Italian GP weather update: rain again?

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Earlier this week the signs pointed to a dry weekend at Monza for the Italian Grand Prix.

But now forecasts are starting to indicate a chance of wet weather this weekend.

The Metrociel precipitation map shows rainfall arriving at the circuit on Saturday afternoon – potentially during qualifying – and remaining into Sunday. (See here for the location of Monza)

Remarkably, after decades of largely dry Italian Grands Prix, we could be about to get a second consecutive wet race at Monza.

This could play into the hands of the Red Bull drivers. Their cars have been strong in the wet this year, with Sebastian Vettel winning in the rain in Shanghai, as he did for Toro Rosso in last year’s wet Italian Grand Prix.

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23 comments on “Italian GP weather update: rain again?”

  1. the french weather forcast is often very very wrong!

    1. Prisoner Monkeys
      12th September 2009, 9:27

      That’s not just limted to France …

  2. StrFerrari4Ever
    8th September 2009, 19:45

    Wow this would be quite amazing in the midst of a title race the weather now influences what could happen in the race itself ! Fantastic :) If I was old enough to bet I’d put some money on some unexpected guys since Monza is magical and the weather will just make it unpredictable to know what will actually happen.

  3. would love the excitement of a wet race but to be honest I would also like a simple race where BAR, WEB and VET catch up loads on Button’s championship lead. it’s getting frustrating how 3 great drivers can’t do that.

    1. StrFerrari4Ever
      8th September 2009, 20:29

      I know how you feel and aswell the early season dropped points by the RBR Drivers especially Vettel if things had ended according to plan he’d probably be ahead of Button or tied with him. So now it’s time for him to make ammends aswell as Webber & Barrichello.

      1. Imagine of vettel could do it again in the rain at monza… Or maybe toro rosso… Ok wishful thinking :-p

  4. I hope it rains but I doubt it.

    If I was old enough to bet I’d put some money on some unexpected guys

    Well STR I’ve put money on Hamilton, shame as I’m Ferrar fan through and through and not a Lewis supporter at all but with bets have to listen to head and I need the money.
    Where this year is concerned as long as RBR close up the title I don’t care. Though with Vettel’s engine it’ll be hard, hopefully Webber will provide something.

    1. StrFerrari4Ever
      8th September 2009, 21:58

      Indeed I don’t see Red Bull really having a strong performance due to Vettel’s engine woes and Webber’s not scored in 2 races so they’ll have to up their game If they wanna get Brawn quaking in their boots.

      Lewis seems like a brilliant bet he’s gonna put in a magnificent performance and his KERS will also be a benefit for him so I’d say thats a good bet If your gonna pick it.

  5. It had better not rain again – we got soaked last year :(

  6. Joaqo (Max should resign now!!!)
    9th September 2009, 2:32

    Rainy quali please!

  7. I think the race should be interesting and uncertain enough with dry weather, which is my hope.
    But if it rains I’d say that all the starting drivers have a chance for winning…

  8. Thanks Str I am making it and if he wins I make some money, if he loses well he and Mclaren lose :) sorry I'm a Ferrari fan.
    Let it rain at leass for a little bit.

  9. As a french F1 fan i have some things to say about those predictions.

    You can’t, yes can’t, trust those predictions.
    French f1 journalists always use it before and during grand prix.
    The conclusion is it never works. It’s always the exact opposite of what they say. I’m not trying to make fun of them. Ask any french f1 fan.

  10. Yes,but bbc’s prediction is the same!!

  11. Italian forecast says some clouds on saturday and sunday, but no chance of rain.
    How good are they? Don’t know.

  12. Italian forecast is good enough.
    I usually check three websites:

    I think that the first and the second are most reliable.

  13. BBC is saying it’ll shower now… and I just packed a bunch of tshirts :(

  14. See that the BBC have removed the rain forecasts, now looks bright and hot. But with some clouds.

  15. nope the BBC now says ‘Heavy Rain Shower’ for Saturday and Sunday! (and Mon, Tue…)

    MSN predicts Rain on saturday with a chance on sunday

    most other sites just predict heavy cloud with a small chance of rain.

  16. Paige Michael-Shetley
    11th September 2009, 5:55

    Clearly, a wet weekend plays to the hands of Red Bull. Their car puts more heat into the tires than anyone else’s, which is the key in the wet.

    McLaren should go well if they’ve truly fixed their aero issues. KERS will still be an advantage in the wet, but the drivers would have to apply it differently. Macca seem to do a better job than Brawn, for instance, at getting heat into the tires.

    If it is indeed a wet weekend, look for a team to gamble like Toro Rosso did last year and bring a high-downforce setting on the car. That will make all the difference in the world.

  17. It’s can a big crash! rain is the hate weather!

  18. Friday was extremely hot, and it seemed to cool down during Q2 today, it felt like an eclipse just having that little bit of shade… soon as we left the track it started to rain (roughly 3pmish)
    still not sure on the race day though, the news on tv (from what i can understand) is that it will be slightly cooler, and possible chance of rain and they’re saying between 2-4… so itll either be before or during the race if any rain.

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