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Alonso defends his 2008 Singapore GP victory (Reuters)

"I regard it as a win, yes. My interpretation of events is how could I win the race. It (Piquet's crash) was in the very early stages of the race which still had a long way to go." Not the right thing to say. And that's putting it mildly.

Virgin rules out signing Piquet (Autosport)

Alex Tai from Virgin: "As a director of the main board of Virgin, I can assure you that we would never have anybody in a team sponsored by us who cheats."

“We’re walking through fire”; Renault reaction to latest setback (James Allen)

New Renault managing director Jean-Francois Caubet: “This team has to rediscover the Renault culture. It’s lost it a bit and it will be important to rediscover it. We have to rebuild links with the Renault base and on the ethical plan renew a respectful culture towards the rules and the sporting spirit. Beyond that we need to know what will be the tools which will permit us to manage the team in an efficient manner. We don’t want to fall back into ways of the 1980s when the corporate side ran the race team, but we also do not want to reproduce the errors which have been made in leaving the team too much autonomy. We give ourselves four months to find a good compromise, the right level of autonomy.”

BBC F1 presenter to make race debut (Crash.net)

"Jake Humphrey, the presenter of the BBC's coverage of the 2009 F1 season, is to make his own racing debut next month in the Lotus on Track Elise Trophy at Silverstone"`

Q & A with Mario Theissen (Autosport)

"It will run a Ferrari power-train [in 2010]."

Unwell Grosjean hoping to race (Autosport)

"Test driver Lucas di Grassi has carried out the FIA cockpit extraction test in case he is needed." (Grosjean has since done both practice sessions)

Singapore GP Press Conference (FIA)

Mark Webber on losing Flavio Briatore as a manager: "My life has changed massively. It has turned it upside down. You wouldn’t believe. Honestly I have had Flavio looking after me for 11 years. I have never looked at the contract after I signed it on that first day and there are not many people in this paddock you can do that with. He has been sensational for me. I won’t work with anyone else in the future if I can’t work with him."

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34 comments on “F1 links: Alonso defends Singapore win”

  1. Regarding Alonso:


    1. Do you honestly think Ferrari are signing him up to give him another title? I expect Alonso to have grey hairs & wrinkles on his face by next year. He’ll have a very tough time if he did what he did at Mclaren. Ferrari desperately wan’t Felipe baby to win. not Alonso.

      1. You are just scared that if FA is in Ferrari Lewis may well not be world champion next year. F1 did not start in 2007!

  2. good on Virgin for saying that. bad on Alonso, I see him very differently now :(.

    1. I think he was talking about Piquet

      1. I see him very differently now

        i always saw him differently. At least I’m happy now that his true colours are coming out & people are starting to notice him.

  3. Alonso Still thinks (or pretends) that he moved from 15th on grid to 1st in the race due to his sheer racing skills. And that even if there was no safety car incident he would have powered his way through from 15th to 1st through a ridiculous strategy that was created around this crash. Now I am really losing respect for this guy. What is there in accepting the truth that he had stolen Nico’s trophy.

    The fact is that he is trying to make a fool of us all :(

    Sorry Alosno we dont take that logic that U would have moved form 15th to 1st in an under performing Renualt in a street circuit with zero overtaking chances. Please sell this story to Luca and Stefano they might buy it.

    We are okay to agree that u did not take part in the crashgate but the win was on your own. Please.

    1. And you think Rosberg magically drove to 2nd place from wherever he was as well? The results should be stricken from the record to make it fair to everyone…

      1. That was the reason why I said Alonso makes schumi look sane. Remember Austria 2002? Schumi was really embarrassed on the podium, I also remember an instance when Ralf gave a ridiculous look at him & Michael bent his head in shame. At least Schumi was sane enough to acknowledge the fact that Rubens gave up his victory for schumi’s sake.

        But Alonso?? What a guy!!

        But I’m happy that he’s moving to Ferrari. He’ll learn manners there ;)

  4. So both Alonso and Rosberg making bad statements regarding last year’s race

    1. Both should’ve kept their mouths shut.


    Luca di Montezemolo essaying how to announce Alonso in Ferrari next week:

    […] we are happy because we have a lot of tiffosi here in Spain, and now with Alonso…

    A tongue in cheek, anyway, about Alonso he said: a strong driver, with personality and temper, also good in working technically with the team, given his impressions…

    Those lines seems what he thinks that lacks in Kimi…

    He confirmed Massa and said that will announce his other driver next week after Monday when Stefano would arrive from Singapore. Lets wait!

    1. Hope Massa gives Alonso a tough time & taste of his own medicine. Ferrari don’t f@*k around too much, remember what they did to Prost in 1991? Prost was a triple world champion with more than 40 wins when he was chucked out by Ferrari. Not everyone is good as Ron Dennis & McLaren. If he starts to whine around like a spoilt prat, Ferrari will kick him.

      Alonso’s blackmailing tactics will surely not work out at Ferrari. I predict an unceremonious exit for Alonso in 2011, exactly 20 years after Prost’s exit from Ferrari.

      1. On the other hand Schumacher was signed as their contractual No 1 driver. Perhaps it’s all taking so long because Alonso wants something similar in his contract? It would prevent the “I don’t want to be beaten fairly by a rookie” disaster.

        1. There is lot more truth in what you say than you realize Patrick. I wouldn’t rule out a scenario wherein Ferrari payoff Kimi his salary,dump him & sign in Alonso. Just consider this , Massa is said to be on the path to recovery, but only when he does the actual racing will we know his true condition. Brain injuries are usually fatal, but by god’s grace he survived it. Just in case Massa is deemed unfit for racing next year, guess who’s there to fill him up? Giancarlo Fisichella, the same man who played second fiddle to Alonso during his championship years in 05 & 06. All this seems to be part of a major plan. You know what i’ve come to the conclusion that Alonso doesn’t have the ballz to take on good drivers in the same equipment. He’s proving to be ‘Mr Veto the second’.

      2. If Kimmi goes to Mcliers he could make Hammy’s life a bit more difficult than our “lovely” Kovi.

  6. Alonso deserves his win at Sing-a-po´

    As Weber indicates, Flav is a good manager, and when he comes back his revenge will be terrible. People like Piquet Sr. will have to go crawling back under their stone

    1. From a man who said ‘F1 is not a sport’ because of what the FIA did at Monza ’06, the fact he hasn’t said anything about his partly manufactured victory being wrong is amazingly hypocritical.

  7. What Ferndando said was perhaps a bit bold and lacked taste; but I can see what he means by it, he just did everything in the race he was meant to, though of course if crash hadn’t have happened he would never have won but he still had to drive the hell out of the car. I don’t think this interview has helped him at all, especially when he won a lot of respect for saying he ‘longer considered f1 a sport’ a few years back and then says this , when many fans are still hurt by what happened.

    1. The best he could have done was to refuse to answer that question. The public can judge for themselves & his opinion was obvious.

  8. Alonso’s true colours are now in full view.

    1. VIBGYOR?

      1. A dirty spectrum if ever I saw one!

        1. With considerably visible shades of red?

  9. I think its the end for Piquet Jr. Frank Sinatra :(

  10. Alonso was one of the first to say Piquet didn’t deserve his near-win in Germany, yet here he is claiming he deserved his safety car assisted win here.

    1. That was obvious, wasn’t it? Alonso was devastated of the fact that it was Piquet who scored Renault’s first podium of 2008, not he. As I’ve mentioned before, Alonso says things that conveniently suite him, it doesn’t necessarily has to be the truth

  11. I think Alonso is right: the FIA didn’t change the result of the race, so that’s it.

  12. I find it extremely disappointing that Mark Webber is vowing to stick by Flavio Briatore. Hopefully he comes his senses before his unable to drive because his manager is banned.

  13. I don’t think Alonso cheated, but that doesn’t mean I don’t think he’s the scum of the Earth.

  14. Well if he thinks hes going to pull the same stuff he did at McLaren hes sadly mistaken. Ferrari isn’t going to put up with him if he thinks hes going to get a contract saying driver #1. The team supports whose ever winning.

  15. Rogelio Carballo AKA Architrion
    26th September 2009, 17:26

    I remember when this was a funny place with nice people sharing knowledge and great opinions about this sport, respectful and great minded people. There was debate and controversy but you wouldn’t find a whole post to bash a guy.
    Then came the Alonso’s fanboys and spaniards everywhere who had never known what a single F1 race was like. And they came to this place like a flooding, with that childish state of mind. And maybe me, being a spaniard too (and I’m using this ugly word instead of spanish which I believe shows more respect) well, maybe I’m a bit guilty too. I don’t know, really.
    And finally, we had all that stuff between Alonso and Hamilton, and, three years later I can be sure and you can see it with yours eyes here, that this war (like any war) has brought the worst of everyone to the front line. And I’m so sorry with this that it really hurts.
    You know, it is absolutely incredible to have a funboy to have 14 of 29 replies here. Darling, you should look for a hobby. Maybe learning bel canto would give you peace me mind. But after all, you are nothing but a sign of this illness. And being me a part of this place since so long ago you can be sure that I’m as ill as you are.
    Anyway, I’m here, rooting this place, reading posts, being part of the conversation. But I would like that Keith, me and everybody here take a minute off and just think how to make this conversation better for us all.
    I want to be a happy guy here, a healthy boy having a good time sharing thoughts, jokes, and good times about F1. I don’t want to feel this heart pain anymore.

    1. I second that motion

      1. Roger Carballo AKA Architrion
        26th September 2009, 22:46

        Good to know I’m not the only one… thanks, mate!!

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