Singapore Grand Prix result

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1Lewis Hamilton61
2Timo Glock619.6349.634
3Fernando Alonso6116.6246.99
4Sebastian Vettel6120.2613.637
5Jenson Button6130.0159.754
6Rubens Barrichello6131.8581.843
7Heikki Kovalainen6136.1574.299
8Robert Kubica6155.05418.897
9Kazuki Nakajima6156.0541
10Kimi Raikkonen6158.8922.838
11Nico Rosberg6159.7770.885
12Jarno Trulli6173.00913.232
13Giancarlo Fisichella6179.896.881
14Vitantonio Liuzzi6193.50213.612
15Jaime Alguersuari47-14 laps-14 laps
16Sebastien Buemi47-14 laps13.427
17Mark Webber45-16 laps-2 laps
18Adrian Sutil23-38 laps-22 laps
19Nick Heidfeld19-42 laps-4 laps
20Romain Grosjean3-58 laps-16 laps

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3 comments on “Singapore Grand Prix result”

  1. Nice that Alonso got Bob Bell a podium his first race.

  2. I thought it was a little questionable that Alonso pretty much dedicated the podium to Flavio during the press conference. I also think he should have denounced his win last year. I’ve never been an Alonso fan, but recently I’ve been much more annoyed by him.

    1. I don’t think it’s the respect he shows Flavio that annoys me the most, it’s the disrespect he is showing Renault, his team have worked hard for this, the last thing they want to hear is Teflonso dedicating the win to a man that has bought them shame and insecurity. For me Alonso is a paradox, I cannot stand the man but adore his driving and competitiveness.

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