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The Spanish press is reporting that Pedro de la Rosa will return to F1 racing next year with Spanish team Campos Meta 1.

His team mate, the report claims, will be GP2 driver Vitaly Petrov, who until this weekend was Romain Grosjean’s team mate at Barwa Addax. Petrov would be the first Russian to race in F1 if he got the drive.

Pedro Martínez de la Rosa será piloto oficial en el Campos Meta

Pedro de la Rosa and GP2 driver Vitaly Petrov to race for Campos Meta 1? (Spanish)

International Court of Appeal – Decision

The FIA verdict on Renault in full.

Mansell returns to top level racing with Ginetta

"British motor racing legend Nigel Mansell will return to the international motorsport arena next month, when he races a Ginetta-Zytek GZ09S in the Le Mans Series championship finale at Silverstone. Mansell, who remains the most successful British Formula One driver of all time and last competed at Grand Prix level in 1995, will be joined for the first time by son Greg and former Le Mans winner, Ginetta Chairman Lawrence Tomlinson to compete in the world famous endurance race '1000km of Silverstone'."

Carmakers ‘set to join World Rally’

"Two car manufacturers, believed to be Fiat and Volkswagen, are on the verge of joining Citroën and Ford in the World Rally Championship (WRC), says its chief executive. […] Running a top rally team costs a car manufacturer about $20m (£12m) annually – about 5 per cent of the investment required for a Formula One campaign. However, according to Mr Duncanson, cost is not the only reason that car companies are considering WRC, which involves road-legal cars racing on tracks more akin to everyday conditions than F1 circuits."

Force India brings upgrade to Valencia

"The raft of improvements include modifications to the front wings, changes to the bargeboard area, as well as the front of the floor and the sidepods."

Classic F1 vehicles reunited at the Oulton Park Gold Cup

"Classic F1 cars raced by motor racing legends including Graham Hill and Juan Manuel Fangio will be among over 400 historic vehicles competing at the Oulton Park Gold Cup this Bank Holiday weekend."

Romain Grosjean: “I’m ready to make the most of this opportunity”

" I’m very excited and I want to thank the team for giving me this chance. I started dreaming about being a Formula One driver when I was seven or eight years old when I was watching the battles between Prost and Senna on television so to make my debut in Valencia really is a dream come true."

Q&A with Toyota’s John Howett

"We still have targets to reach this season so we have not even considered switching all development to the 2010 car."

F1 testing at Elvington (Facebook)

Facebook page in support of F1 testing at Elvington has over 600 supporters.

European GP: "A busy summer"

Luca Badoer: “I am very motivated to make the most of this opportunity, even if I know I am facing a tough challenge, especially during the first couple of days in Valencia."

A bad time to be in Formula 1

"The number of staff allowed in each team is rumoured to be reducing to a maximum of 350 next year, with a further drop to 280 in 2011."

Hamilton to appear at British DTM round

"Lewis Hamilton is to attend the British round of the DTM season at Brands Hatch next month."

Massa targets Brazilian GP comeback

"I cannot wait to race again, I hope I can do the Brazilian Grand Prix. But it's not for me to say, it's for the doctors, and I have to show I can be ready for the grand prix."

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11 comments on “F1 links: Petrov tipped for Campos”

  1. Prisoner Monkeys
    20th August 2009, 1:51

    It might be from a Spanish tabloid, but I’ve always though Petrov would be a good coice. He’s quick, he knows the team, and a Russian in Formula One would bring massive sponsorship potential. Plus, Adrian Campos dropped a massive hint when he said he wated a driver who would open up a new market.

    1. Prisoner Monkeys
      23rd August 2009, 1:23

      Well, Petrov won the GP2 feature race overnight. And given the way he led from the second corner until the end and fended off Nico Hulkenerg, I’d say he’s made a pretty srong case for being promoted to Formula One.

  2. I will be at Silverstone to watch Our Nige and Greg. At least the car should be easy to spot! :-)

  3. Based on what I saw from him this season in GP2 he deserves a chance in F1.
    In my opinion he outperformed Grossjean as he was much more consistant in his results…

  4. I saw Hamilton at the DTM last year. He did a demonstration in his McLaren, of which I got some terrible photos through a fence :P

  5. Anyone who’s in the region should check out the Oulton Park Gold Cup on the bank holiday weekend. I went two or three years ago and it was a fantastic couple of days. Lots of historic cars from many categories including F1 and Formula Atlantic. The Minardi two-seater F1 car was there as well doing demonstration runs.

    1. Im going… well, I have a trade stand there!

      Hope to catch some of the action too though! :) Lets hope the rain stays away!

  6. Bad news about all the potential job losses, I think this could be one of those rules that could be hard to govern as teams could move staff to various subsidiaries and then be contracted to do the work.

  7. You can bet your bottom dollar Bernie would want Petrov in F1 :)

    1. Prisoner Monkeys
      21st August 2009, 7:39

      That’s what we should call him from now on: “Bottom Dollar Bernie”, because he’s only concerned with the bottom line.

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