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There’s a huge debate going on about Nelson Piquet Jnr’s crash in last year’s Singapore Grand Prix and some F1 drivers have been talking about the affair as well.

Here’s what Rubens Barrichello and Nick Heidfeld had to say about the matter, plus more of the day’s news stories.

Italian GP Press Conference

Rubens Barrichello made an interesting comparison between the Singapore controversy and the Austria '02 incident during the press conference: "But to get to that point, I was put into a situation in Austria which was the limit of the limit. There were eight laps of conversation, the conversation going on and things were said to me that I had to give up, but I had to give up in front of everyone, everyone knew what was going on there. It’s very, very sad. If that’s true, it’s very, very sad. The only thing I can see is that somebody wants Briatore’s head, that’s all I can see now, because it sounds very strange."

Q & A with Nick Heidfeld

Nick Heidfeld's got quite a bit to say about the Singapore crash scandal: "I'm amazed that it took so long, that nearly a year later it becomes such a big issue, because immediately after the race already in the briefing everybody who was there in the paddock had the thought that it at least looked like it could have been on purpose, but just one year later and suddenly it becomes a big story."

Vatanen receives backing from clubs

"The national motoring authorities of Australia, Germany, Finland, Canada, Uganda, Jamaica, Netherlands, Sweden, South Africa, Ireland, Jordan, Peru, Switzerland and Turkey have written to fellow clubs expressing their backing for Vatanen, and urging others to add their support."

Zanardi aims for Paralympic place

"Former Formula One driver Alex Zanardi is targeting a place on the Italian cycling team at the 2012 Paralympics." Go Alessandro!

Button must relax, warns Mansell

Nigel Mansell on Jenson Button: "There's obviously something going on with him,. He's got to untighten himself. He's got to be careful and give a bit of thought to what's been happening."

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9 comments on “F1 links: Barrichello and Heidfeld on Piquet”

  1. Maybe the reason why Rubens & Nick spoke so openly might be indicative of the fact that they might end up not racing in 2010. Austria 2002 was a disgrace & “Scum”maker must be ashamed to have taken that victory.

    1. Schumacher was ashamed which is why he gave him his trophy and insisted Rubens take the top step. They all got fined 1million for the whole escapade.

  2. Renault are beginning legal proceedings against Piquet for lying and attempt at blackmail

    1. Yo! The revenge of Flavor Flav will be terrible. It will take a nation of millions to hold him back.
      Piquet jr. can run but he cannot hide. The Fear of the Black Planet will follow him wherever he goes.

      1. The Fear of the Black Planet will follow him wherever he goes.

        You mean Nibiru aka Planet X ?

  3. I’m a Ferrari fan and at Austria I was ashamed of the team, it was a disgrace. Schumi may have brought titles and know doubt he was a great talent but he just dragged f1 through the mud at times too at stopping at nothing to win.

    1. well said

  4. I really hope this Renault thing is false. I really don’t want the sport to go through that after everything else that has happened this season.

  5. Good ol’Nige telling Jenson to relax. When did Nige ever relax ?!?

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