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Can Rubens Barrichello keep the field behind him again?
Can Rubens Barrichello keep the field behind him again?

It’s predictions time again – can you predict the pole sitter and top three finishers in the Belgian Grand Prix?

Name your picks below and you could win a selection of F1 prizes…

The prizes

First place prize

  • An original F1 painting by Rob Ijbema
  • Five F1 DVDs from Duke Video: “Formula One 1970: The uncrowned champion”, “Formula Villeneuve: A tribute to Gilles Villeneuve”, “The World’s Greatest F1 Cars”, “Champion: Hill” and “Nine Days in Summer”
  • ??60 to spend on F1 merchandise at

3x Runners-up prizes

  • Copies of “Lotus Goes Turbo” DVDs from Duke Video
  • ??30 to spend on F1 merchandise at

Here?s how the game works:

1. Predictions have to be made before the beginning of final practice on Saturday.
2. Only one set of predictions per person.
3. You have to predict (a) Who will be on pole position and (b) What the top three finishers (three different drivers) will be.
4. Players score:
a. ten points for correctly guessing the pole sitter
b. ten points for naming one of the top three in their correct position, 25 for naming two of the top three and 50 for naming the whole top three correctly
c. five points for correctly naming any other driver in the top three (but not in the correct position)
5. Predictions must be entered as described below and either posted in a comment below or emailled to
6. Whoever scores the most points over the 15 races from round three (China) to 17 (Abu Dhabi) wins the grand prize.
7. In the event of a tie the winner will be determined by who picked to most race winners correctly, then second places finishers and so on.
8. In the event of a dispute the editor’s decision is final.

Thanks to Ian Haycox we are using a smart new system for collecting the predictions this week. Simply use the forms below to pick your choice of drivers.

The system has been tested but this is the first time we’ve used it for a race weekend, so if you have any problems please remember you can also submit your predictions by email here.

Predictions for this race have closed.


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50 comments on “Make your Belgian GP predictions now”

  1. I bet this new entry system will be a lot less time consuming. Awesome, Keith =)

    1. simonrs

  2. How will we see all the predictions? That was always quite interesting.

    1. Once you have made a prediction it will show the most recently entered. Refresh the page to see all predictions so far.

      1. I just posted my predictions and after entering them saw the most recet entered. I refreshed the page, but no other predictions appeared.

  3. Great system Keith. my selection was totally random, i hope it works

  4. Keith, It would be good if we can see the predictions like before. Can the add entry button click add a comment also?

  5. yup.. love it, but then, can you make others’ predictions visible, would be interesting to see what ppl predict!!

  6. New prediction tool!!!
    That was really cool !!

  7. Perfect!!!
    Nice job Keith!!!

    1. Thanks but, really, every drop of credit for this goes to Ian. I’m very grateful to him.

      1. oops…
        Great job Ian!
        I was on vacation, so I saw this now!
        It’s really great what has been done!

  8. Follow everyone here in congratulating you Keith on a brilliantly devised entry system, should prevent the problems before with peoples inability to follow simple instructions.

    Shame, as mentioned, we can’t see the list of entries other than just after you enter. I hit refresh and it was gone again, I’m fairly sure I was there but I feel uncomfortable not being able to see and confirm I am definitely listed and correct. Seeing other predictions was also quite interesting and sometimes entertaining.

    1. Scratch that, its back, and I’m fine. Whew!!

      Looking good.

      1. I think there is a caching issue with the entry form being re-displayed. After a refresh it sometimes re-displays the entry form and not all the predictions.

        If you click ‘Add entry’ and it displays your entry in the ‘Recent Predictions’ list that fades in, then your entry is definitely stored, as that list is read from the database.

        I think adding a button to show all entries might be a good idea. I’ll investigate the caching issue.

        1. Thanks for the info Ian, and well done for simplifying and making real slick the entry system.

  9. i really hope this takes off for next year. this is somthing i could see myself paying $10 for but also get some more decent prizes.

    having said that, the prizes that are availible for a FREE fantasy pool are nothing short of stellar!

    as if u havent got enough praise already,
    amazing work kieth!

  10. Flying Wombat
    28th August 2009, 15:50

    I haven’t scored double figures for a number of races now. That runs got to end soon hasn’t it?????

    btw – very slick new system Keith and Ian. I’m only going to say its a good one if I win though… ;-)

  11. This is cool :) hats off to Ian Haycox.

    1. and Keith of course.

  12. Nice job Ian Hayco & Keith.

  13. I like the new system. Makes it all pretty foolproof.

    However, I, for one, would still like to see other participants selections prior to posting my own. It really hasn’t changed my selections previously, but its neat to see which way the sentiment is going.
    Any way that can be incorporated into this new method?

  14. I like this new system as well.
    I’m sure I’ll vote on every race from now on

  15. HounslowBusGarage
    28th August 2009, 16:23

    This is very slick. Well done Ian and Keith.
    But just a quick query; why are Bourdais and Piquet in the dropdown menus, do you something we don’t?

    1. Because they raced earlier, the system has to have their names in to calculate their scores.

      1. HounslowBusGarage
        28th August 2009, 22:41

        What scores?

  16. nice new predictisions system

  17. Hamilton
    Nico (The Best of the Rest)

  18. Hats off to the brave fellow who predicts Massa, Piquet and Bourdais on the podium ;)

    (was there no way to take them off the list?)

    1. It’s more realistic having Massa on the podium than Badoer!

  19. Is ‘Hei’ Heidfeld or Heikki?

    1. Heikki – the abbreviations are based on first names so far as I can tell… :)

  20. I never predict, so won’t be able to see the other predictions. Shame as I always found them interesting.

    Is there no way to put them on a separate page?

  21. Would be wise to use the FOM generated names which appears during the race, like “RAI” for Raikkonen, “HAM” for Hamitlon, “WEB” for Webber and so on… this way you won’t have a problem with names like “Heikki” and “Heidfeld”

    1. Seconded, great system, but it’s quite hard to read the abbreviations of first names. Is it possible to use the standard abbreviations? That would make it even better. :) Cheers!

  22. sorry keith,i was not able to post my predictions last time.i was out of town

    1. OK, remember you can always email them. Details above.

  23. scunnyman


    1. hey Scunny! where r u? have u moved outta the desert?

  24. just in case their are teething issues with the new system

    Sush Meerkat

  25. I just saw this interview with Lewis on the F1 site, and thought this bit was brilliant:

    Q: Is your aim to win here?
    LH: For sure I want to win. I won last year.

    Ha ha, good for you Lewis! And he puts in ta “for sure” for good measure.

  26. Johnny Legg


  27. StrFerrari4Ever
    28th August 2009, 20:57

    Wonderful new system makes it easier to also look at others predictions and some interesting predictions up there but I’m confident mine will happen it’s just a matter of time.

  28. Ino


  29. Hi Keith, Ive made a mistake sorry.

    The new system has thrown me and I stupidly put my actual name rather than my ‘tag name’, therefore Ben Brouard is actually brouard21.

    I hope that helps, Cheers

    1. No worries, I’m sure we’ll have some other wrinkles like this to iron out. I’ll keep an eye on it.

  30. This is a big improvement!

    I don’t know why but I never bothered predicting before. I think it was because I never update my fantasy football team at work and end up losing – I should have known that was because I don’t care about football… especially since we were relegated (NUFC)

    I’ve predicted this time and will until the end of the season, as long as I’m not last its fine :)

  31. Excellent new system! Congrats to those involved.

    I like that you can’t see other predictions, it might lead to a wider spread and less chance of people covering off other people’s predictions at the end of the season. Although I’m sure that wouldn’t happen!

    Maybe once the entry deadline passes a page of predictions could be posted if it’s easy enough so we can check out everyone else?

  32. great new system, thanks! i’m afraid my predictions are still pretty worthless :)

  33. Nice work, but I’m still useless at prediction.

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