Brazilian Grand Prix result

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1Mark Webber71
2Robert Kubica717.6267.626
3Lewis Hamilton7118.94411.318
4Sebastian Vettel7119.6520.708
5Jenson Button7129.0059.353
6Kimi Raikkonen7133.344.335
7Sebastien Buemi7135.9912.651
8Rubens Barrichello7145.4549.463
9Kamui Kobayashi7163.32414.825
10Giancarlo Fisichella7170.6657.341
11Vitantonio Liuzzi7171.3880.723
12Heikki Kovalainen*7173.4993.045
13Romain Grosjean70-1 laps-1 laps
14Jaime Alguersuari70-1 laps6.707
Not classified
15Kazuki Nakajima30-41 laps-40 laps
16Nico Rosberg27-44 laps-3 laps
17Nick Heidfeld21-50 laps-6 laps
18Jarno Trulli0-71 laps-21 laps
19Fernando Alonso0-71 laps0
20Adrian Sutil0-71 laps0

*25-second penalty for unsafe release from pit stop.

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4 comments on “Brazilian Grand Prix result”

  1. Is there any further news from the race officials or stewards regarding the investigations on several driver they said they would do after the race?

    1. Kovalainen has a 25-second penalty for nearly setting Kimi on fire, so moves down from 9th to 12th. McLaren have also been fined $50,000 for the unsafe release of Kovalainen.

      And the stewards deemed the Trulli-Sutil collision a racing incident (got to feel sorry for Fernando over that one), but fined Trulli $10,000 anyway for getting in Adrian’s face after the collision. Bit harsh if you ask me.

  2. well done for Buemi! everyone’s forgotten how strong his race was. 7th place is not bad.

    1. Yes, the Swiss rokie is proving his credentials.

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