How Brawn can win the constructors’ title in Singapore

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Jenson Button, Brawn, Singapore, 2009

The drivers’ title won’t be decided in today’s Singapore Grand Prix but Brawn could claim the constructors’ title.

Brawn lead Red Bull by 40.5 points going into today’s race. If they leave Singapore with an advantage of 54 points or more, the 2009 constructors’ championship is theirs.

Here’s how Brawn can win it:

  • Finish one-two with Red Bull no better than sixth and eighth with both cars, or fifth with one car
  • Finish one-three with Red Bull no better than one car in seventh
  • Finish one-four with Red Bull no better than one car in eighth
  • Finish one-five or two-three with Red Bull failing to score

However with Rubens Barrichello and Jenson Button tenth and 12th on the Singapore grid, and Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber starting from the top four, Brawn will probably have to wait until later in the championship to claim the title.

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4 comments on “How Brawn can win the constructors’ title in Singapore”

  1. Would probably require, rain, safety car, a Red Bull Failure and and incredible turn of good fortune for the Brawns. But you never know!

  2. Jenson is luckiest man on grid atm so I wouldn’t rule it out. Very depressing for RBR though, they need a quick and strong fightback. There just isn’t enough races.

    1. Their fightback was based on the money they had to spend, Horner said that the money had been diverted away from other parts of its F1 program….

      Then Bourdais sues them for 2.1million, coincidence? I don’t know, but it was rather odd timing with a slump in performance.

  3. Better tell us how they can win the constructors’ title in Japan :)

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