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Jenson Button is concerned about his car’s qualifying performance at Interlagos. Meanwhile Ferrari is still on damage limitation after what Felipe Massa had to say about Fernando Alonso on Thursday.

Q&A with Jenson Button (Autosport)

“We need to sort our balance out on the softer tyre. I think during the race the better tyre will probably be the prime, and our race pace is looking very good. But qualifying is something we need to work on, because I am not comfortable with the tyre yet. We need to find out the reasons why the tyres are so different, and maybe the balance changes I need to do to run both tyres is too big. We need to work out why.”

A chance meeting (Ferrari)

"The relationship between the two drivers seems the same as ever and this chance meeting shows how unfounded are the current rumours regarding bad feeling between them." Yeah, right.

From Schumacher to Hamilton (Alex Zanardi)

Zanardi on Hamilton: "Envy is a human feeling and in the right measure it is also comically acceptable. This is what understandably can lead everyone of us to be a bit annoyed by a gesture of 'sumptuous talent' made by one of your own kind in situations that we had faced with results that were objectively a lot poorer. Now I understand why, when Lewis lost the championship in 2007, I was not that sorry. After getting to know him and understanding the way he thinks and what took him to obtain what he achieved in his still young life, I "state" that destiny has been a real bas**rd when negating him the title he would have deserved at his debut."

The Integrity Of The FIA (FIA)

"Mr Ari Vatanen, one of the candidates for the FIA Presidency, has today served on the FIA an application to the Tribunal de Grande Instance de Paris, asking the Court to impose a number of measures for the FIA election. Had Mr Vatanen troubled to examine the procedures in place, he would understand that these in fact already provide more safeguards than those he is asking the Court to impose."

FIA Calls For Honest And Open Election Campaign (FIA)

Published letters between Mosley and Vatanen.

BMW Sauber pushing for grid slot (Autosport)

Mario Theissen: "I would not understand if Frank really keeps his position as the only opponent. F1 needs to get back to proper business and every team sometimes needs support from the other teams, and it will be the other way around as well."

Webber won’t help Vettel’s title bid (ITV-F1)

Webber says he won't help Vettel in the Brazilian Grand Prix, and he thinks Button deserves the title. There have been rumours he might leave Red Bull because he's not prepared to drop Flavio Briatore as his manager, and the team could bring in Kimi Raikkonen. Do these quotes hint at a rift between Webber and his team?

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12 comments on “F1 links: Button not happy with car balance”

  1. kimi will enjoy drinking red bull

    1. Vodka RedBull :)

  2. yeah but i don’t think red bull is going to pay as much money as McLaren would. So I don’t red bull are going to get kimi for a steal. Its going to be who ever can pay him the most.

  3. Hmmmm….RB ice cream….Quick call marketing!

  4. Wow, Webber earned a huge chunck of respect from me. I really like his sincerity, a rare treat in F1 nowadays.

  5. Now WHY would anyone call into question the integrity of the FIA??….mmmmm…
    Looks like Webber has drawn a line in the sand, obviously his garage repair bill will have no influence on the team’s decision on whether to keep him or…not!
    Alonso has more or less been told by his new teamchum that he has his best interests at heart…lol.
    Stop trying to make lewis feel good Alex…….

  6. Nice to hear Zanardi state what we pretty much knew or decided to ignore (depending on your biases). And that guy knows more than most what a “bas**rd” fate can be.

  7. Webber and Red Bull have just set up a GP3 team together. Would they really have done that if they were contemplating a split?

    1. Paige Michael-Shetley
      17th October 2009, 13:51

      Good point, Andy.

    2. Thought that it was Webber and Christian Horner, with Red Bull providing some backing?

  8. Paige Michael-Shetley
    17th October 2009, 11:44


    I think the rumors about Red Bull are that they would actually just flat dump Webber to get Raikkonen over driver preference. Webber also made a comment yesterday about Raikkonen looking for a ride, but that Red Bull already has its two drivers.

    Mark’s a sharp guy, and while he’s very much a straight talker, he also knows a thing or two about politics. It’s pretty clear that he’s sending a message to the leadership of Red Bull that he’s none too pleased at them at the moment.

  9. I think Webber’s comment was taken out of context. He later clarified this by saying he will of course help the team IF he is in a position to do so. His opinion was that such a situation will probably not arise so all he can do is drive as good a race for himself as possible…. and if the situation does arise he will do what he can to help the team.

    Don’t think there’s any truth in the rumour of a fallout within the RBR team.

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