New video of Suzuka track on F1 2009 for Wii & PSP

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Codemasters have released a new video showing how the Suzuka circuit, scene of this weekend’s Japanese Grand Prix, will look in their forthcoming game F1 2009.

The game goes on sale on November 20th in the UK and November 19th in the rest of Europe. See the press release below for more on-sale information.

Press release

Ahead of this weekend’s 2009 FORMULA 1 FUJI TELEVISION JAPANESE GRAND PRIX, Codemasters today announced that F1 2009, the official video game of the 2009 FIA FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP, will release on November 19th across PAL territories with a UK street date of November 20th for both Wii?? and PSP?? (PlayStation??Portable) editions; the PSP?? version will also be available as a download from the PlayStation?? Store at launch. The title will ship to US retail stores on 17th November and receive its Japanese launch one month later on December 18th.

Previewing this weekend’s race Codemasters has released the latest video from F1 2009 showcasing the 2009 FORMULA 1 FUJI TELEVISION JAPANESE GRAND PRIX. A new Wii?? gameplay video and set of screenshots for both the Wii and PSP?? (PlayStation??Portable) versions of F1 2009 highlight the challenge that the Suzuka Circuit and its unique figure of eight configuration presents to FORMULA ONE?? drivers.

The 3.6 mile circuit is one of the most testing on the FIA FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP?? calendar but offers plenty of opportunity for overtaking making it extremely exciting for drivers and spectators alike. Gamers will be able to get a feel for this excitement first hand when F1 2009 is released for the Wii and PSP later this year.

F1 2009 on the Wii is an absolutely authentic recreation of the 2009 FIA FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP that is accessible for the entire family and challenging for more experienced driving game enthusiasts. It also allows friends and family to play with or against each other on two player split screen. The PSP version, which will also be released in autumn, will allow for up to four players to battle it out on track in an ad hoc multiplayer session.

F1 2009 by Codemasters

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24 comments on “New video of Suzuka track on F1 2009 for Wii & PSP”

  1. Nothing spectacular but I’ll give it a go, I wonder if we can do wet races…

    1. Steph check your mailbox.

      1. Have done


  2. Jelle van der Meer
    2nd October 2009, 14:44

    Is it me or is the new pitlane exit no properly reflected in this game???

  3. I wonder if those ING logos will have to be taken off the Renault…

    1. Poor pity. I think they’ll have to come up with a patch if they haven’t done already.

  4. big old ING on that Renault

  5. I’ve noticed driving games makers always show you loads of cool external shots of the games, yet when you’re actually playing it you hardly notice the graphics – it’s the gameplay that matters. I’m a bit disappointed it won’t be on the PC, and I hope to god the game doesn’t descend into anarchy like Codemasters’ GRID. Anyone who has played it will know that a decent race is usually ruined by some idiot driving the wrng way round and wiping everyone out before typing lol, and the kick function is so well hidden they usually stick around for race after race causing grief. Modding cars with a speedhack is also a piece of cake, so unless you just arrange private races with people you know, it’s a depressing and frustrating experience; and you’ll never meet other dirvers that way. The long-promised patch never seems to materialise. So no matter how good (or average) it looks, be warned! Racing online might not be the wondrous experience you had hoped for …

    1. The PC version (along with the Xbox 360 and PS3) is out next year for the 2010 season.

      And yeah, it will be based on the GRID/DIRT engine. Although personally I think that’s a very good thing.

      1. So do I – it’s an excellent engine. Superb physics. If everyone played by the rules online it would be an almost flawless game and I’d be on it all the time (GRID, that is). I wish the following camera was a bit more intelligent, like Trackmania’s (i.e. following in your car’s direction rather than the way it’s facing), but my main gripe is with the idiot players. If there was a simple, intuitive way for everyone to vote-kick them, and if they were then banned for, say, an hour, it would be a much less attractive proposition for them. At the moment they are free to ruin the game for everyone. I was thinking some kind of crash meter. Every time you crash, you get a mark next to your name. One crash will disappear every day, but if you reach eight, you’ll be sent to the sin bin. This will punish people who crash on purpose. Simple – but Codemasters don’t seem all that bothered about the wreckers.

        Oh … and some kind of filter to stop the racist and xenophobic abuse wouldn’t go amiss …

        1. You’re avin a laugh!? Superb physics? the Codemasters game engine is without a doubt one the best for special effects and some stunning graphics. But it is merely a simplistic computer assisted driving model. At no time are you ever in full control of a vehicle.
          Codemasters do not aim for the simulation market – and fair play to them for doing the arcade market as well as they do (in some respects.)
          It will be a moderately fun arcade style bash for sure but as a serious sim it will absolutely suck and that’s a crying shame, not having a really decent FIA sanctioned F1 sim.
          Simbin, ISI, Kunos, LFS & iRacing have got absolutely nothing to worry about – apart from maybe people chosing Codemasters and thinking they have a sim (and can actually drive a simulated F1 car) and ignoring the smaller developers that are committed to creating as realistic a simulation as technology and costs allow.

          1. Sounds like you’re driving with assists on … You can switch everything off and use manual gears if you want a more realistic experience. Please tell me about these computer driving games that aren’t computer assisted, too! I’ve played loads of driving games, and the CM ones are a lot more realistic than most, especially the console games, particularly the way cars react when they collide with something or if you run over a kerb. Of course, there’s a curve between Atari Pole Position and McLaren’s simulator, but I think the CM ones are pretty high up it when you take into account the limitations of home computing systems’ hardware. It still has to be playable enough to be fun, and realistic physics mean predictability, and in my opinion the CM titles do have theat balance nailed probably as well as it can be done with a contemporary system.

    2. Ive had the same experience with nearly every online racing game. Such a shame…

      1. Try iRacing…

  6. Vastly improved over the Singapore video clip…

  7. I have a feeling that this video is from the PSP version rather than the Wii version. It looks a lot shinier.

  8. Still a little bit N64-y for me. Im waiting till next year. B-)

  9. I want to lke this game so bad, but it just looks terrible. Even though this video is much better than the singapore clip, it doesnt exactly get me excited to play it.

    1. Yeah, I forgot to comment on the video itself … It does look rather arcadey to me. Is it a Geoff Crammond-esque simulator or more towards your typical soulless console racer? Pitstops? Rain? Changing weather? full-length races? I NEED TO KNOW!!!

      1. I think the Wii/PSP version is aimed at the casual, arcade market, while the PC/PS3/360 version should be aimed at more of a simulation market.

  10. There was way too much overtaking in that video…not realistic!

  11. F1 2009 will have drivers and logo’s of Monaco. Pitstops, rain and full length races will be included.

  12. This just sucks more and more every time …

  13. Well after an uneventful Japanese grand prix I was bored. What shall I do on a Boring Sunday afternoon? I fired up my PS3 which is getting dustier by the second. I checked to see what new demos there were in the playstation store and found Need for Speed Shift. I downloaded it which took ages even with cable broadband and I was in for a surprise. Lo and behold in the demo it had the Spa track. After a couple of hours I did about 40 laps on and off. Its a brilliant game, I particularly liked how it handled and the g-force effects. Shame it didn’t have a single seater in this demo. You can also race around London too in the demo. If the Codemasters PS3 game is as good as this or better then I think we will be happy. I am going to buy this game and probably a G25 Wheel to keep me from being bored until F1 2009 is out.

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