to win. i don’t see rubens continuing after this season, we might never see button in an ultra-competitive car in the near future, mark webber has a tough team mate who is very young & has plenty of time to taste success. so i wouldn’t mind any of the 3 veterans winning, but its going to be an uphill task for rubens.

      1. can you plz elaborate why you wouldn’t thing young vettel deserves to win?

  5. Why does Button deserve it the most? As far as I’m concerned, he’s just an ordinary driver who happens to be in the best car, a car he is incapable of setting up without his teammate’s help.

    1. its not the best car anymore ;). i think they must revert back to the istanbul trim. something has gone terribly wrong for them. if they don’t sort out their tyre heating problems quickly, they are in trouble big time not only for the remainder of the season, but also for 2010, guess what? tyre warmers are banned for next season.

    2. Actually, only the first 2 races was the BrawnGP the car to beat. From China on, the Red Bull has really been faster.

    3. True Hammad and now his car isn’t the best one by miles his struggling to get in the points

  6. Oh and it’s abu dhabi, not dubai. Big difference.

    1. aren’t both twin cities? like LA & Francisco??

      1. The outskirts of Abu Dhabi and Dubai are only a handful of miles apart these days and perhaps will become one twin city eventually (so not a huge difference). However LA and San Francisco are hundreds of miles apart and not a twin city.

      2. LA and SF aren’t even close…

  7. people have forgotten the fact that mark has won only one race so far, yet they seem to think he’ll be WDC. especially with the emergence of mclaren & ferrari to an extent, i’ll be immensly difficult for red bull to take-off points from brawn. again there is a strong possibility that brawn might improve as well. Ross Brawn is a cunning shrewd man, who knows how to turn around things in his favour,as he did on innumerable occasions at ferrari.

    1. i see what you mean, but mr brawn is a race director not an engineer, when he was at ferrari the team had the resources, he has a small team that has no money, he doesnt have the equitment that other teams have or the work force, remember he fired half the team after austraila, maybe thats going to bite him in the ass, we have to remember that the car that brawn have now was designed by honda. So my advice for brawn is to start finding more sponsors while his car still has good pace, its going to be hard for him to find good money when his car is at the back of the feild. For the championship im going for webber, i dont know if its just me but i think that webberwants it more if you compare webber and vettels attitude towards the situation. The hype over vettel i think over rated aswell, im not saying he is crap coz i think he is very good, but the only reason he looked so good last year is that bourdais was utterly crap.

      We also have to look at mclaren and ferrairi they are so intent on winning more races this year to make up for poor performance this year, but i think all the hype over schumacher is over rated, we have seen what happens when he doesnt have the best car on the grid (2005 season) , and hes not coming into this season with a determination to win another title, he just filling a seat while massa gets better, publicity stunt by ferrari i recon coz they are not performing this season. Why is marc gene not driving, isnt that his job if these situations arise, and why did micheal leave i the first place? Ask youself these questions before you start saying that the shoe is going to win a handful of races this season.

  8. I would like to see M.A. Webber take the title, although J.A.L. Button could even cruise home to, say, 4th every race and still claim the Championship. So probably he‘ll win it.

    1. That only works if Red Bull forget to win races. Don’t forget that the RB’s only need to catch Button by 3 points every race to become WDC’s!

  9. Surely Rubens will win? oh wait, its a conspiracy. His team will MAKE him fail, too much ‘blah blah blah blah…’.

    Sad not ONE vote.

  10. I’d have to go with Jenson, even though I would love to see Webbo do it…. JB has a huge advantage still, and a good car is a good car. They’ll roll back the changes and get it back to where it can score podiums again.

  11. I think Jenson will do it because basically in the remaining races Red Bull will be sharing wins not only with Jenson (I don’t believe we’ve seen his last win) but also with McLaren and Ferrari. So therefore they may close on Button but not by enough.

    Although, if anybody can do it, it’ll be Webber.

  12. At least we don’t have the medal system. Button and BrawnGP will really still have to fight for it now.

  13. As Schumi is back.I don’t really care about others.As long as schumi gives super entertainment thats enough for me.I think he will win a couple of races at least.Even if is not even in top 10 the fight for 11th place will be great if schumi is there.But for the sake of predicting i think webber will win the championship.

    1. As long as schumi gives super entertainment thats enough for me

      Oh, yeah! We can expect some overtakes via pit stops. First class entertainment…

      1. Max should resign now!!!
        9th August 2009, 1:11

        Oh, yeah! We can expect some overtakes via pit stops. First class entertainment…

        LMAO!!! very true by the way, what about some “parking accidents” in quali as well? First class entertainment as well…

  14. If Shuie does race at Valencia, I can see him improving the Ferrari even if he doesn’t get on to the podium. If the kers cars can overtake out of corner 10 before turn 12 then we may see some action, but if not then qualy will decide the order.
    Then at Spa I wouldn’t be surprised to see all 4 kers cars finish at or near the front. Using the kers button up the hill out of Raidillon and around Blanchimont to overtake anybody who is in front without kers.
    Therefore I think we maybe only have to wait until Spa finishes to see if anybody can overtake Jensen for the championship.

  15. Terry Fabulous
    8th August 2009, 10:00

    Who the hell voted for Barrichello?

    In all seriousness,
    The brain says Barrichello has no chance.
    The heart wants Button or Webber.
    The gut feels it will be Vettel.

    1. Indeed, Rubens has no chance. I voted Button, but I would like Webber to get it. Vettel I don’t think will manage it just yet.

    2. StrFerrari4Ever
      8th August 2009, 10:59

      I know what you mean you just have a feeling that Vettel will surprise us and leave us thinking how did Button or Webber not win that that’s the great thing about F1 :D

  16. This title will be decided by McLaren, Ferrari, Rosberg and Alonso. Red Bull will finish ahead Brawn most races, and it will depend if they finish behind some of those cars, and how many are between them and Button, as Barrichello barely has a chance.

    Valencia will be up for anyone, but Monza and Spa specially will be Red Bull tracks, so I go with Vettel.

  17. My vote is Button. In my opinion he deserves it most, I don’t think Vettel, Barrichello let alone Webber really deserve it.

  18. I think it will be Button followed by Webber. Schumacher would have to win the next 7 races and Button could not score another point.

  19. I just do not want Button to win. I don’t think he deserves it because he hasn’t shown to me championship spirit or ability in previous years, whereas someone like Lewis and even Alonso have shown skill and fighting spirit even when the car is not so good. In my eyes, that makes it that if Button wins, he would win 99.9% because of having the monster of a car at the beginning of the season. What a travesty that would be. I would prefer Webber to win as he had to overcome a massive injury at the beginning of the year and it is a long time coming. Of course, if by some miracle, it would be preferable for Lewis to win it. I just don’t like Button as a character either.

    1. I just don’t like Button as a character either.

      Yeah I mean what’s his game being charming, humble, proffesional, giving time over to the press and fans. What’s that all about??

      How can you say that Webber has had it a long time coming when he’s had a shorter career than Button and they’ve both been in good, bad and mediocre cars in their time in F1..??

    2. Just to follow up on Keith’s mathematics – if Schumacher can win it so can Lewis

  20. I think Button will hang on to clinch it, but Red Bull will take the constructors’ championship.

  21. StrFerrari4Ever
    8th August 2009, 10:51

    I’m remaining faithful and praying that Vettel wins it if he can close the gap whilst Button and Webber have poor races in the coming races then that would be fantastic.
    I can see Jenson getting very anxious these coming races his been sounding more agitated on the radio when things aren’t going as smooth as he wants them , Rubens well if he can’t beat Jenson how can he get the WDC the other thing I’m hoping for is that Red Bull can take a further step so that the Macca’s , Fezza’s & Williams’ are behind them but ahead of Brawn so we can see the Red Bull drivers maximising their advantage and catching Jenson.
    Red Bull should be very strong at Spa & the twistyness of Suzuka and they have a huge upgrade for Singapore so I’m expecting great things from them.
    Valencia? well Vettel went well last year so I think he’ll be very confident and will be focussed on closing the gap to Webber & Button can’t wait And i forgot to mention the red barron :) he can eff up a few people’s plans :D

  22. Woah! Why do so many people choose Webber over Vattel?!
    No chance!

    1. StrFerrari4Ever
      8th August 2009, 11:13

      They think his got the momentum and Vettel will make more nooby mistakes but I can’t wait for Seb to prove them wrong!

    2. Given the evidence, why wouldn’t they?

      1. webber’s been more consistent and often faster than vettel. i don’t think vettel has the maturity to win a championship just yet. give him a few years. webber all the way.

  23. I don’t really want Vettel to win it this year, because he will have lots of other chances to win it. Button and Webber probably won’t get another chances like to to win the WDC, so I want one of them to win. Barrichello just doesn’t have a chance, like other people have said.

    I voted for Button, by the way ;)

  24. As a matter of fact, Webber is the form man right now. He has the edge over Vettel and if he can keep it up and win one or two more races, he’ll do it.
    I’m a bit worried about Red Bull’s strategy screw-ups. This could cost them the title, as they are the team to beat right now (and most likely will be through the rest of the season).
    I can’t see Ferrari and McLaren taking too many points off the Red Bulls, they’ll take far more points off Brawn. The Brawn car has been developed for some 18 months now, there is a certain limit and they are getting really close to that by now.

    In my opinion, both titles are Red Bull’s to loose by now.

    1. How do you determine that Webber is the on form man? He just has that one win like Vettel and Lewis, is only 4.5 points ahead of Vettel – what really puts him heads and shoulders above his team mate? I am looking and i see nothing exciting there.

      1. StrFerrari4Ever
        9th August 2009, 10:17

        Correction Vettel has 2 victories this season.

  25. Webber clearly has the form over Vettel. He’s been both fast and consistent, and consistency is something Vettel is seriously lacking in right now.

    I still think Button will win it (and I want it). And to all those nay-sayers who question his loyalty and honesty, he stuck with Honda and was incredibly loyal, to the point of damaging his career. Webber has thrown hissy fits at his two previous teams. I think Button deserves it more, but Webber would be as worthy a champion.

    It’s great for us Button and ex-Honda fans – I’ve supported Honda and Button for years so it’s good to see their legacy challenge for a championship.

  26. i’m a little confused as to why so many people seem to think that JB DESERVES to win it. How do the people that have said that come to that conclusion. OK he has been in some under performing cars, granted but so has MW. The comment from Adrian saying that MW as well as JB has been in a good, bad and mediocre car. I’m sorry when has MW been in a good car prior to this year. Wasn’t he voted the unluckiest driver in F1 in recent years. If JB deserves to win then MW Definately deserves to win, broken leg and shoulder before the start of the seaon and look how he’s performed not at 100% and he’s had **** cars pretty much his whole career in F1…but…i’m not saying he deserves to win…as cliched as it is but..may the best man win!

    I like JB i think he’s a cool guy and he’s very professional , but to say he deserves it hmmm. If people can say that then i think Piquet deserves to win, i mean just look at his CV and the things he’s accomplished before entering F1. You can’t knock back the fact that he scored more points than ANY other Brazilian in their first year…now that is a super star….bring back Piquet oh and partner him with Sato…now that will be a force to be reckoned with!

  27. Vettel retired in Hungary from a mechanical problem, i can’t see how that affects his consistency.

    1. If you actually look where Vettel was in the scheme of things before he retired, and over the past few races, Webber has definite form over him at the moment.

  28. Here’s something I’m surprised you didn’t pick up on: there is a very real possibility of Mark Webber winning the championship this year with only one win to his name. If McLaren and Ferrari continue to improve and win the remaining GPs, while Brawn continue to struggle, this is a likely outcome.

    Has this ever happened before?

    1. Rosberg in 82 only won 1 gp.

    2. Yes! its happened before. Infact its happened twice, once in 1958 with Mike Hawthorn & in 1982 with keke rosberg who won only 1 gp at Dijon-Prenois & i dunno why its called a swiss gp. any ideas??

      1. I guess this was before they’d thought of the “Grand Prix of Europe”, and it was a way of having a second French race.

        There were stacks of top French drivers back then. We’re back to none at all now – I don’t think Grosjean counts as, fittingly, he’s Swiss.

        1. I think he can compete for both countries, mum and dad having the 2 different nationality.
          That is very handy: in the french media he’ll probably be swiss when he’s bad, french when he wins !

    3. Jonathan, if things turned out the way you describe, JB and not Webber will win the WDC. Two McLarens and Two Ferraris infront of Webber would consistently put him fifth or lower, which i doubt would win him the title. A major assumption here would be that JB wouldn’t be scoring any points. Don’t forget that Vettel is probably going to bounce back …

      1. Feels good to tell you all “i told you so” – Vettel is BACK!!! (unfortunately Webber seems to have faded in the process)

    4. the importance of consistency…

  29. Looks like another 2007 in the making…

  30. who here thinks jamie will score a point this year??

  31. i dunno why BMW are still competing? It was bit stupid of them to announce that decision midway, i dunno how the poor engineers,mechanics & drivers will motivate themselves. There is no point in them continuing for the remainder. BMW ruined it for themselves & peter sauber, blindly believed in them. But i have to say hats off to mercedes for sticking around with mclaren for nearly 15 years. BMW must imo quit immediately, becoz chances are they will embarrass themselves with some very bad performance in the coming races.

    1. I agree mp4. I think announcement of that decision was timed wrongly and I have a feeling that BMW decision was driven financially in that they probably wanted enough time to try to sell the team. However I think they made a big mistake:


      It is interesting how something least expected happens :).

      BMW should have sold the team to Sauber while they had the chance!

  32. My heart’s with Jenson. After all these miserable years because of his package, he deserves it than anyone else, now. But I think Webber will take the title. He has the best car, right now. And he’s more experienced than his slope failure team mate.

    All the candidates are tense, for sure. Obviously, they know that they can have a chance for the title again, hardly ever. (That one’s not valid for Vettel, for sure.) You can feel that from Jenson’s radio, Vettel’s moaning about KERS, Rubens blah-blah’s… I think Webber is the most comfortable right now because of the momentum he get.

  33. I think that Button is most likely to be World Champion this year for the following reasons:

    1. He’s got a 18.5 point lead and while it’s being whittled away, it’s still there at the moment.

    2. By the end of the year, Button will almost certainly have more wins than any other driver, so he can afford to finish the season level with whoever’s second. And as Hamilton and Massa are well aware, a point’s a point.

    3. McLaren and Ferrari are now pushing for wins and podiums and as the Red Bulls seem more competitive at the moment, this is more likely to help Brawn.

    4. Webber and Vettel are still taking points off each other, whereas Barrichello is going to have to play a back up roll fairly soon, regardless of how much he’ll hate doing so.

    Of course, we’re in the lap of the gods now and one small thing – a wrong tire change, steward’s decision or engine failure could change everything.

    1. just a coment on point number two, he has a 18.5 point lead for him to draw even with lets say webber, one of the races would have to be stoped to make up that halfpiont difference, so by the end of the season he is either going to be above or below webber, asuming that webber is going to be chalanging for the title.

  34. Keith, I don’t think Hockenheim was on this years calendar!

  35. At the moment I kinda think Brawn won’t be able to turn around their form, so I voted Webber to win it.

  36. Webber will win, and Red Bull will win the Constructors championship.
    I want to say Vettel, but he is still young and will have a chance many times in the future to win. I do think though that he will improve largely over the rest of year in skill and maturity. He will help Red Bull win lots of races in the future, but I don’t think he will win a championship until he is driving for a team like Ferrari. And yes, within the next 6 – 7 seasons I think we will see him in a Ferrari.

    1. a drivers age should never be the reason why he does not deserve the title – what happened to skill?

      1. based on skill, webber and button should win. no two ways about it, vettel makes too many mistakes.

  37. I think Button will still win the title. His season curiously mirrors that of Alonso in 2006.

    Alonso won just 1 race in the 2nd half of the season and won the championship.

    One more win for Button, and the championship is his.

  38. Button by a couple of points.

  39. Love the way some people speak for everyone. Saying we all want Button to win and he deserves it. I’d like Vettel to win but I think Webber deserves it most.

    Having Barrichello on the list is silly and other too. Whoever voted for other must be crazy or just ruining the poll :-P

    1. I was just thinking that! More votes for “other” than Barichello? What exactly are you lot thinking? ;)

      1. Well considering Buttons 6 wins from 7 at the start. If Hamilton (going from the last race) or even Räikkönen / Rosberg / Trulli picked up that consistancy they could well win. And how things have gone so far who knows??

  40. I reckon this half of the season will continue to be more changeable in winners. And consequently Button will win through varied people taking points. However the Red Bulls are not far behind and it could be a close end to the season. Every point counts, no-one can say the new rules havent made the year more exiting as a whole, from one race to the next no-one is accurately predicting who to pick up points. A couple of months or even weeks ago no-one would have suspected Hamilton of getting a win.

    From the last couple of races you could say Red Bull look to take a few points from Button even without wins, which is enough to take the championship. But I wouldnt place money going on “continued stability”, my guess in continued instability in winners. Thus Button to take.

  41. Button by 6 points or less. Look out for some dodgy stewards’ decisions in an attempt to manipulate the title race, but Jenson’s great strength is his ability to keep his nose clean, and he’ll keep picking up points. Red Bull won’t win all the races: I think we’ll see a Ferrari win, maybe more from Hamilton, possibly Alonso.

  42. There is no real point arguing against Button with you lot. It is mostly British folks on this site. lol.

    1. Mussolini's Pet Cat
      8th August 2009, 22:51

      Common sense at last.

    2. Casino Square
      9th August 2009, 12:09

      I’m British and I’m supporting Vettel, not Button

      1. Good stuff. Go Vettel :D

  43. One thing’s certain, it’s much more interesting now than 3 races ago. I voted Webber partly as I’d prefer him to win, partly as I don’t believe Button has it in him to scramble for the points amid the likes of Schumacher, Raikkonen, Hamilton and maybe even Alonso (wow, that’s some roll call!) and Vettel seems to lack the track presence to fend off more aggressive competitord (at the moment anyhow). I also suspect Brawn will keep drifting off the pace now, making Button’s job exceptionally difficult. His hope is Webber (or Vettel) not getting enough points or points difference – 4 per race to be comfortable. It’s a weird situation, the top drivers (imo) with nothing to win or lose as such, now in competitive cars, mixing it up with the title contenders. And Schumacher too ;0)

  44. It will be one of the Red Bull

  45. a steward’s decision will decide this one

  46. Since Formula One is more about entertainment than sport, it would be most entertaining for me if Hamilton won it! Of the top 4, I don’t think Button’s that good, Rubens is way past it, and Vettel makes too many mistakes. That leaves Webber, but none of them are convincing as Champion.

  47. What are the odds that not just one but both Red Bulls will be in front of JB in the championship at the end of the season?

    Thanks to the incapable Rubens, Jenson actually has a great shot at the championship. If Rubens didn’t just whine but actually raced JB in the first 7 races, he may have won a race or 2, leaving JB with less of an advantage than he enjoys today.

  48. Webber will be the champ for ’09

  49. For those of us convinced that Jenson Button’s points lead will hold until Abu Dhabi, lets remind ourselves of Lewis Hamilton’s championship lead at this stage two years ago. How quickly that was pegged back!
    The problem for Brawn at the moment does indeed extend further than just the Red Bulls. At the beginning of the season, even in the races Button failed to win, he managed to get onto the podium. This was down to the fact that teams like Ferrari and McLaren were so far off the pace, podiums were like victories to them. Few and far between.
    This is not the case anymore, and that must concern Brawn Gp as their car does not appear to have that crucial advantage.
    Red Bull have an impressive team, that has taken several years to gel, but now is starting to bear fruit.
    Adrian Newey, Geoff Willis, and team boss Christian Horner are all some of the sports brightest and motivated individuals. Marry that to their driver line up in Vettel and Webber, and it is all looking very
    As for Vettel, he is getting better and better but in many ways often reminds me of Lewis Hamilton. He has yet to iron out the costly mistakes, which often costs drivers the championship, as we saw when he was leading at Barcelona and at Monaco when he crashed.
    All this will go with a little more experience, experience that Mark Webber has in spades. He has impressed me this year in his determination to overcome his leg injury, and in his performances. He is a real threat, without a doubt the biggest threat Button has towards winning the championship.
    Rubens Barrichello, as much as I admire the man, will not win the title. I think deep down, even Rubens knows this, if he were honest with himself. Even worse for Rubens, he knows that Ross Brawn knows this too. I don’t care what Brawn Gp say in public, in private, I bet $1000 that they have their eyes on Jenson’s car more than the Brazilians.
    As I have said before, the biggest threat to the challengers are the partypoopers like McLaren and Ferrari, not to mention Williams, who have become very fast all of a sudden. Mark my words, one point will win it in November, and Jenson may, just may, be on the right side of that point.

  50. I would dearly love Webber to win the championship although I would be happy to see Vettel clinch it. But I’d rather Mark got it as I’ve supported him for so long. I think Vettel will go on to win more than one F1 world championship during his career whereas this may be Webber’s only shot.
    However, I voted for Button as I think he will hang onto it despite the Brawn’s recent fall-off. I don’t really think he deserves it as I’ve always found him wholly unimpressive when not in a competitive car, unlike many other drivers (Webber, Vettel, Hamilton, Alonso etc) who give it their all regardless of what machine they’re stuck with.

  51. I voted for Webber for similar reasons to some of the other posts. Button is panicking and IMO is not a good racer; Vettel seems a little disenchanted and keeps moaning about KERS, Barrichello isn’t good enough and Webber seems to driving with commitment and passion. I’m not a fan of any of these drivers but I see Webber winning the WDC unless….

  52. I am french and therefore can not be accused of any “nationalism” in my comments below. Unfortunately it has been yonks since Fr saw a truly great F1 driver.
    Let’s remind us of Prost loosing the championship to Lauda by half a point due to Monaco being stopped before half race, that is a possibility that can easily happen to Button this year.
    A lot of people comments are based on who deserves it the most. Well considering this, in my opinion, Hamilton deserves it the most. Despite a dog of a car from day one of this new season he has managed to score a few points (not many but still…). This is the mark of a truly great driver. On top of that nobody can disagree with his racing spirit (fighting with Alonso for 15th place!!!).
    Now the question is can he do it? I don’t think it is possible but he (and others)can definitely come and mix things up for the second half of the season, taking scoring oportunities from the main contenders and especially from Button.
    So who then? Button do not have the car anymore and in my view nor does he have or ever had the abilities. He is fast, smooth but not the best around. If not Button then definately not Barrichelo either, as Button is on top of him and has been in previous seasons. At this point I need to stress out I have huge respect for both Brawn drivers but believe that they are not the most talented racers around. That leaves us with the red bulls. They have a better car at the moment (we still need to find out if Mc Laren and Ferrari resurection is long term or just flash in the pan). So Webber or Vettel? Talent wise I think Vettel is better. People commented about his lack of consistency may cost him a few points and that is a fair assesment. Remember though that Webber can be super agresive and that has costed him a few “accrochage” in the past. One race (0r more)without scoring any points and that’s bye bye to world championship.
    Sorry for the long message but I tried to explain my thought process and in conclusion:
    Vettel to get it (and I think by some margin).
    Look forward to get all your comments!!

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