Belgian Grand Prix in pictures

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Kimi Raikkonen lines up Giancarlo Fisichella for a pass
Kimi Raikkonen lines up Giancarlo Fisichella for a pass

Spa-Francorchamps proved once again why it is the king of F1 tracks. The Belgian Grand Prix had crashes, passes and a form book-defying result.

Take a look back at today’s Grand Prix with this collection of pictures showing the race from start to finish.

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Images (C) Ferrari spa, Brawn GP, Renault/LAT, Williams/LAT, Bridgestone,, Getty Images/Red Bull, Force India F1 Team, Toyota F1 World, BMW ag

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    1. I’ll second that !

  1. I love to stand at that photographers spot at Eau Rouge. With earplugs of course

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