Renault roadshow in Romania (Pictures)

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The latest Renault roadshow was in Bucharest this weekend, the first time the team have visited Romania.

Romain Grosjean and Lucas di Grassi were on hand to drive a Renault R28 in front of the huge Palace of the Parliament in Piata Constitutiei.

According to Renault’s blog di Grassi used the opportunity to put one over Grosjean:

At the end of the demos, both Lucas and Romain were given a bottle of champagne to spray into the crowd, but Lucas had other plans and gave Romain a good soaking before he could get his bottle open. Then Lucas made a sharp exit – keeping his race suit dry!

There have been some rumours di Grassi could take Grosjean’s place at Renault in Interlagos this weekend – but so far it seems to be nothing more than speculation based on the fact that di Grassi is Brazilian and the next round would be his home race.

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4 comments on “Renault roadshow in Romania (Pictures)”

  1. Wow breathtaking pictures, really like the one with the spotlight on the Renault, it does make the car seem so small.

    1. That’s because the Palace of Parliament is a truly immense building.

      Damn, I wish I were able to be there. Even though I’m from the same country, I don’t live anywhere near Bucharest to be able to pop in for events like this one; I’m at the other end of the country, basically. :(

      1. Yeh you dont realise how big until you see it in person. I had trouble trying to fit the whole thing into one photo, so we thought lets take one from the corner… until the guard came charging across the road telling us to stop. We hadnt realised that the security gate was in the foreground of the picture

  2. They’ve taken the ING orange off the race suits now I see. I wonder if they’re planning to do the same with the car for the last 2 races?

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