A whip-round for Max Mosley

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British F1 journalists at the Italian Grand Prix gave Max Mosley a farewell present as he prepares to give up the presidency next month.

At a dinner on Thursday he was handed a leaving present bought by the writers – a 150 brown leather whip.

According to a report in The Times, one journalist said before the dinner:

He has a mischievous sense of humour, so we think he’ll find it funny. At least, we hope he will, otherwise we’re in big trouble.

The whip was bought from the queen’s whipmaker, Swaine Adenay, though one suspects Mosley won’t be using it on horses

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6 comments on “A whip-round for Max Mosley”

  1. Now that Ron isn’t here, we got Flavio. :-)

  2. It was done with good humour, and Mosley accepted it in good humour.
    I´ll bet we´ll miss Mosley if we end up with Todt ” Newman”. Try playing a joke like that on him.
    May we end up with Vatanen as the next FIA president !

  3. well at least it’s something he can make use of!!!

  4. He’s readying it for Flavio… :D

    “Crack that whip!!!
    Give the past the slip,
    Step on a crack,
    Break your momma’s back,
    When a problem comes along,
    You must whip it!
    Before the cream sits out too long,
    You must whip it!
    When something’s going wrong,
    You must whip it!”

  5. Whip the hell out of Flavio till he have no choice and squeals the truth, “Nelson did it on his own accord.” LOLOL

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