Kamui Kobayashi to stand in for Glock

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Kamui Kobayashi driving for Toyota at the Algarve circuit in Portugal
Kamui Kobayashi driving for Toyota at the Algarve circuit in Portugal

Kamui Kobayashi will drive for Toyota in the Friday practice sessions for the Japanese Grand Prix.

He is standing in for Timo Glock, who is unwell. It will be Kobayashi’s first appearance as a driver at a Grand Prix weekend.

The 23-year-old Japanese driver has tested for Toyota for the past two seasons and is their nominated third driver.

Kobayashi was the Italian Formula Renault champion in 2005 and was the top rookie in the F3 Euroseries the same year.

He won the 2008-09 GP2 Asia series for DAMS but has not performed well in the main series, winning just once and placing 16th overall in 2008 and 2009.

He last drove a Toyota on a circuit during pre-season testing (above).

The first session is about to begin on a very wet track, so Glock may not lose much by not getting out in the car today.

Press release

Panasonic Toyota Racing can confirm that third driver Kamui Kobayashi will take part in today’s practice sessions for the Japanese Grand Prix at Suzuka, in place of the unwell Timo Glock.

Timo is suffering from a very heavy cold and fever so has been advised to rest by the team doctor in order to enable him to recover in time to compete in qualifying and the Japanese Grand Prix itself.

Kamui, 23, is the reigning GP2 Asia champion and recently completed his second GP2 Series campaign. He has been Panasonic Toyota Racing third driver since the beginning of 2008.

Kamui said: “It is a pity Timo is not feeling well today. But I am grateful for the team’s trust in me to take part in practice for the Japanese Grand Prix. I have experienced the TF109 already and I am looking forward to trying it out at Suzuka, even though it is only for practice. I will do my best to contribute to the team’s preparations and of course I wish Timo a very fast recovery.”

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10 comments on “Kamui Kobayashi to stand in for Glock”

  1. Good luck Kobayashi.

    I thought it was Trulli who was unwell? Seems like they both had the fish at the Toyota canteen.

    Right, it’s 1:55am in the UK – time for free practice :)

  2. Section 151c ?

  3. i thought he did pretty good in free pracice 1

  4. He is also widely regarded as biggest dissapointment of GP2 season, especialyl since he won the Asian series.

  5. All seems a bit convenient that cold of Glock’s. Lucky they had a Japanese driver in reserve for the Japanese circuit..?

    1. You’re fishing for a conspiracy, possibly Glock didn’t want to get wet since he has a slight cough…

      1. I’m no conspiracy fisherman but i have to agree that it is a massive coincidence that the driver of which you just made public that you might not rehire him next year is ill exactly at your 3rd driver’s home circuit…

        1. The Villeneuve and Sato situation in 2003 springs to mind…

    2. Howett was pretty annoyed at this question during the press conference.

      Q. (Ralf Bach – R & B) Second question. What is the illness of Timo. Is it Kobayashi fever?

      JH: I just won’t answer. It is a stupid question and it doesn’t deserve an answer.


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