Japanese Grand Prix 2009: The complete F1 Fanatic review

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Crashed Toro Rossos was a recurring theme at Suzuka

Review the Japanese Grand Prix in full with F1 Fanatic’s complete race coverage in one place, from practice to the race analysis.

The race

Vettel keeps title hopes alive at Suzuka (Japanese Grand Prix race report)

Japanese Grand Prix in pictures

Japanese Grand Prix race result

Championship points after Japan

Japanese Grand Prix: driver reactions

Nico Rosberg escapes penalty which could’ve given title to Brawn

Rate the race: Japanese Grand Prix


Red Bull’s pace and Hamilton’s fumble (Japanese Grand Prix analysis)

Japanese Grand Prix fastest laps analysis

Japanese Grand Prix facts and stats


Sebastian Vettel takes pole in crash-hit session (Japanese Grand Prix qualifying)

Japanese Grand Prix grid (updated)

Crashes for Alguersuari, Glock and Kovalainen halt Japan qualifying (Video)

Japanese Grand Prix qualifying pictures

Button, Barrichello, Alonso, Sutil and Buemi get five-place grid penalties

Vettel has slight strategy advantage (Japanese Grand Prix fuel weights)

Suzuka practice washout in pictures

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19 comments on “Japanese Grand Prix 2009: The complete F1 Fanatic review”

  1. This is a video from the drivers parade in the Japanese gp 2009, it’s interesting, Alonso and Hamilton are sharing the same car after Hamilton’s car had a trouble. this is the link.

    1. Bigbadderboom
      5th October 2009, 20:17

      Looks creepy, they even seem to share a couple of laughs!!!!!

    2. lol, am i the only one to notice the man at 1min 30? he’s got no one in his car so he’s waving like crazy

      1. yea i saw that guy, probably hasnt realised that he has lost his driver!, would laugh if he got back to the pits to find a very angry buemi or webber waiting for him!

      2. you can see that it’s Glock’s car in toncho’s video below….I guess he was at the med center.

    3. Did someone throw a shoe ?? At 0:17 sec! LOL!!

      1. haha, I think it a piece of trash floating in the wind. You can see it for the first 11 seconds of the video floating around behind Lewis.

    4. I saw it, it was fun to see both of them on the same car.

  2. Thanks Kike, it was a great scene

    1. Yes it was, you’re welcome.

  3. Can you feel the love?

  4. Button now claims he won’t “blow it” as Hamilton did in 07. I guess Jense is feeling strong once again after finishing 8th. When is the last time Button took the top step? Three months ago?

    The irony is that now that he’s got a halfway decent car, Hamilton is showing Button how to wring out a car and get the big pointts—-and, to underline things, Hamilton is embarassing his teammate. Meanwhile, Button tootles around, getting regularly beaten by the oldest guy in the paddock in the same car.

    1. http://en.f1-live.com/f1/en/headlines/news/detail/091005154358.shtml

      We are not the only ones who think that way, fella… And I thought I was going crazy when I said “Button sucks”.

    2. I think we can say that the Brawn is still a faster car than the McLaren, anyone agree? just shows its down to the driver although the car does play a part

      1. I think so Harv, I mean Heikki is nowhere while Lewis is on the podium so the car can’t be the best. So yes I think now it is down to the driver.

    3. What Button is doing now, is exactly what Hamilton should have done in 2007 (and 2008 really). Drive consistently, with no mistakes, score some points and keep the lead. It will be very tough for Vettel and Rubens to take the lead, tougher than when Kimi took it in 2007.

      Why? In 2007 the Ferrari’s and McLarens were winning most of the races and on the top step at almost every race. in 2009, Vettel and Rubens are not becasue of the spoilers in Kimi, Lewis, Nico, Toyotas, and so on.

      I will easily agree that final 5 rounds of 2009 is not as fun as 07 and 08 and that Hamilton definitely makes things more exciting than Jenson, but when Jenson wins, his 8th place finishes instead of sliding into a sand trap with shot tires will be why he won.

      1. Bigbadderboom
        6th October 2009, 17:57

        I have to agree mfDB, the fact is the title is decide over a season, and despite the fact that we would all like it to go down to the wire, the truth is Jenson has done the hard work already and will manage his WDC over the next couple of races. Ross Brawn is doing exactly what McLaren should have done with Lewis, they are playing the percentages, and that simply involves managin the margins and adjusting the tactics to suit. As everybody agrees it is Jensons to lose, so people shouldn’t be critical of him or Brawn for ensuring the don’t lose it with some crazy driving, do or die tactics or sheer stupidity.
        Like it or not the title goes to the driver with the highest number of points, and i agree that others have not taken their oppotunities, Vettel has made too many errors and Rubens took too long to adjust to the new Brawn car and couldn’t match Jensons early season pace. Red Bull should have made a better fight but the Renault engine failed them, Brawn has made the most of the situation through consistancy and design. So Jenson of all the contenders does deserve it most.

  5. Did you see this?? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DkW589AzmWE

    Is the driver’s parade of Suzuka, see around minute 5:15 HAM’s car stopped and ALO offered him a seat, then they start to chat like good old friends ;-))

    1. Well, look at the topmost reply and the video there :)

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