Tribute to Massa on Barrichello’s helmet

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Rubens Barrichello has a tribute to Felipe Massa on his crash helmet at the European Grand Prix this weekend:

Rubens Barrichello's tribute to Felipe Massa

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20 comments on “Tribute to Massa on Barrichello’s helmet”

  1. Nice gesture from Rubinho to his friend!

  2. Lovely gesture from a collegue and close friend and a message which speaks for most people. Great how Massa seems be continuously improving when at one point it looked so bad for him. Really missing Felipe

  3. What a pal!

  4. Great gesture of a nice person!

  5. I wonder how guilty Barrichello feels for losing that spring. I hope he knows it’s not really his fault, but it must feel horrible knowing that a part of your car almost killed someone.

  6. I wonder how guilty Barrichello feels for losing that spring

    Read an interview with Massa and said Rubens didn’t blame himself and it was just a freak accident and that his feelings only of concern for his friend rather than guilt which I hope is true:)

  7. Do you think he expected it to show up on his on-board cam?

  8. Notice the whole top of the helmet is identical to Felipe’s. Nice touch.

  9. Do you think he expected it to show up on his on-board cam?

    Maybe then if Felipe’s watching nice message for him

  10. Thank you to Rubens for this lovely tribute to Felipe. Both guys are loved in Formula One, both so honest and genuine, unlike some people (cough cough Hamilton) lol and I am British by the way!

    Forza Felipe well on the mend, come back as soon as you can…and congrats Rubens on the win today x

    1. i second you on that british and not a hamilton fan (Y)

      that was real nice of barrichello to all that on his helmate and i think it was a well deserved win. maybe you should cary massa more often on your helmet since it seems to bring goodluck lol!

      massa get well soooooon! and hurry so we dont have to watch badoer be even worse then he is even though that may not be posssible

  11. Nice gesture indeed but I think he should have wrote that in portuguese, english is kind of shallow for this kind of things

  12. I just like want to cry when see Barrichello helmet designed about Massa because I’m a big fan of Massa.. and I really-really miss Massa so much.. I can’t wait to see Massa back.. I’m miss him so much..

    He really lucky because survive from such a horrible accident.. Miss you Felipe..

  13. He is a great pilot and it is nice gesture,but i hate jewish.

    1. Both aren’t jewish

      1. If they’re not jewish, then why the star?

    2. If you hate jewish, then you must be a nazi or terrorist

  14. you guys make a lot of sense….

  15. I think Rubens grandfather was Jewish & for that twit who said he hates Jews – Time to go live on an island alone for you me thinks

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