Fisichella makes Ferrari debut and Liuzzi returns for Force India (pictures)

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A return to racing for Liuzzi and a new uniform for Fisichella

There must’ve been some hasty revisions to the Italian Grand Prix programme as a new home driver was added to the entry list at the expense of another,

As Giancarlo Fisichella moved over to Ferrari, Vitantonio Liuzzi took his place at Force India.

Here’s the first pictures of them in action for their new teams during practice at Monza today.

Fisichella was fractionally quicker than team mate Kimi Raikkonen in first practice this morning – but at least part of that was down to Fisichella running the softer compound tyres.

The second session brought ominous signs of a Ferrari at the bottom of the times sheets once again. But so far Fisichella has looked much quicker than Luca Badoer.

Still, he must have looked at the times at the end of the day and wondered whether he’s left a quicker car behind. His former team mate Adrian Sutil was quickest of all, edging the fastest time of Lewis Hamilton set in the morning by a hundredth of a second. Liuzzi was around a second off Sutil’s pace.

But spare a thought for Badoer. He may not have impressed on his two races for Ferrari, but he’s missed out on a chance to drive for them at his home event, and that must be heartbreaking.

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Giancarlo Fisichella and Vitantonio Liuzzi pictures

Images (C) Ferrari spa, Force India F1 Team, Bridgestone

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8 comments on “Fisichella makes Ferrari debut and Liuzzi returns for Force India (pictures)”

  1. Great pics! I’m glad Liuzzi is back I think he could have made more with his chance at STR so hopefully can show what he can really deliver.
    Never been a big fan of Fisi but I’m really pleased he has got his dream and working with Rob again means he should fit in well at Ferrari.

  2. Excellent pics Keith, Fisi was struggling with the car initially with Rob Smedly having to talk him through the steering controls, although looking at them I’m sure it would take me most of the season to learn them all. I’m sure Fisi will do a reasonable job Sunday, I just hope he gets it safe through the first lap and can establish himself into a rythmn. Sutils pace was very good and he was really pushing, I hope the FI’s do well, Liuzzi is a more than competent driver.

    1. So having spent FP1 getting used to the car and FP2 establishing a baseline, we’ll probably expect Fisi to do somewhat better this morning in FP3.

      Sutil was quick in FP2, it almost looked like he was on low fuel sprints. I’m just wondering about the Red Bulls, since Vettel couldn’t run much at all, and Webber went out quite late.

  3. Nope, they didn’t have time to revise the programmes – it still lists Badoer for Ferrari and Fisi for Force India!

  4. I am pulling for Fisi and Tonio this weekend.The two smiling Italians got their wishes.Good luck boys!

  5. Indeed I do feel sorry for Luca- with so litle time in the car and not having raced in a few years, I doubt many drivers could have done much better. I don’t disagree with the decision to sign Fisi, since the team needed a longer-term solution, and that meant a driver with recent racing experience. But I’ll always remember Luca well- here’s hoping he ends his career with Ferrari on good terms in the future.

  6. good luck fisicho, yes you can!

  7. Why does Ferrari insist its drivers use the Schuberth helmet? It’s proved with Massa’s accident, as Luciano Burti pointed out, that only two screws fastening teh visor makes it vulnerable to be being ripped off in a direct impact. Arai and Bell use four screws, while Schuberth uses just two to secure the visor.

    Has sponsorship and commercialization gone to such as extent that drivers are forced to wear a particular brand of helmet? Schumi shifted from a Bell to a Schuberth, Barrichello from Arai to Schuberth and back to Arai after he quite Ferrari, and both Massa and Raikkonen from Arai to Schuberth. Both Ferrari’s test drivers also wear Schuberths, and now Fisico has joined the bandwagon.

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