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Sebastien Buemi hits the rear of Timo Glock's Toyota
Sebastien Buemi hits the rear of Timo Glock's Toyota

The streets of Valencia may not quite be a match for Monte-Carlo, but there was definitely a splash more colour about the place this year.

Here’s a look back at the race in pictures, including Sebastien Buemi aand Timo Glock’s coming-together, Sebastian Vettel’s retirement – and a very happy Rubens Barrichello.

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6 comments on “European Grand Prix in pictures”

  1. Well, no matter what everybody says about Valencia, at least it’s nice and colourful, and it makes for some decent pictures

    1. It’s got a bit going for it around the track – the pit building, the bridge, the harbour, even those cranes look kind of cool.

      But up close the track still looks pretty drab. There’s some annoying low camera positions that make it hard to tell what’s going on. And it’s rather too long a lap as well.

      1. Now that you say it, it kinda hard to tell which corner is which sometimes isn’t it?

        I like those few sweeping corners at the end of the lap though.

    2. It does actually! :D

      1. why can’t they replace this track with jarama? i think jarama is the best spanish circuit.

  2. kimi certainly looked much handsome with that long and messy hair on the podium

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