Hockenheim returns to 2010 F1 calendar

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The Hockenheimring is expected to return to the 2010 F1 calendar. The circuit claims a financial rescue package has been agreed and it will continue to share the German Grand Prix with the Nurburgring.

According to the circuit’s website the event will remain at the venue until 2018.

There had previously been talking about the Nurburgring sharing its place on the calendar with Spa. Hopefully this development will also lead to Spa staying on the calendar full-time.

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11 comments on “Hockenheim returns to 2010 F1 calendar”

  1. Prisoner Monkeys
    1st October 2009, 2:20

    It’s good that the German Grand Prix is safe, but I’d hnoesty prefer the Nurburgring. I’ve never liked Hockenheim, even when it was the long version.

  2. I suppose I should feel good about some positive F1 news, but I don’t. I know there are other tracks that produce next to zero overtaking, but this one also have some 1970s look and feel. The half-empty stands (despite competitive German teams and driver) does not help the situation.

    1. Prisoner Monkeys
      1st October 2009, 8:17

      I think that will change now that Sebastian Vettel has shown himself to be more than a one-hit wonder. And if Nico Rosberg crosses over to Brawn and Brawn remain competitive, German crowds will have two German drivers in excellent positions.

      1. Maybe it will. I know nothing about different drivers popularity in Germany. Last year we had:

        5 German driver (three of them in the top 10 in the drivers championship)

        1 German team (BMW coming 3rd in the manufacturers championship with both drivers in top 6)

        1 German engine manufacturer (winning the drivers championship)

        If that didn’t created enough interest to fill the stands in Germany, then I don’t know what…

    2. Oh, don’t believe there is a lack of interest in Formula 1 in Germany. There still are many fans who would love to see F1 and support the German drivers. It’s just the outrageously high ticket prices that deter people. Ain’t no fun in paying €300 for a ticket per person if you want to bring your family along, for example.

      1. Yeah, that could very well be the reason. It was sad to see anyway. And very nice to see the big crowd at Singasnore ™ last weekend.

  3. I think Hockeinhem has been butchered, let’s be honest though nothing will be good enough at Germany when Nordschleifen is there.
    Also I read not only are Williams using Kers next year, blocking brake changes proposed by other teams but also they are blocking the move for 14 teams!

    1. Why should they further dilute their share of the money? Lets remember this is Williams who aren’t exactly flush with funding at the moment. Sometimes you have to do what is best for you and to protect your own survival. They don’t have manufacturer backing or some multi-national corporation, something every other current team does. Why should we have 14 teams if we’re just going to lose some because they aren’t receiving enough money?

      They wouldn’t block it if there was a fair solution. They’d be blocking it because they’ll be worse off with the extra team.

      1. Williams just come across as bitter these days, their attitude stinks. The brake objections are ridiculous. Last weeks grand prix showed the brakes are under heavy stress even with smaller tanks of fuel. They seem to enjoy going against what everyone else agrees on.

        14 teams should be good for the sport and most fans seem happy with the idea. If it’s true, Williams stance is nothing to do with fair, they are just selfish when the other teams are willing to do the right thing in the interest of the sport and Sauber’s employees.

        I used to have a lot of respect for Williams but in the last 6 months they’ve erased that.

  4. Should be Nurburgring of course.. shame. At least Hamilton is quick there :)

    And Steph, I heard this too on the bbc F1 forum. Williams really pss me off sometimes when they do this kind of thing.

    When brakes fail next year I hope Frank Williams can sleep at night. I wouldn’t be able to.

  5. I can understand them not wanting more teams to save money, but they are going to spend money on kers (yes money was already spent but they could have just cut their losses and had done with it) and now they could risk driver safety by blocking the brake changes. I liked how Williams could be brave and stand alone but atm it just seems petty.

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