Jenson Button’s 250mph Bugatti Veyron up for sale – a snip at 899,995

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Jenson Button’s taste in road cars reveals an appetite for machnes almost as quick as his Brawn BGP001: this is his 250mph Bugatti Veyron, up for sale on Auto Trader.

It has just 1,500 miles on the clock – and if you want to sample nought to 62mph in 2.5 seconds you’ll have to part with the best part of 900,000 ($1.48m / ??1.04m).

Petrolheads are well-acquainted with the Veyron’s vitals, but here they are again for the record:

Engine: 8-litre W16 (not W12 as listed on the advert)
Power: 1,001bhp
Torque: 922lb/ft
Transmission: 7-speed DSG
0-62mph: 2.5 seconds
0-99mph: 5.5 seconds
Top speed: 253mph (408kph)

The Veyron’s top speed exceeds the maximum hit by an F1 car – 246mph (397kph) achieved by Honda at Bonneville in 2006.

Button’s is one of just 200 Veyrons that were built by Bugatti owners Volkswagen AG.

His garage is the stuff of dreams – he also owns a Mercedes C63 AMG, Mercedes CLK DTM AMG, Ferrari Enzo, Audi RS6 Avant and BMW M5.

He has previously owned a Ferrari F430 Spider, Ferrari 360, Ferrari 550 Maranello, Ford GT and Porsche Carrera GT.

Another F1 driver to sell a car on Auto Trader is Nelson Piquet Jnr, who sold his BMW X5 in June.

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Jenson Button’s Bugatti Veyon pictures

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73 comments on “Jenson Button’s 250mph Bugatti Veyron up for sale – a snip at 899,995”

  1. I want one!

  2. Bargain, I will have 12 please! :|

    Stunning car. Need to have a petrol tanker following you everywhere though! :)

  3. i will steal it!!

    1. Mussolini's Pet Cat
      12th August 2009, 9:27

      I know you think you’re being funny, but theft is no laughing matter.

      1. When you have an online name like yours, you’re not the best choice to give lessons. Theft is no laughing matter, but Mussolini is, obviously. Poor little man…

  4. How much would insurance be for me on that? Male, 17 provisional licence!:)

    1. I wouldn’t even like to guess mate.

      Imagine turning up to do your test in one of these though, you’d probably get a pass for letting the examiner have a go :-)

      1. StrFerrari4Ever
        11th August 2009, 18:17

        Yeah Lol and get the examiners hot daughter in the process :)

        P.S I just realised your picture is Butters from South Park awesome :)

        1. How do you get a picture beside your comment? I can’t figure out how to do it


            Forum post by Keith, just need to follow the instructions :-)

          2. Ok thanks

    2. Didn’t Jeremy Clarkson try and get an insurance quote while doing the Veyron vs Light Aircraft challenge on Top Gear and the insurance company he rang couldn’t give him a quote..!!

      1. haha yes i saw that and yes, they couldnt give him a quote. if i remember right, i think they thought it was a rover xD

    3. not to be a downer here but im pretty sure you need to be 21 to drive one of these

  5. No doubt Jense is stepping up to the new roadster, allegedly as quick with the same handling (no cowl shake, please) and better acoustics from that unbelievable engine and quad turbos.

    Maybe in my next life.

  6. I did not like! Very dirty black

  7. Sadly I only have street parking, which would ‘up’ the insurance a bit! Still tempting though.

    Apparently a Mr Clarkson is interested…!

    1. A Mr. J. Clarkson? I would have thought that he would have to fight it out with a Mr. T. Stig…

  8. StrFerrari4Ever
    11th August 2009, 18:15

    I didn’t know he had all those exotic machines I wonder why he sold the Porsche Carrera GT that car’s engine is SaWEEEEEEEEET! But I don’t know if i’m the only person who dislikes the Veyron because to me when all those fanboys say its faster than an F1 car you have to continue to state F1 cars a restricted to actually be driveable I mean sure it’s an engineering masterpiece but I don’t appreciate it for trying to challenge an F1 cars performance the head of the Veyron project should be hanged!:P

    1. I believe supercars should be unique. Isn’t the Audi R8 based on the same concept? Plus the rear end reminds me of a passat. Sour grapes. :-)

      1. Keith is the next FIA president!
        13th August 2009, 11:05

        Passat or Pussycat?

    2. On that point Str, I thought it was fascinating how close a McLaren F1 was to it in terms of performance simply in a straight-line drag race when they did it on Top Gear recently.

      Show them both a couple of corners and the F1’s going to win, surely?

      1. StrFerrari4Ever
        11th August 2009, 22:37

        Yes in that drag race I was surprised how the Mclaren F1 was leading at first almost up to halfway then those 4 turbo’s kicked in and it was bye bye Mclaren to me F1 engines are more fascinating than the Veyron’s W16 fitting all those turbo’s and getting 1,001 HP i understand its restricted but you’d expect more where as an F1 engine 2.4ltr V8 normally aspirated 750HP thats more striking IMO.
        But the Veyron’s overall track performance is pretty poor many other supercars can whoop it’s ass through the corners especially that FXX that would embarass it.

      2. Mussolini's Pet Cat
        12th August 2009, 9:29

        Not bad for a car launched in 1988!

      3. The McLaren F1 came out just before the new noise and exhaust emission regulations came out in Europe.

        All cars that have been made this century (that still sounds weird !) are having to comply with much tougher regulations, the noise ones in particular mean that you can’t use exhaust tuning to the same extent as you used to be able to and this obviously has an impact on power output.

        Top Gear did a piece about it when Clarkson was talking about why the Ferrari F40 is still the best supercar ever made.

        Almost all supercars made last century would be illegal now if they were brand new models.

  9. Jenson Button has always struck me as being one of the F1 drivers who is disinterested in cars (in contrast to Hamilton and Raikkonen etc).

    It’s surprising to see he has a collection like this.

  10. It’s just ridiculous how some people can live and how others have to struggle to pay for their daily needs like Oyster card :|.

    Yes, I’m envious but I think we all are, especially after seeing other videos of how some 24 year olds live –

    Just makes me sad…

    1. Mussolini's Pet Cat
      12th August 2009, 9:31

      Why so sad? just because you can’t afford it, does that mean it shouldnt be built?? Jealousy is so self defeating. Enjoy what you have and admire these wonderous cars!

  11. What! he wants so much for a second-hand car!!

    1. LOL, i wonder how much he paid for it new…. people usually make money on these very limited cars.

  12. I’ll give him £15 for it

  13. A car which makes 4km/litre is a bad idea nowadays. But this one…..4litre/km….come on…

  14. I hope Jenson has a Paypal account, I will email him to find out.

  15. How many readers have you got Keith?

    900 people stump up a thousand quid each to co-own it and then you’ll get to drive it one day every two and a half years-ish!

    1. You might be on to something there actually?! :D

      1. Max should resign now!!!
        11th August 2009, 20:37

        Yeap but I’d be totally wrecked in just a few days, not to mention the driver…

    2. Not a bad idea, as long as I get to have a go first :-)

      1. Ahhh Keith I call Shotgun though, you were too Slow!!! You can go secound! :)

  16. Ok iv just offered them £120 im waiting for a reply :) im being serious..go on auto trader and ask for a better offer

  17. I’ll give him 10 of the finest british pounds sterling for it as I will need the rest to fill it up every trip.
    Oh and insure it. And then there is servicing, forgot about that. I bet the road tax is a bit steeper than normal too thanks to Gordon Brown.
    Oh well, maybe I need a new career in bank robbery.

  18. bet he wishes he drove for ferrari, think how much money he could have saved by getting those ferraris free! Brawn cant exactly give him a Brawn car to drive can they, I doubt he owns a Honda :P

    1. The Ferrari drivers don’t exactly get Ferraris either, I think Kimi and Felipe got Fiat 500 Abarths and Punto Abarths. Kimi’s family car is supposedly an Alfa Romeo of some sort…

    2. Didn’t Button own a Honda NSX the car Senna helped develop?

      I remember a few years ago, it was either a feature on ITV during the F1 coverage or in a magazine where Anthony Davidson mentioned he had driven Button’s Honda NSX but that Button’s dad had been in it a few days before and had messed up the tracking or something.

  19. No-one would ever spend £900k on a car. He’s done the smart thing knocking a fiver off the price.

  20. StrFerrari4Ever
    11th August 2009, 22:38

    Haha good idea a Thousand quid from everyone too bad I’m only 13 so £1000 from me is like trying to make a cow lay an egg IMPOSSIBLE!

  21. Too bad there are few places where one could get the Veyron to 250MPH. Where did Captain Slow do that on that one episode of Top Gear?

    1. The Nardo test track in Italy, I think:

      1. i thought it was done at VW’s test track in Ehra-Lessien?

        i recall James May mentioning how it was so flat it follows the curve of the earth :O

  22. I’ve checked my bank balance and I’ve €110.78. He’ll need his euros for Valencia. That would do ya on a night out!

  23. I wonder what the highest that little needle has gone with Button behind the wheel…

  24. He’d better not let Ross (The Speeder) Brawn near it…

    I’d like to make him an offer, but will have to wait and see if it’s still for sale when I’ve paid off my Ford Fiesta Zetec..!!

  25. First signs of bankruptcy… If you ask me.

    1. I don’t think so… he also had other super cars in the past, so he probably got bored of it (!!!) and wants to buy a new one!

      1. Maybe his old mate Dave Richards has sorted him out with one of those Million Pound Aston Martins…

  26. I know this is a bit geeky, but my first reaction to this article was interest that the price is *only* 900 grand. A year ago I saw a veyron in the paper, and using my poshest phone voice, called to ask the dealer how much he wanted. He said £1.2m. Looks like the credit crunch has well and truly bitten the super rich who usually buy these things.

    And yes, I know it’s second hand, but these rare supercars usually go up in value due to such a limited supply. cya m

    1. Plus imagine how much extra he could add to the price if he does win the WDC this year..!!

      Maybe he needs to make room for one of the new Mercedes Supercars that’s replacing the Mc-Merc SLR…

    2. The values goes up sometimes beacause of the previous owner!
      If Button would be the F1 world champion, then his car value would worth a bit more than before…
      So, if this is the case and you buy this Veyron now for 900k then you could sell it for more before the end of this year!!!
      Does anybody have 900k to borrow me? :-P

      1. Like A Cow's Opinion: It's Moo
        12th August 2009, 13:51

        I wonder, would the bank consider that a worthwhile risk??

  27. I’m guessing he sold his Carrera GT when he found out Webber had one :)

    Not shore why anyone would sell a Carrera GT.

    1. StrFerrari4Ever
      12th August 2009, 20:53

      Exactly that car is a masterpiece Porsche did a great job however I feel as though they didn’t build it to its ultimate capabilities it should be faster In my opinion.

  28. Bah, I don’t know what I’d do with another one. He’s only selling it because he can’t get any heat in the tyres..

  29. Why is selling the Veyron ? Is there something on this car he quickly decided he doesn’t like ?

    BTW, Nico Rosberg told me he drives an Audi.

    1. Looks like he has a reasonably high turnover rate of cars! Maybe he’s going to put a deposit down for a McLaren P11…

  30. Keith is the next FIA president!
    13th August 2009, 10:59

    Keith you got into F1 Live with this article!

  31. I’ve always wondered what the appeal is of this glorified Italian Audi Supercar is. I mean we had the Dodge a few years ago which was pretty, I mean very ugly but this thing takes the cake IMHO. On the other hand the latest list of the Top Ten Supercars has some genuine stunners and also dethrones the Butt-ugly, I mean Bugatti, as the fastest, at around a third of the price.

    Here’s the link:

    For what it’s worth. I would rather a SSC Ultimate Aero and Koenigsegg CCX and a SLK 55 AMG (to go shopping in etc) for the price of one Bugatti, and still have change for a 4WD and a boat!!

  32. I may email and ask for a test drive first. Want to be sure I aint buying a dog!

  33. The linkage of sounds and symbols occurs rap- idly and unconsciously. ,

  34. Hey!!
    I will buy it for 100Ls (it’s about £100 :) ), then I’ll sell it for about £450000 and all the money I’ll give for charity in my country… Latvia… ;)
    Let’s make a deal???

    Let me know… ;)

  35. I would love a bagatti i wish one day it could be £1.00 but i will jackit before u know.
    lol lol lol lol ha ha ha

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  38. OMFG i got home today to see that my dad has got a bugatti veyron in blue i cryed i was so happy it is so good if u have the money then get it :) :P :D

    1. You talk through your backside :)

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