Championship standings after Brazil

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Drivers’ championship

1Jenson Button89
2Sebastian Vettel74
3Rubens Barrichello72
4Mark Webber61.5
5Lewis Hamilton49
6Kimi Raikkonen48
7Nico Rosberg34.5
8Jarno Trulli30.5
9Fernando Alonso26
10Timo Glock24
11Heikki Kovalainen22
12Felipe Massa22
13Robert Kubica17
14Nick Heidfeld15
15Giancarlo Fisichella8
16Adrian Sutil5
17Sebastien Buemi5
18Sebastien Bourdais2
19Kamui Kobayashi0
20Vitantonio Liuzzi0
21Kazuki Nakajima0
22Nelson Piquet Jnr0
23Romain Grosjean0
24Luca Badoer0
25Jaime Alguersuari0

Constructors’ championship

2Red Bull135.5
9Force India13
10Toro Rosso7

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12 comments on “Championship standings after Brazil”

  1. Mark Webber is missing :P

    1. Sorry about that – the site went down for several hours yesterday and I wasn’t able to fix it. All done now.

  2. We’re in for a battle between Kimi and Lewis, Ferrari and McLaren!

  3. Webber is fourth at 61.5.

  4. Aussies are not allowed to compete for the championship :P?

    1. It’s because he breaches the FIA Code of Conduct 209121.112-A, Section II, Clause 741 ((b) (iv)) “As of 01.01.2009 all drivers for Red Bull Racing, herin refered to as RBR, must folllow the Sebastian/Sebastien naming convention.” :-p

  5. schumi the greatest
    19th October 2009, 9:55

    Mclaren ahead of ferrari by 1 point 1 race to go

    Mclaren should be strong at abu dhabi too

  6. There’s some other close competitions lower down the tree as well:

    Vettel vs. Barichello for 2nd

    Ferrari vs. McLaren for 3rd

    Kimi vs. Lewis for 5th

    BMW vs. Williams vs. (mathmatically, but unlikely) Renault for 6th

    Alonso vs. Timo vs. Hekki for 9th

  7. Drivers on the same amount of points, are the wrong way round. Massa is ahead of Kovalainen. For the pointless drivers, it is supposed to go Nakajima, Kobayashi, Piquet, Liuzzi, Grosjean, Alguersauri and Badoer.

    1. Pointless drivers? OK, they haven’t done that well, but calling them pointless is a little harsh.. ;)

  8. I think he Means Not Scoring Any Points Perisoft?

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