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Felipe Massa has spoken for the first time since the Singapore scandal about how it affected his championship campaign. Unsurprisingly, he’s a bit miffed Renault were allowed to keep their win.

Felipe Massa was ‘robbed’ of F1 world title by Nelson Piquet Jnr Singapore crash (Daily Telegraph)

"I have seen in football how a referee took money to throw a game and all the suspect results were annulled. In Italy, Juventus were relegated. But here (in Formula One) they just sent Briatore home. I don't get it and I don't think it was right."

Ecclestone excited by Alonso switch (The Independent)

Bernie Ecclestone: "Now you can understand why I complain about Silverstone. [Suzuka have] got on with it. That was one of the conditions that we came back here."

Japanese GP Conference 1 (FIA)

Nick Heidfeld: "[Suzuka] is a relatively long circuit. Therefore you have a lot of different corners. The circuit has got a nice flow to it and especially the esses are special. Each lap you arrive there, you are looking forward to that. It is medium speed – definitely more than 200kph – and it is just a great feeling if you get them right."

Honda CEO rules out F1 return any time soon (Reuters)

Honda chief executive Takanobu Ito: "It would be difficult to re-enter Formula One racing under current business conditions," he said in an interview ahead of Sunday's Japanese Grand Prix. But in the future, if it became a competition based on fuel efficiency and performance, as well as pose a technical challenge, then we would surely want to take part. I do not see that happening in the near future."

Ferrari: Drivers will have equal status (Autosport)

"Ferrari has adopted the same policy with Massa and Kimi Raikkonen in recent years, and Domenicali said Alonso's arrival would not change this situation." When asked how the team would deal with having two strong drivers, he replied: "The same way we controlled Felipe and Kimi for the last two years. This is the way we manage the team. This is the way that drivers coming to our team have to respect the rules.

Webber among GP3 team entrants (Autosport)

"GP3 test carFormula 1 driver Mark Webber is to enter a team in the new GP3 Series in partnership with Red Bull boss Christian Horner's Arden organisation."

Toyota admits F1 future is unclear (The Independent)

Tadashi Yamashina: "We will participate for now. We have to consider a variety of things in relation to our core business. Our participation is unclear, depending on our financial results." That phrase 'core business' sounds very ominous to me.

Ari Vatanen set for key address in bid for FIA presidency (Daily Telegraph)

"Former world rally champion Vatanen will be joined at the conference in Amman by Prince Feisal Al Hussein, the influential Jordan Motorsport chairman and Vatanen’s choice as vice-president (sport) if he beats former Ferrari team principal Jean Todt in the election on Oct 23. Max Mosley is stepping down after four terms of office."

Formula One’s Max factor is still driven by defiance (Evening Standard)

"The council did not vote unanimously. All 26 members were not there, the figure was 20, and there were proxies. A substantial majority were in favour of punishing Briatore but Bernie [Ecclestone] was in a minority."

Red Bull design new diffuser for RB5 (F1 Technical)

"One detail marked in the image however are two small pointy extensions on both sides of the diffuser. Red Bull carefully copied that from McLaren and clearly found the additions efficient enough to use them."

When Ari met Johnny (Video)

Bernie Ecclestone and Richard Woods keeping FA president rivals Jean Todt and Ari Vatanen apart at the Singapore Grand Prix.

South African body slams Todt (Autosport)

'Beaulah Schoeman, managing director of Motorsport South Africa, the country's FIA-affiliated motorsport regulator, was very critical of Todt's remarks. […] "Mr Todt's comment questioning 'whether people in South Africa care (about) what is happening in F1', is a perfect example of his arrogance and the contempt with which African countries have been – and are being treated – by the FIA and confirms that if he is elected, this will continue."'

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42 comments on “F1 links: Massa wants Singapore justice”

  1. But in the future, if it became a competition based on fuel efficiency and performance…

    That isn’t F1 my friend Ito. You can’t take the moral high ground when it comes to racing – sorry to be a little unPC, but speed and excitement sometimes do not sit well with a sustainability contest.

    You left F1 1 year early comrade… end of.

  2. At the end of the day, Massa lost the title not because of Renault cheating, but because Ferrari used the traffic light system at pit stops.

    I’m dissapointed in these comments, although I agree that the victory should not stand for Alonso.

    Not exactly getting off on the right foot with your new team mate!

    1. I can see why he feels robs, but a championship is won by everything coming together and tackling anything that comes your way; Ferrari failed him and he had no luck all season.
      I do agree though that the results, whatever was decided whether they were annulled or not, would all be tainted and illigitamate. At the same time I can’t help but think that actually the title fight was robbed to some degree by both men by the actions of Piquet.
      I don’t think Massa expects things to change Tim but is very frustrated by the outcome the FIA found ( wel all have at some point) and he is entitled to moan; he lost the championship because of it, I hardly expect him to laugh that off.

      1. Jhonnie Siggie
        2nd October 2009, 11:00

        You say a championship is won by everything coming together and then conclude that he lost because of crashgate?

        1. Sorry I may not have put that right, it’s how Ferrari dealt with it that cuased him to lose championsip, a situation which was prompted by the crash so it was sort of the trigger. But to be honest even saying that there are too many ‘ifs’

  3. Massa almost sounds like Rosberg saying that he is the real winner of the grand prix. Massa is acting like a idiot thinking that they would actually change the points just because hes complaing.

    1. I really cant stand Massa, he did win my respect totaly the way he held himself in Brazil…but a dude that looks like a mouse, jumping up and down because his team botched a pit stop…
      Who’s to say they wouldn’t have screwed up when they were to pit as scheduled? I mean they had history of screwing up
      Move on Massa why you would you want a title a year late, and never actualy see the number 1 plate raced at all…

      1. Terry Fabulous
        2nd October 2009, 12:19

        Massa had two weekends were he was the clear master of the field taken away from him through forces out of his control.
        1) Hungary with his engine giving up.
        2) Singapore with Renault’s crash and subsequent screw over with the safety car and pit stops.

        And he lost the title by 1 point.

        Lewis has the one in Belgium and he still managed to get points.
        Massa could so easily have won the title but he didn’t get the breaks.

        He has every right to be pee’d off about the situation.

        1. Indeed Terry… But he should be pee’d off at Ferrari not Renault (I’m guessing he’s secretly pee’d off with both).

          1. He loves Ferrari though and who would shout at them? Remember Prost? I feel Mclaren should have won constructors as Ferrari had many more issues and driver’s was very close but obviously I backed Massa for that.

  4. Massa almost sounds like Rosberg saying that he is the real winner of the grand prix. Massa is acting like quite stupid, thinking that they would actually change the points just because hes complaing.

  5. does massa really think he deserved the win, although he led only 14 laps?

    piquet didnt ruin his title hopes, ferrari did.
    ferrari thinking they could develop a better system than the lollipop system, thats what cost him the title his own team! if he wants to race for the top team then he should learn how to loose like a man.

    him driving off with the feul hose still atached has nothing to do with piquet, the blame lies with ferrari, unless piquet got out of his car, changed into ferrari mechanic gear and opperated the pit lights when massa pitted! maybe flavio ordered him to do that aswell to ensure that FAlonso “won”

    1. quote: “if he wants to race for the top team then he should learn how to loose like a man.”

      — and you’re saying this after Interlagos ’08??? Think first.

      1. im talking about the incident in singapore, nothing else, hes claiming he won it? the reaon he didnt win was his team, not piquet, but he is blaming it on piquet, when he should be putting the blame on his team.

        understand what im saying now?

        yes piquet is the reason he came into the pits, but he is not the reason that he drove off with the feul rig still attached.

        i know it sounds a little bit harsh, and i have a huge respect for massa (i actually think he is a really neat guy) but i think he is being a bit childish on this one.

        1. Did he say he won in Singapore or rather he believes the race and all points associated should be anulled? Meaning he would/should have won the WDC.

    2. It was Ferrari’s fault but take it like a man? Did you not see how he was in defeat at Brazil?

    3. I’m a Hamilton fan and I spent the whole of the 2008 Brazilian Grand Prix standing up because I couldn’t stand the tension. But if you’re complaining that Felipe Massa is a bad loser, then I’m afraid you’re a fool of the highest calibre. Felipe Massa will always have my respect for the way he handled defeat at Interlagos. It’s not Lewis Hamilton’s fault that Renault cheated, and it’s not his fault that Ferrari couldn’t pull a petrol pump out of his car, but if you can’t see how well Massa took it, imagine Fernando Alonso standing on the top step of the podium at his home grand prix, having lost the World Championship by one point. Would he have taken it as well? I doubt it.

  6. You have missed the point (by a hell of a long way).

    1. Rosberg obviously benefitted from Renault’s cheating.

    2. Rosberg was actually mis-quoted as saying he deserved to win. He actually said it was too long ago to do anything about it.

    3. And no, he doesn’t really think the FIA will suddenly turn around and award him the World Drivers Title based on his complaints. He feels frustrated that he lost the title partially due to these controversial incidents. Wouldn’t anybody feel the same if they were in his racing boots?

    1. @Tim of course.

  7. Massa sounds like an idiot here and should have kept his mouth shut. I liked him a good deal until this comment. Now he is sounding like a whiny baby and that he would take the championship title almost a year later even if it was in this manner. Wrong, just wrong. Seriously, you cantpunish the entire field for the mistake of one team. I agree that Alonso’s victory should not stand, but you cant punish everyone for that nor should another be rewarded.

    1. I liked him a good deal until this comment.

      lol, no you didn’t.

      Massa was frustrated about that race even back in the time, because he knew the race was fixed. He has a right to whine about it as much as he wants. Besides he has nothing better to do atm and I’m sure he is a “little” bored.

      1. also in his comments he doesn’t suggest he should be given the title.

        I think he was more saying that he was robbed at singapore then completely robbed of the season

  8. oh for pete’s sake, how masa feels is completely understandable, you may agree or disagree with him, but is not hard to imagine why he might feel like that. And he is not a sore looser, he was very gracious at Brazil 08.

    1. Jhonnie Siggie
      2nd October 2009, 11:08

      I can honestly understand him having feelings after a season of poor fortune, however, by saying what he is he is questioning the credibility of Lewis’ title. He should be careful with this as he would not want Lewis to be doing this if situation was reverse

      1. why wouldn’t we want this if it was reversed?

        Massa might of won if it wasn’t for Nelsinho…i agree that there were too many what ifs, but understandably, Massa was the best F1 looser ever, he was a true gent in Brazil, but that would have been different if crash gate had been exposed before that.

        In the end, Massa would have probably won that race if it wasn’t for Renault, but maybe Sutil would have crashed if Nelsinho hadnt under normal circumstances, and Ferrari could have botched up the pit anyway, or maybe not.

        i agree it was robbery, and the race results should be canceled, with no effect on the championship standing… unless with people ivolved, Alonso – 10, Nelsinho reset to 0, Renault reset to 0.

      2. The whole credibility of F1 has been tested by what happened not just the title

  9. It would appear that Massa isn’t the only one throwing his toys out the pram. As always, Mosley provides us with interesting reading and food for thought.

    1. Mad Max…lol
      This guy is a wan*er

  10. Domenicalli, when asked how Ferrari would handle two strong drivers, Domenicalli said:

    “The same way we controlled Felipe and Kimi for the last two years.”

    Strange, I don’t recall seeing a bullwhip & cattle prod anywhere in the Ferrari garage. (Methinks that’s what it may take, keeping apart Felipe & Fred.)

  11. Haha!! Ridiculous remark. Anyone remember Spa ( I think it was), a race that Lewis definetly won fair and square and then he got robbed of that win as well by 25 seconds of penalty! Massa can only do insinuations like this if he overviews the entire season. I know he’s not responsible for the FIA but Nelsinho isn’t responsible for is loss either. Facts are that Massa got a LOT of advantage from the FIA, speaking about cheating…

    1. Does Massa remember the Bourdais penalty also?

      1. @last someone mentions these!
        and Kimi giving up places for him

        by the same rules should we give LH the previous WDC by anulling the Ferrari moving floor points gain?

        I’ts a shame Massa has too much time on his hands and is still recovering, I hope he gets back to noraml soon as.

  12. I think Massa is over reacting. He got a lot of favours from FIA last season. Hamilton had his Spa win scrapped and got a lot of unneccessary penalties all season. F1 cannot be compared to Football, in football there are only two teams playing at a time and in F1, a number of teams at the same time, so if a race is to be made null and void, what then is expected of other teams not involved in scandal? If a team is to be disqualified, then that team is Renault. Massa dragging the fuel horse, that was Ferrari’s problem and that cost him the title not Piquet.

  13. Massa also must remember that Alonso had said if there was anything he could do, he would do anything to help Massa win the championship not Lewis. Well, things happen, Renault helped Alonso win the race, Ferrari helped Massa lose the title by a botched up pitstop.

  14. I think Fast Fred in the Spaguetti Special will be very strong contenders from now on, as long as the team gets their act together with pitsop activities.

  15. We´re all happy that Massa is recovering well, but I think he is having too much beer in his free time. Surely that interview was not done in the early morning.

  16. Massa can’t just blame his short comings soley on Singapore.

  17. I think some folks are being overly critical of Massa. There is a crucial part of Massa’s interview (which I found on formula1.com) that was left out of the article above, which to me makes his point come across much more reasonable:

    “But I am not and never will be a driver who thinks, ‘I could have been world champion’. Even if they write today in my cv that I am the champion, after a year, I don’t think it would make any difference. There comes a time when there is nothing that can be done.”

    He’s obviously not trying to say he’s the ‘real world champion’ now, but he understandably feels cheated.

  18. Rosberg: “I won Singapore ’08.

    Massa: “I won the’08 championship.

    The dominoes are starting to fall….we will be hearing these kind of statements for quite awhile i’m afraid.The ENTIRE rest of the ’08 season was affected by the scammers and there is nothing that can be said to change that.So,count your millions you made last year and focus on ’09.F1 racers are the whingest bunch i’ve ever seen.

  19. umm

    the obvious penalty would be to exclude /disqualify renault from the result. it’s a sanction that can be applied after the event as we saw with mclaren in Australia this year.

    Unfortunately for massa this would simply give hamilton another point, while his result would remain a DNF

    Why people should be talking about the entire race being annulled is a mystery to me…this has never happened, and it’s not actually possible – the FIA simply don’t have the power to do it – and nor should they.

    1. See, the problem with that theory, Luke, is that just as Alonso gained an advantage due to the crash, so did others and moreso if you were to only DQ Renault. I would hope to assume that decisions like this are made so as not to be in favour anyone, which wouldn’t be the case if only Renault were DQ’d and Lewis and others who finished were to gain another point/place. In other words if the penalty for “crashgate” was that Renault be DQ’d (as well as the other penalties) then in the interest of fairness (i.e. no one else should gain from the incident) the race result should be anulled.

  20. In many ways, I don’t think Felipe Massa is too enthused about the idea of having Fernando Alonso in a Ferrari in 2010. I am not suggesting that he fears the Spaniard on the circuit, but he is fearfull of what the pressence of Fernando will do within the team.
    We must remember that Massa has gained alot of favour within Ferrari since Schumacher’s retirement, and is reportedly very popular with the mechanics.
    This, I believe, is at risk with Fernando’s arrival. If Alonso detects the slightest once of favouritism going against him and towards Massa, things will get very ugly indeed.
    Alot of people have questioned Alonso’s decision not to declare his Singapore victory invalid, and this is Massa’s way of questioning Alonso’s integrity.
    Since 2007, Felipe’s career has flourished, despite having Kimi Raikkonen as a team mate. It maybe possible to assume that Kimi’s laidback approach to racing may have played into the Brazilian’s hands. This will be different with Alonso onboard.
    No more chock ices and Diet Coke’s at Ferrari when the King of Spain arrives.

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