Kubica and Alguersuari enter kart final

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Robert Kubica and Jaime Alguersuari are on the entry list for the 2009 CIK-FIA KZ1 karting world cup at Sarno in Italy next month.

Kubica is entering is his own kart but according to Mary-Ann Horley of Kartlink he has had difficulties in testing:

What I’ve heard from testing is that Kubica was having carb problems
and was about 1.5s slower than Francesco Laudato who has been champion several
times, and has switched engines from what the team usually use.

Kubica went karting last month with Felipe Massa, Timo Glock, Sebastian Vettel, Nelson Piquet, Tonio Liuzzi, Christian Klien, Sebastian Buemi and Michael Schumacher – the seven-times champion was fastest.

The BMW driver also took on Fernando Alonso last year after the pair finished first and second in the Japanese Grand Prix.

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5 comments on “Kubica and Alguersuari enter kart final”

  1. the seven-times champion was fastest.

    Wow, the 40 year old man still has it.
    Seems like the youth of today can’t keep up with the old master.

    And Kubica has to be incredibly disadvantaged with his size and weight.

  2. [Kubica] has switched engines from what the team usually use.

    Seems like he can’t get a decent engine in any motorsport discipline! /predictable comment

    1. the BMW used to be really powerful before we had the winglets arms race between the teams.

      We will know who has the most powerful engine at Valencia, its an engine track, very dependant on high power curves.

      So if the Renaults and the Red Bulls show up high, we know that the renault engine has been overtuned, if not it should suit the Ferrari since historically that V8 is a power unit that unleashes its horses really quickly.

      1. Valencia? An engine circuit?

        Spa, Monza or Suzuka? Yes.
        Valencia? No.

  3. “the seven-times champion was fastest”
    Theres a man with lots of spare time on is hands :-)

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