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Button leads by 14 points but hasn't won a race since Turkey

There are two races to go and three drivers left in the championship. Jenson Button, Rubens Barrichello and Sebastian Vettel have all won at least two races each but they’ve all made mistakes and they’ve all had bad races.

Which of the three do you want to win the drivers’ title? Do any of the deserve the crown? Cast your vote and have your say below.

Who do you want to be champion?

  • I don't care (8%)
  • Sebastian Vettel (24%)
  • Rubens Barrichello (31%)
  • Jenson Button (37%)

Total Voters: 4,305

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This time last year there were three completely different drivers in the running: Lewis Hamilton, Felipe Massa and Robert Kubica. The latter was the driver most people wanted to win the championship, and not just because of the potential for a late upset in the championship – Kubica was also voted the best driver of 2008 by F1 Fanatic readers.

My favourite for the title this year is Button, simply because he’s won more races than the other two put together.

What’s disorientating about Button is how much poorer the second half of his season has been than the first – which has already provoked some people on the forum to ask whether he deserves the championship.

He is, however, driving the shrewd late-season camaign that Hamilton completely failed to do in 2007, and nearly failed to do last year. Athough Button’s qualifying performance at Suzuka wasn’t up to scratch, he almost overcame it with a race drive that blended patience, speed and opportunism.

This is not a vintage title battle. Whichever of the three wins the title, I don’t think any of them have consistently dominated the opposition in such a manner that it might count among on of the all-time great championship wins.

But perhaps you see it differently. Who do you want to win the championship this year – and why?

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215 comments on “Who do you want to be champion? (Poll)”

  1. Go Rubens! It’d be nice to see him win after all this time.

    But I feel that Vettel is most deserving, simply because he is the best driver out of those 3.

    Button proved he can drive well in a good car, but struggles with anything less than perfect.

    He’s been comprehensively outscored by Vettel and Barrichello over the last 2 thirds of the season, as well as Hamilton and Raikkonen, and nearly by Webber.

    Barrichello and the 2 RBR drivers can at least honestly say that they’ve had tons of bad luck, while Button has had everything go his way.

    1. no need for me to write my reasoning. see above!

    2. I want Barrichello to win it simply because he is very humble unlike Button who after 6 victories started reportedly was saying
      “I will kick butts” etc.
      A very undeserving human indeed.

      Don’t count your chickens before they hatch applies to him perfectly when he promised his girlfriend to marry her when he wraps up the time. The use of “when” not “if” shows what a type of person he really is.

      God > infinity

      1. I agree with Kovy although some of Rubens early season rants have put me off him a bit.

        1. All i can say is that I’m usually with the one that wins most races, but I’d like for Rubens to put it in the bag… that guy deserves it so much just for hanging on so long for it…. and with a good car, he’s always good, (sometimes in a bad car even), not to mention he is a great sportsman, despite his rants earlier in the season.

          i also genuinely believe that early in the season, Button was getting a lot of advantage from Rubens’ technical input, and after the pit stop strategy switch debacle, Rubens outperformed Button in almost every race (seemingly keeping most of the setup to himself i heard)…

          1. Lets face it. We all feel bad for Rubens as hes been driving for ages, but that doesnt make him a worthy champion. Hes just not good enough to be called a WDC. Honestly, Jenson is not good enough either. A good champ makes for an exciting season of f1, these two Brawn drivers have shown us the most boring season of f1 since the schumi days. I hope Vettel wins.

          2. How can you say this has been as boring a season as one at the height of the dull and boring Shoe era Tod Fod? We have had all sorts happening this year. A dominant spell from JB, a short dominant spell from RBR, Toyota briefly showing promise, Force India challenging for wins, McLaren and Ferrari coming back to form in the middle of the season, accidents, overtaking (at times). Ok the racing hasn’t been the greatest at times, but it has been a topsey turvey and intriguing season.

          3. I also want Rubens to win,after him Vettel and then Button. Button is not deserving at all. A real champion should be hot right now, fighting on the track and getting podiums. One would swear he’s not even in the title race. He’s always at the back, driving us to sleep.

      2. I want Barrichello to win it simply because he is very humble unlike Button who after 6 victories started reportedly was saying
        “I will kick butts” etc.
        A very undeserving human indeed.

        What championship have you been watching? All the early season interviews I saw with Button, he was saying it’s still early in the championship. No doubt he was very chuffed to win 6 races from the first 7, as anyone would be. I wouldn’t say he was being arrogant at all. He has been a bit whingey lately.

        he promised his girlfriend to marry her when he wraps up the time. The use of “when” not “if” shows what a type of person he really is.

        Any bloke would recognise that as a brilliant bit of strategic thinking. What’s the problem?

      3. Mussolini's Pet Cat
        6th October 2009, 14:04

        excuse me? which driver was very vocal about his team/car after one particualar race?? He didn’t come across humble or professional then. Come on Jens, you’ve proved (the points don’t lie!) you’re the best this year so far, so finish off in style.

        1. I agree, some people post here with exclusive memories and a distinctly biased view.
          Jenson does deserv the title as he has been the most consistant driver in the most consistant car, 14 more points with 2 races to go, the story tells itself.

      4. I have never seen Button talking about kicking butts, and there are no gods.

      5. he promised his girlfriend to marry her when he wraps up the time. The use of “when” not “if” shows what a type of person he really is


        Heeeyy come on Ali Adams, he was just being optimistic and confident in winning the championship, Nothing wrong in that.

        In all, I really would love to see Barrichello take it.

    3. with you on that. would give it to Barrichello but i voted for Vettel, because of the way Brawn fooled FIA and other teams. Honda steped out, they knew who will run the team but they played like they will fall out of the caravan, but in reality, they were working without any wind tunnel limitations (they used 4 tunnels i believe), etc…beating 9 teams that adhered to the strict limits of testing and development by CHEATING isn’t something to brag about and such team IMHO doesn’t deserve no title. I know Vettel has just a sim chance, but still, Barrichello is my second choice. Button won 6 races and allready tought he was the allmighty champion.

      1. …because of the way Brawn fooled FIA and other teams

        Hmm. So they didn’t out-develop all the other teams because their car had been 18 months in the making instead of 6?

      2. Brawn told the OTW that the regulations had a hole in it that teams would exploit. So 3 teams show up in the opening race with the diffuser and Brawn walks away with the race.
        Regardless of how Brawn developed the car, they didnt cheat as they had already flagged the regulation and brought it to the attention of the governing body. We know the rest as much ado is made but ultimately it is ruled legal, just as Toyota and Williams said it would be.
        Brawn dominates the first 6 of 7 races and everyone is playing catchup. Now the others have caught up and are not only as fast but some are faster now. This situation is no different than when other teams exploited a rule or technology to gain a huge advantage.
        I would rather see Reubens win because he struggled early and then ca,e to grips with the car and has shown improvement during the season whul chasing Button, but I also realize that Button is playing it safe and will probably pull it off.
        Vettel is young and fearless and I like that but he is either on top or out and because of that I dont believe he will take the crown,although it would be nice for it to happen.

    4. Well Buttons winning streak lasted 7 races, since then we have had another 8 races.

      Both Barrichello and Vettel together have only beaten Jenson 3 times all season.

      I’d hardly call that “He’s been comprehensively outscored by Vettel and Barrichello over the last 2 thirds of the season”. Firstly its roughly half not 2/3rds and see above about him not being outscored consistently in anyway..

    5. Button proved he can drive well in a good car, but struggles with anything less than perfect.

      What did Vettel do that was so magnificent when his car wasn’t half a second faster than the competition?

      He crashed or spun off, that’s what he did.

      Barrichello and the 2 RBR drivers can at least honestly say that they’ve had tons of bad luck, while Button has had everything go his way.

      You have got to be joking. Vettel is lucky that he’s in the fastest car and that apart from Red Bull now a lot of other teams are faster than the Brawn.

      Vettel made driver errors, was unable to overtake cars and suffered from poor strategy. Neither of those is bad luck.

      Vettel had one engine failure. Button got rammed off by Grosjean. So they really are equal in the “bad luck” department

      1. Vettel actually had two retirements because of the failures (Valencia and Hungaroring)

        1. But far more driver errors than Button

        2. But Hungaroring was because he crashed into Raikkonen.

  2. I really want Jenson to win the title. He has the most wins, and made the best start to the season.

    A lot has been made of his lack of mid season form and there is this perception that he is “backing into the title”. The simple fact of the matter is that Rubens, Vettel and Webber haven’t been consistent enough over the course of the season to haul him in. They haven’t shown the kind of dominance that Jenson showed at the start of the season despite Jenson’s lack of pace. A lot has also been made of Brawn’s dominance at the start of the season. If Jenson’s form was just due to the pace of the Brawn why didn’t Rubens have 6 second places in the first 7 races? If he did, he would be leading the championship now and we would all be hailing a well deserved WDC after a fantastic F1 career.

    The fact of the matter is that Jenson did the best job at the start of the season and no one else has been good enough to catch him. If he gets overhauled in the last 2 races it would be a crime.

    Interestingly enough Britain, Brazil and Germany are the countries which have won the WDC on the most occasions (28 between them, Britain 13, Brazil 8 and Germany 7). If Jenson wins he will be Britain’s 10th WDC. If Rubens wins he will be Brazil’s 4th WDC. If Vettel wins he will be Germany’s second WDC.

    1. I agree completely. However I’d like to see Barri get the title simply because it looks like he’ll be pushed out of Brawn next year because of his age and relative lack of marketability. I doubt Barri will get this chance again, so it’d be great if he wins it!

      1. They might both get pushed out if the reports are true.

    2. Yeah i agree with this.

      If Button had done it the other way round – performed mediocre in the first two-thirds of the season, then won the last 6 races – everyone would be raving about what a great and worthy champion he is. Button deserves it.

      1. Mussolini's Pet Cat
        6th October 2009, 14:06

        amen to that.

      2. You are totally right. Because that would at least give the illusion of a closer title battle. I think that Button has earned it, just not with as much grandeur as we’d all like to see:)

      3. Hear hear.

        If you reverse the results Button would have been a bit behind while Vettel, Hamilton and Barrichello won two each, and Raikonnen and Webber got on the list. We’d then have been bouncing about what a storming late-season run he was mounting, interrupted only by Vettel’s third.

        If you win the first nine races and then don’t score another point, you’re still champion. Go JB.

  3. Button once had the opportunity to move to Mclaren but he didn’t he along with Barrichello had to live with bad cars over the last two years & I agree with you Keith he won more races the the other two.

    Hope whatever happens we have the same drama as we had in the last two year.

    1. The “Max and Bernie Comedy Show” guarantees more drama than that of last year, last race, last lap, last corner, last 15sec.

      We promise and we deliver on our promise every time even if it means “correcting” the result after a year or two as you will undoubtedly see Massa as 2008 champion in 2010 because we are working hard on making the 2008 Singapore race void, but not until Lewis sucks all the marketing benefits which he gladly shares 50% of with us. Then we can start milking Massa for a further year or two, concurrently with YOUR favourite driver, Alonso, of course :)

      Trust in us and you will keep you on your feet, fully stressed and no clue as to what’s around the next bend, Ferraaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh ;)

      If you like a full transcript of our Concorde agreement, please send a self-stamped addressed BROWN case with a million pound cash and we will be glad to forward you part 1a out of 99z of the pseudo-secret agreement.


        6th October 2009, 9:56

        Luv it Ali……..#:) Sarcasm rox!!! #:)

      2. Nice one Ali!

        The shear arrogance of those that control F1. Not content to make milions, they have to manipulate and misinterpret the guidelines, sorry rules, by playing God, controlling decisions and outcomes just to screw more money out of the gullible fans and sponsors.

        So when we talk about winners and losers, in reality, the men behind the curtain could have Coco the clown, sponsored by McDonalds, with wheels falling off his car, driving away from the pits with his fuel line still attached and he could still become WDC in what has become a circus!

        The actual sport is brilliant, but the corporatocracy behind it sucks.

  4. I want Jenson to win it, and I want him to win it by winning at least one of the last two races this year. I think he might be pretty handy at Abu Dhabi. I’m thinking someone else will have a pop at winning in Brazil.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing any of them win, but I’m British, and I’ve always liked Jenson. I think he deserves this chance at the title.

    1. If he wraps it up in Brazil with a win people would forget the nonsense of calling him bad.

      1. I sure would!

  5. I think the criticism Button is getting for not having a great second half of the season is unfair, and the idea that a driver who has won six races in a season could be seen as underserving is ridiculous. Its is so easily forgotten how he took all those wins earlier in the season, and his results on a whole have been no worse than any other champion in the past – its just all his good results came at the start, and his not so good (but still in the points!) have come recently. If he had done the season alternating the two, the criticisms wouldnt be half as bad.

    And its not all about the car – else why didnt Barrichello take a win in those opening races? I know it helps, but that is no different to any other champion in the past who most likely had one of the most competitive cars on the grid. I dont think the Brawn was infinitely faster than the Red Bull at the start either – just Red Bull and their drivers messed up opportunities. Obviously they have had one of the better cars, but from the mid point the other teams have caught up and its not so clear cut anymore – its why we have had some many different winners recently – Button couldnt have been expected to continue winning as much as he did when Ferrari and Mclaren were not so strong.

    Plus even when the car hasnt been so good he has still managed points – and hasnt really made any major mistakes, other than not being quite so high up in qualifying. Both Vettel and Barrichello have made mistakes over the year – which is why they are still a fair chunk behind Button – they may have outscored him in recent races – but clearly not by miles else Button wouldnt still have a fourteen point lead is it?

    A championship is not just about a selection of races, it is about the whole year – and its all well and good scoring loads of points towards the end, but if you have scored very little at the start it means nothing. Button took the opportunity when his car was the best to take as many points as possible, and Rubens didnt. Now its not the outright best he has been topping up the points to maintain the lead – they might not have been spectactular results, but they have been solid, and very crucial results nonetheless.

    Just in case you havent guessed, i am firmly in the Button camp for this years world title – although if either Barrichello or Vettel were to take it, whilst being gutted for Button, i still do like both the other guys so I wouldnt be too outraged!

    1. Barrichello made mistakes at the start, but he also took the most of the team errors and mechanical trouble.

      Barrichello has also had far more good races than Button, Button just had the luxury of a good car when he had good form.

  6. I feel that Jenson’s good early form was just brought about by the fact that Brawn got smart (and lucky) with the car setup in the first races. He’s a good driver, alright. But since the other teams have caught up with the Brawns car setup, the field has evened out. Drivers skills have been more obvious than ever (with only 1-2 seconds covering the field’s laptimes), as well as the adaptability of cars to the tracks, something which I feel Brawn has just been sitting out on lately.

    Rubens probably deserves it more than Jenson, as he’s been more consistent than his teammate given the circumstances I mentioned earlier.

    But I voted for Vettel. His wins were from perfectly driven races. And on days when his results weren’t perfect, he’s extracted the most out of his car. Although some people are having doubts as to his competitve driving (i.e. overtaking skills), I would like to think the RB5 is a car that wasn’t meant to overtake much — it’s just a really fast car. (IIRC, Vettel in his Toro Rosso days has done quite a number of overtaking manouevres, so he would if he could!)

    Looking forward to Brazil now!

    1. And don’t forget how Brawn treated Barrichello as #2 right from the thrid or fouth race and only when the Spain saga blew up they started believeing in him, so in all fairness they she make Button lose one race and let the final race be the decider

      1. Oh yes. I’m sure Ross is knocking on your door right now for more pearls of your wisdom.

        1. I agree, I think Vettel deserves it most followed by Barrichello.

  7. I humbly disagree… this is a classic year. More winners than ever before, teams going from back to front to back again and a hare being caught by the tortoises. I think its a modern F1’s fan unrealistic expectations of a “champion” that skews thoughts on Jenson. To my memory Keke Rosberg only won twice in his WDC year (1982) but no one would say he wasnt “worthy” -the same with Piquet snr, never the quickest but certainly the canniest. Man Utd win the league by getting points when they’re off form why is it “not worthy” when Jenson does it?

    1. I’m so glad that someone mentioned 1982.

      That season any number of drivers “should have won” the WDC. Prost, Pironi, Arnoux, Lauda and Watson had the most wins (2). Keke and 5 others all had 1 win each. That season Villenueve should have won, but was unfortunately killed. Pironi should have won, but crashed in qualifying in Germany and broke his legs. And so on and so on and so on.

      As someone pointed out in the forum on this topic F1 fans can always find a way of saying that someone else deserved the championship. It’s just the way it goes.

      That’s why the man with the most points at the end of the year wins. That’s why the F1 points system is the best way of deciding who the WDC is! If they had introduced the medal system Jenson would have already clinched WDC. And we would all be saying what a great season he had.

      Jenson deserves it. The end.

      1. possibly the most common sense statement on the entire blog.

        1. I have been waiting so lon to hear that! ;-)

          1. “long”.

      2. Good history lesson. Nice that others remeber the old times.

      3. I don’t see how he deserves it before he wins it…

        1. So 6 wins aren’t enough in your book? 6 wins was enough to make people say Massa deserved the championship last year…

          1. Mind you, that was 5 wins plus a stolen one …

  8. I want Jenson to win it because I have been a fan of his for years now, but I think it will be a bit of an anti-climax if he can’t get at least another podium, if not a win, this year.

    1. Win/podium) at Brazil is what we all want to see.

  9. if jenson wins the WDC say without scoring a podium at brazil and adu dhabi would he have some sort of record as having the worst run of results en route to becoming world champion. i can’t recall a run so bad.

  10. Most wins? Button. Most overtaking, of the three? Button. Most consistently in the points? Button. The one who put in quick laps in the race when it was needed? Button (in fact, that’s where Barrichello has been particularly poor). I’m more of a Vettel fan, but I expect him to have plenty more chances for the title: this year, go Button!

    1. Exactly…

    2. I have to agree with you Alex.
      I want Button to win for the same reasons.

      I still like RB and Vettel but they have made too many mistakes. Vettel crashing out at Monaco and Australia really hampered his chances.
      Vettel although driven well in the other races seemed unable to pass a car to gain that decisive result.

      In the end all 3 are an asset to F1 and would be a worthy champion. Whoever takes the most points is a worthy champion.

    3. Accidental Mick
      7th October 2009, 10:28

      Thank you Alex – now I needn’t bother to post as you have said it all.

    4. Yeah that point about overtaking is a big thing for me too: Alonso at Sepang, Hamilton at Bahrain, important moves that helped him win races.

  11. I think after the disastrous couple of years that Jenson has had he really deserves it. He stuck with Honda and every time he was interviewed on itv after finishing 17th and 18th place he always spoke about the good work that was being done at the team and never criticsed them. Now his persistance and support has paid dividends.
    I would love to see Rubens win one though and Vettel but Vettel is definitely going to win one WDC and maybe two within the next 4 years so i’m not that worried bout him.

    I really like Rubens but i didn’t like his rant at the Nurburgring. I cant stand drivers giving out about favouratism of the other driver. Beat your team mate on the track and make your own luck.

    I really liked Ross’s comment to the BBC in the Forum on Sunday bout Rubens taking points of Jenson. And Ross’s answer was id rather lose a championship by giving both drivers a fair crack at it than favour a driver.

    1. I don’t understand where this myth comes from that Button was always gracious in those difficult two years at Honda. Just about every time I heard him, he was saying how the car wasn’t good enough and how he couldn’t be blamed for his poor performance. The man was criticising the team week in, week out.

      1. I agree Andy

      2. I believe his favourite adjective at those times was “dog”

    2. “Beat your team mate on the track”

      do you think this is easy when your team prepares better race strategy for him?

  12. what guff! so Rubens was so good at setting his car up but he was slower then Button? Hes not that good at set up then is he!

    And if you think Ross Brawn would jeopardise results by allowing data to be withheld from either driver then think again.

  13. Jenson all the way. I’ve supported him since he first drove for Williams way back when…

    What I don’t get is why people are so quick to say that because he hasn’t won a race for months, he doesn’t deserve the title. Yet one of the things people often talked up about Schumacher was his ability to still score points even when his car wasn’t good enough to win…so if it’s good enough for Schumi, why isn’t it good enough for Button??

    Personally I would like him to wrap it up in Brazil, then perhaps he can go all out for a win in the final race, just to end the season on a high!!

    If Vettel wins, I won’t be too disappointed cos he seems like a really nice guy. If Rubens wins I hope they engrave his trophy with “blaa, blaa, blaa”…

  14. Vettel is quick but hes hardly excitng, the man cant overtake.

    Button has turned nul points into 1’s and 2’s by overtaking. Maybe not up there with Mansell, Senna but he has overcome his qually cock ups by quite well

  15. I would very much like to see R.G. Barrichello take the title, but in the end I don’t really care who is WDC, as long as we’ve seen a good fight.

  16. If we get to the last race of the season with a points difference that makes it so that Barrichello and Vettel are reasonably in the hunt, I don’t care who wins it, as long as its done with style, on the track, with the champion simply out-driving the others. Well, in an ideal world anyways.

    1. Why does that have to happen in the last race isnt winning on the track over the other 16 races enough? Why dont we just have a 1 race WDC who ever wins, wins the WDC.

      1. Well it certainly doesn’t have to be, but I sure would like to have an actual duel, or three-way fight, on the track, to decide the championship, and yeah, I think that it’s more exciting to have it go to the last race – and if it does, it will only be because Button has not done enough on the track in the previous 16 races to clinch it.

  17. No surprises here, I voted for Vettel. But I agree that he’s likely to have more chances to win the WDC so I wouldn’t mind if Rubens won this year.

    I’ve basically resigned myself to seeing Button shuffle his way to the title, and while I don’t disagree that he had a storming start to the season and has scored consistently so cannot be called ‘undeserving’, I have found him increasingly ungracious this season. His moans and rants whenever the car has not been perfect, and his openly bitter comments regarding Rosberg deserving a penalty after the Suzuka race, combined with his general arrogance (as many people have mentioned above) have made me rather dislike him. Which is a shame as I generally love it when ‘underdogs’ do well – and I’m certainly very pleased for Brawn GP in this respect – but I just can’t stand Button’s attitude.

    And yes, I know Rubens had his fair share of whinges earlier this season, but given the cr*p he took when he was at Ferrari I think he can be forgiven for being concerned that the same thing is happening again.

    All in all, I won’t dispute that, as a driver, Button would be a deserving WDC this year. But as a sportsman, unfortunately, I think it’s questionable.

  18. i thought this was a worthy champion blog? not who’s personality is the most pleasant. They’re f1 drivers not teachers assistants, most likely theyre all total emperors. sheesh!

    1. Yes one of my friends commented once on some of the drivers being big headed at driving. Then I pointed out that his list was pretty much all the leading drivers who get interviewed. The only reason he didn’t feel this way about others was because he never heard what they said. I think its part of the job. If you don’t believe or think you will win, then just give up, let someone else race who wants to try. – this is why people like Rubens and Button are still going after all these years, and why it would be great to see one of them win after so long. Both are not the best in history, but they are both very good drivers, better than a lot of the field in my opinion.

      1. My favourite driver quote was Adrian Sutil this year;

        Whilst being interviewed after either Spa or Monza (I think Monza) he was accosted by a very attractive young woman. One of the interviewers asked him if he knew her and his reply was priceless…

        “Not yet!!”

        1. Did she mean that in the Biblical sense!! or did he answer it that way.

        2. I think EJ then commenting on being like Coulthard.


        3. Sutil doesn’t really strike me as a macho guy:

    2. classic humour!

  19. Nick Caulfield
    6th October 2009, 10:40

    People seem to be forgetting that the start of the season when Button won the races was more competitive than it appeared. Although Mclaren, Ferrari, BMW and Renault were not on the pace, there was relatively little to choose between Brawn, Toyota (remember them!) and Red Bull. Even Williams was pretty close, but at that time (apart from that half distance one in the wet – was it Malaysia?) Button made no mistakes. Look at Bahrain – the three on the podium in a Brawn, Red Bull and Toyota finished the race within 9 seconds of each other.

    OK so Button has made mistakes since but only failed to score once. In the last race, he finished behind his team mate but made up more places in doing so.

    It has been a closer season than the results have sometimes seemed to show and the driver who can win a close season deserves our respect

  20. This season has been a bit strange with the different way teams adapted to the new regs. But for so many people to belittle the achievement of one driver who has won 6 races is beyond belief.

    Jenson has maximised races where his car has had the advantage, made the most out of bad situations, consistently made important overtaking moves and made the least mistakes of all of the contenders.

    As has been said above, if it was the car that won all those races, where was Rubens? Do we have any proof that Jenson constantly runs into Rubens’ garage to be told how to set up the car? Or is that criticism based on the 1 time he admitted he had help?)

    Vettel is quick but a bit green. Rubens missed out at the start of the year when Brawn were best. Jenson seems like a decent bloke who’s made the most of the one time in his career he’s had a front running car. Fair play to him and I really hope he sees it through and wins it.

  21. I picked Vettel, he has the most talent. If a Brawn has to win I’d say Rubens though. Jense won’t be anywhere next season I don’t think. To be honest though I just don’t care, Seb has is my preferred and one of my fav drivers but he has made too many errors, and out of the rest I never really have seen ‘a star’. This for me, was just more for seeing how Seb copes under pressure and his first year in the real spotlight. I’ll miss F1 when season ends but I cannot wait until next year

    1. I’d agree, Vettel is the most talented of the 3 by miles, and winning the championship in his second full season would be really immpressive. And if he wins he’ll have to win the last 3 races, so he’ll have done it in style, not limped over the line like Button.

      More than anything I’d be happy for Vettel to take the championship to the last race again!

  22. It’s pretty much over. Jenson can cruise to the title. I think Vettel wants it the most and obviously I voted for him. If not I’d like Rubens.

    I don’t think Jenson will be anywhere anyway next season.

    I agree with Steph

    I’ll miss F1 when season ends but I cannot wait until next year

    I’ve been waiting for 2010 since the first 5 races of this year.

    1. That late?? I think mine was China :P Good luck to Seb though, if he pulls it back it will be like a dream.

    2. “I think Vettel wants it the most and obviously I voted for him.”

      That’s a little unfair on Jenson. Remeber when he went on “Top Gear” while in the doldrums with Honda and said he would give up all the money and fame and women for just one win. That showed a true fighting spirit and a true determination to be the best. Jenson wants it just as badly as Vettel, and because he has lead the championship for the whole season, I’m pretty sure he has nothing else on his christmas present list.

      To say one driver wants it more than another is very unfair. I’m pretty sure that every driver on the grid badly wants to win the WDC. No one works hard to get into F1 just to say “I’d like to be number 2 driver to a midfield team for my whole career please.”

      1. Yeah but Vettel was going crazy about just being in the title race still. He is on about leaving Brawn because they won’t pay him enough.. that sounds like he cares more about money than racing

        1. He wants the money they owe him! He took a major pay cut so Brawn could race and he wants it back, fair enough i think!

          1. But for Button to get a drive, he needed Brawn to survive, so it works both ways…

      2. That’s a little unfair on Jenson. Remeber when he went on “Top Gear” while in the doldrums with Honda and said he would give up all the money and fame and women for just one win. That showed a true fighting spirit and a true determination to be the best.

        It was not fighting spirit or determination my friend, it was just that he had to make peace with his situation after the famous contract bungle with Williams, Jenson has lost credibility in paddock. Nobody was ready to touch him and his performance in bad car was just like the car BAD, While his team-mate was hustling the car in 07-08 and getting points Mr. Playboy was content in circulating around the tracks on race weekends.

  23. How about an ‘I can’t decide’ option? :)

    Jenson has always seemed like championship material to me. He’s obviously won the most races, he’s charismatic and he’s British and I think he’d make a deserving champion.

    Rubens is one of my favourite drivers ever. He’s down-to-earth, not afraid to speak his mind. He’s generally consistent in his driving, qualifying and racing and seems to get the best out of whatever car he drives. He’s been in the game for years and I think he’d make a deserving champion.

    Vettel obviously has strong talent and is a star for the future. When things are going well he seems to thrive and reminds me very much of champions past in his tenacity. I think he’d make a deserving champion.

    You see my dilemma?

    1. It’s really not too complicated, button has the most points. Can anybody say they have more? Can anybody say they have more victories this year? I thought rubens would put up a good fight after seeing some hunger in his eyes at monza, but hasn’t pulled the rabbit out of the hat. Granted button hasn’t done too well the second half, that just means nobody did as well the 1st half. IS ONE HALF OF THE SEASON BETTER THAN THE OTHER HALF? If vettel were more experienced i think this would be wrapped up already. I am a barrichello fan by heart, but if he can’t do it this year i don’t think he deserves it, the door was left wide open, you NEED to take advantage.

  24. I don’t believe it I can write such a funny reply. It makes me laugh everytime I read it. To be honest the name of the show was borrowed from a poster on crash dot net so he is entitled to it back.

    The “Max and Bernie Comedy Show” guarantees more drama than that of last year, last race, last lap, last corner, last 15sec.

    We promise and we deliver on our promise every time even if it means “correcting” the result after a year or two as you will undoubtedly see Massa as 2008 champion in 2010 because we are working hard on making the 2008 Singapore race void, but not until Lewis sucks all the marketing benefits which he gladly shares 50% of with us. Then we can start milking Massa for a further year or two, concurrently with YOUR favourite driver, Alonso, of course.

    Trust in us and we will keep you on your feet, fully stressed and no clue as to what’s around the next bend, Ferraaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh…

    If you like a full transcript of our Concorde agreement, please send a self-stamped addressed BROWN case with a million pound cash and we will be glad to forward you part 1a out of 99z of the pseudo-secret agreement.


  25. so good you needed to post it twice?


    1. I had to correct:

      Trust in us and you will keep you on your feet


      Trust in us and we will keep you on your feet

      Sorry for the duble posting.


  26. The way I hope it will pan out is:

    Vettle already lost the title the moment he span out while chasing Button (I cannot remember which race, about 3-4 races back).

    Button will not win it in Brazil as long as Bernie is alive by then as Abu Dhabi just spent 1 billion UK pounds it seems on their track and want the grand finale there.

    If so, then I hope Rubens will just nick it in the nick of the time like 0.011 sec ahead of Button across the line, like UG GP 2005 :)


  27. I voted for Rubens, but think Vettel has the better chance.

    One thing though Keith:

    He is, however, driving the shrewd late-season camaign that Hamilton completely failed to do in 2007, and nearly failed to do last year

    I think this a very selective interpretation of what happened. Sure, Hamilton made mistakes (he actually made less in 2007 than in 2008), but that’s going too far. Both in 2007 and 2008 he was being pushed all the way by competitors who were much closer (regardless of the fact that the championship was won in 2007 by the guy who was 17 adrift at this point in the season); Button has never had to worry about that. The whole “threw it away” theory is complete nonsense – it was the team’s decision to keep him out on the worn tyres in China, and a mechanical glitch that cost him in Brazil, which rendered his silly move at Juncao irrelevant.

    Apart from his hot-headedness at Fuji, what exactly did he do wrong in late 2008? Spa was a grey area he would never have infringed on had the FIA clarified the rule before the farce and not after it. Monza was just a gamble that didn’t pay off; wouldn’t you be singing his praises if it had? And Brazil again was the team’s choice to be ultra-conservative. McLaren were also running lower downforce than anyone else, no wonder the rain affected his performance, and if Glock had pitted for tyres at the end he would have been nowhere near him on-track.

    And not only is your statement incorrect in regards to Hamilton, it’s just as incorrect in regards to Button. Tome and again he has failed to perform in qualifying and has had to rely on getting himself out of situations, not to mention the lack of any single competitor consistently taking maximum points out of him.

    I respect Button’s ability and I think he’s good enough to win a world championship. But on the back of having the best car and only really having to worry about his team-mate, who isn’t exactly the greatest driver and had early-season problems, and then to rely on your main rivals being unable to consistently close the gap, due to circumstance more than anything, whilst you trundle around saying that 5th is “a good result”, with the very best drivers trying to get results out of poorer cars, that is not the way to win a world championship, but rather to receive it by default.

    Shrewd? More like lacklustre. If F1 wasn’t so crazy this year, Button would have been out of the hunt by now. If even two single events had gone differently (Vettel’s engine in Valencia and incorrect penalty in Singapore), he’d be quaking in his boots with the smaller lead he had – as evidenced by his moaning that he should have had an extra point in Suzuka because of Rosberg. You already have 14 and 16 point leads, Jenson; are you that worried about your chances that you need another one? Says it all.

  28. to my recollection Britains first WDC, Mike Hawthorn, relied on others failings to win his WDC. In fact almost every WDC has an element of luck involved or “events out of their control”. DOes this devalue it?

    It seems some people want a hollywood ending, which is just a bit sad really. Not to mention unrealistic.

    In a way i hope, just to annoy lots of rosy tinted spec wearers, that Jenson wins the WDC limping over the line in 8th at Abu Dhabi, having messed the whole race up. Whilst Rubens & Vettell do a “villeneuve arnoux” for 1st.

    1. As much as F1 is corrupt, mis-managed etc etc. What are the rules regarding who wins the WDC? The driver with the best personality? The driver with the fastest lap times? The driver with the most wins? or, the driver with the most points?

      Regarding your comments on “relied on others failings…” Unless it is a one horse race, then that is what competition is.

      Couldn’t agree more with your final paragraph, but Button will still be WDC, so nothing changes.

      It is not the drivers to blame (unless they are selling their souls to the devil -NPJ), it is the rules that govern the drivers/teams, how these rules are applied and the subsequent punishments.

      I am sure that we both agree that F1 needs a radical clean up.

  29. I voted that I don’t care – whilst this isn’t strictly true as I’d love to see Sebastian win it (I think his time will come), and it would be brilliant for Rubens to win the title so late in his career – it’s good that the championship is still up for grabs at this point in the season. This is exactly the kind of scenario where Bernie’s medals idea would have ruined the second half of the calendar. What a terrible idea that was.

    1. The second half has been ruined with Rubens not really manging to capitalise, jense bening lucky and the RBRs breaking down/or just plain failing at some tracks.

  30. Erm, Button. Simple for me really.

    IMHO, Vettel is great from pole, mediocre from any other grid position. Needs more time.

    Barrichello, over the entire season so far, simply hasn’t done as good a job as Button. Everyone critises Button’s season because he “got lucky with the best car” from the start… well if that’s the case, how come Barrichello didn’t do as well with the same opportunity? And please don’t start harping on about how Button ‘used’ Barrichello’s car setup. Even if he did (which we know for a fact he has done on occassion), the same question remains; why didn’t Barrichello do as well as Button??

    Sentiment is a great thing, but I don’t think we should be voting Barrichello just because he’s as old as F1 itself and has driven through his career without anything spectacular to his name. That alone doesn’t make him deserving of the title.

    Go Button!

    1. Think Barr didn’t like the brakes if I remember correctly, he did have a few driver errors but even Ross said there was no where Rubens would be that far behind Jenson

      1. @steph90 – I think you’re right, it was something to do with his brakes.

        Don’t get me wrong, I’m not for a second suggesting Barrichello is way off Button’s mark or a second rate driver, but put simply, he hasn’t had as good a season as Button.

        I don’t want to start a thread banging on about patriotic loyalty and “I hate this driver” and “I hate that driver”, but I can’t help but think a lot of the votes for Barrichello are from people that seemingly hate/really dislike Button.

        I’m British and would love to see Button take the title (a British champ two years running!!), but not BECAUSE I’m British – rather, Button had a better season. What I’m trying to say is, I think a lot of the hate and comments like “Button is an average driver” and “Button is undeserving” are from non-British fans who would just rather see ANYONE win the title, as long as it’s NOT a Brit.

        Make sense?

        An no, before some of you jump on me, I’m not being racist or accusing anyone else of being racist. It’s the same as supporting England in the football World Cup – I’m not racist for wanting the other countries to lose, I’m simple patriotic. There’s a massive difference :)

        1. Didn’t Alonso have a similar brake issue when he was at McLaren? I seem to remember that McLaren use Carbon Industrie Brakes while Alonso preferred the Hitco brakes from his time at Renault. So McLaren ran Alonso’s car with Hitco brakes and Lewis’s car with Carbon Insdustrie brakes. I don’t see why Brawn couldn’t do the same thing with Rubens and Jenson.

        2. As a US citizen I have no one to patriotically pull for. SO I wont get wrapped up in that but there are those who only support a racer fron their country, thats ok though.
          Steph90, the brake issue really seems to have been a big issue for Barrichello and once they worked it out the season turned around for him. Everybody says it is the cars more than the driver, but that would show that if the driver isnt comfortable with a characteristic of the car it will affect his driving as it drops his comfort with the car.

  31. I voted Button because I think he deserves it most after having been in a car that he was better than for many years. Vettel has many years ahead of him, and I believe his time will come. Barrichello’s had his chance, snuffed it.

    God = 0

    1. How has barrichello snuffed his chance? Racing against the likes of m schumacher.. in HIS own team. If he doesn’t win it this year then i’ll agree he’s “snuffed” it. Season isn’t over yet though. I know barrichello historically hasn’t fared well at interlagos, but he is always fast there.

  32. People seem to forget that Button won the first 6 with the double diffuser which Vettel did not have. Despite that RBR have performed consistently. Although, it would be great if Reubens gets it.

    1. People also forget that Williams and Toyota had double diffusers but their drivers didn’t win anything.

      1. People also forget that no matter the diffuser, the Red Bull was still the faster car from China onwards.

        So who cares if there was a double diffuser or not. The Red Bull as faster anyway. If they only had a proper strategy, drivers that didn’t crash and that could re-overtake KERS cars.

  33. People seem to forget that Button won the first 6 with the double diffuser which Vettel did not have. Despite that RBR have performed consistently. Although, it would be great if Reubens gets it.

  34. With Bernies Gold Medal rules, Button would be champion already!!

    this is a great F1 season, lots of winners, teams going from hero to zero and back again dependent upon track etc etc

    Lets face it, Button needs to retir from one of the two remaining races to give Barrichallo a chance of making up 14 points…………..Vettel is in with a shout if his car is brilliant and the Brawns are pants, but we never really know until Sat afternoon who is good and who is bad!!!
    Button and Vettel seem brilliant when their car is top of the pile, Rubens seems a bit good as we know but cannot beat button when the car is good. And that is all we are left with.

  35. I want Button to win as he is my favourite driver of the three, and although his form has suffered he has still won the most races this season and so is probably most deserving.

    You could make arguments about each of the drivers being most deserving but as Martin Brundle said on the post race F1 forum the driver with the most points is the most deserving champion.

    1. but as Martin Brundle said on the post race F1 forum the driver with the most points is the most deserving champion

      Absolutely spot on, 100%. You can’t argue with simple logic. Or Brundle for that matter, the man rocks!

  36. I would love to see Barrichello winning winning the title.
    First because this will be most probably his last chance of being a champion and also he is doing a much better job than Button when the car is not as easy to understand and as competitive as the start of the season.

    But i am 99% sure Button is no going to be defeated, he showed he is very smart (unlike Hamilton in 2007) by collecting one or two points regularly and is good enough to collect few more to lift the trophy.

  37. I voted for Button.

    But I wish that he wins the championship by winning atleast one of the last 2 races. If he goes for 11 races without a win and is still champion, I am sure it will seem very hollow.

    He was indeed magnificent in the first 7 races, didn’t put a foot wrong made the all-important pass on KERS cars, duped his team-mate by strategy, he did all correct.

    No other driver – Barrchello or Vettel – have maintained that high level of performance for 7 races in a row.

    The last 9 races, Button has not had the fastest car, agreed. But his team-mate has still won 2 races inspite of that.

    Simply put, none of this year’s drivers have been as good as Lewis, Massa, Alonso and Kimi have been in 2007 and 2008. None of the 3 are deserving winners, but among the available options, Button is most deserving.

    Button was lucky to be competing with mediocre drivers equal or lower to his talent.

    But irrespective of circumstances, diffusers, luck, Button will have deserved the championship when he wins it.

    1. Simply put, none of this year’s drivers have been as good as Lewis, Massa, Alonso and Kimi have been in 2007 and 2008.

      How can you possibly know that?

      Given the large change in regulations between the two years, perhaps setting up the car is much more difficult this year compared to the last two. The aero changes are certainly non-trivial. The drivers and designers are still figuring the rules out. Maybe once we see rules stability for a few years, we’ll begin to see the dominant driving we saw in 07 and 08 from the incumbents.

      In fact, the fact that none of the other drivers have dominated or excelled, should point to the completely different nature of the years that you are comparing.

      In addition, we really haven’t figured out a way to assess a driver’s skill alone while controlling for the car’s performance.

  38. I cant think of a less deserving champion that Button i really wanted him to win initially but he doesn’t appear to be a real racer!!!

  39. Winning the championship seems to be all about making the most of the opportunities that you have. Barrichello has the same opportunities at the start of the season but didn’t make the most of them – Button did.

    The difference between this year and previous years is that Brawn has lost the advantage they had early on. Previously, Ferrari and McLaren had dominant cars throughout the year, this made life simpler for their drivers – they were always fighting for the win. Button can’t do that anymore and that makes him look less of a champion. But i don’t think that is his fault. When Hamilton drove overly aggresively and made mistakes in recent years, people questioned why he did it. Jenson isn’t doing that. It may be less exciting, but the chamionship is a marathon, not a sprint.

  40. I think Button deserve it. I don’t change mind with every race. I take whole season.

    All three made mistake in season. Button is making mistakes in the end so did Rubens and Vettel but in start.

    I remember Button’s first seven races, he did really great.

    1. Mussolini's Pet Cat
      6th October 2009, 14:08

      Button hasnt made too many mistakes. Apart from qualifying, he’s driven pretty well. Vettel on the other hand has, on race day, made several high profile errors that WILL cost him the championship this year.

  41. Prisoner Monkeys
    6th October 2009, 14:16

    steph and I want Button to win.

    PS: you are such an easy mark, stephanie …

    1. :P It’s going to take more to convince me to support him I’m afriad PM.

  42. For the third year in a row we will get a first-time world champion. And if the championship battle goes to the last race, it will be for 4th time in a row.

    1. Thanks for poitning that out SaloolaS :)
      Could happen next year, maybe best chances with Vet and Mas but be harder I feel.

      1. Next year with two races to go the standings will be – Hamilton 81, Rosberg 80, Alonso 79, Massa 78, Button 77, Raikkonen 76, Webber 75 and Vettel 73. In Abu Dhabi the rain race will be won by Barrichello in front of Vettel and Webber, Raikkonen being 4th, Button 5th, Massa 6th, Alonso 7th and Rosberg 8th. Hamilton will spin off on lap 2 after contact with Kubica. So the standings will be HAM 81, ROS 81, ALO 81, MAS 81, BUT 81, RAI 81, WEB 81 and VET 81. So in Interlagos there will be 8 drivers from 4 teams with the same amount of points, fighting for the win in Interlagos for the championships! Imagine such finale!

        1. Are you mystic meg SaloolaS :P
          I hope for next year you are mostly right but Massa ends up first. For this year it seems wrapped up

  43. For all of you hoping Rubens will win consider this. Rubens past performances in the Brazillian GP have been, well dissappointing.

    His previous results in Brazil make sorry reading:

    1993: Retire
    1994: 4th
    1995 – 2003: Retire
    2004: 3rd
    2005: 6th
    2006: 7th
    2007: Retire
    2008: 15th.

    1. Makes me sad too. And even more sad to know that he was leading the races in 2002 and 2003 when he retired, the first by hidraulics problems and the second by running out of fuel… =\

  44. It has to be Button for me.
    Although Barichello is a beloved figure, I don’t think he’d make a brilliant WC. A bit too inconstistent, some tragic starts etc…
    Vettel made too many (small) mistakes.
    Button has made precious few really. I think he isn’t as mentally strong as young Vettel: Silverstone was a big big blow to his confidence. since then he has struggled.

    But he managed to get little points every now and again. And, as mentionned earlier, his weakest point is qualifying: he is rather good on race day. I mean we’ve seen him make important overtaking with authority when it counted (this week-end too)

    I just hope the title will be decided squarly, not on paper in some office in Paris.

    My dream Finish of the season:
    Interlagos: Barrichello wins in front of the brazilian fans. He deserves it and surely will feel like a world title. Vettel 2nd. Button 3rd.
    Abu Dabhi: Button wins, rosberg on podium and Grosjean in the points. JB snatches World title

  45. Why do people say that Buton is driving poorly? He’s taking less risks perhaps, but he still finishes right on Barrichello’s tail for almost every race. That would indicate that both their performances are restricted by the car.

    Only at Valencia, where Button was pushed off by an overly aggressive Vettel, did Barrichello really outscore Button.

    In fact Button has been driving hard making up places in almost every race.

    That’s not a poor or laclustre performance. He’s simply performing to the cars abilities. Indeed the car has lost it’s edge after the first 2 races, but still.

    People also need to realise that the cars are very precisely tuned to certain tracks this season. Brawn scores a 1-2 at Monza with the Red Bulls nowhere in sight. Then at Suzuka the Red Bulls should have gotten an easy 1-2 if only Webber hadn’t crashed.

    It’s not like these drivers decide to drive poorly. Their car just doesn’t go any faster on certain tracks.

    It is what you do with the car when it is slightly slower. Button picks up places and more importantly … finishes. When Vettel starts a few places down he cannot overtake any cars and just slides down the order. More often than not he even crashes or spins off!

    So which is better, overtaking and scoring the few points that the cars allows you or crashing?

    It’s mind boggling that Vettel threw the title away this year, but still, kudos to Button for picking up the slack while the competition was faltering.

    Button might not be a champion in the style of Senna, Schumacher or Prost or Alonso, Hamilton and Raikkonen, but he sure doesn’t rate below a driver like Massa.

  46. Jenson Button’s points since Turkey: 24
    His competitors: VET – 40, BAR – 36, RAI – 36, HAM – 34

    Not a pretty picture. And it’s not that he is being caught by a hale competitor in a superior car, rather, he has been swallowed by the peloton. The comparisons to 82 are well-taken. However, there you are talking about duels among legends, not duels against children and pensioners.

    And since Jense himself has invoked the comparison to the performace of a certain rookie did in 07, let’s take a look at 2007.

    In the last 7 races of 2007, Lewis Hamilton won twice, and in other races finished 5th, 2nd, 4th, DNF, and 7th. The eventual champion, in a roughly equal or better chassis, won 3 of those races and earned three 2nd places and a 3rd.

    While Hamilton had a big lead in the late stages of the season, he was not at liberty to cruise around, finish 8th, jump out declare how awesome he is. He had to go out every race and beat not only two Ferraris, but defending 2X champion Fernando Alonso in the same car.

    So the comparison is utterly ridiculous, and bespeaks a self-conscious shame that his performance in the past 3 months is unworthy of his ambitions.

    1. couldn’t agree any more, a very good point. Buttons attitude and driving isn’t as great as people go on about!

      1. But he only needs 4 to win the pitstop WC.

  47. heres my point all summed up and pretty.
    For vettel to win he has too be nothing less then perfect, spectacular, and gutsy. all the while, jenson has to suck the big one. So, IF vettel comes away with the crown he is generaly more deserving of it.

    personaly i would love to see RedBull win the constructors aswell. the car was so well set up at the start of the year with no kers, no double diffuser, no gimmics, and a relatively unreliable engine.

    next years mclaren-bmw VS brawn mercedes VS ferrari VS pottentiall still redbull will be much more exciting and competative.

    1. Do you really think that Brawn will be as competitive next year. I dont. They will be relegated back to 2nd tier status because Mclaren and Ferrari will be back on their game. At best they will be fighting against Red Bull and Renault. This year was an anomily, and next year the status will go back as we are already seeing the Mclarens getting back on form and the ferraris arent that far behind. Plus Ferrari now has the annointed one driving for them so it is already written.

      1. More importantly, Brawn have this year nearly 300 staff less, use only 1 wind tunnel instead of 5, and have been developping the current car rather than putting all resources on the next one.

  48. well said patrickl, you hit the nail on the head. theres too many “quick” drivers in F1 and not enough racers. Lewis, ALonso, maybe Webber & this season Button are the only drivers who can overtake with anything like consistency. You want good races? employ racers.

    1. ^ this.

      1. Good point :)

  49. I want Rubens Barichello to win, but I think Jenson Button will win the title.

    1. If vettel can keep the momentum up, and if his engines don’t fail him, then he could have the title right from under jensons nose! I can definitely see than happening. Vettel has the potential to be the best driver ever. He has a great personality as well as being a class driver. I’d love to see him win.

      Realistically though I think Jenson will win……… :-|

  50. 4 months ago I would’ve said I wanted it to go to Jenson, but his late season performance (and cocky attitude at times) has been very off-putting. Its like the Jenson Button from the first half of the season is a TOTALLY different driver from the second half. And hearing him say “I wont blow it like Lewis Hamilton” is really tempting fate, and sounding kind of critical of Hamilton, who is a MUCH better driver and a more worthy champion. I would like it to go to Rubens. Rubens is one of the most dedicated guys in the field, and has proven he can still drive, if a little inconsistently. He has got that temper though…

    1. The temper is why he is a good driver.

    2. Yep,i am with you there.
      There was no need for him to say he won’t blow it like Hamilton. Hamilton is way out of his league!

  51. Im very dissapointed with Buttons whole approach of late. He was great at the start of the season and I began to think maybe his is one of the best but now I know he is not. Im sure there are many drivers on the grid that would have already won the title by now if they had had his car. Having said that you cant take away what he did at the start of the season, he was impressive. I think Button will be a champion, just not a great one. He needs to g for a win though as it only takes an engine failure or badly timed safety car and the whole thing could go horribly wrong for him. If that happens he can only blaim himself for under performing in the most recent races. I would love to see Vettel do it, he is the best driver of the 3 without doubt and has a never give up attitude. Go Vettel

    1. Vettel is a fast driver in clean air. He can’t overtake, which is why he has only ever won from pole. Funny guy though!

  52. Read what “DMW” posted. He is 100% bang on with his comments.

  53. I wish Hamilton was still in the Hunt. He has impressed me the most out of the field this year. Kimi woke up to!

    1. Yeah, Hamilton sure put in the best performance this season. Unfortunately with a very poor car for most races.

      Raikkonen was good too. Maybe Rosberg as well.

      Alonso was quite disappointing though. Don’t think that can all be put doen to the car.

  54. Button deserves to win the WDC, in fact he will win the WDC. Because he has a mature attitude to it and he consistantly does what he needs to do to keep himself ahead, which is why he hasn’t lost the lead all season. Luck doesn’t come into it, why should he be lucky to benefit from other peoples mistakes? This isn’t luck, they are not unlucky for making the mistakes they made, they simply cocked up! Vettel cocked up when he crashed into kubica in australia, he cocked up when he went wide and button past him. Barrichello cocked up umpteen starts, even Jenson cocked up in qualifying a few times this season, but he maqde up for it in the race and hasn’t made a costly mistake in a race all season.

    In fact, I say Jenson was UNLUCKY when grosjean crashed into him in spa, as there was nothing he could do about it.

    And to add to this further, my favourite driver Lewis Hamilton could still be in the title race if he hadn’t cocked up loads this season. With the stewards in aus and the crash in monaco and monza etc he could potentially be around the mark where vettel is now and took some points off button.

    So to sum up, Button has the most points, because he’s cocked up the least this season. And he will fully deserve the title when he wins it in brazil. Rubens is a lovely guy who I have loads of respect for and a fantastic driver. Maybe if he didn’t go to ferrari he could have a WDC by now (another cock up maybe?)!

  55. If Button wins the WDC he’ll become the third undeserving champion, right up there alongside Damon Hill and Jaques Villeneuve.

    1. Whoever gets the most points = a deserving winner

      No doubt about it.

      1. Agreed, F1Fan.

        I’ll admit that some driver’s championships are perhaps less impressive than others, but its foolish to belittle a championship win. A Grand Prix season is a long contest and nobody wins it by accident.

    2. CeeVee777 your comment is the most idiotic i’ve ever seen on here.

    3. I can follow you with Hill… Not so sure with Villeneuve, altough both had by far the best car.

    4. Come on, that’s just nonsense.

  56. i want rubens because he’s been in F1 for so long, without the greatest reward. i don’t want jenson because of the way he is crawling to the title and i think vettel is still too young and makes too many errors.

  57. I’ve voted for Button.

    He has finally, after many frustrating years, found himself at the wheel of the best car on the grid (well, it was at the start of the season) and he took full advantage of that. Now that his car is less competitive, he may not be able to win races but he is still scoring points.

    Yes, he’s been lucky. But name the champion who wasn’t lucky. Example of a lucky champion: Alain Prost in 1986, winning the championship in the last race after Mansell’s tyre exploded and Piquet Snr was called in for an unscheduled pit-stop.

    Winning championships isn’t just about winning races – just look at examples from the history of F1 such as Mike Hawthorn and Keke Rosberg, both of whom won just one race in their title-winning years. It was the points they racked up in other races that counted. A champion needs to continue to score points in races he doesn’t win. Despite some truly awful showings in qualifying, Button has done that, scoring points in all but one race.

    That said, though,he shouldn’t really be compared to the two I’ve mentioned as he has actually won six this year, more than anyone else has managed (or can manage, as there are only two races left).

    Barrichello has had a long career, much of it spent playing second fiddle to a team-mate. So it’s easy to see why many think he deserves to be crowned champion; he’s certainly put in the time. But he just hasn’t been as good as his team-mate. Does a driver who’s won two races deserve to be champion more than a driver who’s won six?

    Vettel, meanwhile is in what’s now the best car on the grid, but over the course of the season has made too many mistakes to deserve the championship. He’s certainly talented enough to be spoken of as a future champion. But not this year.

    1. Hear hear

  58. Title should go to Button. Season would have been wrapped up months ago, if Bernie had’nt had a quiet word in Ross’s ear.

    “For Gods sake Ross, your’e going to win the season by half way point and we’ll lose Billions. Can you turn your cars down, at least until the others Look like they might catch up…..”

    The rest is F1 History in the making. (As per the script)

    I expect a dominant Brawn for the last two GPs.

  59. Jenson Button – was dominant in the first third of the season but you can’t ignore that he has been out-performed at EVERY single race since Britain by his team-mate. If Brawn were as dominant at every race as they were when Button had the edge, Barrichello would be within a few points of him, despite his failures, strategy erros and numerous start line problems. Although Jenson has been consistent and made few errors, he has been by far the luckiest man this season.

    Vettel is the most deserving for me. Although he had a lot of errors earlier in the season, he has suffered more than anyone from car failures – Valencia, Hungary, and had a run of about 4 races where he was compromised by KERS cars – Bahrain, Spain, Nurburgring. He has also been indisputably faster than his team-mate all season, barring Germany.

    1. you can’t ignore that he has been out-performed at EVERY single race since Britain by his team-mate.

      but it’s OK for you to ignore that actually Button outperformed Barrichello in Germany, Hungary and Singapore? Barrichello only outperformed Button in 4 races. I’d say they are pretty evenly matched for the last half of the season.

      Vettel crashed into Raikkonen at Hungary. That damaged his suspension and ultimately meant his retirement. That doesn’t really qualify as mechanical failure.

      Vettel indeed had races compromised by KERS cars. That’s exactly the point. Button overtook those KERS cars and won, while Vettel just stuck behin the KERS cars and whined that it was “unfair”.

    2. In Silverstone Webber was faster all weekend. Just some bad luck in qualifying and race (held up by BAR), but WEB was faster there, that’s for sure. And WEB was faster in Hungary I think, and some others. Maybe Vettel drove faster this year, but you can’t say that he was faster in all the races but one.

  60. Thanks man i know i prob didnt have anything to do with this from the email i sent you asking to see who people would like to win it but i just wanted to say thanks for putting up the poll!

  61. Button does not deserve to win….true champions know how to make a not so good car an OK car.

    Ruebens deserves it more so than Button..based on his bad luck in a good car in the early part of season and his better than Button performances in a car not as good in the 2nd part of the season.

    But…on pure driving talent…Vettel should be Champion.

    Vettel, along with the likes of Alonso and Hamilton have that edge over other good drivers.

    1. wrong, like others have stated, Vettel only has won from the front. Great drivers take so-so cars and still win. Hamilton has won this year with a decidedly inferior car, so has Kimi, Barichello has alo won with a car that was not the fastest on the day but he drove a perfect race and won because he maximized his car while others didnt or just plain crashed out. Schumacher also did this, as did Prost and other great drivers.

      1. Button also won several races where his cars was not the fastest. Bahrain and Turkey for instance.

  62. If all the drivers this year were in the same spec/performance car, then who would the top three be?

    I still believe that Button would be up there.

    1. All the drivers in EQUAL machinery? It would be Massa-Hamilton-Alonso without a doubt, although not necessarily in that order.

    2. I think that RAI HAM ALO ROS and VET would be in top 5, in no particular order. Although I would put HAM and ALO on the top, as they don’t make many mistakes and are more consistent as the others, in my opinion.

  63. In a way I want Vettel to win it.
    He is the best of the 3, no doubt!
    He has a great head on his shoulders and a great future champion.

    Jenson did an amazing start of the season, but his campaign lost so many colour, a bit of a pitty.
    Altough I really like him as a person and sure he deserves it!

    I can life with all 3 as champion…

  64. Button has driven flawlessly the first seven races and if he does deserves the win, but he’s a very hard guy to like, especially now that he’s in a car that’s not as good anymore. He looks miserable in all of the recent interviews. He’s a dick even to the BBC and seems to want nothing more than this season to be over.

    Vettel on the other hand is extremely likable. He can’t even go half way through a serious sentence without a huge grin appearing on his face. Especially the last couple of races he’s shown his strengths by pulling up an entire team that had given up hope for a title in spite of recent disappointments…

    Whoever has the most points at the end deserves the win, but as far as wanting goes, Vettel would be the most fun (and the better story by miles, although the same could be said about Barichello, but definitely not about Button).

    1. are you recieving another bbc?
      I find jenson very likeable and open.. even when it’s not going so good.
      Always up for a chat and very friendly!

  65. its very easy to just say, oh yeah Jenson won 6 races at the start as if it was nothing. 6 races out of 7 – he was dominating. Just because some of you people have short memories, dont underestimate his massive acheivement.

    I cant beleive people say he is not racing like a champion then say Vettel is! did you not see the races where Vettel was crawling around or retiring? Again its about short memories – whoever has the best final 4 races is considered the champion.

    1. great point

  66. Button has done his time is bad cars. he deserves this as much as anyone. if he outscores his team mate over 17 races then he definitely deserves it. and to be honest I think Button comes across as relaxed and happy most of the time. people who say he is miserable are just saying that because they dont want him to win.

    I would love Button to win one more race – that would just make people feel we have a great champion. but Button shouldn’t care about that – he just needs to win the damn thing. style comes second.

  67. Go Rubens! I hope he wins the title

  68. Thank you Keith.

  69. I couldn’t vote for a driver like Button, who only won when he had a clear car advantage over everyone else, including his teammate (Rubens had a problem w/ the brake design until the middle of the season). In equal cars Rubens has consistently beat Button, which goes to prove what I have said often about Button, i.e. that he is a mediocre driver at best (just as is Webber).

    I could vote for Barrichello, because he is a good driver and the most experienced, and has proven to be a very good teammate. Just think that he has shared his car setup knowledge w/ Button. But I did not vote for him, because he is not fast enough.

    I did vote for Vettel because he has consistently won where and when he had the best car and has done very well even when he didn’t have the best car.

    He is clearly one of the top 5 drivers (which I can’t say about the other two) and rising fast. And had he not have all these DNF’s (mostly not due to his own wrong-doing) he would have won the title already.

    1. I’m not allowed a duplicate answer, but still:

      Button also won several races where his cars was not the fastest. Bahrain and Turkey for instance.

  70. Everyone,Who do you think the worst champion ever?
    So far, I think Villeneuve or Rosberg. but Button would be if he get it. His level is as same as Fisichella,Trulli(They left simmiler performance at Renault).
    Fisi and Trulli is less competitive than Alonso or Raikonenn.
    Button is too overestmated.

    1. Piquet Sr :)

  71. Man, Some of you guys don’t have a clue about F1…

  72. according to history of the opening race at Melbourne, Australia GP had held 14 races since 1996. excluding 2009 season [because it’s not over yet], the statistic shown that 9 of 13 diver which has won at GP Melbourne finally became the champion at the end of the season. this season, button has won the opening race of GP Melbourne. my prediction is that both driver [button] and constructor title will be put on Brawn GP team at GP Brazil which “Brazil” in my language means “Success” … but it’s just my prediction and the story will be known after chequered flag at GP Brazil … can’t wait for GP Brazil :)

  73. All that we have established in these comments is that this is an incredibly tough crowd to please!

    Sorry to keep harping on about it but the facts are simple.

    2009 (so far):
    Jenson 6 wins
    Vettel 3 wins
    Rubens 2 wins

    What did F1 fans say? Jenson is an undeserving champion (according to a lot of people here).

    Massa 6 wins
    Lewis 5 wins

    What did F1 fans say? Lewis a deserving champion, but “it was a shame for Massa”. Bernie rushes to implement “medal scoring system” for WDC.


    Kimi 6 wins
    Lewis 4 wins
    Alonso 4 wins
    Massa 3 wins

    What did F1 fans say? Kimi deserving champion and “it was a shame Lewis was so unlucky”

    Come on guys and girls, is this really the sort of logic we are endorsing here! All of you who say Jenson doesn’t deserve it need to take a minute to thnk about these stats.

    1. I think that you have made a very good point; the facts speak for themselves!

      1. Facts? Who needs facts when you have opinion, hearsay and conspiracy theories?

        “Vettel should win because he’s the best driver”

        Is he? Then why doesn’t he have the most points? Because he’s had some big crashes, can’t overtake and let Button pass him after in Turkey after 45 seconds. I agree he’s got the most raw talent.

        “Barrichello should win because he’s a nice guy.”

        Since when was being a nice guy criteria for winning a World Championship? Last time I checked it was the driver with the most points at the end of the season.

        1. And at least Button can overtake to win a race unlike the german

    2. Brilliant post, didnt notice that when I wrote mine but mine was similar just less facts. You cant say he doesnt deserve it, Button’s wins all came at once, where as Kimi and Lewis’s came over the season.

  74. Jenson is doing what he needs to do. I am not Jenson’s fan but he made the most out of his car in the initial part of the season. Though it would be good if he wins the world title with a win or a podium finish. Try to be in his shoes and then think. He is on the verge of winning world title and he is bound to be conservative.
    Let Jenson win this year and wait for an awesome 2010…. I CANT WAIT

  75. Vettel id like to win we know what Vettel is all about. Rubens id like to win because he is lovable, fustratable(sp?), seen as the no. 2, Rubens. Button gives me nothing as a viewer he doesn’t have that calculated win at all costs mentality or those spurts of genius you see from champions, fair play if he wins it, but i’m no fan.

  76. This season reminds me 1999, the season nobody wanted to win. Both McLaren and Ferrari (even Jordan) tried so hard not to win that at the end they split championships. This year we have had the same. Even tough I voted Vettel for egoistic reasons (I’d like to see more WCD on the long run). The one who “deserves” not to lose it is Jenson, only because he took advantage of the machinery at the beginning of the season and because of the errors the other teams/drivers have made.

  77. Interesting that this has become more of a debate on whether or not Jenson “deserves” the title, or if he’ll make a “worthy” world champion. You cant deny the fact that he dominated the first half of the season and has done enough to hang onto his lead, but I think in evaluating Button we should take Ross Brawn’s opinion into account. He clearly understands Button’s performance better than just about anyone. And Ross seems to be willing to drop button over minor money squabbles, even though it is likely he will be world champion. Money talks…

  78. StrFerrari4Ever
    7th October 2009, 18:43

    I personally want Vettel to win as I like him the most out of all 3.
    His clearly got the speed and potential to win multiple world drivers titles & if he manages to get this year’s one he’ll show people his a serious threat.
    Yes he may have made errors which could ultimately cost him but so has Rubens & Jenson it’s going to be a case of who wants it the most and who goes all out to get it and I believe Vettel has the mentality to do that.

  79. I would like to see Button win it, I know that he has had his problems this last half of the season, but he has won 6 races more than Hamilton did last year and the same as Raikkonen in 2007.

    I think what he said about Hamilton is wrong and disappointing and if Button does do a Hamilton I would much rather see Barrichello win it over Vettle, sadly one day vettle will win it, but this could be one of Rubens last chances if not his last.

    So even though I’m a fan of Jenson, I would be more than happy to see Barricehllo do the Job.

    Just imagine his dance on the podium or in the paddock if Barrichello won it :)

  80. I can also say one thing, I highly doubt we will see these teams competing for the title next year. Next season will be awesome, Ferrari vs McLaren, may get a little boring but I Think we will see a few different drivers win races, so will be better than 07&08 :)

    1. I think you are right. I dont see any of these guys competing for the title next year when the playing field is more level (maybe Vettel), but I’d love to be proven wrong!

      1. So would I it would be amazing if it was three or four different teams fighting for the title?

  81. If Jensen has the most points at the end of the championship then as others have said, he will be a deserving champion. I would rather he win it than any of the other contenders, since he has so far out-performed them all. Having said that, I just don’t find myself getting as excited about the prospect of him winning the Championship as I was for Hamilton in the previous 2 years.

    The argument that if you “reverse Button’s results this season”, we’d all be talking about how great a champion he would be is non-sensical. We know the reason he won the first 6 out of 7 races is largely due to the car. Now that other teams have caught up, he has not stood out much at all. Whilst the car is probably the main factor (as always) in the drop back, comments from Ross Brawn saying that Jensen has under-performed in qualifying sometimes don’t completely support that view point.

    Even if it’s not an entirely rational position, I would not consider Button’s victory this year to be on par with previous years. I want to see him perform in a front-running car without a huge performance benefit during the first half of the season. That is not his fault of course, but as a spectator I want to see competitive racing, not a host of forgone conclusions.

    The Hamilton / Massa duel of last year was more exciting because neither car had an absolute performance advantage for a long period of time. There was not so much talk of the car being the defining factor in that season, but this year it is hard to look past.

    1. Exactly. Really, the championship should always be a close contest – you have the so-called 20 best drivers on the plant duelling it out, & theoretically all of them should be in for the win, and have a car capable of winning. To have one driver dominate completely can only be down to two things. Sheer brilliance (a la Schuey) or a far superior car – a la Button.

      If Button wins, it’ll only be because of the car & his floundering less than those around him. Hardly the stuff of legend, is it?

      Personally, I’d like to see Rubens win. For a host of reasons, really, but mostly because I’d love to see the oldest man in the field with the most race starts to his name have the one stat that really matters next to his name. And what a boon it would be for old guys everywhere !

  82. I think that the FIA should change the rules for the last two races and award 40 points for a win and that’s it!!!! Then we may end up with a deserving champion.

    Go Lewis

    1. Im sure youre not serious but that is a pretty terrible idea. Raikonnen and Hamilton would drive the wheels off their cars for a 40 pt victory. Can you imagine the first-corner mayhem? Button would be screwed!

  83. Tough one! I don’t like Rubens that much (there I said it!) because he does act like a crybaby occasionally. “boohoo the team mademe loose, it feels just like the Schumacher years :(“, Rubens shut up and drive faster if you don’t want to be second. On the other hand, he does shut up and he is driving faster so I’ll give him that..

    Button drove a dream car and he doesn’t make many mistakes but that’s it. If he can dominate a race he’ll win, if he can’t he’s struggling.

    Vettel is my favourite driver of those three but I really feel that he’s going to be a world champion at one point in his carreer. The guy is unbelievably fast and he seems to be tremendous at setting up cars (RB already has doubled the points they had in the years before together since Vettel came along, also of course Adrian Newey’s design helps!), if he can get more consistent in the next years he will be champion. I’d still pick him!

    1. oh yeah, Vettel is going to be world champion at some point where I feel that for Button and Barrichello it’s kind of their last chance ever.

  84. Come on folks let’s be realistic here.
    Vettel has to hope Button scores no more points and he scores at least 17 points in the next 2 races which means a win and a second. If he wins both races and Button scores but 4 they end up tied and Button wins on race wins.
    Rubens has much the same problem but could do it with 2 second place finishes if Button scores no additional points and Vettel fails to score more than Rubens.
    Sentimentally I would like Rubens to win but realistically that won’t happen.
    Maybe Vettel should get Webber involved assuming he is high enough on the grid to take Button out in both races.

  85. I am not so sure you can compare this year’s title race to that of 2007, or in that case 2008, so simply.
    In 2007, the battle between Hamilton and Alonso was far more intense, close, and ill natured more consistent than this year. No driver that season enjoyed the power performance advantage that Button did at the beginning of 2009.
    It is true that Hamilton cracked under the pressure when 2007 reached its climax, but Keith forgot to mention several factors in his article. Hamilton was in his first season in F1, going head to head with one of the fastest and complete drivers this sport has seen in decades. In the same car!
    Add to the equation the Raikkonen factor, in a Ferrari that had rapidly improved over the summer months, and we had a battle royale no one had seen since 1986.
    In 2008, Felipe Massa surprised everyone with winning more races than anyone else, in a car that was clearly the overall best of the field. Hamilton, on many occasions, suffered due to penalties, some deserved and some beyond dubious.
    Lets not forget, if Hamilton had not been punished for the events that occured at Spa, 2008 would have looked alot more convincing a victory.
    Jenson, on the other hand, along with Barrichello, are some of the most experienced F1 drivers of this era. Both are alot more experienced than Vettel. When Rubens first raced a Jordan F1 car in 1993, Vettel was just six years old!
    The advantage Brawn Gp gained at the season’s opening seven races has proved almost decisive, and Barrichello’s inability to make the most of that may well cost him his last realistic chance of becoming champion.
    My gut instinct is that Jenson Button will prevail, and I bear him no ills in doing so. But to suggest that his situation is the same as Lewis’ in 2007 would only be true if Alonso was driving a Brawn Gp car.
    In Vettel, we have without a doubt the ‘next big thing’ in F1 racing. The boy has champion written all over him, and is popular amongst the F1 fraternity.
    Bernie Ecclestone himself has endorsed Vettel as a ‘fast, approachable, and well spoken’ young man. We will see!

  86. some of these comments are just wonderful, love the 40 points last race. How about they have to run to the cars like they used to at Le Mans and are allowed to trip eachother up. I would like Rubens to win for very personal reasons even though I don’t think he is WDC quality.Can’t remember who said that it is as poor as the Hill/vileneuve title and there I have to agree. JB had a car at the start that was so far ahead of the rest due to Honda giving up on the 08 car after 3 races. That will never hapen again. Vettel is good but not yet WDC. normal service will be resumed next year.

  87. Amazing how british patriotism works: most of the votes for Button (at least by the time of this comment)!

    The start of the season was good, but he’s done nothing but crap ever since…

  88. Paul Glucklich
    18th October 2009, 21:43

    I don’t think Button was a deserving champion. He has a very cocky attitude – full of himself and the only reason he has won the championship is because his car was way ahead of the rest of the field at the start of the season and managed to build up a good lead. I also wonder if Barrichello really did have a puncture at the end of the race or was it team tactics coming in to play to get him off the track and give Button a bigger chance of winning the championship. Think next season with Hamilton, Massa etc back in the thick of it, it will be a very different season for Button.

  89. A stunningly sour post Glucklich

    God help us from armchair fans sneering at world champs because they dare to say they’re happy they’ve won. At a guess apart half if not more of all the 60 or so winners have owed something to luck, a superior car and or favouritism.

    Buttons drive yesterday was as good as ive ever seen in 30 years of watching the sport and whilst he has a flaw in his make up, id hardly say that makes him unworthy. In fact quite the reverse, despite him getting the yips he carried on getting points when he was hopelessly out of form.

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